Saturday, 25 March 2017

Trouble in Uttar Pradesh in 2018-20?- A research

(Astro research by D.Vamsi Krishna & R.S.Sarma)

It is a settled law in Astrology that when ever there is any association by way of Conjunction or Trine or Opposition or same direction rasis as per Nadi method between Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter there were always communal riots or political turmoil or mass killings at many places on the globe.

This was proved during Godhra riots and Ayodhya riots.

Between 2018-2020 the same Ketu+Saturn+Jupiter association happening raising our eyebrows. Already Ramajanma bhoomi is boiling again with the Supreme court directing both the parties to the dispute to sort out the issue out of court. Now Yogi Adityanath has become CM of U.P and in his personal chart also Ketu dasa will operate at that time. This is a clear pointer to the future.

Before attempting to delve into the karmic depths of this Astrlogical Yoga, let us look back into history to see what happened during past incidents.

Ayodhya communal riots


06 Dec 1992

At that time Ketu and Saturn both were in South Direction and Bhu tattwa rasis. This Ketu-Saturn association always ignites communal riots.Because of this ominous yoga, mass death of people happened. Because Jupiter being in Virgo (south direction) was also associated with this yoga the issue had religious overtones.

Godhra Riots 

27 Feb 2002


At that time Saturn was in Bhu tatwa rasi, retro Jupiter in Gemini aspecting Ketu in Dhanus but Jupiter comes back to Taurus to join Saturn resulted in mass killings. It is noteworthy that Ketu was in Jupiter house, showing religious violence.

It all started on 27 Feb 2002 and ended in May 2002 till Jupiter got direct in his journey in the skies.

Based on the graha yogas that existed during the above worst times, it can be foretold that similar incidents may happen in near future.

The difficult times in the near future could be the following:--

March-2018, March-2019, November 2019-April 2020.

CM Adityanath Yogi needs to be very careful and tactful during the above periods to resolve the strife with minimum loss to one and all. A lot of advance planning is needed by the Administration to face the above indicated times.

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