Friday, 19 January 2018

Prashna Jyotish - Where did I lose my mobile charger?

In today's busy world, mobile and its charger have become two most important items that we cannot afford to forget or lose somewhere. Our lives have become so dependent on them that they almost became integral parts of our bodies.

The other night, I was busy in conducting a cultural event and arrived home past midnight, only to find that my mobile charger was missing from my shoulder bag. I did not check it out myself but was told by the one who did, that despite a thorough probing the charger could not be found in the bag. I was a little bit worried because the battery has got just 5 % charge and there is likelihood of official calls in the early hours. I planned to buy a new piece the next day and was about to go to sleep. Before falling asleep I just had a glance at Prashna chart drawn on my mind's screen.

Place -- Guntur. Andhra Pradesh
Date -- 18-1-2018
Time -- 00.30 hours

Kala Grasta Yoga and Lagna hemmed by nodes in Kalargala are the two striking yogas that hit me at first sight. Lagna Lord Venus is in 4th, deeply combust, showing that the missing item is in fact not missing but is very much at home. The state of deep combustion shows illusion. Moon, who is karaka for mind, is also in 4th house showing the item is very much in home. Jupiter in Lagna shows that it will be found very soon. Mars being 2nd Lord signifying valuable items is in the sign threshold but in own house showing that the item is not lost. Lagna is in first decanate indicating that the missing item is in the first part of the house. True to this, my shoulder bag is in the hall, which is the first part of my house.

Observing all these signs, I slid into sleep. Next morning I woke up at my usual time and re-checked the bag and found the charger in the side pocket.

This is an example of how to use Prashna (Query) in Astrology to find missing items.

As you could see, the crux of the matter lies in understanding the planets in the right perspective. To do this, one needs to have a firm grounding in the basic principles of Astrology, the power of intuition and the experience gained by analyzing a few hundred Astro charts. Then, Prashna Jyotish becomes an unfailing light that shows the right path in the darkness of our daily life.