Friday, 8 August 2014

Ebola virus-Rahu Ketu signature

Ebola is the latest killer virus that is scaring off the whole world.

Since Rahu entered Virgo.I have been saying that this is the unmistakable effect of Rahu.

Now look at this peculiar sign that resembles the occult sign of Rahu/Ketu in the picture of the dreadful virus.

This is the picture of Ebola Virus.

And these are the occult signs of Rahu and Ketu in Astrology.

If you observe closely,these signs of Rahu and Ketu are clearly visible in the virus picture of Ebola.

Reading of signs is an important part of Occult science and here you can see an unmistakable sign showing the presence of these most dreaded planets behind the outbreak of Ebola Virus.

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