Sunday, 1 August 2021

Wildfires in Turkey

Turkey is burning. 

Wildfires started burning down Turkey on last Wednesday. Till now, 98 wildfires were identified. They are spreading over forests, burning down houses and killing animals.

The Mediterranean coast seems to be the prime target of the wrath of fire god. ముఖ్యంగా Why so? Look at Sun, the Lord of Fire and Mercury, the karaka for intellect, in Cancer, which indicates sea shores. Together, do they not indicate Turkey?

Exactly on Wednesday, Mercury the day Lord, started coming nearer to Sun. He came within 4 degree orb and became combust.

Turkey lies on the 5th degree of Sagittarius which still continues to reel under the Papargala Sandwich Effect. Added to this, we have Mars who is a fiery planet in Leo, a fiery sign, generating a powerful spurt of fire,  Leo also signifies forests and forest animals. We have the powerful fourth aspect of Mars falling on the 5th degree of Sagittarius which signifies Turkey.

Just combine all the above factors and you will understand easily, why 
Turkey is burning.

Friday, 23 July 2021

'Yoga Taravali' English E-Book released today

On this Guru Pournami day, a new English E book is being released from us.

Sri Ramakrishna says, 'God is the guru of all the worlds. He is the One who teaches. What can a human guru teach? Unless God acts through him, a human guru cannot teach'.

A real guru is connected to the Lord and reflects only His light. I am not speaking about the false gurus who are everywhere, duping the gullible. How to recognize them? If what they do is different from what they preach, know them to be false. If they run after money, power and comforts, know them to be false. If they deviate freely from the ancient tradition, know them to be false. If they exhibit cheap miracles, know them to be false. If anybody claims that he is the incarnation of God, know him to be the biggest of all frauds.

Leaving the false gurus to their fate, let us on this day, remember with reverence the first guru of all worlds, Lord Siva, followed by the great rishis Vyasa and others, Buddha, Patanjali, Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Abhinava Gupta, Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi and Jillellamudi Amma, who were the real teachers of the world.

It has been one year since our Telugu book 'Yoga Taravali' with my commentary was first released. Today, the same book is being released in its English version. It is good to remember that this book was authored by the great Adi Sankara. I consider myself blessed by being able to write a commentary on this seminal work.

Above all, Adi Sankara gave utmost importance to the experience of Advaita. So, he never touched the Yoga system. But, he wrote a small book in 29 verses, touching the most important practices of Yoga. If Sankara existed in 1st century BC as has been claimed by the Kanchi Mutt with documentary proofs, the age of this book is 2000 years.

In Indian Astrology, we have what are known as Yoga Taras or brightest stars. A constellation is named after the brightest star it has. So, to give an example, Aswini is not a single star, but a group of three stars with the name Aswini pointing at the brightest star of the constellation. Similarly, though there are innumerable techniques in the system of Yoga, some of them shine very brightly like the Yoga Taras of the constellations. That is why Adi Sankara chose this name for the title of his book which explains the best of the Yogic sadhanas. This is my commentary on the Acharyas' great narration in Sanskrit.

This book briefly touches upon the core techniques of Hatha and Raja Yoga systems. Interested seekers will do well to get initiated into them from a real guru to experience the results promised.

As usual I thank all my disciples who helped me in writing this book. My special thanks to Ganesh Alla from Detroit, USA, who very ably translated this book from Telugu to English, for the benefit of English readers. 

You can have this book from google play books, here.

Mars Venus in Leo - Floods in China

China is flooded. It is not the kind of ordinary rain that we see every year, but a deluge which they have not witnessed in the last 1000 years. Cities in Henan province are full of water. Even a subway train was inundated with water and killed 12. According to news, only 33 died as of now in the entire China which is not believable at all. As China always does it, it is nothing but tailored news.

Mars and Venus entered Leo leaving Cancer. From there, Mars throws his fierce fourth aspect on Scorpio which represents China. We know that Scorpio is a watery sign where Ketu, the karaka for sudden destructive events is stationed in an exalted state. Mars looking at Scorpio generates a wave of destruction. See what is happening over there !

China may threaten Japan with Nuclear bombs over the issue of Taiwan but it should not forget that Nature is supreme. It can make or mar things in any country, developed, developing or under developed. As long as Nature is cool with us, we remain comfortable. USA, Australia, Japan, India, Canada - every country can agree on this point. Even, Mumbai and Hyderabad in India are now under heavy rain, flooded.

Leo is a fiery sign. Mars and Venus in Leo are aspected by Neptune from Aquarius. What does this placement suggest? This yoga will continue for one month from now. It will generate events of crime related to sex, women, drugs and persons in high position.

To prove my point, just look at what happened to Raj Kundra in India. As soon as Mars and Venus stepped into Leo, he was arrested for making pornographic movies. A mother posted on the social media, an indecent dance she did with her own teenaged son ! She is being trolled by netizens for this unthinkable act !

Look at Pakistan ! Before we forget the kidnapping of the daughter of Afghan envoy over there a few days back, the daughter of a Pakistani diplomat was killed in the same Pakistan on last Tuesday. What ever might be the reason, the ultimate sufferers were women ! Mars and Venus precisely point their fingers at the same thing.

For another one month, Cupid and Varuna, the gods of sex and drugs are going to rule the roost. Let us wait for the unfolding of events !

Thursday, 22 July 2021

MSP over ! Here comes another !

Finally, with the transit of Mars into Leo, MSP effect has ceased to function. What a relief for the world ! We have seen with our own eyes how the world suffered in the past 50 days, under the pressure of this ominous Yoga. But wait ! Is the game over? Sadly, the answer is, 'No not yet. It will never be over'. It will continue in one form or the other as long as humans exist on the earth.

The wheel of Time continues to revolve endlessly, generating events, big and small. But there are very few who learn from what they see around them. They will evolve, not the multitude who pay no heed to the march of Time and Karma which keep the human race under its octopus grip.

Time is endless, so is the movement of planets. They generate events continuously. Human life continues to move on, goaded by the planetary influence. Generations change, but the same drama continues to happen, of course in the new setting, with new facilities and new opportunities to evolve or destroy ourselves. 

Old wine in new bottle ! 

The world will never change, but we need to change for better. We must evolve, understanding the laws of Nature and laws of life. Somehow, we must get out of this drama. 

Walking on the same thorny path, stepping on the same thorns, removing one from our foot by the other and continue to do the same, again and again - this is not what we are supposed to do. We need to learn the art of safe walking, without stepping onto the thorns. In the end, we must learn to stop walking altogether. If needed to walk, we have to walk without stepping on the thorns.

This is the spiritual angle of Indian Astrology. We must try to learn it by all means.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

MSP Effect - 15 (USA, Europe and South Africa)

Last week saw the worst kind of heat wave in the west coast of USA. Then hundreds of acres of Oregon forest caught fire. Now there are flash floods in Europe. In Germany and Belgium, about 170 people died from the floods. In 15 minutes, entire villages were inundated with water. City roads were full of water which they are calling death deluge.

The effect of Gemini and Dhanus has reflected on Aquarius because it is the trine of Gemini. That is why Durban is under riots now. There is heavy fighting between the Indian community and the blacks resembling a civil war.

In Mumbai, India, there were incessant rains and flooding of water in the last few days. In addition, there was a land slide which killed 22 people. Cars and ground floors were submerged and people are moving in boats in the city.

In the last week, there have been hundreds of minor incidents everywhere which I dont want to narrate here. If I do, this blog will become a news paper. So, I stop here.

50 days effect is still continuing !

Monday, 12 July 2021

Our latest book 'Musings' released today

Are you wondering why no books were released from us in the recent past? Wait ! A wonderful and life changing book 'Musings' is getting ready for you.

It is being released today because today is my birthday according to dates. Today, I complete 59 years and step into 60.

To tell you plainly, the one thing that I hate in this world is sitting lazily doing nothing. So, in my apparently silent period, a voluminous spiritual book which is the Bible of my path is getting ready.

To know how this book was born, you need to slightly go back into the past.

Ever since Panchawati Google group was started in 2010, I have been answering the spiritual questions of hundreds of seekers and guiding those of them who were eager to walk in my path. That was how, in these ten years, voluminous material covering about 1000 pages has come into existence.

In my blogs, I write only superficial stuff, leaving the real deeper things to be explained in the group and the personal matters to be discussed in person. Apart from this, there are many essays I have written explaining to my followers, the spiritual path I followed from my childhood and the experiences I had therein. Grouping 360 such essays together, we made this book. This invaluable book is the product of tireless labor of ten years. It is released as an English E-Book for now, pending its Telugu version for future release.

Vishwanadha Satyanarayana, the famous Telugu poet of the last century authored a very well known book 'Veyi Padagalu' which can be translated as 'Thousand hoods'. It is a voluminous classical novel in Telugu literature. Chalam, another famous writer of the same period, and also a staunch devotee of Ramana Maharshi, wrote his experiences and reminiscences as 'Musings' which I have read in my youth. The word 'Musings' was first used by Samuel Tayler in 1794 in his book 'Spiritual Musings'. Chalam, being educated in English, took that word for the title of his book.  I think I have followed the above writers in using the same word as the title of my latest book.

In consonance with my experience in the area of worship of Sun god from my childhood, I decided the number of essays in the book to be 360. They are the number of days in a Savana year and also denote the rays of light emitted by the Sun.

This book is our Veda, our Gita and our Upanishad.

After reading this book, you will very clearly understand me and my ideology. This book is a compendium of many ideas viz., vedanta, yoga, tantra, Astrology, my sadhana path, my experiences and above all, many secrets of the spiritual path. I can dare say that this is my lifetime work. If you go through these 360 topics and understand them clearly, nothing will be left for you to know in the field of spiritual literature.

We have a saying in Sanskrit, 'Yanna Bharate, tanna Bharate'. It means 'What is not in (Maha) Bharat, is not in Bharat (India)'. I say the same thing about this book very humbly. Each and every essay of this book will make you think deeply about your life, spirituality and their connection. So, you cannot finish this book like a novel. By reading and understanding one topic per a day, you will take a full year to complete this book. Thus, it will become your sadhana and your meditation which will eventually open up many hitherto unknown avenues of light and insight in your life. That is why I say it is a life changing work. 

There are many who asked me in the past, 'Why is it so difficult to understand you? You say one thing now and another thing tomorrow. How to reconcile your views which seem to be so different from one another?'

I gave them a reply.

'The Sun is not the same in all the twelve months. That does not mean he is not the same Sun. If you want to know him, you have to know him in all his moods and colors. You need to remove your spectacles and look at him directly. By doing so, you will not lose your eyesight, but will get a new vision, the vision of light and truth. That is how you enter into the world of light'.

I have been writing for the past ten years, in my Telugu blog extensively, and in my English blog occasionally, on different topics like spirituality, yoga, Astrology, Martial arts, Occult, social issues, individual issues, politics, arts, music etc., which might confuse a casual reader. However, my near and dear ones never undergo such trouble because they know my mind very well.

The work of translation into Telugu will begin shortly and the Telugu book will be released by July 2022, if everything goes well.

My heartfelt thanks to my wife and my disciples who helped me in this work, and also to Sri Anand Kumar (Detroit) for his affectionate foreword. Similarly, my thanks to all my disciples and members of PSF who supported me in writing this book.

You can have this English E-book, from google books, here.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

MSP Effect+New Moon

Yesterday was New Moon. We are not yet out from the 50 day curse. Let me show you what happened in this time slot.

6.2 level Earthquake in Indonesia

The power of Saturn - Mars Yoga in creating earthquakes is proved again. An earthquake of 6.2 magnitude shook the East coast of Indonesia. Cancer which controls all the South East Asia proved its authority again.

Fire accident in food factory in Bangladesh

The fire which started to destroy a food factory in Bangladesh on 8th July has continued to burn unabated even after 24 hours. It is estimated that 52 people died in the fire. You will understand this event better by remembering Mars to be a fiery planet, Bangladesh to be part of Capricorn and Moon to be the karaka for food.

Loaded good train falls off bridge in Central India

In central India, near Bilaspur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, a goods train with coal loaded bogies fell off a bridge on Alan river. 16 bogies with coal fell into the river. It would have been a terrible accident if it were to be a passenger carrying train. This incident happened exactly on the New Moon day i.e yesterday evening around 3 PM. Saturn being the Lord of Iron and Steel demonstrated his area of control.

USA distressed by Cyber attacks from Russia

Ransomware is the new age crime, where the criminals steal valuable information from the Net and blackmail the companies. By this activity, Cyber criminals of Russia forced many US companies to stop their operations forthwith, according to USA authorities. Joe Biden warned Putin on this issue.

This is how this New Moon showed its effects !