Wednesday, 6 August 2014

EBOLA virus-Effect of Rahu in Virgo

While writing a post when Rahu entered Kanya I predicted that terrible epidemics will rise their heads and create horror in the minds of people very soon.

Reason?--Rahu the most dreaded planet entering Virgo the 6th house of natural Zodiac representing 'diseases'.Rahu is the creator of illusions and epidemics.He is the most dreaded demoniac serpent of Indian Astrology.As such it is very much logical to expect hitherto unheard of diseases becoming alive now when Rahu enters Virgo.

A few days after I wrote the above mentioned post in my Telugu blog,the eastern states of India were under the grip of Japanese Encephalitis that claimed may lives and gave sleepless nights to the State Administration.Then Dengue fever showed itself on the stage of public life.Many cases of Dengue fever were reported in and around Hyderabad.

Now the latest entrant is Ebola virus.

Ebola virus is giving sleepless nights to Guninea,Liberia and Sierra Leone now and considered by some to be as powerful as HIV virus in its destructive capacity.

Countries like USA,England and others are shivering in the wake of this dreadful virus.The international community has already sent a group of military doctors to the affected countries to quaratine the affected places.Heated discussions are on everywhere in the above mentioned countries on the measures to be undertaken to control the spread of this dreaded virus.  

The first patient who was attacked by this virus died and his doctor died too.This created havoc everywhere.

All this is the result of Rahu's entry into Kanya Rasi.This is another unmistakable evidence to prove the effects of planets on human affairs.

Let me cite a few undeniable evidences from the past,to prove my point.

We know that Rahu makes a full circle of the Zodiac once in 18 years.Last time he was in Kanya from 1996 to 1998.

If we just care to know what happened then,we will understand the power of Rahu and the havoc he could play when he lands in the 6th house of the Zodiac that denotes 'diseases'.

Here are the unmistakable references from the past.

In 1996 Cerebro spinal meningitis (CSM) rose its head in Nigeria killing 11,717 people.On the whole,1,09,580 people were affected with this sudden epidemic.This happened as soon as Rahu entered Virgo in 1996.Look at the following link.

Now,after 18 years,Rahu is in Virgo again.Today we hear of the dreaded Ebola Virus which is threatening the life of thousands,unless effectively controlled before it plays havoc with human life.

Could this be termed as co-incidental?

Look at more proofs from the past.

In 1996-97 Congenital Syphilis rose its head as a dreaded epidemic in Maryland Baltimore.Look at this link.

At the same time,there arose a worst epidemic of Meningococcal disease in Spain.Look at this link.

In Uganda a peculiar fever epidemic appeared on the scene as a most dreaded epidemic.Look at this link.

At the same time,again,Measles epidemic rose its head in Romania.See this link.

Again,at the same time,Dengue fever appeared as an epidemic in Guatemala.See this link too.

Please remember--all these are epidemics,not stray incidents.An epidemic is defined as -"a disease that affects a disproportionately large number of people at a time in a region".

If a stray incident happens somewhere on the globe,we need not consider it as something significant to pinpoint a planetary placement in heavens.But,when so many things happen at so many places simultaneously,then no sane brain will think twice before accepting that there is something strange behind these peculiar phenomena.

The above recorded proofs are enough to say that planets have unmistakable effects on human lives.

The real reason for the appearance of the above mentioned epidemics around the globe was the presence of Rahu in Virgo.

Now again,we have Rahu in Virgo and suddenly we hear about the new killer virus Ebola.Now it is the turn of Rahu again,to lighten the Earth's Karma by mass destruction.

The destructive march of Rahu for the coming one and half years, has just began.

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  1. what about the other epidemics that rose? Do they have any planetary effect?


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