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Cord around neck - Astro-Yogic perspective

Cord around the neck of fetus
In Astro science, birth of a baby with the umbilical cord around its neck is considered as a bad omen.Technically it is called 'Naali Veshtitha Jananam'. In some cases the cord could tighten up and strangle the baby turning her body into blue color.In other cases the baby is born with the cord around her body as if it is wearing a sacred thread.In traditional Astrology all these variations are considered as bad omens.

Cord as a thread around the body
Usually, such babies portend ill luck to the father and the maternal uncle. To mitigate the evil effects, many remedial measures are suggested in our Astro scriptures. Apart from the traditional remedies,we find local customs and practices prevalent in many castes.

Though the modern educated people consider them as superstitions, it is a fact that there is a lot of factual evidence behind these so-called superstitious beliefs.

In this world, nothing is either accidental or co-incidental.Every incident, be it an insignificant thing like the cry of a small bird, has a definite meaning in it.The science of Omens was born out of meticulous observation into the relation between events and hints from Nature. There are many who do not believe in omens, yet they are real. If we learn this science and try to understand the omens, we can live our lives more meaningfully and successfully than otherwise.

In reality, what we consider as superstitions are products of observation of thoughtful men spanning over hundreds of years.In Nature, nothing is a waste.In my view, the real superstition is treating everything that we don't understand right now as superstition.

According to Astrology, such babies invariably carry the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu in their charts.We can find Nada Dosham in their family line without fail.Cord around the neck of a baby is a symbol of a snake strangling it to suffocation.This is a clear sign of Naga Dosham in the chart of that baby.

If we observe closely, we can find interesting links between the diseases they get and the Naga Dosham available in their charts.Of late, modern medicine is slowly coming to terms with the Yogic psychology in such matters.

When the umbilical cord intertwines around the neck of a fetus it creates a lot of discomfort to the sleeping life.Though the respiration is absent in the baby, yet it feels a kind of discomfort when the cord strangles it.It is a trauma condition.

Babies who face such kinds of trauma condition either in the belly of the mother or during the time of delivery, usually end up either as asthmatics or suffer from hypertension or heart complaint.

Whenever such people face critical situations in their lives, they become breathless. This happens because, the body remembers the natal trauma condition while in crisis, and falls into the past memory unconsciously.All this is the result of the memory of trauma that resurfaces from the subconscious mind of the sufferer.Astrologically, this is called the effect of Naga Dosham.

Now I will disclose a karmic secret to you all.

Usually,a baby born with cord around its neck would be a soul that underwent a painful death by hanging in its previous birth.We can understand this from its birth chart very easily.

It is a curious fact that the the soul re-enters into the world exactly in the same setting as it left the world in its previous birth.This is reiterated in many scriptures including our Bhagavad Gita(Chapter 6-verses 41.42.43). 

In the journey of a soul, no experience is lost but continues birth to birth like links in a chain.Past experiences just continue without any break in this birth too.All this is a secret science.

There is another interesting fact that connects the science of Astrology to the science fo Homoeopathy.

Surukuku Snake found in South America
There is a medicine called 'Lachesis' to cure the blue baby condition resulting from birth with cord around the neck of a baby. If administered in minimum dose, this medicine can infuse life within seconds into the baby struggling for breath.And the curious fact is - this medicine is prepared by the process of potentization from the venom of a deadly snake called 'Surukuku' found in South America.

Is it not surprising that the suffering of a baby born with Naga Dosham is cured by a medicine prepared from snake venom? Can you call it co-incidental? This is but a link among hundreds of such between the wonderful sciences of Astrology and Homoeopathy. Looks unbelievable, does n't it?

Birth with cord around neck is a sure sign of Naga Dosham. Though skeptics may refuse to believe in such things, it is a truth. If we observe the lives of such babies when they grow up, we find many interesting correlations between their life incidents and the curse of the snake. 

Naga Dosham or curse of snakes is a fact. The worship of snakes all around India is neither a superstition nor the work of priests.It contains a lot of truth in it.

But mind you, please don't come to a hasty conclusion that I support all those who cheat the innocents with frightening words like Naga Dosham. I never support the charlatan astrologers and pseudo tantriks. On the other hand, I dont subsribe to the view of the skeptics that all this is bullshit. I know that Naga Dosham is a fact and it haunts man in various ways that only an experienced astrologer can understand.

Disclaimer:-- Don't use 'Lachesis' on just born babies just because they are born with cord around their necks.It should be used only under expert medical supervision.If you use it, I am not responsible for the repercussions that follow.

Homoeopathy is a very intricate system of medicine which contains no specifics.In it, no two patients will get same medicine. Homoeopathic medicines should not be used without individualization.

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