Thursday, 4 February 2021

'Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali' E Book released today

Today is the birthday of Swami Vivekananda according to the tithi system of Indian Calender. On this auspicious day, I am releasing our latest E Book 'Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali'.

This book was originally written in my mother tongue, Telugu. Now, for the sake of my English readers, the English version is released.

I happened to read the Yoga Sutras for the first time in 1976 when I was 13 years old. My knowledge of English and Sanskrit was rudimentary at that time. While reading all the spiritual books that I could lay minds upon, I had read with great relish the 'Complete works of Swami Vivekananda' in Telugu. One of the volumes contains the lectures on Yoga Sutras that the swami delivered in foreign countries. Though I could read the script in Telugu fluently, I could hardly understand all the sutras. They seemed Greek and Latin to me.  Then I joined the college at Narasaraopet and learnt English. Curious to read the original words spoken by the Swami, I had read the Complete Works in English to my heart's content. Afterwards, I happened to read the Yoga Sutras many times, slowly corelating and understanding them in the light of my sadhana which blossomed all along.

Later, revered Swami Nandanandaji who was one of my gurus, gave me as his parting gift the same book which contained the lectures of Swami Vivekananda on Yoga Sutras.

There were many scholarly commentaries on the Yoga Sutras down the line. I too, based on my understanding borne out of my sadhana, made a humble attempt to write a commentary on them. This is my effort to clear rishi rina to which every devout Hindu is subjected to by birth. In my commentary, I tried to explain how Sage Patanjali built his edifice of Yoga on the existing foundations of Sankhya and Buddhist philosophies and how he integrated the age old Yoga tradition with these two lines of thought.

In the Yoga Upanishads, we find the Yoga tradition purely based on ancient Hindu philosophy and its traditional way of life. In contrast, the 'Yoga Sutras' portrays the synthesis of Yoga, Sankhya and Buddhist ideologies. By comparing them with one another, the readers will be able to understand the ancient philosophies as well as how they evolved with time into the Yoga Sutras.

My heartfelt thanks and blessings to my wife Sarala Devi, my disciples Akhila Jampala and Sri Lalita, both from Detroit USA, for their constant help and support in the translation of my Telugu book into English and my disciple Pravin from Hyderabad India, who designed the cover pages so beautifully. 

I hope that this English work will be read by the international community with great interest. As usual this book also, like our other books, is available from google play books at our web site .

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Legendary Singer S P Balasubramanyam - Astro chart analysis

Most versatile singer of the world S.P. Balasubramanyam or SPB died at Chennai on 25-9-2020. He was born in a village near Nellore on 4-6-1946. He is a legend now with innumerable records to his credit. So, I will not elaborate on his life and achievements because you will find them everywhere on the Internet. I will just explan a few important yogas of his birth chart.

Debilitated Mars with Moon in Mercury's star shows a very adamant and industrious personality. Mercury being the 3rd Lord made him a legendary singer and a dubbing artiste. However, retrogression of Jupiter, karaka for classical touch, makes him not an adept in the classical music. Strangely, anybody who listens to his classical songs will never suspect that he was never trained in classical music. Such was his ability !

On first sight, this chart looks like a Kalagrasta Yoga chart. However, it is not so, because the Sun and Mercuty are out of the boundary of Rahu-Ketu grip. As we do not know his exact birth time, we will analyze his chart from the Moon Lagna and the Karakamsa.

Atma karaka and Karaka for profession, Saturn, is with Venus who is Karaka for movie field, in Gemini which signifies lyrics and songs. This Yoga made him a legendary singer in the major languages of India.

Exalted Ketu in 5th house is good. However, debility of the 5th Lord Mars in the presence of Moon indicates loss and frustration on account of children. Retrogression of Jupiter the 9th Lord shows lack of good luck. True to this Yoga, he made a lot of money but lost everything in due course of time. He himself said so in many interviews and shows. 

Exalted Rahu indicates Venus in this chart who is with Sun and Mercury in Taurus. So this Yoga gave him success in the movie field as a great play back singer.

At the time of his birth Rahu-Ketu were in Taurus and Scorpio respectively. Now again, they are in the same signs after completing four rounds of the Zodiac, making him an old man of 72+ years.

Exaltation of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart is a great boon. Natives with this yoga rise from very humble beginnings to great heights and enjoy the choicest luxuries of life. Born in a middle class family, he became a millionaire through his hard work, talent and commitment. Singing in many languages, with different voices to suit different actors, performing on stage shows around many countries in the world - all these are the boons of exalted Rahu signifying Venus.

Rahu entered Taurus on 23rd of this month. SPB died on 25th. Actually, SPB was admitted in a hospital at Chennai on the 5th of August with symptoms of Covid - 19. At that  time, Rahu was in the first Navamsa of Gemini, so his shadow was falling on Taurus already. Rahu was transiting that Navamsa till 23rd of this month. During this period SPB was in hospital, sometimes improving and sometimes deteriorating. As soon as Rahu changed signs and stepped into Taurus, he took the life of SPB.

Covid - 19 is the curse of Rahu. SPB is another celebrity who fell a victim to Covid -19. Birth chart of SPB clearly shows unmistakable influence of the Nodes in his rise and fall.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Nithyananda is the real man !

Nithyananda is 100% right !

I know many eyebrows will rise when I say so. But I care a foot for silly opinions of ignorant people. You need to have guts to understand what I am saying.

In my view, Nithyananda is far greater than many gurus and swamijis of today. He knew how to open the third eye of others. It is true that he has got many supernatural powers.

Poor world adored a trickster like Satya Sai Baba for 50 long years, who was but a cheap magician. He could not explain any deep philosophy in his speeches. Compared to him, Nithyananda is really powerful because he has got real supernatural powers. Nithyananda is a real tantrik. The same world which had worshipped a fake saint like Satya Sai Baba for almost half a century is condemning Nityananda now. Do you know why? The psychology is very simple. It is nothing but jealousy.

People are jealous because he is enjoying a good life that they are not able to enjoy. He is young, has lots of money, surrounded by movie stars, owns an island and lives in his own kingdom. These are everybody's dreams. So people are condemning him out of pure jealousy.

While in USA I had attended a program where a little girl demonstrated her power of blindfold reading. Unlike a magician's trick it was real. When I inquired her parents about her guru, they were hesitant at first, but revealed later that she learnt the art from Swami Nithyananda.

Many little boys and girls who are students in the schools of Nithyananda are adepts in blindfold reading. He says that it is easy to open the third eye of children below 14 years which becomes calcified with age. This is a fact. This is known to those who are adepts in Yoga and Tantra but ordinary people cannot understand this at all.

Except Ranjitha video that created an uproar in the society, he was almost above controversy in all other matters. In my view even that video should not be a big deal because he is not a Vedantic monk to practice perfect chastity. People expect all the orange clads to be perfect celibates. Need not necessarily be so! Nithyananda is a tantrik and he follows Agama Sastra. In that path, woman companionship is not a taboo but one of its sadhanas. Proximity to women never diminishes their power and realization. People who are ignorant of the path of Tantra may speak as they like, but there is no need to listen to them.

Strangely, an average Indian is totally ignorant of the depth of his own religion. He never cares to know how many branches and sub branches exist in Hinduism and their different sadhana paths. What he knows is to visit the nearest temple on a Tuesday or Friday, break a coconut for the deity and pray for his wish fulfillment. Most of the Hindus consider this as the whole of Hindu religion, but this is not even LKG of it. Popular Hinduism is the pre KG of real Hinduism. 

Only those who are ignorant of the Shaiva Agamas, the Sakta Agamas, the Koulachara and the Vamachara tend to criticize Nithyananda. Those who understand the depths of Agama and Tantra understand him in the right sense. Did the pitaadhipatis and custodians of the sacred orders who conferred on Nithyananda titles like paramahamsa and mahamandaleswar not know as much of Hinduism as we know? Did they not see the infamous Ranjitha Video?

I feel neither Nithyananda nor Ranjitha need feel guilty of that video at all. It is their personal matter. No body has got any right to comment on that.

In the practical knowledge of Tatva Shastra, Saiva Siddhantha, Yoga and Tantra, Nithyananda is far ahead of most of the swamijis of today. He has got the real mettle in him. If it was so, why did he have to run away out of the country and live somewhere in an unknown island like a fugitive? This is the doubt that many people naturally get.

I feel there is a missionary conspiracy supported by the sold out media, behind Nithyananda-Ranjitha video. Everybody knows who owns the Sun TV network and what is their ideology. They could not tolerate the meteoric rise of another Hindu guru and planted their spy as the guru's car driver. Everybody knows what happened later. Finally he could not stay in India anymore and left the country to his own island. He was hounded out of the country by anti Hindu elements who were jealous of his rise to power and popularity.

Did you ever think of this?

There are many cases of rape and child abuse by christian missionaries in Tamil Nadu and Kerala states. Even the Vatican is not free of them but nobody talks about them. Nobody hounds them out of their countries. Their sins are conveniently pardoned and even supported. Everybody knows how people trained in madarasas take to violence and kill innocent people in the name of religion. Again, nobody talks about them. If you talk, you will be branded as anti secular. Strange indeed !

But anyone can talk any nonsense about a Swamiji whose path is the Saiva Tantrik path. Do you know how many branches and sub branches are contained in the main body of Hinduism? Do you know their esoteric practices? Except talking nonsense, nobody knows anything.

It took eight long years for dispensation of justice in the infamous Delhi gang rape case. There are scores of cases of rape and murder of innocent girls in our country that never come to trial. Many culprits have been roaming Scot free in this country for decades. But people like Nithyananda have to flee the country searching for a shelter. Neither he raped anybody, nor killed students in his ashram, nor evaded income tax, nor hoarded tons of gold in his underground chambers. Nobody complained that he is an womanizer. He is clear about his path. Who are we judge an affair between two consenting adults?

There are hundreds of girls studying in his schools and all of them are very safe. None of their parents complained about the safety of their daughters. These girls are learning the real Hindu tradition along with secular education and growing into beautiful human beings. What more proof do you want?

In India, most of those who talk against Nithyananda and pass comments are none other than vested interests who are totally ignorant of the deeper shades of real Hinduism. The real disturbing influences in Indian society are the communists, the missionaries and the madarasas. A patriotic Hindu who tries to save his society from these influences is sure to land in their hit list.

Sadly, Nithyananda realized the bitter truth that he cannot stay in India and do his work peacefully. He was harassed by vested interests beyond human imagination. So he fled the country. According to information available on the web, he bought an island from Ecuador and established his own country 'the Kailasa'.

I support Nithyananda wholeheartedly. He is doing the right thing. I think Nithyananda succeeded where Osho failed. I wish Nithyananda to stay wherever he is and do the work of reviving the Hindu tradition. He should show the path of light to the world languishing in darkness.

Only when he is invited respectfully back to India and allowed to do his work peacefully, this country will prosper again. We need a Nithyananda in every state of India now. Only then, Hinduism will revive. Only in a true Hindu society, all religions and all communities will co-exist peacefully and happily because the element of tolerance is in-built in Hinduism.

Closing sentence: None of the charges leveled against him were proved ! All of them were dropped ! Is this not enough proof to say that he is a genuine guy?

I feel Nithyananda is the real man !

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

How did Ma Yog Vivek (Prem Nirvano) die? - Astro analysis

With the help of Astrology, I wish to crack a mystery that has been in the row for the past 31 years in Osho circles. This is about Ma Yog Vivek a.k.a Prem Nirvano's mysterious death.

She was born as Christian Woolf Smith in the United Kingdom on 19-3-1949 and died as Ma Prem Nirvano in Pune Ashram on 9-12-1989. Osho initially changed her name as Ma Yog Vivek and later as Ma Prem Nirvano. She lived a short life of just 40 years during which she spent almost 20 years serving Osho as his caretaker and lover. But for her care, Osho would not have lived that long, because he was not a healthy man at all.

Osho told a story about her, most of which I believe was a mere concoction. He told his followers that there was a certain doctor called Sharma in his village whose daughter Sasi was his childhood friend. Osho and Sasi were in love with each other. However, Sasi died suddenly in 1947 due to some disease. On her deathbed she promised Osho that she would come back and take care of him.

However, Osho said that Sasi was reborn as Christian Woolf Smith in 1949 in the United Kingdom. I guess this was a blatant lie as Osho was known for telling lies left and right to suit the story he was narrating. At the age of 20 or so, she came to India in search of spirituality, met Osho and stayed with him till her death in 1989 at the age of 40. There are stories that she remembered her past life in the presence of Osho. No one knows for sure if this story is true or not, but everybody agrees that there was a strong bond of love between them. It was an undeniable fact that she really took care of Osho's personal needs for 20 years.

It was not easy to serve Osho. One needed to be very careful and mindful to do so because he was a chronic patient and suffered from many allergies. He was allergic to dust, smells, body odors and a host of other things. He used to catch cold easily. He could not tolerate a temperature higher than 17 degrees. He could not tolerate heavy sounds. He expected his surroundings to be spic and span. Vivek had put up with all these idiosyncracies of Osho for 20 years and served him carefully like a faithful wife. But she never used to take advantage of her position and proximity to Osho, never used to boss over others like Sheela did. Most of the times, she was silent like a shadow.

You can find all this and much more on the Web. I dont want to repeat all that again. I want to talk about her death. She died in very mysterious circumstances. The mystery surrounding her death has not been cleared till now by anybody. They did gross injustice to Vivek by hushing up her death and burning her body in the dead of the night, within two hours after her death. Osho was very much alive then and never talked about it openly. Is this the gift Osho did give to his lifelong caretaker and lover? Pathetic indeed !

The disciples of Osho who are alive today are telling cock and bull stories about Vivek's death but not coming out with the truth. So, I wanted to crack this mystery with the help of Astrology.

It was curious to observe that most of the disciples of Osho were born in 1949 when Jupiter was in Makara in his sign of debility. Indian Astrology calls it Guru Dosha or 'the curse of preceptor'. That is the reason why, despite the high sounding words they speak, none of the disciples of Osho got enlightened !

Vivek was born under Anuradha star. These people are very peculiar in their nature because their Moon would be in debility. So, they never know how their unsteady minds behave. Not only Anuradha, Visakha-4 and all the four quarters of Jyeshta are similar, because they all fall under the sign of Vrischika, Moon's sign of debility.

It is true that stars do possess certain qualities that get reflected in the natives born under their influence. In the Vedic times, Visakha star was called 'Radha', so the succeeding star got its name as 'Anuradha' or that which follows Radha. True to this symbolism, natives born under Anuradha always follow somebody, either physically or mentally through out their lives. In Vivek's case both of them did happen.

I guess her Lagna to be Karkataka and her Navamsa to be Tula. This should fix her birth time between 12.50 and 1.04 PM. I will not bore you with the narration of how did I arrive at such a conclusion, which needs deeper understanding of Astrological principles and techniques. Suffice it to say for now that it was so. However I will give you a few hints in this direction.
  • Debilitated 9th Lord Jupiter in her 7th house shows her lover and guru, Osho clearly.
  • Saturn the 7th Lord retro in 2nd house of family matters shows that her marriage/love will spoil her family life totally.
  • Debilitated Moon in her 5th house shows a controversial love affair which ends in depression and ultimate tragedy.
5th Lord Mars in her 9th house in degree conjunction with Sun the 2nd Lord shows her love affair with a powerful but diabolical guru.

I think I need not have to elaborate any further, to prove that this is very much Vivek's birth chart.

On the date of her death i.e 9-12-1989, the planets were as under:

She was running Sade Sathi second quarter on that day indicating a stressful time. Retrograde Jupiter in her 8th house shows very weak life force due to physical and mental stress. Around 1978 she became pregnant by Osho, but he arranged for her abortion and got her sterilized. This shattered her very much. Her health also took a downhill slide from then onwards. She used to suffer from severe PMS bordering on hysterical behavior. People even suspected that she suffered from schizophrenia.

Let me now elaborate on the transit of planets on her natal planets, on the day she died at Pune. 

Transit Moon on Natal Rahu

Mind becomes unbalanced. With the transit Moon nearing natal Mars, we can see that she was approaching her monthly date which added fuel to fire of her physical ailments. Women tend to take impulsive decisions at such times. This is the micro picture indicated by the Moon for 3 to 5 days.

Transit Sun and Mars on natal Moon in debility

This forces the native to take adamant decisions. They will not be open to sane advice and try to implement their decisions without a second thought. This period haunts them for a month or so. This goes to prove that she had been thinking to end her life since a month or so.

Transit Rahu and Venus on natal Jupiter in debility

This is the macro influence that led to her death. Rahu transits in a sign for nearly one and a half year. Venus meets Rahu only for one month during this time. What happens by this conjunction?

At that time Osho's health was declining very fast, due to poisoning by USA authorities, as blamed by him. But I don't see any truth in this statement. He spoiled his already delicate health by inhaling laughing gas frequently and by his frequent intake of drugs. So he ruined his own health, but USA government has got nothing to do in this matter. He blamed USA unnecessarily like he blamed everybody else for his faults. Everybody knew that he was going to die very soon. Vivek also knew this and she could not tolerate it due to her strong love for him. So, like any true lover, she wanted to die before he died. Her own health was declining fast at that time and she was moved from Osho's house to another house. 'What is there to do, after Osho dies?' - this thought haunted her day in and day out.

Osho's commune was a hornet's nest of hidden activities in those days. While in Oregon, they did a lot of research under the command of Osho to invent various methods to induce a painless death to a person if he wanted to die for any reason. Osho planned his own death atleast 4 years before he actually died and he arranged for all the drugs and injections and all that stuff, to be kept ready for use at short notice.

Vivek knew all this very well. They say that she had affairs with many people including the personal doctor of Osho during her last days. So, she must have taken his help or somebody's help in that circle in inducing her death. Or, as people now believe it, she must have taken a high dose of sleeping pills all by herself, to die before Osho did. Like Osho, she planned her own death and we cannot brush aside the role of others in this nasty affair. .

Dasa influence

If you look at the dasa running at her death, you will be surprised. It was Venus-Rahu-Jupiter which fully supports my analysis. You will be more surprised to know that these same planets were exerting their unfailing influence in transit also. So, natal Jupiter and transit Rahu and Venus hold the secret of her death.

We know very well that Venus and Rahu give rise to many love affairs. We come to know from many people who knew the matters of those days very well that she had multiple affairs including the one she had with the personal doctor of Osho. We fail to understand how could a soul who came all the way from one life to another simply for the sake of her love for Osho, afford to have multiple affairs with others right in front of him. I think this incident proves that the story of Gudiya or Sasi which Osho created to fool his followers was a mere lie. I think even God will keep quiet if asked to narrate all the nasty things that happened in Osho commune at that time.

I hold Osho solely responsible for all the nasty activity that happened in his ashram. He committed a big blunder in encouraging free sex among his followers. It was his sin. None of his disciples gained anything spiritual by walking the path shown by him and none could reach enlightenment. Every one of them fell astray from the true path of spirituality and enlightenment, utterly misguided by Osho.

Rahu and Jupiter together will generate a nasty yoga called Guru Chandala Yoga which makes the native fall for a fake guru and spoil her life. It shows that she dug her own grave, being ensnared by the trap of Osho.

Union of Venus and Jupiter gives a very unbalanced and unsteady mind because Venus is the preceptor of demons where as Jupiter is the guru of gods. So, they pulled Vivek's mind in two opposite directions making her life a virtual hell.

Venus, the main dasa lord, is the 11th Lord and the secondary disease lord in her chart indicating diseases of the reproductive system. Her abortion, PMS and hysterical behavior were all well known. Venus very clearly shows them all.

We can see Venus along with Mercury in her 8th house indicating death in mysterious circumstances. 8th house happens to be Kumbha which is a selfless loving sign suggesting self imposed death for the sake of love.

Rahu the antar dasa lord is found in the 10th house aspecting the 4th house of mind and revealing a treacherous plan to end her life. Rahu is karaka for poisons and drugs. In this chart Rahu signfies Mars who is in degree conjunction with Sun in Uttarabhadra star ruled by Saturn who happens to be 7th and 8th lord. This yoga indicates that her husband/lover becomes the cause of her death. Mars and Sun are hemmed by malefics on both sides showing compelling circumstances from which she could not escape.

Debilitated Jupiter, the Vidasa Lord, is found in the 7th house indicating the role of her guru, Osho. I hold Osho utterly responsible for all the sins that were committed in his commune. He was the one who injected all kinds of wild and nefarious ideas into the minds of his disciples.

We can understand the mental condition of Vivek at that time from the following pointers:

  • Extreme love for Osho
  • Prediction of death within a month for Osho by his personal doctors.
  • Her own failing health. 
  • Unsteady mind
  • Bad planetary dasa
  • Bad transit of planets
  • Very bad PMS 
  • Well researched methods of suicide readily available at hand
  • Skilled persons who can induce painless death
  • Fear of 'What will happen to me after Osho's death?'
When all the above are combined, what will happen? I need not explain it at all, you can understand it for yourself.

Now, let us take the help of Prasna for more clarity

Time: 10.15 PM
Date : 7-9-2020 
Place: Hyderabad

Lagna Lord Venus is in 3rd house indicating longevity, aspected by badhaka Saturn from 9th house indicating suffering and death. This Yoga indicates death for the sake of her guru or a death very much known to her guru.

You can also see retrograde Jupiter in the 8th house of secrecy and death along with exalted Ketu who signifies death again. Exalted Mercury in 5th house of intellect shows an intelligent plan to end her own life. Moon, karaka for mind is with a violent planet Mars in the 12th house of death again.

How did she die, by injection or by pills? I think it was the former, because, Mars indicates a sharp object and he is with Moon, the karaka for the mind of the native. Mars also suggests injury, in this case puncture of the syringe. Ketu signifies a needle and he is exalted and aspecting both Mars and Moon with his trinal aspect from the 8th house of death ! Are n't things clear? That was the reason why they cremated her body in a hurry, to hide the signs of poisoning from the eyes of onlookers.

In this whole game, Osho was the real culprit. He could not deliver to his disciples what he promised all along. He did fail miserably in taking his disciples along with him on the right path to liberation and enlightenment. He ruined himself and ruined others. In this whole process, he took the world for a big nasty ride !

Osho criticized many gurus, both from the past and the present. He did not even spare Avatars like Rama and Krishna. But what did he finally do to his disciples who trusted him with all their lives? He ditched them and ditched himself.

Osho was describing his father's death and said that he died in samadhi. I think nothing could be more hilarious than this. Samadhi is not a Samosa that you can buy from a street hotel. It is not a cheap thing at all. Neither Osho nor any of his disciples died in Samadhi. Can you call such people enlightened beings who die in suspicious circumstances, suspicious surroundings, wrapped in intrigue and mystery? Is this Sadhana? Is this Yoga? How foolish ! You can tell a concocted tale to the world and make it believe in your creative talent but you cannot cheat Nature, Karma and God. That is simply next to  impossible !

I remember the words of Jesus - 'You will know the tree by its fruits'. If the fruits are bad, you can understand what kind of a tree it is ! Ultimately, the results speak for themselves.

I hate Osho like hell because he utterly failed to do justice to his  disciples especially to his lifelong caretaker and lover - Vivek. He just posed big to the world and promised what he could not deliver. He was a prophet no doubt, but a prophet who failed to prove himself.

'As is the guru, so are his sishyas'. Are n't they?

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Ma Anand Sheela - Astro analysis - 2

According to Wikipedia, she was the youngest of six children. That should make her a Vrisha or Kataka or Vrischika or Mina Lagna native. Going by the state of 5th, 7th and 9th houses, all these four lagnas satisfy her kind of mindset, her guru and her multiple marriages and affairs.

Now let me do a quick exercise in rectification of her birth time.


Revati - 2 will hold Vrischika Lagna from 4.08 to 6.23 hours.

Revati -3 will hold Mina Lagna from  11.51 to 13.21 hours.

Revati - 3 will also hold Vrishabha Lagna from 15.03 to 17.01 hours.

Revati - 4 will hold Kataka Lagna from 19.13 to 21.28 hours.

In this span of nearly 17 hours, with these four Lagnas each spanning roughly over 2 hours, we need to locate her correct lagna, taking the help of events from her life.

Revati - 2

Revati-2 reigned from 4.08 to 6.13 hours on that day spanning over Vrischika Lagna. This segment of Moon falls in Makara in D-9, superimposing the three planets already located over there, according to Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique. This confirms her mind and the events of her life very clearly. Makara gives a very adamant mindset. These natives simply refuse to be bogged down. They are very adamant people and face many hurdles in their life but will not bow down to them and eventually come out successful. So she must have been born in this time slot.

In Dwadasamsa or D-12, which is another important division to be looked into, Moon was in Vrischika, its neecha position well within this time. From 4.31 to 4.41 hours, Makara lagna rises in D-12 with neecha Venus in the 9th house showing a neecha guru. So, her birth time should have been between 4.31 and 4.41 AM.

In Navamsa again, in the above time slot, it was Simha Lagna upto 4.37 hours and Kanya afterwards. Simha Lagna fits well with her life. So, her birth time should be between 4.31 to 4.37 hours.

In Trimsamsa which shows the nature of the native, Moon lies in Makara again in this time slot, along with Venus thus confirming our analysis. We know what Moon and Venus in Makara can do in the life of a person. 
Venus in Makara makes the native a kind of flirt, not very much traditional at all. The Lagna was Kanya, showing that she will remain alone or with unsteady relationships for most part of her life. Mars in Lagna shows a very tough personality, refusing to bow down to adversities.

Taking the help of Shashtyamsa (D-60) to further narrow down the time, I find that it should be either Makara Lagna over there with 4.40 and 4.41. We have a neecha Venus in her 9th house and exalted Nodes in her 5th and 11th houses.

Only 4.41 being Vrischika lagna fits correctly in Astottaramsa (D-108) to deliver the goods. So her birth time should be 4.41 AM. As a double check up, let me look at the dasa at the time of her birth. It is Me-Ve-Ra, exactly showing her birth map at a glance. This segment indicates at 4.41 hours to be her birth minute.

Revati - 3

In this star pada, Moon falls into Kumbha, a sign of selfless love and heart full giving. I think she really did put her mind and soul at the feet of Osho. Even in her recent interview with Karan Johar, Sheela says 'I look back with reverence at Osho'. In spite of Osho badmouthing her, she says even now that her love for him has not dwindled at all. That makes Sheela a very sincere lover conforming to the qualities of Kumbha Rasi in D-9.

Looking at Dwadasamsa, I find that Kumbha Lagna fits her life very well. We have Rahu in 9th signifying exalted Saturn, showing a powerful but diabolical guru and Venus the 9th lord debilitated in 8th house, showing terrible loss in her life because of her guru. Mars+Moon in 11th aspected by Saturn+Jupiter from Mithuna shows 5 elder siblings. So, in this timeslot of D-12, Kumbha Lagna suits her well. Kumbha Lagna in D-12 reigns from 13.15 to 13.22 hours.

In Trimsamsa which shows the mindset of the native, Vrischika lagna reigns during this time slot. We have exalted Saturn in 12th house showing secret plans related to many people and Mercury in 7th house showing cunning intelligence and the Moon along with Venus in Makara the 3rd house aspecting her 9th house showing a strong karma linked to multiple sexual relations. So, this time slot seems to hold water.

Looking at S
hashtyamsa (D-60) to further narrow down our search, I find that 13.19 and 13.20 hours tell the tale of her life perfectly. Here we have a debilitated Venus in 9th house showing a sex guru, an exalted Rahu signifying Venus in the 5th house indicating her love and sex life and Mercury+Moon in the 4th house hinting at the stressful mind she always had.

Going further down into Ashtottaramsa (D-108), I find that 13.19 hours fixes the issue perfectly well. Here we have a debilitated Jupiter (neecha guru) in her 3rd house looking straight at Mercury in her 9th house, indicating very clearly that she will suffer in the hands of an intelligent bad guru.

So, in this category, 13.19 hours is the exact minute when she must have been born.

Now I will look at the birth dasa for double check up. It was Me-Ra-Ju. Rahu was in Lagna showing a Guru Chandala Yoga, a strong curse from her past life related to her guru. Mercury and Neecha Jupiter aspect her 3rd house ( the house of Karma axis 3/9 ), her 5th house of love and devotion and her 7th house of relations and marriage. Perfect reflection of her life again !

Revati - 3

In this segment, we find Vrishabha Lagna rising from 15.03 to 17.01 hours.

In this time slot, Moon lies again in Kumbha Rasi in D-9. The significance of this placement was already explained above. So, no need to repeat again. In Navamsa the time slot of 15.40 to 15.52 tells the tale of her life clearly, because we find a neecha Rahu in her 9th house, signifying Jupiter and a Guru Chandala Yoga again.

Looking at Dwadasamsa (D-12) we find Kanya Lagna with neecha Venus as 9th lord signifying a neecha guru rising from 15.40 to 15.48, thereafter shifting to Tula which makes the picture go off the mark. So according to D-12, her birth time should be between 15.40 and 15.48 hours.

Let us further narrow it down with the help of Trimsamsa (D-30). In this chart, between 15.40 and 15.46, the Lagna is Kanya and then for the remaining two minutes i.e  15.47 and 15.48 it shifts to Mina. Among these two lagnas, I think Mina suits her mindset, which this divisional chart shows clearly. From Mina Lagna we have a neecha Moon in her 9th house showing the state of her guru and his hidden plans. Rahu and Jupiter together in her Lagna makes her prone to a powerful Guru Chandala Yoga again. So we have two contestants here, 15.47 and 15.48.

Here comes Shashtyamsa (D-60). It gives Vrishabha Lagna alone for both the above minutes. So we need to go down further.

Looking at Ashtottaramsa (D-108), we find that 15.47 is Vrischika Lagna with a neecha Jupiter in 3rd house looking straight at her 9th house which shows her guru. When time moves to 15.48, the Lagna shifts to Dhanus which cannot explain her life clearly. So, 15.47 is the exact minute put forth by this time slot as its contestant.

Now let me apply the dasa. It is Mercury-Rahu-Venus, again exactly reflecting the course of her life and her life path.

Revati - 4

In this segment rises Kataka Lagna from 19.13 to 21.28 hours.

Dwadasamsa gives Makara lagna from 20.22 to 20.30 hours. Here we have neecha Venus in her 9th house, again showing a neecha guru as the major force that decides her life path.

Now coming back to Navamsa, we see that upto 20.28 it was Vrischika Lagna and for the remaining two minutes it shifts to Dhanus Lagna. Among these two, Vrischika seems to fit more. So according to Navamsa, her birth time should be between 20.22 and 20.28 hours.

In Trimsamsa the entire time slot between 20.22 and 20.28 gives us Mina Lagna beset with a strong Guru Chandala Yoga. A neecha Moon in her 9th house shows a mean guru. So we need to look further down.

Taking the help of Shashtyamsa we see that both 20.22 and 20.23 land un in Makara lagna with a neecha Venus in her 9th house showing the teachings of her guru to be sex oriented. Rahu and Mercury in her 5th house ruled over by Venus show her multiple love affairs or marriages correctly.

Now we need a further magnifying tool, the Ashtottaramsa, which shows that 20.22 gives us Vrishabha Lagna with a neecha Jupiter in her 9th house showing a neecha guru clearly.

Let me look at the birth dasa now. It was Me-Sa-Sa. This dasa indicates her multiple marriages and love affairs and a curse to this effect haunting her family line, but not the role of her guru in her life.

Now, from the above analysis, we have four birth times before us, all seeming very appropriate. They are:

1. 4.41 hours

2. 13.19 hours

3. 15.47 hours

4. 20.22 hours

Let me take each of them and test with a decisive date known in the life of Sheela. There are many in her life, but the death of Osho seems to be the most important one i.e 19th Jan 1990.

Event Testing

4.41 hours chart with Vrischika Lagna and Mina rasi

On that date, it was Sun-Moon-Mercury dasa for this chart. Sun is 10th Lord not connected. Moon is 9th Lord showing a guru with a diabolical mindset. Mercury is 12th to 9th showing death of guru.

13.19 hours chart with Mina Lagna and Mina Rasi

It was Moon-Moon-Moon dasa on that date. Moon is not directly involved in the death of her guru at all, except being aspected by Mars the 9th Lord directly from 7th, indicating a faint chance. So, this is rejected.

15.47 hours chart with Vrishabha Lagna and Mina Rasi

It was Moon-Rahu-Rahu on that date. From 9th Makara, both Moon and Rahu were in 3rd house of longevity damaging it. Moon is a maraka being the 7th Lord. From 9th Lord Saturn signifying her guru, both Moon and Rahu are in 8th house suggesting death of her guru. This time slot seems to tally well.

20.22 hours chart with Kataka Lagna and Mina Rasi

It was Moon-Saturn-Saturn on that date signifying a terrible loss and mental worry. Saturn is 8th Lord, 12th to 9th indicating death of guru. From 9th Lord Jupiter, Moon is a maraka in 3rd house of longevity and Saturn is in 8th of destruction. Both Moon and Saturn are in 6/8 position. So this time slot scores very high marks.

So, 15.47 and 20.22 seems to hold water.

More Events

In 1965/66 she moved to the USA for higher studies.

20.22 - It was Venus-Moon. Venus is 4th lord showing education and Moon is Lagna lord in 9th indicating a foreign country.

15.47 - It was Venus-Venus. Venus is the Lagna lord in 9th house showing movement to a foreign land.

In 1981 Osho made her his personal secretary and they moved to USA

15.47 - It was Venus - Ketu. Ketu signifies exalted Mercury indicating a very intelligent and secret plan. He is with Mars, karaka for land acquisition.

20.22 - It was Sun - Rahu with Sun in 6th house and Rahu in 9th. This is a grahana yoga which does not support her elevation to such heights.

1984 to 85 - Days of conflicts and crimes at Rajaneeshpuram

20.22 - Sun dasa with Mercury, Ketu and Venus sub dasas. They certainly show quarrels and strife with the locals of Antelope, with the Sun in 6th house, but not any criminal activity.

15.47 - Sun dasa again with Jupiter and Saturn antaras. With the Vrishabha lagna, we have the Sun in the 8th house of secret plans and crimes, Jupiter in the 9th showing involvement of a guru, and Saturn the 9th lord and a badhaka sitting in 4th house of her mind, encouraging her in all nasty activities. So here too, 15.47 seems to hold water.

13 Sept 1985 is another water mark day in her life. On this day, she fled to Europe, leaving Osho and Rajaneeshpuram forever.

15.47 chart - It was Sun-Saturn-Venus. Sun is in 8th, 12th to 9th showing leaving her guru. Saturn is the 9th lord showing her guru in 4th house, indicating the guru staying put at Rajaneeshpuram and Venus is herself in the 9th indicating another foreign country. Sun and Saturn are father and son, but staunch enemies indicating a bitter rift between the guru and disciple. So, this dasa seems to agree again !

Based on the above Astrological analysis, I think her birth time was 15.47 hours on 28.12.1949.

This chart seems to explain the following points more than the other charts.

1. Her five elder siblings from the 11th house.

2. Her father signified by the debilitated Jupiter in the 9th house, who sent her at the age of 16 in 1965 to USA for higher studies and advised her to be open, liberal and experiment with boyfriends before settling for marriage.

3. Osho, her controversial guru, who again is represented by the debilitated Jupiter in her 9th house, who used her as his instrument in doing all the things she did.

4. Her tough and independent nature which made her stand against all the odds she faced very bravely. No other woman, in my view. would have ever survived such battering and such hardship. Vrishabha Lagna natives are such. They are very tough earth bound souls, usually with little inclination for spirituality.

I think she did well in abandoning Osho in 1985. Had she continued, she would have been buried more into crime and nefarious activity as prompted by her guru.

Though Osho badmouthed her, she never uttered a single derogatory word for him. She says she still loves and adores him as her guru. In my view, this gesture of hers places her in a higher place than her guru could ever reach.

Rahu the dasa lord in 11th house and transit Saturn in the 11th house are doing all good to her now. Let us wish her all the best in her future endeavours !

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Ma Anand Sheela - Astro analysis - 1

Last weekend was spent in watching the docu-series 'Wild Wild Country' in the Netflix - a second time. Though I watched this series last year, I could not do it attentively for want of enough leisure time. Way brothers are to be really congratulated for making a wonderful documentary on Osho portraying all the facets of the Oregon story very interestingly. However, for the reasons better known to them, they somehow did not show everything that happened at Oregon. I will write on that topic in future. For the present let me analyze the horoscope of Ma Anand Sheela according to Indian Astrology. Her horoscope attracts our attention because she was the key figure in the establishment, rise and fall of Rajaneeshpuram circus, as many would like to call it now. 

Ma Anand Sheela or simply Sheela was the main architect of Rajaneeshpuram which was largely instrumental in spreading the influence of Osho in USA and all over the globe. She was a Gujarati woman. The entire world now blames Sheela as the sole villain behind all the crimes committed by Osho's group in Oregon. Her life makes an interesting reading. 

According to wikipedia she was born on 28-12-1949 at Baroda, today's Vadodara in Gujarat state of India. Birth time is not known. However this need not deter us from analyzing her birth chart, because we have enough tools to do so.

Her original name was Sheela Ambalal Patel. In India, it is a curious fact to observe that castes invariably carry certain qualities peculiar to them. You can ignore a caste as meaningless, but you cannot ignore some qualities inherent in each caste. Perhaps this may be true of all the different communities and family lines as they call them in the west. We know that the Patels are good businessmen, passionate entrepreneurs, and very tough individuals. They seem to have a natural flair for men management. In USA Gujaratis, we will find a majority of Patels. They live mainly in New York and New Jersey areas. The India square or Little Gujarat in the Jersey City of NJ state is famous for their concentration in numbers. According to a study, one in every ten Indians in USA is a Patel. They are very successful business people. Sheela also was born in a Patel family. I think this gave her all her famous or infamous qualities.

All said and done, we cannot simply brush aside the role of Osho in the modern Indian spiritual scenario. Despite all the crimes that were committed in his organisation, both in India and USA, we cannot say that his logic, his thinking and his books are useless. He talked really good things, at least to a large extent, though he failed miserably in translating his great teachings into real life. He criticized everybody, politicians and saints alike, only to become a laughing stock in the end of his life. He may be good or bad or ugly or whatever, it is simply not easy for India and USA to forget Osho totally. All the gurus who came after him are using his teaching directly or indirectly. This is an undeniable truth.

Sheela was born under Revati star according to Indian Asttrology. On the day she was born, it was Sukla Navami, Wednsday, the Yoga being Parigha. To my amusement I found that I share the same star with her. Maybe that is the reason why, despite reading so much and listening to so many people, branding Sheela as the real villain of the Osho circus, I somehow feel a soft corner for her in my heart.

According to Sheela, she did not do anything that Osho did not approve of. Osho sat behind the screens and cleverly got everything done through Sheela. However, in the end, Osho acted innocent and throwed all the blame on her. Of all his crimes, I think this is the biggest crime he committed. He was the mastermind behind all the Rajneeshpuram crimes, except of course, the wiretapping of his own house but in the end he squarely blamed Sheela for everything. This is not the quality of a real guru at all.

If we look at the teachings of Osho, listen to his speeches and read his books, we will think very high of his spiritual stature. He appears to be greater than the Buddha himself. But wait a minute, don't believe all that was written in the books. Any intelligent speaker can talk that way. If Osho was really an enlightened man, how could he not understand the secret plans of Sheela? We can never get a satisfactory answer to this question. In the beginning he said to her ' You are in love with me and I am in love with you'. Poor Sheela believed those words ! In the end, after she flew away from Rajaneeshpuram, he said in an open interview ' She is a perfect bitch. She was sore that I did not make love to her'. I felt disgusted to hear him speak that way. In fact, I never heard any enlightened guru speak as nastily as Osho did in that interview. Shame on him !

Osho said many times that his vision was - Zorba the Buddha. It simply means, being able to enjoy all the pleasures of life and yet remain in the state of a Buddha. All this jargon sounds very good to listen to, but none can be like 'Zorba the Buddha' in his life. It does not mean doing all kinds of nasty things 24x7 and sitting in a meditative posture for some time, posing as if you are a Buddha. It never works that way ! He no doubt talked big words from the podium, but failed miserably in his life to set an example to others in true spiritual life. In this process, he ruined the lives of thousands of his innocent followers who were real seekers of spiritual solace.

A guru is one who shows you the right path, who leads you on the path of light and blessedness. We cannot call him a guru who plays with innocent lives and finally tries to escape saying 'I don't know, I am not responsible for all those nasty things. My secretary was responsible. Jail her!'. Similarly, if a guru says - means and ends can be different or diametrically opposite, you do anything but do meditation' - then we know for certain that he is a fraud. Your goal certainly depends on your path, your sadhana and what you do in your life. If one keeps walking on a muddy road with dirt all over his body and says ' I am going to heaven', we cannot believe it at all. You are just cheating yourself and cheating the world.

In the 70s there used to be what were called 'therapy groups' in the Pune ashram. Even for the foreigners, they were very costly programs. Indians were not allowed to participate in them. They used to conduct the groups secretly. There were beating, fighting and group sex in some of them. There were instances of broken bones and bruised faces in those sessions. However, foreigners used to stand in queue for doing them, because the sessions used to flush out all their psychological burdens and make them very light inside. The programs being costly, all their money used to be exhausted very soon leaving them penniless. So, some of the girls opted for prostitution to earn money and some men used to sell drugs. Osho never prohibited such activity. He just said 'Do the therapies'. Moreover, he used to support all their negative activity to earn money for the sake of meditation. One can see a cunning Jain in Osho at such times.

I really feel sorry for those sincere girls who went to the extent of selling their bodies in the Pune streets, just to be able to do meditation ! My heart goes out to them, wherever they are now ! I am sure if they are dead by now, they are in heaven and Osho lies in hell crying for help !

I am asking Osho a direct question. 'Couldn't you teach your bogus meditations to these sincere souls freely? Who told you to sell your meditations? Should a girl sell her body to do your meditations? And you supported such activity? Can you imagine your family members doing the same thing in Pune streets? Are you a human being? What is the value of your grand teachings contained in 300 books? Mere trash !'

It is for this reason that U G Krishnamurti, the true sage of last century, used to rightly call Osho a pimp.

We have an adage in India 'The king suffers for the sins of his people. The guru suffers for the sins of his disciples'. A guru must correct his disciples when they go astray and bring them back onto the right track. Instead of doing this, if one encourages them to do all sorts of nasty things only to leave them to their fate and fly away in a jet plane one fine morning shows that he is certainly a fake guru. Sheela also did the same thing a few months before. Together they ditched all the other disciples who trusted them with their lives and life long savings. Very bad indeed ! Both Osho and Sheela amassed heavy bad karma into their account !

The one thing that strikes an astrologer in her chart is the debility of Jupiter. Jupiter is called deva guru, or preceptor of gods in Indian astrology. If Jupiter or Guru is in Capricorn or Makara in a chart, you can understand on its face that the native will never be able to grow spiritually. It is a curse of Guru. Usually, such a native will get a very mean guru in his life or he gets ditched by his guru or he back stabs his guru or he himself will become a false guru. One of these things will certainly happen. This placement of Jupiter (Guru) in the chart is a result of the native's betrayal of his guru in his past birth. So, in this birth he will never evolve spiritually.  If he is lucky to get a real guru, then he has to spend his life in serving him. By doing so, his past sin gets diluted. Usually, for people with debilitated Jupiter, astrological remedies never seem to work. Such is the power of this curse. 

Let us look at the planetary positions in Sheela's chart.

Sun in Sagittarius

This gives a highly ambitious nature, an egoistic mindset and a flair to reach higher positions in a religious organisation because Sagittarius is the natural 9th house indicating religion and high position.

Rahu and Moon in Pisces

This is a bad yoga as per Indian Astrology. It generates the mindset of an underworld don. However, in this chart, Rahu represents Jupiter which is called Guru Chandala Yoga. This yoga appears in a chart due to the native betraying his guru in the past.  By this yoga, the native lands himself in the clutches of a fake guru. It also makes the native to do things that are opposed to tradition and good conduct, crimes and clandestine activities.

Mars and Ketu in Virgo

This is a signature Yoga for hypocrisy and egoistic mindset. Ketu in Virgo signifies Mercury in exaltation. This shows a highly intelligent mindset bent towards crime. It also gives to the native a very adamant mind. She will try to boss over others, without listening to any sane advice. This is sarcastically called 'intelligence that brings about one's own death'.

Saturn in Leo

Coming to power from a backdoor, enjoying power for a while and then disappearing into oblivion - these are the indications of this Yoga. The native gains immense popularity in the masses but soon his fame turns into infamy.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn

I have described in detail the effects of Jupiter or Guru in debility. Spirituality can never be their cup of tea. Strangely, Sheela utters the same words in the Netflix documentary. They go to any length to achieve what they are bent over. They get timely help from associates and companions but in the end everything will go into the drain. Meanwhile the native gets very bad name in the world. Karaka for intellect Mercury with neecha Jupiter shows that a mean guru will spoil her intellect. Venus in the same place shows the multiple sexual relations the native will have in her life, in a fake religious organisation. 

We can see that all these incidents clearly happened in Sheela's life.

(To be continued)

Sunday, 19 July 2020

U.G (Uppaluri Gopalakrishna Murti) - Astro analysis

As far as I could see, there are only two persons from the land of Telugu people of India, who could stand tall facing the whole world and say 'Go to hell !'. One is Gudipati Venkata Chalam or simply Chalam and the other is Uppaluri Gopalakrishnamurti or simply UG. I wrote about Chalam a few years back. He was a poet, a novelist, a dreamer, a lover, and a seeker of ultimate meaning of life. He never cared for money, fake human relations, social restrictions, intellectual limitations and the like. UG was a person who denied the very existence of mind itself and said 'Unless you disappear, you cannot be'. Nobody knows Chalam, except the Telugu people and especially the literary circles of the old generation. The whole world knows about UG. Of course, the lost youth of today, is happily unaware of these two great personalities. People like Chalam are rarely born, and people like UG are born very very rarely.
Curiously, both were from Andhra Pradesh, from the same Krishna District and both were Brahmins. Chalam was born at Valluripalem and UG at Machilipatnam. Both were connected to Ramana Maharshi and both walked the path of Jnana. Chalam could not reach the goal but UG did.
Chalam was born in 1894 and died at Arunachalam in 1979. UG was born in 1918 and died at Vallecrosia, Italy in 2007, Both were connected to the Movie field. Chalam did the screenplay work to the yesteryears Telugu movie 'Malapilla'. Bollywood film personalities Mahesh Bhatt, Parvin Babi and others were staunch followers of UG. Both Chalam and UG died almost incognito in very ordinary circumstances. Both shared close spiritual ideas. However, Chalam died as a seeker and UG as a realized being. We can see these traits in their birth charts clearly.

Since yesterday I was reading UG on the Internt. Today I wanted to look into his birth chart and to my surprise found that today the 9th of July, is his birthday. I was not surprised in a big way, as I had seen these kind of strange happenings in my life many many times. But I was a little bit curious why I got tuned to UG who was supposed to be an eccentric mystic and anti guru. I consoled myself saying that though I did not have as much of extreme lunacy (or naturalness?) as UG had, I too was waking in a more or less similar path sine my childhood.

Ramana Maharshi, Rajaneesh, Jiddu, UG - their paths were more or less the same. For the time being, let us keep Ramana Maharshi aside. He was almost above controversy. Among the remaining three, I give the highest place only to UG. There are some valid reasons for my conclusion.

UG never duped the world nor manipulated people like Osho did. UG never taught something he did not experience. Osho talked on many things, almost all things under the Sun, which he did not personally experience. In a talk with his admirers, which is available on you tube, UG says about Osho 'He was a pimp. He used to encourage men and women to enjoy freely, and called it Tantric sex, but took money from both. What else can we call him other than that?'

In another you tube interview, some one asked UG about Satya Sai Baba and he replied. 'He was a criminal'. Now, the whole world knows what happened at Satya Sai Ashram during his last days.

UG was exposed to Theosophy from his tender age as his grandfather was a staunch follower of that cult. He knew Jiddu personally and worked in Theosophical Society as a speaker and in a secretarial position for some years. Then he left them due to many reasons. He used to criticize Jiddu for his secret relation with Rosalind Rajagopal. He knew many inside stories because he worked and lived in that organization for years. UG cited the huge properties of the organisation as real reasons for Rajagopal, husband of Rosalid, to keep quiet, even though he was fully aware of the clandestine relation his wife had with Jiddu. Now the whole world knows how Jiddu and Rosalind fell out and got separated in the last phase of Jiddu's life, reasons being money, property and power.

Jiddu used to talk against sex on many occasions, all the while having an active sex life. At one time, while talking to the youth of USA, Jiddu said 'Why do you crave sex? Can't you remain silently and peacefully, just holding the hand of your girl friend?'. This is nothing but hypocrisy. UG used to call 'bullshit' the state of 'choiceless awareness' advocated by Jiddu.

Preaching to the world not to do anything to get enlightened, Jiddu used to practice Yoga Asanas, of course, not the way the world is practicing them now in a big way. UG said that Jiddu used to get his body massaged with a herbal oil that came from Kerala every month afresh, just to have a smooth skin. UG termed all these as hypocrisies. That was how UG started distancing himself from Jiddu and Theosophy.

Later, when he went through what he called 'Calamity', I think he had attained what is termed in the Yoga scriptures as the state of 'Amanaska' or mindless state. He called it the natural state, because in that state, the body starts functioning on its own, without being interfered by the mind and its thoughts. Since then, he lived in the natural state, having casual talks with people.

Our scriptures call this the state of a Jnani. Though he detested the terms enlightenment or Jivanmukti etc., many of his admirers including myself believe that he attained the state of a Jivanmukta (one who is liberated while yet living) and an Avadhuta ( a free soul).

It is a common sight to see disciples showering high praises on their gurus. But, there should be proofs in the lives of the gurus to corroborate the claims of their disciples. If not, the so called teachings of the gurus become false and fake. Looking from this angle, UG lived a very pure and simple life compared to the controversial and dubious lives of Osho and Jiddu.

In the words of Parvin Babi, who at one time, moved very closely with UG for some years - 'As far as I could see, UG was the only person who never used others for his personal gain'.

Valentine who lived with UG for 21 long years and seen many people around the world, once said, 'UG is the nicest and kindest man I have ever seen'.

There is no compromise in UG. He tells you the harshest truth by punching  straight in your face. There were no secret shades in his life either. Many people who knew him intimately, said that they never saw in their life another man who lived so openly like UG.

Some one asked UG 'what is your message to the world'.

He replied - 'Nothing. I don't want to be remembered'.

Mahesh Bhatt says  that he went to Osho in a very helpless state of mind. It seems he asked Osho ' I want support. I am helpless and afraid. I dont know if God exists or not'.

It seems Osho replied in these lines - 'Jesus while on the cross, doubted the existence of God and shouted 'O Lord why did you forsake me?'. Then and there he saw God on his side. Now you are in the same state, but I am here to save you'.

Osho used to give whatever you wanted to have. If you wanted a biscuit he gave a biscuit, if a cake, a cake. In this process, you fall into his trap. Osho played with the weaknesses of people. But UG was different. He never minced his words and always said the truth.

UG said to Mahesh Bhatt ' A real guru, if he ever exists, will free you from himself also'. 

In my view, UG is a realized soul, a Jivanmukta and a Jnani. The Yoga Upanishads call this state in which we see UG as 'Amanaska sthithi', the state of a Jnani. I strongly feel that the world never knew how to treat him in the manner he deserved. Nevertheless, such souls neither care not expect fame or recognition from the world.

Though he said, things happen by bits and pieces and have no inherenat cause and effect relation between them, let me look into his Astro chart and at his life events in a retrospective vision. I strongly feel that the chart of a Jnani will clearly show the necessary planetary yogas suggesting the birth of a great soul. After all, UG knew Astrology and Palmistry very well. Astrology was in his blood, as his grandfathers were experts in Indian Astrology, like all the elders of older Brahmin generations were.

(originally published in my Telugu blog on 9-7-2020, the birth date of UG.)

(To be continued)