Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Mexico city metro train accident - Astro analysis

A gruesome accident happened in Mexico City of Mexico at 10.30 PM on 3.5.2021 Monday. According to the news, a pillar of the overpass gave way, breaking the metro train into two halves. They say that 23 people died and 70 sustained severe injuries and the count is rising. Let us have a look through our astrological lens.

Saturn, Sun and Rahu, per se, seem to be the planets involved in this accident. Among them, Saturn and Sun have almost exact square aspect between them which is capable of generating events that are catastrophic in nature.In addition to this, there is a close trinal aspect between Saturn nd Rahu generating the much feared sapita yoga or the cursed yoga. Uranus who is responsible for sudden revolutionary events and sabotages is very close to the Sun.

At the time of accident, Sagittareus was rising in Mexico City. In the 6th house Taurus which rules over accidents there are exalted Rahu and Mercury. Mercury is the 10th lord in 6th house indicating an accident.

Many astrologers from the East and West had tried to link up Astrological signs with countries and cities but succeeded only partially. However, there is no common consensus among them. Offering my respects to these starlwarts, I hereby put forth my logic for the benefit of the readers.

There is agreement among many astrologers that the sign Gemini represents USA. There are many events from the past that support this idea. If so, Mexico which lies to the south of USA should be represented by Taurus. At present we have Rahu and Mercury right there in Taurus. So, my assumption that Taurus represents Mexico is somewhat validated by them. Moreover, many astrologers agree that the sign of India is Capricorn. India and Mexico both lie in the southern hemisphere of the globe. So, it looks quite logical that Mexico might be represented by Taurus which is but a trinal sign of Capricorn.

Guru hora was running at the time of the accident. For Jupiter to be in 10th, the Lagna should be Taurus. So from all this logic, I presume Taurus to be the sign of Mexico. However, I am open to correction. Till a better logic is put forth by somebody, I wish to follow Taurus as the sign of Mexico.

Now, looking from Taurus, we find Moon the third lord of short journeys with Saturn in the 9th house of long journeyes. Capricorn is a movable sign indicating moving vehicles, in this case a train, and Saturn is a badhaka or tormentor to Taurus lagna. Together, Saturn and Moon look at Cancer which is the third house of short journeys.

At the time of accident, the dasa was Mars - Rahu - Saturn. Those who are familiar with my writings know very well that this is a very disastrous combination. Looking from Moon sign, Mars is in the 6th house of accidents, Rahu is with 6th lord Mercury and Saturn is with Moon. All this does not sound well at all !

Adding fuel to fire, it was ashtami tithi, the 8th lunar day which is known to one and all to be a bad day !

These are the astrological pointers I could find behind this disaster !

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