Monday, 3 May 2021

Boulder grocery store shooting - Astro analysis

Another ghastly incident took place on 22-03-2021 at 2:30pm in the United States. This time the planetary focus has shifted towards the city of Boulder, Colorado. Ten people, including a police officer were killed by a gunman, in the shootings that took place in a grocery store near the University of Colorado.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, also a 21-year old, is the gunman who allegedly went on a shooting spree, killing people in the parking lot and inside the Boulder supermarket/grocery store. His elder brother says that the suspect is suffering from a mental illness. He was born in Syria in 1999 and later settled in America. He is believed to have had a criminal mindset even in his high school.

Let us analyse the planetary positions.

Venus is exalted, but deeply combust in Rasi. While it is again combust in Navamsa, it is neecha here. There is neecha Jupiter and also Saturn’s aspect on Venus. Moreover, Saturn and Mars are in exact degree conjunction and Mars is with Rahu. This is how the planets Mars, Saturn and Rahu are mutually influencing one another.

Taurus signifies day to day essentials that are physical in nature. Capricorn represents the common man. These are the provoking factors for this incident.

When this incident occured, the transit Moon was in Gemini (Mithuna), representing the United States. The 10th house from Moon has the above mentioned planetary combinations which also has Jupiter+Saturn aspect from the 8th house.

Venus, the guru of asuras/demons represents Muslims. This incident is another proof that when exalted Venus is subjected to a disturbing influence, it always acts as a trigger for such racist hate crimes.

[From my Telugu blog dated 25.3.2021]

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