Wednesday, 29 March 2017

GST Bill and 60 year time cycle of Hindu Astrology

(Research article by D.Vamsi Krishna and Satya Narayana Sarma)

In Indian Astrology we have a concept of 60 years cycle repeating eternally in the wheel of Time.Though we have been following the western system of counting the years as per Christian Era, traditionally we do follow our Indian System for day to day purposes.

One important feature of the 60 year cycle is that similar trends recur exactly in the same years again and again. It is a real wonder to observe how the actual events change over a period of time but the trends remain the same.

The 60 year time cycle is based on the heavenly movement of Jupiter and Saturn known in Jyotish as Jiva Karaka and Karma Karaka respectively. In 60 years Jupiter completes 5 cycles of the zodiac and Saturn 2 cycles. This is a very important yardstick to measure human life in terms of the great circles completed in the heavens by the two major planets.

Now look at what happened 60 years agao.

Hemalamba nama Samvastara (1957-58) Ugadi New Year

31 March 1957  4:33 PM

Below are the major acts passed in Parliament of India which influenced the revenue of government in a notable way. Since the year Hemalamba comes under Vishnu vishanti its lord is the Sun.

Wealth Tax Act 1957  was enacted on 01 April 1957 and is in force till 2016. Wealth tax was subsequently abolished in the Union Budget ( 2016 - 2017 ) presented by Union Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jately on 28-Feb-2015).

Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act 1957 was enacted on 28 Dec 1957 (2 major amendments took place in 2015 & 16)

1957 Ramnad riots  July - Sep 1957

Parliament passed the Copyright Act of 1957

Indian Parliament passed a bill bringing Kashmir under its control as part of the Union of India.

Planetary positions at the time of Tithi pravesha chart of 1957

Jupiter (R) in  Kanya
Saturn (R) in Vrischika
Sun Moon Venus in  Meena
Mars in Vrishaba
Ketu in mesha 
rahu in tula 

Now let me look into the current year 2017 Hemalamba Nama Samvastara

Planetary positions at the time of Tithi pravesha chart of 2017

Jupiter(R) in Kanya
Saturn in Dhanus (due to Athichara this time he moved fast to dhanus)
Sun,Moon Venus(R) in Meena,
Mars & Mercury in Mesha
Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Kumbha

Surprisingly, proving the veracity of Indian Astrology, GST bill is passed today by Indian Parliament.

This is another clear proof which shows that there are cycles in the time frame giving rise to similar trends in human affairs.

Can we remain without feeling a sense of awe and respect for the wisdom of our ancestors in making out such a wonderful science for our use?

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