Wednesday, 13 December 2017

5th Astrology Work Shop at Hyderabad

Panchawati Spiritual Foundation offers opportunities for growth not only in spiritual sadhana but also in allied matters like learning Indian Astrology, Yoga, Martial Arts and Alternative Medicine. There are many in this group who are learning the Astro science at fast pace and growing as very good Astrologers. As they are well educated people working in various fields in managerial capacities, they could grasp the logic of the subject very well.

On this eventful day, the astrologers of our group have explained various topics of Astrology through their power point presentations.

Birth time rectification

How to unearth the exact birth time of a person when it is not recorded? What are the principles of Nashta Jataka (lost horoscopy)?. Sri Surya Narayana has explained this concept very well in his presentation.

Analysis of 10th house

Profession is the most important area of human life because it feeds us. Sri Satyendra has explained how to analyse the 10th Bhava of a chart with a live example very well.

How to read a Chart?

The importance of intuition in the art of Astrology and how to commence reading of a chart are the areas touched by Smt.  Ratna Papa, a woman astrologer of Panchawati Spiritual Foundation.

Naadi Astrology

Sri Vamsi who is an expert in this system of Astrology has shared his experience with the audience in a very simple manner.

Retro Planets and their meaning

Retro planets are the real hard nuts to crack in the science of Astrology. They baffle even the big heads in Astrology. Sri Janardanm, Joint secretary of Panchawati Spiritual Foundation (India) has explained the meaning of retro planets and how to understand them in chart analysis.

Good and bad planets - How to understand them?

The concept of good and bad planets in Astrology is a very important one which decides the correct reading of a chart to a large extent. Sri Raju Sykam, MA (Astrology), Secretary of PSF (India) has explained very ably our method of understanding a chart with respect to the good and bad karakatvas of planets.

Roles of Sun and Moon in chart reading

Lastly, I have explained how to understand the roles of two great luminaries, the Sun and the Moon in chart reading. I have also touched upon the basics of the deeper subject of 'Spiritual Astrology'.

In this way, many deeper subjects of this divine science were covered by our able astrologers. I congratulate all of them for their untiring efforts in understanding this ancient science and urge the remaining members to come forward to participate on these topics in our future seminars.

Our book release function - More photos

"Panchawati Spiritual Foundation' is growing fast into a spiritual family based on the foundation of divine love. The recent book release function is an ample proof.

We had our members from many places of India, also from USA, in the book release function. Each one of them participated in organizing the function according to their energy and made it a grand success. They moved as a single family caring nothing about the caste, creed, status, social background etc.

This book is not my product alone, but the product of all of us. This book is our book, not my book.

Each one of the gathering had the taste of real Satsang. Where can you find such souls, unselfish, lovable and pure in heart other than here?

A few photos for your pleasure !