Sunday, 18 July 2021

MSP Effect - 15 (USA, Europe and South Africa)

Last week saw the worst kind of heat wave in the west coast of USA. Then hundreds of acres of Oregon forest caught fire. Now there are flash floods in Europe. In Germany and Belgium, about 170 people died from the floods. In 15 minutes, entire villages were inundated with water. City roads were full of water which they are calling death deluge.

The effect of Gemini and Dhanus has reflected on Aquarius because it is the trine of Gemini. That is why Durban is under riots now. There is heavy fighting between the Indian community and the blacks resembling a civil war.

In Mumbai, India, there were incessant rains and flooding of water in the last few days. In addition, there was a land slide which killed 22 people. Cars and ground floors were submerged and people are moving in boats in the city.

In the last week, there have been hundreds of minor incidents everywhere which I dont want to narrate here. If I do, this blog will become a news paper. So, I stop here.

50 days effect is still continuing !

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