Saturday, 18 August 2018

'Where is my son?' - Prasna (horary) Astrology.

On 9-8-2018, I was nominated as an official observer for the online examination in a nearby private college. This incident happened on that day.

It was 4 PM and the third session of the examination just commenced. All the candidates were busy writing the examination. It was tea time, so a woman staff of the college served me a cup of tea.

'Do you work for Railways?' she inquired, placing the tea cup on my table.

I said - 'Yes'.

'Are you a police officer? She asked again.

'No' I replied.

'Then why are police with you?' She persisted.

'They are on escort duty' - I said.

'My son has been missing for last two years. Could your police know anything?' she asked naively.

'They might not know. You could have complained to civil police' - I told her as coolly as possible.

'They might have seen him while he boarded a train to run away from home' - She said.

I could not decide whether she was really innocent or not. There are many people who act over smart and play with others. So I became alert and questioned her - 'What was his age when he ran away from home?'

'Nineteen' - she replied.

I looked at her again. and decided to cast a Prasna chart in my mind to answer her question. As I already knew the planetary positions of the day, I just observed the Lagna to be Sagittarius.

Mars as 5th Lord is in Ascendant. He is 12th Lord too. Moon who is in 7th showing distant places is looking at Ascendant. So the question is about her missing son. Saturn is aspecting Moon. So her question is genuine. She was dark in color and resembling Saturn.

2nd Lord Saturn showing family is retro, going into 12th house. Mercury is with Moon in 7th house aspecting Ascendant. 7th is the natural 3rd house indicating quarrels. So there was certain trouble in their family.

I looked at the 10th house of the chart where Venus is stationed. Moreover, the Hora lord is Venus again. There is trinal aspect between debilitated Venus and exalted Mars who is 5th Lord. So it must be an unwanted love affair which drove the boy away from home.

'Was it a love affair?' I asked her.

She almost broke down.

'Yes.' She said meekly.

'The girl is your neighbour. She is good now. But your son escaped from home.' I said looking at Mars who is retro.

'Right ! We know them. She is happy with another boy now. But I lost my son.' She said almost in a weeping tone.

I had a doubt about her husband because she is not mentioning him at all. I looked at the seventh house.

7th Lord Mercury is fully combust in 8th house. It shows death of her husband or some severe handicap. 8th Lord Moon who is a watery planet owing a watery sign is in 7th house showing death of her husband by drowning.

'Your husband?' I asked her.

'Just before this incident could happen, he committed suicide by drowning in a quarry pit full of water.'

I doubted her statement because, Lagna Lord is in 11th house showing her friends and aspecting Moon in 7th. Saturn who is lord of family is also looking at him. The day was very near to New Moon. There was Rahu in Moon's house showing lying on her part. So her husband died not by committing suicide but he was killed by persons known to her.

'Did he commit suicide? or was killed by somebody? - I asked her.

She hesitated for a moment.

'I don't know. There were rumors that his friends killed him in a drunken brawl ' She said with a low tone.

Her body language confirmed my doubt.

Ignoring my thoughts I observed retro Mars who was landing in the Ascendant. I told her finally- 'Your son is safe now. He is at some nearby place in the South direction. He will come back on his own in a few days. Don't worry' 

She thanked me and went away.

'Who has stolen my mobile phone?' - Prasna Astrology.

Suddenly, mobile phone has become the most important thing in everybody's life now. Compared to it, all the other things in life have taken a back seat. This is so because, almost all things are being managed through the mobile phone now, be it banking, driving, shopping, messaging or chatting with friends.

On 13-8-2018 at 11-45 AM someone posed me a question.

'I lost my mobile a few days back and I suspect two persons. Can you tell me who, between the two, is the thief?'

'What will you do after knowing it? I asked him.

'I can't do anything now. Your reading will just clear my doubt. Thats all' - he replied.

'If there is nothing you could do, then it is a waste of time for me to look into the chart' - I retorted.

'Please. Your reading will certainly make me more peaceful. At least I will know what had happened and who stole it.' said the inquirer.

The day was Monday and the Hora was of Venus. Venus is in debilitation now. I observed the Prasna Dasa to be Venus-Saturn-Venus. So the influence of Venus is clearly evident. Venus rules over women and costly things like mobile phones.

The chart was cast. At the first sight, I told him - 'One of your suspects is a Brahmin by caste'.

'How could you say that? - he asked.

'Why do you want to know my logic? Just tell me yes or no.' I asked him.

He said 'yes'.

'You are suspecting him to have come to your house and stolen the phone.' - I said.

'Yes again' he agreed.

'Your second suspect is your maid servant' I said.

He was surprised.

'Yes again' - he said.

'The servant was the thief not the Brahmin boy.' - I told him.

'How did you say that?' he questioned.

'The science of Astrology has its own logic. Unless you are into it, I am afraid you may not understand even if I explain.' - I replied.

'I will try to understand if you care to explain' - he said.

'Look at the chart. Lagna is Libra. Thief is ruled by 6th Lord who is Jupiter. He is a Brahmin according to Indian Astrology. He is in the Ascendant. It means he comes to your house to steal something. But this is not true because the Arudha Lagna is Leo. Sixth lord is Saturn who rules over servants. He is retrograde and lands into fourth house representing your house. So, again, the thief comes to your house to steal. Saturn in Scorpio is more uncomfortable than Jupiter in Libra. Moreover, mobile phone is indicated by third house which rules over communication. From Libra, Jupiter is no doubt lord of third house. But from Leo, third lord Venus is debilitated in second house showing a valuable article connected to communication. He is aspected by Saturn. It shows your maid servant had an eye on your mobile phone. Additionally, Moon who shows mind is very much in Leo. So, Leo is more powerful than Libra. The running dasa lords are also Venus and Saturn. The Hora lord is Venus. So, even though you suspect the Brahmin boy as the thief, it is the servant who did it.' - I told him.

'Can you tell me where are they now?' - He asked again.

'The Brahmin boy is not near your house now. He left to a distant place' I told him, looking at Jupiter in Aries which is the debilitation sign of Saturn in Navamsa chart.

'Correct. They vacated their house and shifted to a nearby village' he agreed.

'Your maid servant is not working for you now.' I told him looking at the retrogression of Saturn.

'True. After the incident, she stopped working for me'  He replied.

'Now that you know the truth, what is your plan? I questioned.

'Nothing in particular. I bought a new mobile immediately. These days we can live without anything but not without a mobile' he said sadly.

'You learnt a good lesson. Be careful hereafter' I told him.

He thanked me and left.