Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Mexico city metro train accident - Astro analysis

A gruesome accident happened in Mexico City of Mexico at 10.30 PM on 3.5.2021 Monday. According to the news, a pillar of the overpass gave way, breaking the metro train into two halves. They say that 23 people died and 70 sustained severe injuries and the count is rising. Let us have a look through our astrological lens.

Saturn, Sun and Rahu, per se, seem to be the planets involved in this accident. Among them, Saturn and Sun have almost exact square aspect between them which is capable of generating events that are catastrophic in nature.In addition to this, there is a close trinal aspect between Saturn nd Rahu generating the much feared sapita yoga or the cursed yoga. Uranus who is responsible for sudden revolutionary events and sabotages is very close to the Sun.

At the time of accident, Sagittareus was rising in Mexico City. In the 6th house Taurus which rules over accidents there are exalted Rahu and Mercury. Mercury is the 10th lord in 6th house indicating an accident.

Many astrologers from the East and West had tried to link up Astrological signs with countries and cities but succeeded only partially. However, there is no common consensus among them. Offering my respects to these starlwarts, I hereby put forth my logic for the benefit of the readers.

There is agreement among many astrologers that the sign Gemini represents USA. There are many events from the past that support this idea. If so, Mexico which lies to the south of USA should be represented by Taurus. At present we have Rahu and Mercury right there in Taurus. So, my assumption that Taurus represents Mexico is somewhat validated by them. Moreover, many astrologers agree that the sign of India is Capricorn. India and Mexico both lie in the southern hemisphere of the globe. So, it looks quite logical that Mexico might be represented by Taurus which is but a trinal sign of Capricorn.

Guru hora was running at the time of the accident. For Jupiter to be in 10th, the Lagna should be Taurus. So from all this logic, I presume Taurus to be the sign of Mexico. However, I am open to correction. Till a better logic is put forth by somebody, I wish to follow Taurus as the sign of Mexico.

Now, looking from Taurus, we find Moon the third lord of short journeys with Saturn in the 9th house of long journeyes. Capricorn is a movable sign indicating moving vehicles, in this case a train, and Saturn is a badhaka or tormentor to Taurus lagna. Together, Saturn and Moon look at Cancer which is the third house of short journeys.

At the time of accident, the dasa was Mars - Rahu - Saturn. Those who are familiar with my writings know very well that this is a very disastrous combination. Looking from Moon sign, Mars is in the 6th house of accidents, Rahu is with 6th lord Mercury and Saturn is with Moon. All this does not sound well at all !

Adding fuel to fire, it was ashtami tithi, the 8th lunar day which is known to one and all to be a bad day !

These are the astrological pointers I could find behind this disaster !

Monday, 3 May 2021

Indianapolis Fedex shooting - Astro analysis

At 11pm on 15-4-2021, America witnessed yet another mass shooting at a Fedex facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. The gunman, who killed 8 people and injured several others, was a 19 year old boy. Let us examine the planetary positions.

At the time of this incident, we have Scorpio lagna rising. Exalted Rahu and exalted Moon are very close together and Lagna is hit by Rahu-Ketu axis straight. Rahu and Moon are hemmed by exalted Sun on one side and Mars, karaka for violence, on the other. Mercury, the karaka for intellect, being debilitated, is indicating thoughtless actions. Nearly all planets in the chart are located in successive houses, almost forming a malika yoga (planetary garland).

Moon is karaka for mind and its exalted state generally imparts a loss of mental balance in ordinary people. When joined by exalted Rahu, it also indicates rash/violent behavior and thoughtless actions. Sun’s exaltation intensifies one’s arrogance making him think that whatever he is doing is right. By putting all these factors together you will understand what happened.

Not just this one incident, but many of you may have noticed some unexpected events take place in your life, especially on this day. You may have behaved rashly. While some may have witnessed accidents, some may not have. This depends upon the individual’s chart. Nevertheless, you would have definitely noticed a loss of mental balance, arrogant (అతిగా) behaviour, resorting to thoughtless deeds and loss of control over your mind. If you closely examine your own lives, you will surely agree with what I am saying.

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 17.4.2021]

Suez canal crisis - Astro analysis


The Suez Canal was built near Egypt, to connect the Mediterranean and the Red seas. The waterway is like a narrow corridor that was built over a period of 10 years, between 1859 and 1869. The canal separates the African continent from Asia.

The waterway enables a more direct route between the North Atlantic and the North Indian oceans, without having to circumnavigate around the African continent. It shortens the distance by about 9000km and cuts down the voyage time by upto 10 days. Every year, thousands of ships carrying cargo, sail through this route. 

On March 23, 2021, a giant container ship became wedged in the Suez Canal, blocking off all traffic for nearly a week. This blockage was holding up billions of dollars in global trade. The lives of millions of people were affected in ways unknown even to them. Six days later on March 29, the salvage crews were able to refloat the ship, allowing traffic to resume, thus bringing the crisis to an end. For exactly one week, global trade came to a standstill.

Let us see what hapened during this week, in relation to the planetary positions.


On March 23, Venus was deeply combust and in exact conjunction with the Sun at 8 degrees, in Uttarabhadra star. According to the Vimsottari system, this star is ruled by Saturn, which causes obstruction, stoppage, delay, incurring losses etc,. Venus is ruled by the element water and Pisces being a water sign, represents ships, seas, rivers and canals. On the very same day, the giant container ship ‘Ever Given’ became stranded in the sand, blocking all traffic across the canal. The ship, weighing around 222,000 tons, is 400m long and 33ft tall. Huge quantities of sand had been dredged to help free the ship from the blockage. This definitely was a crisis that stalled the global trade.

Deep combustion of Venus in the water sign Pisces and Saturn’s aspect on it are the key factors triggering this event. This placement of planets has played the main role in sparking off various incidents across the globe, for the past one week.

Let me draw your attention to this table below.


On 23rd March, when Venus was deeply combust, was the same day that the ship got stranded in the canal. This state continued for 4 days, that is until the 26th, where the ship remained unmovable. On 27th, Venus started moving out of Sun’s grip and interestingly, on the same day, the ship showed signs of moving. And two days later, on 29th, the ship was freed completely and set afloat again, by which the traffic through the canal returned to normal.

Do you think it is a mere coincidence? How can you think so, even when you are seeing an obvious connection between the planetary positions and movement of the ship?

‘Ever Given’ Ship

This English word has 9 letters. According to my system of numerology, the number ‘9’ denotes Moon, which is ruled by the water element and also denotes ships. Let us look at the state of the Moon during this week.


23rd - Moon was very weak at 0 degrees in Kataka (Cancer), a water sign. This is when the ship got wedged in the sand.

24th - Saturn’s strong aspect was on the Moon. At this point, the ship was completely stalled. 

25th - Moon was weak. Saturn’s aspect also had weakened. Attempts to dig out the sand to help free the ship began.

26th - Moon has moved out of Kataka, into Simha (Leo). Salvage crews made more frantic efforts to dislodge the ship.

27th - Owing to Mercury’s strong aspect, a team of technical experts were appointed to help move the ship.

29th - Ship was moved out of the mire. Don’t you think there is a connection between the Moon’s state and the entire operation? 

Now tell me if you still think that there is no connection between the events taking place on the Earth and the placement of planets. I say that there is a definite connection. If you disagree, that means you lack deep observational skills. If you disagree with this too, then it is upto you!

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 31.3.2021]

South Dakota Wildfire - Astro analysis


Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, United States, is not only a tourist attraction, but also a place of historical significance, that originally belonged to the Native Indians, well before the advent of whites/birth of America. The mountain has the faces of the four most prominent American Presidents, sculpted on it. This place was also picturized in many movies.

Hundreds of homes were evacuated, following the wildfire that blazed across the forest. The place remained closed for tourists, while firefighters were battling to contain the fire. Extinguishing house fires is one thing, whereas putting out a forest fire is both dangerous and difficult, especially when the extent of the area burning is so vast and accompanied by fierce winds, which only fuel the wildfire. The fire has burned over 2000 (this number is from latest news.. pl double check) acres of land. Wildfires broke out in three different places spreading rapidly.

Why did this happen?

As I mentioned earlier, a planetary position remains in space for a specific amount of time and during this period, each day, a different event is triggered. It results in various incidents across the globe. The incident that we are currently looking at is also one such.

I mentioned in one of the previous analyses that Venus, which was deeply combust in Pisces, started leaving the Sun’s grip/orb. This is a case of water moving away from fire. What happens in such cases? This causes fire to rage more fiercely. Adding fuel to this, is the degree conjunction of Rahu and Mars. Mars represents fire and over here, Rahu represents Saturn, which denotes the air element. This shows that wind will add fuel to the fire. In Navamsa, Saturn is in the air sign Gemini, which gives more power to the wind.

Put all the above factors together and now look at the picture again. You’ll clearly understand why the fierce winds raked up at that very moment, how the fire broke out, what made the wildfire spread so rapidly, why so many hundreds of homes were evacuated and why the tourist spot was closed for visitors.

Now, the million dollar question is, “Why did the event take place in South Dakota alone? Why didn’t it occur in any other place?” Isn’t it?

You also know very well what my response to your question is! So, simply because I am revealing a few things to you, don’t take the liberty to ask for everything! Is that clear? 

That is a divine secret! Just don’t ask me to tell you what it is!

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 31.3.2021]

Suicide bombing in Indonesia Church - Astro analysis


It was 10:30am in the Indonesian city of Makassar, Sulawesi island, when the blasts went off outside a Catholic church. The church was packed with people who were assembled there for Sunday Mass. Two Muslim extremists blew themselves up at the church gate, wounding atleast 20 people, who were praying inside the church. One of the suicide bombers was a women and both suspects are believed to be members of a militant group associated with the Islamic State.

Let us look at the planetary positions.

Rahu and Mars, which is a destructive yoga, is placed in the Lagna, Taurus. I have discussed this combination many times in the past, in my blog posts and books. Note the presence of this yoga again in this incident.

Badhaka lord Saturn, along with neecha Jupiter, who is the 8th lord of destruction, is in badhaka house, Capricorn, representing religious organisations. Note that this combination is looking at Taurus, the Lagna house with a trinal aspect. Don’t you think this is indicating a vicious terrorist attack plotted by a religious organisation? Isn’t this exactly what happened?

Indonesia was once a predominantly Hindu country, which later came under Buddhist influence and now the vast majority of its population is Muslim. Why do muslims still have a problem? Christians and Hindus are a minority in that country. The week preceding Good Friday is a holy week for the Christians, so they were simply peforming their prayers. Why should the muslims feel threatened about this? Do they wish to wipe out all others out of the country, except muslims? If in indeed their wish came true, as we do witness in some muslim countries, then they start fighting amongst themselves, breaking up as Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadians, Sufis and so on. Other than coming up with some reason to kill others, I don’t see any other reason behind this.

They claim that Islam means ‘peace’, but I see everything else in it, except peace. Hate is one thing that mainly stands out. I fail to understand what kind of a peace it is to kill a fellow human being in the name of religion.

Do you notice how the planetary positions are instigating events unique to each location? Although the placement of planets remains the same, the events occurring in every country and also in the lives of every individual is different. If you can understand this key point, then you’d have understood the secrets of Medini Jyotish (Mundane Astrology), which means that you will have a complete understanding of how the planetary influence acts upon all the events taking place on Earth. You will also understand the when and why behind these events. The whole mystery of God’s creation will be revealed to you.

To reach this level of expertise should be the goal of all Astrologers.

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 29.3.2021]

Nashville flash floods - Astro analysis


In the recent record level two day rainfall that created havoc across the state of Tennesse, several areas in Nashville were inundated. The lower levels of apartments were submerged by flood water. Four people were found dead after the heavy rains. The government, as well as organizations such as the American Red Cross have come forward to rescue and provide shelter to the flood victims.

Why are we seeing these events happen only in America? Why is the location of these incidents shifting everyday from one state to another and why is the nature of each incident unique? Does it make you wonder why the astrological compass is now pointing at America? I am sure this question must have crossed the minds of those with an analytical outlook and those with some knowledge of astrology. I am not going to present the answers to their questions here, but would like to analyze the astrological reasons behind these floods.

The planet Venus, which was deeply combust until now, just began to come out of the Sun’s hold and move ahead. This is the key factor triggering this event. Venus (ruled by the water element), Pisces, a water sign and Ketu being in the water sign Scorpio, is aspecting Venus from there. Hence, the sudden onset of the heavy rains, causing such chaos in one of the state capitals of America.

If a country like America, with all its radars, satellites and the most advanced technology to predict the weather, was struck so badly by Nature’s blow, then can you imagine the plight of the countries that are not equipped with these resources?

Are we not supposed to better equip ourselves from the onslaughts of Nature?

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 29.3.2021]

Virginia Beach Shootings - Astro analysis


The compass of astrology is now pointing towards the state of Virginia, United States. On Friday night 11pm, 2 people were killed and 8 injured in a stampede, resulting from shootings that took place in Virginia Beach, which is frequently visited by people for relaxation and fun activities. There were people at the beach on that weekend too. An argument that stirred up in a group of individuals led to a physical fight, which at some point escalated into gunfire. A little later, another shooting incident occured, followed by another one in the same beach. Currently, the entire beach area is evacuated and under strict police surveillance.

Let us look at the astrological reasons behind this incident.

At the time of the incident, Venus and the Sun are conjunct in Pisces at 12 degrees, due to which Venus is fully combust. What are the significations of the planet Venus? Good-looking young women, luxury destinations, picnic spots, etc,. What is the water sign Pisces hinting at? It represents water bodies such as rivers, oceans and beaches that are abundant with fish. Pisces represents fish, which is why the shootings took place at the beach.

Here, we have Venus rising in Libra. Capricorn, the 4th house of comforts is destroyed by the presence of neecha Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. Venus, a sign ruled by the water element, is deeply combust in the water sign Pisces. 8th house representing chaos and destruction has Rahu+Mars, clearly indicating conflict/violence. What more do we need?

How does this astrological compass shift itself? How is its march defined? Don’t ask me how it shifts its focus from one country to another and from one region to another in the same country? ఆశకైనా అంతుండాలి. Do you think I will reveal such aphorisms and deeper concepts that I found from my years of astrological research in a blog, just like that? I will only tempt you but will never reveal these secrets. That is next to impossible!

[From my Telugu blog www.teluguyogi.net dated 25.3.2021]