Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Spiritual Astrology

In the past, I had seen a peculiar thing happening many times. People who are running good dasas in their lives happen to come and meet me. It happens not for everyone, but for those who were connected to me from past births. It happened again. A woman in her thirties came to me in Hyderabad, all the way searching for my address and cleared her doubts by talking to me for a couple of hours. She said she had read a few of my books.

Excerpts from that talk for the readers of my blog.

1. Is karma cancelled by remedies? If so, even after performing remedies like homas etc, why problems still remain the same?

Ans: Remedies certainly do cancel out karma, if correct remedies are done in correct way. Not every karma needs homas to be performed. One should take medicine according to the illness. Remedies prescribed by commercial astrologers never work because they are just businessmen. A remedy should exactly match with the problem hauting you. All these people should be without hypocrisy - the one who is seeking the remedy, the one who is prescribing it and the one who is doing it for you. Only then the remedy works, not otherwise.

2. If so, why even bigshots are getting homas done for them?

Ans: Forget about the so-called bigshots, I dont consider them so. Only those who got black money spend it on such things. A man who earns money through righeteous means will never run after such astrologers. He never spends his hard earned money on such remedies.

3. If they find the remedies ineffective, why do they get them done again and again?

Ans: Tell me one thing. Is everyone who is successful in life, doing such remedies? No. Fake astrologers are thriving on the fear factor that haunts the believers. It is just religious blackmail. Thats all. 

4. What kind of remedies you prescribe?

Ans: Not these kind of remedies. These are like taking a pain killer for cancer. Temples, rituals, homas are not real remedies. First of all, you need to change your life style. This is the remedy I usually suggest. 

5. Why do you teach astrology at all?

Ans: My idea is to teach the real science of astrology to the real seekers. Falsehood reigns supreme if truth keeps silent. That is why I teach astrology. 

6. Do the Shashtyamsa Chart (D-60) reveal past birth?

Ans: There is no relation to that with the past birth. Some section of astrologers teach that way, which I dont believe in. Truth is different. 

7. Which amsa chakras do you see, for your analysis?

Ans: Usually, I dont go beyond Rasi and Navamsa charts. This is the ancient method that is being followed by traditional astrologers of India since times immemorial. They reveal everything. Only very rarely do I look into other divisional charts.

8. Does the Rasi chakra itself reveal past birth?

Ans: By all means. If you are experienced you can know. 

9. Today's astrolgoers are earning a lot by prescribing remedies left and right. I know some such people. Are they not gathering more bad karma for themselves by doing so?

Ans: They are. But they dont feel any rough weather when good dasas are running in their lives. Once the dasas change for worse, they get beaten up by destiny.

10. Do they suffer in this life or it gets postponed to a future birth?

Ans: Both are possible. It can be many more ways. If you want to understand the scheme of karma, you must have yoga drishti. If not, you cannot understand it ever. 

11. In your view, how should an astologer conduct himself?

Ans: He should live like a sage. He should not marry if possible, should not crave for money, should not have luxury items in his home, no TV and no mobile. He should eat once a day, sleep on bare floor and be doing sadhana. 

12. Is mantra sadhana a must for an astrologer? Can I not study astrology just like I do mathematics?

Ans: Mantra sadhana is needed. Astrology is not mere mathematics. One needs intuition to be a good astrologer. It comes only from sadhana. 

13. Will anyone be able to do all such things ever?

Ans: Only a few could do them, not everyone.

14. Do you teach all these?

Ans: Not for all. I teach those who I like. It depends on their personality. All my inner circle disciples are such. 

15. What should one do if he wants to learn from you?

Ans: You need to become my disciple and walk in my path. You need to walk in the path I walked myself. We call this path 'Panchawati way'. 

16. Why do you hate visiting holy places?

Ans: Not exactly. One should go there in right spirit. I dont like visiting holy places just like going for a picnic. You need to do it like a sadhana. 

17. I felt great peace in Arunachalam and Varanasi. Was it real?

Ans: For you it was real. Yes, they do have that aura. Not only there, in many such places, there is peace. But you need to be in the right state to feel it. 

18. Nowadays, in every holy place we find a sea of people and noise. How to feel the peace at such places?

Ans: You need to keep your mind above the people and noise. Being amid people, you should be above them. Or, just dont go to such places during festivals. Be in your home and do sadhana, It is the best thing to do. 

19. What do you call your style of astrology?

Ans: You can call it Spiritual Astrology. 

20. What happens if I follow it?

Ans: Same thing that happens if you walk in my sadhana path. Your karma gets cleaned up. You will reach fulfilment in life. 

21. Do I not be successful in life?

Ans: You will reach a state where you will remain the same, in happinss and misery. Nobody's life will be exactly according to his plan. This is true irrespective of your remedies. If you understand this simple truth, you dont need astrology anymore.

22. If that be the case, why should learn astrology from you at all?

Ans: I never force you to learn from me. Dont do it if you dont want. 

23. Suppose we look at a chart, will its bad karma gets transferred to us?

Ans: By mere analysis, you will get a little fo it to yourself. If you prescribe remedies, you will be affected severely. You will suffer surely from that.

24. Can we not learn astrlogy without touching remedial portion?

Ans: You can learn as a hobby. But why? You will feel like looking into everybody's chart and suffer thereby. Occult is not a joke. Never play with that.

25. You walked a long way in your life. How do you feel now?

Ans: Nothing special.

26. What should I do to learn astrology from you?

Ans: Come to our retreats and learn.

27. Your advice to astrologers?

Ans: First clear your karma, then you can think of the world. 

She was satisfied with my answers and went away. I never saw her again. 

Saturday, 25 February 2023

New Life

There are 8 billion people living on earth but none of them is really happy. If they think they are, it is just their delusion. The happiness of man is just a fleeting thrill and consolation. Undoubtedly, everyone is suffering from one or many problems of his own.

Man has been searching for solutions to his problems since ages. Religions, gurus, paths, ideologies, cults are but a few things tried by man but none of them solves his problems totally. Real happiness keeps eluding man always. The more he runs after it, the more it runs away from him.

In fact, they are not the means to happiness.

Everyone on the earth is bound. Man tries to break his bonds, to be free. But his endeavours are futile. He runs madly towards some unknown destination. His run is meaningless. Nobody knows if he will find success in his efforts. But one thing is for sure. In his effort to break free, he goes deeper into more problems. Meanwhile his life ends. This is for sure.

Where is the happiness that man is searching for?

It is in the New Life.

New Life does not mean changing one's religion. It is changing oneself.

New Life does not mean duping oneself and others. It is rising above conciet.

It is not the mad run for money till death but stopping your run after you earn what is enough for your reasonalbly good life.

It is not blingly following blind gurus but opening your eyes and living like a real and free man.

New Life means living your life as a totally free being who has no bonds whatsoever.

This is the way of Panchawati.

Meher Baba started New Life in 1949 and ended it in 1952. He said it is eternal and many will come in future who will live it.

Speaking about New Life, he said,

'This New Life is endless, and even after my physical death it will be kept alive by those who live the life of complete renunciation of falsehood, lies, hatred, anger, greed and lust; They do no harm to anyone, do no backbiting, do not seek material possessions or power, who accept no homage, neither covet honor nor shun disgrace, and fear no one and nothing; by those who rely wholly and solely on God, and who love God purely for the sake of loving; do not expect any spiritual or material reward; who do not let go the hand of Truth, and who, without being upset by calamities, bravely and wholeheartedly face all hardships with one hundred percent cheerfulness, and give no importance to caste, creed and religious ceremonies. This New Life will live by itself eternally, even if there is no one to live it.'.

There are two simple rules to be followed in New Life.

1. Total helplessness
2. Total hopelessness

New Life has been in India's soul since ages. Meher Baba did not start it, he just coined the new name.

There were many who lived the New Life before and after Meher Baba. The sages and seekers of olden days lived it. In the modern era, the direct devotees of Sri Ramakrishna lived it. There was never a time, when India was without such people. That is the greatness of this land.

In Panchawati, we are doing the same now.

There are some in Panchawati who are living this New Life silently. Now it is time for expansion. It is time to show to the world what I have been saying for the past ten years.

In another two days, from 1 March 2023, the New Life is going to start in full swing.

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Yehovah or Allah, who is stronger?

Today I got up early from my bed, with a haunting morning doubt.

Between Allah and Yehovah who is stronger? was the great doubt I had.

Usually, I clear all my doubts, not by looking at the Internet, but by asking karna pisachi, the 'all knowing goblin' a tantrc hobgoblin which answers all your doubts if you know how to contact it.

My doubt was a genuine one.

Syria and Turkiye did not fully wake up from the last earthquke, before being hit by another quake yesterday. This time about 300 people were injured. Seems there are no people left over there to get freshly injured in quakes.

Meanwhile, karna pisachi answered my doubt, 'Undoutedly, Yehovah is stronger'

'Explain', I demanded.

The goblin laughed.

'Very simple. Syria and Turkiye pray to Allah, while Israel prays Yehovah. We know Syria has been fighting Israel for a long time. So, there is a clear war going on between Allah and Yehovah. There are repeated earthquakes on Allah side. What does this mean? Yehovah is winning and Allah is losing. As simple as that', the goblin answered.

I was surprised to listen to her strange logic. 

'Oh. Is it? Then, Pakistan has defaulted and became a beggar country. Very soon, there will be civil war over there and it may split into four countries. It also prays to Allah very devotedly. Then why Allah is not saving Pakistan?' I asked it naively.

'I think you are suffering from senile dementia. What is the problem in understanding it? Allah is in distress in Syria and Turkiye, bombarded by earthquakes and yesterday's missile from Israel. How can he turn around to save Pakistan? Can't he have a little breathing space?' It shouted at me angrily.

'So, you say, among the two. Yehovah is stronger?' I asked again.

'Without any doubt. You see, Yehovah is the oldest of all. Allah, Jesus everyone came after him. So, he is undoubtedly the oldest and the strongest' it said firmly.

I understood one thing instantly.

Humans will do well to forsake all their religions and start praying to Yehovah immediately, because he is the strongest of all gods.

'Do you want everyone to be converted to Judaism?' I asked it again.

She became terribly angry with me.

'Into the bath room, now' it shouted pointing its finger to the bath room.

I got up from by bed and ran into the bath room.

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Holy books or reality, which is right?

Yesterday was a Sunday and also a New Moon. And there was an earthquake in AP and Telangana states of India. The epicenter was in Suryapet District. It was a 3.0 quake, not a big thing. But the Astro sutra is proved again.

Everytime, a quake happens either in Full Moon or New Moon shadow. It proves that there is a hidden connection between Moon phases and earthquakes. There has been ample of statistical evidence to prove this.

However, let me point out the religious angle of this. 

According to the Bible and Quran, earthquakes and other natural calamities occur when sin increases on earth beyond a certain proportion. What is sin? Alcohol, gambling and sex are the prime sins, as per these two books. According to Bible (Genesis 19:24-25), God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by raining Sulphur and fire on them, because the people of the two cities were steeped in sinful activities.

Quran says that Allah destroyed the houses of people who plotted against Him. It was also said that when sin grows on earth, Allah sends natural calamities as  punishment.

Consider the following reference from Quran.

'Some of the earlier people plotted. But Allah destroyed the foundation of their houses. Their roofs fell upon them. Suffering swallowed them from all sides'

(Sura Annahul:26)

'We punished each man according to his sin. On some (like Loth) we did send rain of stones. On some (like Tamud) we have sent terrible cries. Some were swallowed by earth. Some (like Noah and Pharoah) we drowned in waters. Allah did not do injustice to them, they did injustice to themselves'.

(Sura Al Ankabuth:40)

From the above it seems that people of Syria and Turkey are steeped in sin. But they are very god fearing people. Then how come earthquake striked them?

Similarly, yesterday's quake proves that the two Telugu states are steeped in sin, though in a small measure, because the quake was less severe.

If what Bible and Quran says is correct, then Syria, Turkey and the two Telugu states of India are sinners. If these places and people are innocent, then Bible and Quran are wrong.

How can Allah send earthquake to Syria and Turkey where the majority of people are devout Muslims who do Namaz five times a day?

Similarly, how could earthquake hit Talangana where Owaisi is working day and night to protect Islam? And in AP, where the CM is from a staunch Christian family?

Either the two holy books are correct or reality is correct, both cannot be correct at the same time.

How to solve this riddle?

Manu, Om and Allah

Last week, while speaking in the meeting of Jamait E Islami at Ramlila Maidan, Moulana Arshad Madani made many controversial remarks about Manu, Sanatana Dharma and Islam. We strongly oppose his views because they are far from truth. Let me deal with his remarks one by one.

1. Manu and Adam  are one and the same

Our reply: Manu was an ancient king who ruled over the Indian sub continent and gave his Dharma Shastra to the world. In contrast, Adam was a forest man who never even knew how to cover himself up with a dress. How can both be the same person? 

2. Manu worshipped Om

Our reply: Manu chanted Gayatri Mantra and used to give arghya to the Sun God. He was the follower of Vedic tradition. Because Om is the sound symbol of God, we accept your contention that Manu worshipped Om.

3. Om and Allah are the same

Our reply: Omkar Upasana has been in vogue in India for the past 12,000 years. Allah was created by Mohammad in 7th century CE. How can both be the same? Even if they are one and the same, why should Om be again renamed as Allah? According to your argument, you have to worship Om which is clearly the oldest of the two.

4. Manu worshipped Allah

Our reply: How can Manu, who was older to Allah by atleast 11,000 years, worship Allah who is a later creation? Manu never knew Allah and never used the word Allah anywhere in his Dharma Shastra.

5. India is the birthplace of Islam because Hazrat Adam was born in India.

Our reply: Firstly, how did the forest rustic Adam become Hazrat? Secondly, if Adam was born in India, why he was never mentioned in Indian scriptures by that name?

6. India is the motherland of Muslims.

Our reply: Islam was born in Arabia. How could India be the birthplace of Islam? If it was so, why Pakistan was created? Why all the Muslims who voted for creation of Pakistan never totally migrated to Pakistan but some of them chose to remain here? Whose plan was this?

7. Islam is the greatest of all religions.

Our reply: Only Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism is the greatest of all because it accepts all religions as valid paths to the same God. How can Islam, which hates all the other religions and creates violence everywhere be the greatest? 


People like Madani are misinterpreting facts to suit their ideas and misleading people. We salute Dr. Lokesh Muni the Jain Acharya who opposed the blatant lies of Madani and walked out of the meeting. 

Listen in Telugu, to our video where the contentions of Moulana Arshad Madani were logically refuted by us.

Monday, 30 January 2023

Landed in India - Our future schedule

After a stay of nearly six months in USA, I returned to India yesterday. I will stay at Hyderabad for a few days and will relocate to our Ashram.

Then will start a journey of many events viz., deeper sadhana, writing books, conducting retreats, teaching, visiting holy places of India and spreading the eternal religion of Hinduism.

Our Ashram retreats will consist of the following.

1. Astrology Retreats: My Astro analysis methods which were developed from tireless research of 30 years will be taught. By learning this method, you will become a sage like astrologer. You will understand how shallow the social media astrology is. You will be able to reform your own life and correct that of others.

2. Martial Arts Retreats: My martial arts method which I have developed from the past 40 years research and practice will be taught. You will become fearless, extremely fit and caring by learning this method.

3. Alternative Medicine Retreats: You will be able to treat your family and yourself in a comprehensie way. Our healthy life style and our health sutras will be taught. 

4. Dharma Retreats:  Hindu religion or Sanatana Dharma will be taught in its truest sense, synthesising its different schools and their sub schools and removing the confusions that exist among them. You will be able to understand the real Hindu religion in a broader and deeper way, very clearly. You will also be able to repulse the bad propaganda or other religions against it easily. This knowledge will make you protect yourself from false gurus.

5. Sadhana Retreats: My personal sadhana method which encompasses the physical, pranic and mind related techniques of Yoga and Vedanta will be taught. This improves your health, life energy and gives you unbelievable meditative capacity. It is a compendium of all esoteric sadhana practices available in Hindu religion.

6. Higher Tantra will be taught to the eligible seekers.

All these are absolutely FREE.

We dont ask about anybody's caste because it has no value in our Ashram. We are not concerned whether you are rich or poor or what is your social status. The only qualifications you need to join us are - sincerity, pure mind and a thirst for real spiritual enlightenment.

We have no connection with politics. But we support any political party which supports Hindu religion.

The aim of our Ashram is to teach the real Hindu religion which is far above the concepts of caste or creed. This we do by imparting the theory as well as teaching the practical sadhana methods of Yoga and Vedanta. We strive to awake the Indian society into real spiritual heights and to promote patriotism in our people. 

For our schedules and retreats, keep visiting our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our Youtube channel and also my English and Telugu blogs.

Friday, 27 January 2023

Good Bye USA, for now

Last two times when I came to USA, I came in Summer. This time I wanted to see the North America winter. So I came, I saw the minus degree winter and I conquered some hearts too.

However, as per the news channels, this winter has been the warmest in the past 40 years or so. Except for the last two days, that too because of the snow strom that hit the Chicago and Detroit areas, there has been no heavy snow till now. This might be because of the climate change, which is a global phenomenon.

My disciples told me, 'Had you come in the past years you would have seen what a hell it was to live in the coldest winters here. You are lucky this time because the winter is the warmest we have ever seen'. I agree with them but I also know that heaven and hell are in the mind, not anywhere outside us. So, it makes no big difference to me. I saw and experienced the South Indian summers where the heat rises to 122 F. So, heaven or hell makes no big difference for me at this juncture.

During the six morth stay in US, I never visited any tourist place except the local parks and temples. I came here to meet and live with people who love me, not to roam around places. If tourism was my idea, India is a splendid place, It is a mini world.

So, what did I do in these six months? In worldly sense, nothing. I just stayed within the four walls and did my sadhana. It is too personal to be disclosed to the world. However, I did a few things which are outwardly visible.

I wrote ten books which are treasures of Indian spiritual wisdom. They are

    •  1. Sri Goraksha Vachana Sangraham (Telugu) 
    • 2. Yogabijam (Telugu)
    • 3. Adhyatmopanishad (Telugu) 
    • 4. Medical Astrology - II (English) 
    • 5. Uttara Gita (Telugu)
    • 6. Sri Rama Gita (Telugu)
    • 7. Sanatsujatiyam (Telugu)
    • 8. Kaivalyopanishad (Telugu)
    • 9. Vedanta Sara (Telugu)
    • 10. Muktikopanishad (Telugu)
I conducted five spiritual retreats with my followers
    • 1. Detroit retreat 
    • 2. Ganges retreat 
    • 3. Champaign retreat
    • 4. Canton retreat
    • 5. Troy retreat.
  • Initiated my followers into my sadhana path.
  • Talked on various spiritual matters spanning over 20 hours. 
  • Cleared the doubts of my followers on the path of our Sadhana.
During my stay, my disciples who are all around USA looked after me very well. They considered me as their family. I can never forget the love and respect they showed to me.

However, some of my earlier followers never cared to see me or call me on phone, for the reasons best known to them. It might be that they never got from me what they wanted. Or, they might have been attracted to other gurus who promise heaven in a three day course, for a fee. It is their Karma.

I like to spend time only with those who walk my sadhana path. I dislike casual callers or those who ask for astro remedies to fulfil their whims and fancies. There are may gurus in the world who teach such things. I cannot play such tunes. Mine is the pure Yoga-Vedanta path and only those who want to tread it will remain with me, not everybody.

Now I need to go back to India because there are many who have surrendered their US citizenship and their Green cards and relocated to India just to live with me in our Ashram. So, for their love's sake I should return to India. 

So, Good bye USA, for now.