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Saturn's transit of Sagittareus - Results

(A research article by Vamsi Krishna)

Saturn ( karmakaraka ) in transit when ever transits sagittarius many natural calamities happend in the past, below is the write up on events happend based on that we may presume this period (saturn transit in sagittarius) is going to be tough for the people.

Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius (27 Oct 2017 to 24 Jan 2020)

Sagittarius - Gunas

Natural 9th sign of Zodiac, a dharmic sign, fiery, mutable, male consciousness, hard to discipline and never stops looking for the truth that constantly search, common, dwi-swabhava, peculiar human sign, arrow in the symbol, the archer, harmony through conflict, idealism, devotion, struggle, orientation, sensed duality, a sign of freedom, adventure and bounding over obstacles, entrepreneurs, explorers and enthusiasts, philosophy, publishing, broadcasting, higher education, great religious institutions, the law, exploration, sign of religious institutions and of pilgrims and pilgrimage, optimistic and confident sign, long journeys, love to travel and easily learn foreign languages, foreign cultures,  policies, affairs, open horizons, adapted very easily to different conditions, while most of the times is friendly and lively, Superior knowledge, wisdom, science, religion, faith, prayer, pilgrimages, rituals, visions, publications, astrology, banking, wealth, clergymen, patriarchs, clerics, diplomacy, international trade, long distance transportation, political empowerment of religious fundamentalism, universities and institutions of education. A place of higher authority, places where horses and elephants are kept, Royal authorities, ministries, war like sign, brings trouble to notable personalities, elite people, rulers, movement of armies, war and discontentment among people.

It is observed that in a study around 22 - 26 degrees in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) when major planetary aspects taking place, incidents of bloodshed, war, death and intrigue happened most and such dramatic changes don't happen immediately after the conjunction or opposition of Saturn and Jupiter and major planets.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter refers to money, ideals, education, medical fields, religion, churches, young men, government opinions.

Saturn the planet of structure, duty and karma, enters optimistic and adventurous sagittarius. whenever Saturn is involved in something, we can expect some degree of restriction, contraction or formalisation to occur with regards to religious beliefs, cultural traditions and philosophical ideals. Cautious optimism, careful expansion and calculated risks are all likely to.

When Saturn enters Sagittarius people are changing their belief systems and as they do the world changes

Saturn in Sagittarius seems to produce the critical events such as a stock market crash, that begins an economic depression, Droughts, Famines, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Diseases, Wars, Weather changes, economic chaos and depression, political turmoils.

Few observations below when saturn was in sagittarius (in the past 100-150 years)...

Saturn in Sagittarius
(17 Dec 1987 to 21 Mar 1990
20-Jun 1990 to 14 -Dec 1990)

Droughts & Famines
North American Drought of 1988 
Sudan Famine 1988

Wild Fires
June & Sep 1988        Yellow Stone Park Wild Fires
Summer of 1989         The Manitoba Fires Canada
19/22- Sep 1989         Mount Carmel Forest Fire in northern Israel one of the largest forest fires in Israel

1988 Bougainville civil war
1988 nagorno karabakh war
1989 mauritania - senegal border war
1989 United states invasion of panama
1989 civil war in afghanistan
1989 Romanian revolution
1989 First liberian civil war
1989 Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir in India

January 22, 1988     Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia    6.6
March 6, 1988               Gulf of Alaska, United States    7.8
August 21, 1988            Nepal Affected   
December 7, 1988    Spitak, Armenia 1988 Armenian earthquake    6.8
October 17, 1989        "Loma Prieta, California, United States
December 25, 1989    Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada    6
December 28, 1989    "Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
June 14, 1990              Panay Island, Philippines    7.1
June 21, 1990                  Northwestern Iran;
1990                           Manjil–Rudbar earthquake    7.4
July 16, 1990              Baguio City, Philippines;
1990                          Luzon earthquake    7.9

Saturn in Sagittarius
08 Feb 1958 to 2 Jul 1958
07 Nov 1958 to 01 Feb 1961)

Droughts & Famines
1959–61 The Great Chinese Famine. According to government statistics, there were 15 million excess deaths.

1958 North Vietnamese invasion of Laos
1959 Tibetan uprising
1959 Basque conflict
1960 Guatemalan Civil War

1958 Kech fire    British Columbia

7.5‑magnitude quake that struck just outside the northwest boundary of Yellowstone park in 1959
7.0 magnitude aftershock struck the Kuril Islands, Russia on November 12 at a depth of 35.0 km
6.1 magnitude aftershock struck the Kuril Islands, Russia on November 13 at a depth of 45.0 km
A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Tanimbar Islands,Indonesia on November 14 at depth of 88.6 km
A magnitude 6.6 aftershock struck the Kuril Islands, Russia on November 15 at depth of 84.6 km
August 17, 1959    Montana, Wyoming, Idaho    7.3–7.5
May 4, 1959    Kamchatka, USSR 1959 Kamchatka earthquake    8
August 18, 1959    Hebgen Lake, Montana, United States 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake    7.3
February 29, 1960    Agadir, Morocco 1960 Agadir earthquake    5.7
May 22, 1960    Valdivia, Chile 1960 Valdivia earthquake    9.5
November 20, 1960    Northern Peru November 1960 Peru earthquake    7.8

Saturn in Sagittarius
(24 Dec 1928 to 12 Apr 1931,
25 May 1931 to 24 Dec 1931)

Stock Market Crash
1929 Oct 24-28 - Wall Street Crash of 1929 wipes out over $30 billion from the NYSE
Great Depression (1929-1931)

Droughts & Famines
The Dust Bowl or the Dirty Thirties was a period of severe dust storms causing major ecological and agricultural damage to American and Canadian prairie lands from 1930 to 1936 (in some areas until 1940).

Famine in Northern China between 1928-30 resulting in 3 million deaths
1928-29 famine in Ruanda-burundi causing large migrations to the Congo

May 18, 1929    Su┼čehri, Sivas, Turkey    6.1
June 17, 1929    Murchison, South Island, New Zealand
November 18, 1929  Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada 7.3
July 2, 1930    Near Dhubri, India 1930 Dhubri earthquake    7.1
July 23, 1930    Italy, Irpinia 1930 Irpinia earthquake    6.6
November 25, 1930    Japan 1930 North Izu earthquake    7.3
December 3, 1930    Burma 1930 Pyu earthquake    7.3
August 16, 1931    Texas EQ    5.8

1929 Sino-Soviet Conflict
1929 Afghan Civil War
1930 Sino-Tibetan War

Saturn in Sagittarius
(22 Feb 1899 to 12 May 1899,
16 Nov 1899 to 11 Feb 1902,
16 Aug 1902 to 05 Nov 1902)

1899 Cholera in Europe Asia Africa

Drought & Famines
Series of famines in india 1896-1902 due british policies
Federation Drought in Australia from 1896 till 1902

Stock market Crashes
1901 May 17 - U.S. stock market crashes for the first time

Dec 2 1899 The Battle of Tirad Pass - Philippine-American War
1899 Boxer Rebellion
1899 Second Boer War
1899 Acre War

Jun 30 1900 - Hoboken Docks Fire (a wharf fire) spreads to two passenger ships, kills 326 people
May 3 1901 - The Great Fire of 1901 begins I Jacksonville

Saturn in Sagittarius
(01 Jan 1870 to 14 Aug 1870
08 Sep 1870 to 31 Dec 1872 )

Between 1870-1871 Yellow fever and smallpox in argentina and germany

Drought & Famines
Great Persian Famine 1870-71

October 8, 1871    Great Michigan Fire
October 8, 1871     Peshtigo Fire
October 10, 1871    Great Chicago Fire

Jun 10 1871 U.S Marines attack Han River forts in Korea
1870 Franco Prussian War
1871 French Civil War

March 26, 1872     California EQ    7.6–8.0+
February 20, 1871      hawaii EQ   
December 15, 1872    Washington   
October 20, 1870    Charlevoix, QC   
December 15, 1872    EQ   
December 14, 1872    Washington EQ    6.5–7.0

Wildfires are also one of the major disaster events when Saturn in Sagittarius as it is fiery sign it should have malefics association with mars rahu and ketu by aspect/conjunct .....
below are the few major events that happened when Saturn was in Sagittarius (and in Trio fiery signs); when associated with other fiery planets ...


Wild fires of Yellow stone park
1988 June and September wild fires of Yellow stone park
Great Fire of 1910 -August 20–21, 1910
Burned area 3,000,000 acres (1,214,000 ha)
Vrishaba about to enter aries in a week
Mount Carmel Forest Fire (1989)
19 and 22 September 1989 on Mount Carmel in northern Israel one of the largest forest fires in Israel
2007 Croatia Fires
July August 2007
2007 Greek Fires
July August 2007
Landes Forest 1949 Wildfire
A major wildfire occurred from 19 August 1949 to 25 August 1949 in the Landes forest in France. 50,000 hectares (500 km2) of forest land were burnt
2017 Chile wildfires
Total area 1,250,000 acres.........On January 27-28, a wildfire described as the worst in Chile's modern history killed at least 11 people, including five firefighters and destroyed the town of Santa Olga in the central Maule Region, displacing thousands of people

Multiple Conjunctions when Saturn in Sagittarius (Oct 2017 - Dec 2020)

Saturn - Ketu Conjunctions:

Saturn is dukhakaraka, the planet of law & order, democracy and democratic institutions, labour class, strikes, discontentment and revolution, national calamities and nationalization,National calamities, famines, floods, earthquakes, frustration, hardship, scarcities, misery in general, selfishness, slums, funerals, cemeteries, coffins, fatalities, hidden things, injuries, mortality rates, imprisonment, jails, dismissals, arrest, gallows. Represents loss of territory in wars. A planet of contraction and depression, market conditions will be depressed and country will pass through a period of stagnation when it is in affliction, labour strikes, unrest in the Country, lock outs, Chronic ailments, cancer disease, curse, despair, agony, inferiority complex, loneliness, misfortunes, sorrows, humiliation, tuberculosis, rheumatic diseases, dull & heavy pains, paralysis, nervousness, cough, harshness. Saturn rules boundaries, gloom, depression, restriction, rules, harvest, death, structure, bones, old age, longevity, melancholy; the bare necessities, the bare minimum, the nitty gritty.

Ketu is the planet of limitless, breaking rules, assassinations, bankruptcies, destruction's, wars, strife's, suicides, dacoits, treachery, war, death in battlefields, natural calamities, violent actions or events, fears and accidents, denotes violence of the worst kind, causing lot of trouble to enemy, sudden events, accidents, secret plots, war, sudden success or failure, Assassination, wounds, secret intrigues, sudden mishap, prosecution, imprisonment, severe penalties & punishments, deception, poisoning, fire, cheating, hatred, sinful habits, slavery in foreign lands, blockade, hindrances, slaughter.
Ketu’s function in mundane events is to dematerialize on the material plane.
Sudden epidemics, leprosy, poisoning, nervous system, decay & deterioration, skin eruptions, hysteria.

When Ketu  conjuncts Saturn, it will involve kings in a fierce war, thieves, army men will set things on fire and destruction of human beings will take place.

This is a very evil position, and unless favorably aspected produces much distress, discontent, want of work, loss of trade, poverty and general ill-health. If well aspected it will produce a steady progressive attitude

In Transit:

Saturn-Ketu conjunctions resulted in mass destruction's in the past.

Mesha sign -  in 19-1-1940  Mass destruction happened as that period World War -II was in progress

Makara sign -  in 15-10-1962  Indo-China war

Mithuna sign -  in 13-9-1973 Israel declared war on Egypt around sep/oct 1973

Vrischika sign -  In 4-01-1985  Cold war around 1985-1991  & Iraq attacks on iran in jan 1985

Meena sign - in 16 Jan 1997  Albanian civil war happend around this period / congo civil war happend around this period of conjunction /  clashes in cambodia around july 1997 and Civil was in Afghanistan.

Next Conjunction of Ketu and Saturn is going to happen in Sagittarius from March 08 2019- Jan 24 2020

Ketu in Sagittarius ( 08 Mar 2019 to 23 Sep 2020)

Saturn in Sagittarius (27 Oct 2017 to 24 Jan 2020)

Saturn transits Sagittarius 22 degree on 12 Feb 2019 and reaches 26 degree on 26 Apr 2019, retrogrades till 17 degree on 19 Sep 2019,
reaches 22 degree on 11 Nov 2019, it crosses 26 degree 29 Dec 2019, will be in Sagittarius till Jan 2020

Ketu enters Sagittarius 26 degree 03 May 2019 and it crosses 22 degree 05 Aug 2019, will in Sagittarius till 05 Sep 2020

this  period is prone to major incidents due to ketu and saturn travelling the degrees of 22 to 26 in mutable sign (sagittarius)

It is only when Mars conjoins or aspects this major planetary conjunction and the whole process appears very dramatic, violent and is remembered as a historical landmark.

Mars in transit aspecting the Sat+Jup+Ketu Conjunctions:

Mars aspecting Conjunction of Sat+Ket from Vrishabha (8th aspect Mar 23 2019 to 07 May 2019)
from Mithuna (7th aspect - May 08 2019 to Jun 22 2019)

Mars aspecting Conjunction of Sat+Jup+Ket  from Kanya (4th aspect Nov 7 2019 to Nov 10 2019 )

This period when Mars aspects the Sat+Ket Sat+Ket+Jup conjunctions has more chances for major events of calamities...

Saturn in Sagittarius & Makara - Impact on Russia:

When Saturn transits Sagittarius, Capricorn and Scorpio last degrees (decanate) there were leadership changes/conflicts, political upsets/failures in Russia or complete shift in leadership style, uprisings, revolts, major labor strikes, famines, riots.

Saturn Transit in Sagittarius
Transit Results

Feb 23 1899 -May 12 1899 Nov 17 1899 - Feb 11 1902 Aug 17 1902 - Nov 5 1902
1900 Nov 9, Russia completed its occupation of Manchuria.
1901: Radical Marxists organize the Social Revolutionary Party
1901: Low grain prices cause peasant uprisings
1901: Revolutionaries assassinate the minister of education
1902: Social Revolutionaries carry out political assassinations
1902, worker strikes in the Caucasus broke out in March, and strikes on the Railway originating from pay disputes took on other issues, and drew in other industries, culminating in a general strike at Rostov-on-Don in November. Daily meetings of 15,000 to 20,000 heard openly revolutionary appeals for the first time, before a massacre defeated the strikes.
Feb 12 1902 - Aug 16 1903 Nov 6 1902 -Feb 05 1905
1903: The Social Democratic Labour Party splits into Bolsheviks (led by Vladimir Ulyanov "Lenin") and Mensheviks (led by Julius Martov)
1903 Nov 17, Vladimir Lenin’s efforts to impose his own radical views on the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party split the Party into two factions, the Bolsheviks, who supported Lenin, and the Mensheviks. The followers of the Marxist revolutionary line espoused by V.I. Lenin called themselves the majority, or Bolsheviks, and referred to their rivals as the minority, or Mensheviks. The Mensheviks took a less radical position, seeking cooperation with middle-class parties. The two factions grew into separate parties, with Bolshevism becoming the strategy that led to the overthrow of Russian czarism and the establishment of soviet power in the revolutions of 1917
1904 Feb 8, The Russo-Japanese War began 1904: Russia enters a long recession
1905 Jan 9, (Old Style calendar) On what would become known as "Bloody Sunday," Russian Orthodox Father George Gapon led a procession in St. Petersburg of some 200,000 who were marching on the Winter Palace to present their grievances to Czar Nicholas. Troops on the scene panicked, firing into the crowd and killing hundreds, thus igniting the Revolution of 1905 Over 1 million Russians staged a general strike demanding political reforms
Dec 26 1928-Apr 12 1931 May 26 1931-Dec 24 1931
1929 Jan 18, Stalin banned Trotsky from the Politburo.(Leadships Conflicts)
1929 Jan 31, Leon Trotsky was expelled from Russia to Turkey.
1929 Sep 21, Fighting between China and the Soviet Union broke out along the Manchurian border.
1929 Nov 18, Stalin sent troops to Manchuria.
1931 Mar 17, Stalin threw Krupskaja Lenin out of the Central Committee.
Dec 25 1931 - Mar 15 1934 Sep 15 1934 - Dec 07 1935
1932: one million people in Kazakhstan die of famine (caused by forced collectivization)
1932: anti-communist rebellion in Mongolia
1933: Four million people in Ukraine die of famine (caused by forced collectivization)
1934: Stalin's main advisor, Sergei Kirov, is assassinated, prompting Stalin to begin the "great purge" of the Communist Party (thousands of communists are deported to "gulags")
1935: 94% of agricultural land has been collectivized while famine is killing millions
Feb 09 1958 - Jun 2 1958 Nov 08 1958 - Feb 02 1961 Sep 18 1961 - Oct 08 1961
March 1958: Krushev fires prime minister Bulganin
July 1958: Bloody insurrection in Chechnya
Feb 03 1961 -Nov 07 1961 Oct 09 1961 - Jan 27 1964
1961 Nov 11, Molotov, Malenkov & Kaganovich were kicked out of Russia's communist party.
Oct 1962: Krushev and Kennedy risk a nuclear war over Soviet missiles deployed in Cuba but the Soviet Union withdraws the missiles from Cuba and the USA from Turkey
Oct 1964: While on vacation, Krushev is replaced by the Ukrainian-born Leonid Brezhnev while Alexei Kosygin appointed prime minister
Dec 18 1987 - Mar 21 1990 Jan 21 1990 - Dec 15 1990
Nov 1987: Gorbachev fires Yeltsin
Dec 1988: An earthquake in Armenia killing tens of thousands of people 1989: the Soviet Union withdraws from Afghanistan after 15,000 Soviet soldiers have been killed and almost one million Afghans have been killed
Mar 1989: the Soviet Union holds the first free elections since 1917, Yeltsin wins 90% of the vote in Moscow, and the Communist Party loses in the Baltic states
Jul 1989: Miners strike in Siberia
1989: In Poland the communist government and Solidarity agree to share power
1989: In East Germany mass demonstrations force the communist government to resign
Nov 1989: The Berlin Wall is destroyed by millions of ecstatic Germans, thus leading to the reunification of east and west Germany (november)
1989: The communist government of Bulgaria resigns
1989: The communist government of Czechoslovakia resigns
1989: John Paul II meets Gorbachev, the first meeting between a Pope and a Soviet leader
1989: The communist dictator of Romania is executed
Feb 1990: Pro-democracy demonstrations throughout the Soviet Union and the Communist Party loses local elections in most cities
Jun 1990: Boris Yeltsin is elected president of the Russian Federation
Dec 16 1990 - 05 Mar 1993 Oct 16 1993 - Nov 10 1993
Dec 1991: The Soviet Union is dismantled and Russia becomes an independent federation under Boris Yeltsin (december), whereas Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan gain independence
Oct 1993: Boris Yeltsin suspends the Supreme Soviet and uses the army to quell a revolt by the parliament
1993: A new constitution is enacted, with a State Duma replacing the Supreme Soviet

There are uprisings in Soviet Russia when ever republicans got elected in USA...

When ever there is Republican leadership in USA the same time there were mishaps, revolts, upsprings in Russia

Major Leadership changes in Russia

Major politcal turmoil in Russia and leadership change as stalin died.(Destalinisation)
Uprisings in East germany,
Kengir Uprisings,
1956 Hungarian revolution ..
Khrushchev replaced Bulganin as Premier of the Soviet Union (Many leadership changes)
Richard Nixon
New reforms in political in prague spring..
worse economic situation also called as era of stagnation 1972 ...
Many political and economic reforms happend and political leadership changes...
Ronald Reagon & GW Bush Sr
Afghan War involvement (major failure of Russia in history)
Sukohmi riot (july1989).....
civil rest in Moldova(nov 1989)..
January Massacre 1990.
Many leadership changes happen ..Michael Gorbachov leadership change under him soviet union got break Withdraw from Afghanistan a major failure................. End of Berlin Wall (1989 Nov)
GW Bush Jr
Putin and Boris Yeltsin leadership changes

Saturn+Jupiter Conjunction - Impact on USA Presidents

Conjunction of Major and heavy  planets is important in Mundane Astrology as they indicate major turning points in the history of countries, old order ends and new order takes over.

Sat & Jup Conjunction (Nov 06 2019 - Jan 24 2020 & Mar 31 2020 - Jun 30 2020) :

Sat + Jup conjunction is most important and it takes place once in 20 years in each of twelve signs, in a retrograde order in trines from the previous conjunction.
The nature of events to be experienced as a result of this conjunction will depend upon the signification of both the planets.

Signification of Jupiter:
Jupiter signifies religion, philosophy, judiciary. finances, business, trade, capitalism, treaties, external affairs,  ministers, ambassadors, nobility, prosperity and peace, international cooperation, birth rate and arbitration between the countries.
Jupiter is also planet of kings, queens, royalty and is also associated with constitutional type of governments.

Signification of Saturn: Saturn signifies death, national calamities, contraction, diseases, war, loss or gain of territory, agitation, strikes, labor classes, farmers, miners, land and crops, democracy, death of rulers and dictators being the lord of tenth house in natural zodiac, it has much to do with rulers of the country.

It has been observed that in USA president elected under or about the time of Sat+Jup Conjunction  died in office.

Name of President
In Office
Major Planets Transits
William Henry Harrison
March 4, 1841 – April 4, 1841
United States presidential election of 1840 October 30, to Wednesday, December 2, 1840 Sat-Jup in Vrischika 18 Oct 1840 to 17 Nov 1840 Sat-Jup in Sagittarius Nov 1841 conjunction
Zachary Taylor
March 4, 1849 – July 9, 1850
Sat-jup opposition
Abraham Lincoln
March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865
Sat-Jup Conj in Simha from june 1861 to 10 Nov 1861 Sat-Jup conj in Kanya from Dec 05 1861 to Jan 31 1862 Sat-Jup Conj in Simha from Mar 19 1862 to Jul 10 1862 Sat-Jup Conj in Kanya from Aug 18 1862 to Dec 11 1862 Sat-Jup Conj in Kanya from Apr 18 1863 to Aug 11 1863
James A. Garfield
March 4, 1881 – September 19, 1881
Sat-Jup Conj in Mesha from Mar 10 1881 to Jul 25 1881
William McKinley
March 4, 1897 – September 14, 1901
Sat-Jup Conj in Sagittarius from Dec 17 1900 to Jan 05 1902
Warren G. Harding
March 4, 1921 – August 2, 1923
Sat-Jup Conj in Simha fromFeb 24 1921 to Apr 08 1921 Sat-Jup Conj in Kanya from Aug 24 1921 to Sep 22 1922
Franklin D. Roosevelt
March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945
Sat-Jup Conj from april 10 1939 in Meena till apr 27 1939
From april 18 1940 in Mesha till apr 27 1941
From june 19 1941 in Vrishabha till dec 14 1941
From mar 04 1942 in Vrishabha till May 09 1942
John F. Kennedy
January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963
Sat-Jup Conj From Jan 01 1961 in Sagittarius till feb 02 1961
Feb 11 1961 in Makara till Sep 17 1961
Oct 09 1961 in Makara till Feb 25 1862
Ronald Reagan
January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989
Sat-Jup Conj

From 27 Sep 1980 – Oct 27 1981

March 30, 1981, a shooting occurred at the Washington Hilton Hotel Reagan was shot in the chest, just below the left underarm. He suffered a punctured lung and heavy internal bleeding,

In year 2000 again this conjunction happend which didnt result any tragic incidents on working presidents of USA.

Jupiter - Athichara (Acceleration) in Sagittarius:

Athichara or Acceleration: If a planet moves from one to the other faster than its usual speed it gets what is called Athichara or Acceleration. it is treated as inauspicious or ashubha.

Jupiter is a benefic planet in astrology and Sagittarius is his own house, 9th house indicating dharmic in natural zodiac, a benefic planet in athichara gathi is treated as highly inauspicious or ashubha, which is happening in 2019.
Sagittarius is long ascension sign, usually Jupiter transits for an average of 383 days in a rasi, but around 2019 he is transiting for only 311 days.

In the past, jupiter transitted in athichara ghati in Sagittarius in 1948-49 (317 days), 1936-37 (269 days)...

1936-37...Great Purge, campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union which occurred from 1936 to 1938.
October 1936 – February 1937  Reforming the security organizations, adopting official plans on purging the elites.

July 1937 – October 1938  Mass repressions against "kulaks", "dangerous" ethnic minorities, family members of oppositionists, military officers, saboteurs in agriculture and industry.
Nanking massacre around transit period of Jupiter's athichara from sagittarius to capricorn.

spanish civil war
1948 Arab–Israeli War
1948 Indo- Pak war

Eclipses and their role in Mundane Astrology:

Eclipses play a great role in mundane astrology.
The influence will be experienced for 6 months before or after the appearance.The effect of eclipses will be felt on the houses in which eclipse will appear.
Eclipses have most effect in those countries where they are visible, and more especially where they are on the meridian at the moment of central eclipse. They also affect the countries and cities ruled by the signs in which they are placed.

Annular Solar Eclipse On Dec 26 2019 in Sagittarius:


 Dec 26, 2019 5:17 AM Annular Solar    

Annular Solar Eclipse : The total annular eclipse will be visible in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of Borneo and Guam.

Sagittarius is a Fiery sign.

Eclipses in Fiery signs : These threaten the destruction of cattle and sheep, exile or imprisonment or murder of some king or notable person, or great ruler. Much discontent and dissension among the people. Movements of armies, fighting, fires, fevers, pestilence, and scarcity of the fruits of the earth, excites men’s minds and produce sensational public events, disturbances, disputes, danger of war  especially in those regions affected by the eclipse.

Eclipses in common signs
Bring about labor troubles strikes, crime, sickness, trouble connected with religion and education, accidents in traveling both at sea and on shore
Eclipse in Sagittarius causes sufferings to rulers, doctors, businessmen and technologists.

Planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu & Moon total 6 planets Conjunct in Sagittarius (Fiery & Dharma sign) is a celestial planetary that is happening on 26 Dec 2019 with venus in capricorn and mars in Scorpio  --- 2/12 position to 6 planets indicates some new way of life or transformations as Sagittarius is human & bestial sign...

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