Monday, 3 May 2021

Atlanta spa shootings - Astro analysis

Eight people were killed in the shootings that took place n Atlanta spas on March 16, around 5pm (EST), where the majority of the victims were of Korean descent/nationality. The suspected gunman, a 21-year-old white man named Robert Aaron Long from Woodstock, Georgia, was arrested by the police on the same day. He had reportedly been treated for sex addiction in the past and felt compelled to visit massage parlors seeking sex. He confessed that he wanted to overcome his addiction by eliminating the massage parlors, which he apparently saw as a source of temptation for him and hence had resorted to the killings. So this was the news.

Let’s look at this incident from an astrological viewpoint.

At that time, Venus, being the dara karaka, is at 0 degrees, which is a rasi sandhi (junction of two signs). Moon, the karaka for mind, is in Aries, indicating stubborn nature and is also hemmed by malefics. Added to this, Venus is aspected by neecha Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter, the 6th lord of enmity/hostility, is strongly aspecting Lagna from the 7th house. All these factors are hinting at luxurious places associated with women (massage parlors, spas), hatred towards foreigners, adamant nature, fixed ideas and violence. Isn’t this exactly what happened?

Pisces is the exaltation house of Venus, but is very weak in 0 degrees. Venus is torn between exaltation on one side and weakness on the other. Hence, all things signified by Venus are greatly disturbed. Mars, Rahu and Saturn combination is a disastrous one. Readers of my books are very much familiar with these yogas.

As per Rasi tulya navamsa method of Nadi astrology, Kataka lagna is subjected to the influence of 4 planets - Sun, Moon, Rahu and Venus. This is a sign of hysterical (amavasya yoga) + sexually deviant mindset. Rahu, Mars and Saturn combination, which is indicative of shootings, accidents and crime is found in Taurus, ruled by Venus. It means that this combination is linked to Venus, clearly indicating places of luxury and such illegal activities, which is exactly what happened.

While some argue that these shootings were racially motivated, a few others say that, this crime was committed, solely due to an extreme case of sex addiction. Whereas the planets are showing that both reasons are true. Why bother trying to understand the planetary positions? Anyone with knowledge of simple psychology can tell you that sexual desires are to be rooted out from the mind and not by eliminating massage parlors, spas, bars and red light areas. Even a little kid can tell you this.

Now you may have a silly question at this point that if planets were the reason behind this event, then should we not expect to see the same events happen everywhere on the Earth? My reply to that is, “Why is it that not everyone on this planet has the same question? Why do you alone have this question? Give me the answer to this, then I can clarify your doubt.”

Planets are not the reasons/causative factors (karanas) behind such events. Those who say so lack proper understanding. Planets are only the karakas (significators).

No two places on Earth have the same exact event take place at the same given time. Events related to the same planetary significations happen concurrently with varying shades and angles in different places across the globe. This is the drama taking place on Earth. Let me tell you one more thing. Today is chaviti (4th day of the lunar calendar). If you observe closely, you will notice that many women, be it in your family or around you, are behaving hysterically. Am I not correct? This is how planets influence us.

You will understand these concepts better if you know the fundamental principles of locational astrology. I will elaborate more on that topic later. It will suffice for now, if you can understand that this incident is just another proof of astrology being a real science.

[From my Telugu blog dated 19.3.2021]

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