Monday, 18 August 2014

Robin Williams -Shapitha Yoga and Nadi principle

Noted American actor Robin Williams died recently.I consider this a combined effect of Shapithe Yoga and Full Moon.

He was one of my favorite actors.

I started admiring his acting skills after seeing his three movies viz; 'JUMANJI','WHAT DREAMS MAY COME' and 'NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM'.

I never saw his movies other than these three.Nevertheless I liked his way of expressing deep feelings with the help of few dialogues.

A kind of sadness,depression and childish innocence mark him out from other actors.According to me,these are the very things that are the greatest attractive features of his character.His smile,especially,looks very candid and innocent.

These are the charactristic features of Mercury.It would be wonderful to note that Mercury is his AtmaKaraka.In this way,planets imprint their signature on persons in a very strange manner.

Let me look into his chart.

He was born on 21-7-1951 at 1-34 PM at Chicago Illinois State.The planetary position at that time is shown above.

He was born on Ashadha Bahula Chaturthi Saturday in Satabhisha star ruled by Rahu as per Vimsottari dasa system and in the hora of Jupiter.

Lagna Lord Venus is in 11th Badhaka house with Ketu in same star quarter.This combination indicates voluntary exit from the world unable to bear pain or under a state of depression.This is one of the Karmic signatures of his chart.

He died on 11-8-2014.He was running Ketu/Mercury/Ketu dasa at that time.

Mercury was in Rahu star.Ketu dasa was on.So the role of Rahu and Ketu is clearly visible in his demise.

From the Moon lagna,
  • Moon is with Rahu in 5th house from Lagna.Such natives,are usually addicted to some vice or the other.True to this,he was addicted to drugs and alcohol for quite some time.
  • Lagna Lord Venus is with Ketu in a maraka place.He died in Ketu dasa and Ketu Vidasa.
  • Mercury is in 6th house of disease in Rahu star indicating incurable disease.He is with Sun who is a maraka.
  • Usually the dasa of Ketu/Mercury/Ketu will land people in severe depression.It appears that he was under a state of melancholy and depression from quite some time.No more proof is needed to testify to the veracity of Indian Astrology other than this.
  • His Lagna is Libra that denotes artistes and performing actors.Its lord Venus is in 11th with Ketu.So he shined in movie field but found his exit from the world in Ketu dasa.
There is a Jaimini rule that is inevitably found in charts with suicidal tendencies.Let us verify it in his chart.

Mars is in Rahu star and aspecting the 3rd house from 9th.Saturn is aspecting him from 12th.So Saturn,Rahu and Mars are well connected.So it is evident that the much dreadd Shapitha Yoga has swallowed him.From Lagnarudha Ketu is found in 3rd house.

So the rule of Sage Jaimini which was formulated thousands of years back in India is proved to be correct in the chart of Robin Williams.

Conjunction of Saturn and Moon in Navamsha chart indicates depression and introvert nature.Conjunction of Rahu Mars and Mercury indicates an unpleasant death.

Let me compare the planets at birth and death in his chart.

  • Natal Mercury and Transit Mercury are exactly at same place.
  • His Natal Lagna is sandwitched between transit Saturn and Mars indicating the grip of Shapitha Yoga on him.
  • Natal Moon and Transit Moon both are in Aquarius.
  • Ketu is transiting on Jupiter who is Jivakaraka as per Nadi astrology indicating exhaustion of life force.
  • Transit Rahu is moving on Karma Karaka Saturn.This is an unfailing Nadi principle that indicates death or accident.
This chart is another proof of Shapitha Yoga,Full Moon effect and Nadi principle of Rahu Ketu transit on Jiva and Karma karakas.

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