Sunday, 15 May 2022

'A Hymn To Goddess Tara' - E Book released today

Today is Vaishakha Purnima, a special day in the life of Lord Buddha. I, as a follower of the teachings of Lord Buddha, consider this day to be very auspicious. On this day in the year 2019 we released 'Dharma Padamu' Telugu book from Jillellamudi, the abode of Mother.

Today again, we are releasing the English version of Tara Stotram as 'A Hymn to Goddess Tara'. 

By being published in English language, this book now reaches the international readers. There are many people from Europe and USA who have been eagerly waqiting for this book since long. Through this book, they will now know about Sakti Upasana and authentic Tantra.

The 27 Sanskrit slokas which could not be trasported as such into English have been kept as they were and their explanation and also the explanations of the Telugu poems have been translated successfully into Enlgish.

This is my 41st book. I thank Akhila, Praveen and my wife Sarala Devi for their selfless and tireless support in this endeavour. 

Like our earlier books, this book also is available here from from google play books. We hope this book also will be encouraged by our committed readers from all the four corners of the globe.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Saturn’s Transit into Aquarius- Results

On Apr 26, 2022, Saturn leaves Capricorn and transits into Aquarius. He stays in Aquarius until Mar 2025. Let us see how the lives of people are affected by this transit.


Professional problems being faced from last three years will vanish. Will see profits. Birth of a child is indicated. For some, problems with children are indicated.


Will be interested in charitable and virtuous activities. Will travel to places.There will be hardships. Health of father/mother will be affected. Will be depressed, can overcome it by following spiritual path.


Rise in Spiritual tendencies. Will move to a distant land. Trouble related to money matters. Difficult time for elders. Past karma comes to fruition. Hard for younger brothers and sisters.


Start of Ashtama Sani. Quarrels in family indicated. Will face hardships and losses. Health gets affected. There is threat to life for some people.


Difficult time for husband/wife. For both, health will be affected. Will travel to a distant land. Married life may be affected badly.


This transit marks a good beginning. The ongoing depression from last three years will vanish. Increase in expenditure. Will travel to distant places. Hospital visit is indicated.


Spiritual pursuits will rise. Others will turn towards social service or will be depressed. Good to children.


Start of Ardha ashtama Sani. Difficult time. Prone to depression. Quarrels in family is indicated. Threat to Mother. Education will be affected. Problems in professional life. Vehicle accidents may happen.


Will be more courageous. Hardships being faced from last two years will vanish. Change of place is indicated. Increased relationship with societ. Promotion in profession is indicated. Spiritual tendencies will awaken.


Third phase of seven and half year’s transit of Saturn begins. Hardships being faced from last five years will slowly start to vanish. Expansion of family indicated. Responsibilities will increase.


Second phase of seven and half year’s transit of Saturn begins. Health will be affected. Change of place indicated. Spiritual tendencies will awaken. Will do good to the society. Difficult time for husband/wife.


First phase of seven and half year’s transit of Saturn begins. Increase in expenditure. Income will be reduced. Change of place indicated. Will travel to distant places. Health will be affected. May visit hospitals.

  • These results will last for the next two and half years.
  • Combine the predictions both from your Lagna and Moon sign.
  • Results will tally fully well, if one can corelate them with individual horoscope and the current dasa.

Try to recollect as what happened in your life, exactly 30 years ago i.e. in 1992. The same incidents may not happen now, but trends will be same.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Neptune’s transit into Pisces and its Results

In my method of Astrology, planets outside the orbit of Saturn viz., Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also taken into consideration while analyzing a chart. Nowadays, scientists are not considering Pluto as a planet but after seeing many startling facts related to it in many charts, I still consider it as a planet.

In Indian Astrology, Neptune is called Varuna and it stays in a zodiac sign for 14 years. On April 25, 2008, Neptune has transited to Aquarius leaving Capricorn and again now on April 17, 2022, it has transited into Pisces leaving Aquarius. It now stays in Pisces for a period of 14 years i.e until 2036.

When it stepped into Aquarius which resembles a man pouring water from a pot, internet communication has opened up suddenly, turning the entire globe into a small village. Information started pouring in from all sides, like water being poured from a pot. Everything appeared at the tips of one’s fingers. Anything one wanted to know was known instantly. Global transactions started happening on laptops and mobiles.

Now with the new transit, things are again going to change drastically. These 14 years will be the era of spiritual experiences for the genuine seekers and more pleasure addictions to the worldly people. Let us see the effects of this transit on the twelve zodiac signs.


Will relocate to a new place. Decrease in profits and increase in expenditure is indicated.


Will see profits in life. This trend continues until 2036. Will accumulate more than expected.


Setbacks in professional life but alcohol businesses flourish. Good for doctors.


Long distance travel indicated. Will become devotional. Spiritual pursuits especially progress in Tantra sadhana is indicated.


Inheritance of ancestral property is indicated. Too many gains or too many losses. Drunk and driving the vehicles leads to death.


Focus will be on marriage, married lifeand relations with the society. Struggle is indicated. Connections with mafia and robbers is indicated.


Problems from enemies and diseases will rise up. Accidents related to water are indicated. Will become addicted to drinking and prone to liver and kidney related diseases.


Spiritual tendencies will awaken. Children are prone to addictions and might ruin their lives.


Threat to Mother. Natives are prone to depressions and heart attacks.


Talkativeness and impulsive talking will increase. Prone to accidents related to water.


Expansion of family is indicated. Will gain respect for one’s words.


Addiction to drinking and bad habits is indicated. Will progress if one is on the path of real spirituality.

These are the broader results that influence an individual at a broader level for a period of 14 years. During this time, other planetary positions and their transits will affect these results at micro level. If one can understand all this drama, he will get to know what life is and how its play is enacted on the globe.

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Jupiter's transit into Pisces and its results

Jupiter has left Aquarius and stepped into Pieses and will stay there for one year. Read the effects of this important transit here.


Expenses will increase. Diseases related to left eye will show up. Hospitalization or hospital visits will happen. Pains or swelling of feet indicated. Change of place is shown.


Financial gains. Financial matters stuck from the past one year will see movement. Good time to elder brothers and sisters. Dieases of left ear will show up. Calf muscle pains will be felt. Chronic diseases will awaken.


Will join new jobs or ventures. Improvement in profesional front. Good time to father or fatherly figures. Knee pains will be felt and knee surgery indicated.


Long distance travel indicated. Spiritual pursuits will increase. Good time to elders and gurus. Disease of lower limbs indicated.


Property inheritance is shown. Increased expenditure. Health will improve. Extra marital affairs indicated. May be down with STD.


Marriage is on the cards. Good time to life partner. Business will flourish. Foreign travel indicated. May be down with Diabetes. If a patient already, sugar count will increase drastically.


Dieseases especially related to lower abdomen will rise up. Trouble from enemies. Debts will increase.


Good times to children. Spiritual tendency will awaken. Broad thinking will begin. Good returns from share market or investments. Hunger will increase coupled with digestive disorders.


Mental horizon will broaden. Good times to mother. Family happiness will increase. Will score good ranks in education. May be down with heart disease.


Talkativeness will increase. Good communication skills. Good times to younger brothers and sisters. Courage will be on rise. May be afflicated by respiratory tract problems and hypertension.


Focus will be more on cooking and eating. Right eye problems indicated. Money inflow is shown. Good tidings at home front.


Life energy will increase. Spiritual pursuits will rise. Becomes authoritative. Selfishness will go down. Good money inflow. Will get settled in life. Headaches will increase.

Read these predictions from your Lagna as well as Moon sign, you will find a better picture. For cent per cent correct results, co-relate your birth chart and dasa analysis with it.

Friday, 8 April 2022

Parallel Universe

Kids often have weird thoughts and fantasies. Majority of the discoveries in science are manifestations of these inexplicable thoughts of kids entertained in the past as their wild dreams. The theories of inter-planetary and interstellar travel that we hear these days were fantasies of kids decades ago.

On a hot sunny day in 1981, in a tiny village called Vinjanampadu in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, South India, sat a young boy talking to a middle-aged man on the banks of the village pond.

The boy had just finished the final rituals of his father who passed away a few days ago.The boy was an under-graduate in Physics while the man was a Physics professor from IIT Madras (now Chennai), one of the most reputed colleges in the country. The middle-aged man was his maternal uncle, and the boy was none other than me.

In those days, my knowledge of Physics was very rudimentary, owing to the fact that my college was from a small town. My knowledge was limited to Newton’s laws, Thermodynamics, primary details of Einstein’s theory of relativity, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and a few concepts of Quantum physics.

By then, I was an avid reader of Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and such texts. I used to read any book on supernatural things and occult that I could lay my hands upon. Though a science student, I dwelt more on metaphysics than on science, thanks to the spiritual endeavour that overtook me from my early childhood days.

Our discussion began with the final rituals that were just done, the soul’s journey afterwards and astral worlds and moved on to quantum physics and parallel universes. Though I was aware that the person before me was an expert in the topic and I stood no chance, I went ahead with my inquisitiveness.

I said, “If there was another universe that ran parallel to ours, its time would move in a direction opposite to that of ours. Only then would they balance out each other. According to Newton’s third law, everything is balanced by opposing forces. Two worlds born at the same time progressing in the same direction would not create balance. So theoretically, in a parallel world, time would be moving backwards to what we experience here. Is there any research in Quantum physics on this theory?”

My uncle laughed out loud. “There are many such theories. And research is also on-going. The very existence of a parallel universe is not yet proved and you are questioning the details about time running backwards in such a place. How dare you interconnect Newton’s laws and Quantum Physics!”

I replied: “Be it Newton’s laws or Quantum physics, there has to be a balance in nature. Otherwise,life wouldn’t exist. will it?”. My words were left unanswered.

This conversation happened 41 years ago and was mostly forgotten.

One of these days, I happened to read a news report from “The Independent” as under:

Scientists believe there could be an anti-universe next to ours, where time runs backwards.

A wild theory suggests there may be an “anti-universe” that runs backwards in time before the Big Bang.

The concept, explained in a paper accepted for publication in a journal Annals of Physics, suggests that the reason for this universe is because there are fundamental symmetries in nature – such as charge, parity and time. This fundamental symmetry is known as CPT symmetry.

Physical interaction generally obeys these symmetries, but physicists have never observed a violation of these laws of nature simultaneously. The research posted that while symmetry applies to interactions, it could also apply to entire universe.

As such, to prevent this symmetry, there could be a mirror-image cosmos to balance our own.

This news brought back, memories of the conversation I had with my uncle four decades ago. Now, I do not need confirmation from sources, scientific or otherwise, about the existence of parallel universes. I know from my own experience that they do exist. In these 40 years, much water had flown down the Ganges and a lot has happened to me internally which even my close associates and family members are not aware of.

Had the same conversation happened today, I would’ve taken a completely different stance in answering my uncle who passed away in 2017 and moved to a different universe. It happened during my second visit to USA in 2017.

So, what if a parallel universe did exist? Even if we had access to those realms, humans would still carry their negative traits of selfishness, greed, jealousy, dictatorship, caste barriers and money baiting to disturb the serenity there.

A universe parallel to ours definitely exists. Not one but many. There are many such worlds in the unending depths of space. But they are not visible as long as man is controlled by his ‘negative traits’and ‘attachment to the physical world’. The rules of those worlds will not allow humans with limitations to enter into them.

These worlds cannot be accessed by rockets, but only be experienced in deep meditative states. These realms are inside us, not outside. Or, it can be said, they may exist somewhere in the outer space at astronomical distances, but can be easily accessed by going into your own self. With meditation, one can gain complete access to extra terrestrial worlds. Miracles beyond human imagination do exist in abundance in the cosmos. Meher Baba said that 18,000 planets that resemble Earth do exist. He was able to say this based on his deep sadhana and meditative experiences.

As we explore the depths of meditation, new planes of existence become accessible to us. We can travel to them in our astral body. These worlds are not figments of our imagination but real.

Parallel universes do certainly exist. They exist in and around us. It is just like travelling into dream worlds during sleep. One should only know the technique of opening the door to those planes and stepping over through it. As one goes deep into meditation, these mysteries unfold themselves.  To be able do this, one should reorder his priorities in life and put consistent efforts in sadhana. If your goals are money and sense pleasures, you can never see them nor experience them in your life.

While science is still formulating theories about parallel universes, our seers and sages have known them through their personal experiences, long ago. You too can feel them with a little dhyana practice.

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Results of transit of Rahu and Ketu in April - 2022

In a few days, there will be a major transit of planets. On April 13th, Rahu and Ketu are transiting to Aries and Libra. For the past 18 months they were in Taurus and Scorpio. Now Rahu transits from Taurus to Aries and Ketu from Scorpio to Libra. They will stay there for the next 18 months.

Let’s see how this transit effects the lives of 760 crores of world population in different ways. 


Mostly, family life will be affected. Impulsiveness leads to health problems like blood pressure. Rahu in first house will induce haughty behavior and create problems to spouse and partners. Responsibilities and mental worry will increase.


There will be sudden changes for these natives and their spouses. Health will be affected and can cause diseases like Diabetes. Hospital visits indicated. Chronic diseases will surface. New friendships and partying will lead to health problems. Suppressed rivalries will surface. Enemies become weak.


Will invest in shares and stocks. Sudden gains and sudden losses are seen. Children lead an expensive life that does not do any good to them. Will be disturbed mentally. Rise in courage and spiritual inclinations foreseen. There will be secret gains.


Matters related to home front and profession will be affected as the Nodes sit in 4th and 10th houses. Official work dictates the way their home front functions. People working in distant lands return to native places. Recognition in job is seen. Many natives will retire in the next 18 months.


A good transit. Courage will wake up. Impulsiveness rises. Will do long distance travel or will move to a distant land. Spiritual tendencies rise up. Past good karma starts showing up its results.


Not so good. Quarrels in family lead to fights and losses. Financial loss. Chronic diseases will surface. May face an accident. Death inevitable for few. Sub conscious passions will surface provoking harsh tongue.


Torture from spouse. Quarrels and misunderstandings in family. May suffer losses due to high handed behavior of partners. Balance in life will be disturbed. No happiness.


Courage and Impulsiveness will increase. Blood pressure related problems may surface. Enemies gain strength. Will be haunted by bad luck. Secret friendships and partying will increase. Sudden visits to hospitals.


Unexpected gains. Children will be more courageous and their good time starts. The problems they are facing from last 18 months will vanish. Old friendships fade away and new friendships begin.


Misunderstandings and quarrels in family. Both home front and job will be affected. However, unlike Cancer the professional front of these natives will be ruled by their circumstances at home. Stress related disorders like blood pressure and kidney problems will surface. Many natives of this Rasi will retire in the next 18 months.


Good for these people. Will be more courageous. Spiritual tendencies will wake up and gain strength creating good karma. New meetings and partying. Will move to a distant land.


Not so good. Misunderstanding and quarrels in family. Will face loss due to harsh talk. Financial losses. Chronic diseases will surface. Sub conscious passions will lose their strength and clear away.

These are the broad results. One must corelate their birth chart, ongoing dasa and this transit to get the results more accurately.

Good luck and take care!

Monday, 3 January 2022

Our books at Vijayawada Book Exhibition

We wish a very happy and meaningful new year 2022 to our readers ! 

Our books are available for sale at Vijayawada Book Exhibition that will run from 1 Jan to 11 Jan 2022 at PWD grounds Vijayawada.

To enter the book exhibition is the first step that Panchawati Spiritual Foundation is taking in the year 2022. For the present, we have our books displayed at stall numbers 103 and 104 (Bharatiya Grandha Mala). We hope our readers will make the best of this opportunity.

We are receiving a number of mails about the location of Panchawati Stall at the Book exhibition. So, we made this temporary arrangement for the present. From next year onwards, you will see a separate stall where only our books will be displayed.