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Total Solar Eclipse - 2017 and USA

( A research article by D.V. Krishna Vamsi)
Total solar eclipse is due on Aug 21 2017 for USA and below are my observations on solar eclipses :

Great American Total Solar Eclipse Aug 21, 2017

Solar eclipses have significant disruptive impact on the people at micro level (native’s charts)  and nations at macro level  (economic or political crises, civil unrests, severe weather, earthquakes)

On 2017 August 21, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the United States of America. It’s  a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse

Eclipses do often repeat after 18.5 years near the same degree, this is the so-called metonic cycle
The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in northern Pacific and crosses the USA from west to east through parts of the following states:
North Carolina,
and South Carolina (a tiny corner of Montana and Iowa are also in the path).
Greatest Eclipse 2 Minutes 40 seconds
Greatest Duration 2 Minutes 40 seconds

Solar Eclipse is happening in the Sign Leo:

Leo is royal sign, symbol of power, desire to rule and command others, it signifies disastrous consequences when afflicted. Positive keywords for leo are confidence, warmth love, protection and creativity. Negative keywords are vanity, dictatorial tendencies, outright controlling, extravagance and egotism.
Leo rules Government houses, head of the government authority, state ministers, politico-elite people, war-like events, shooting massacres, vehicular explosions and collisions.
Leo is fifth house in natural zodiac, signifies national politics (mantranga), government houses national pleasure and entertainment, sports, general amusements, sports and gambling

This Total Solar Eclipse falls in Leo (Fiery, Fixed Sign and 1st Decanate of the sign)

Eclipses in the Fiery sign threatens the destruction of Cattle and Sheep, exile or imprisonment or murder of some  notable or elite or political person or great ruler. Much discontent and dissension among the people. Movements of armies, fighting, fires, fevers.
Eclipses in the Fixed sign will have a very lasting effect.
Eclipses in the First Decanate of Leo (Lord of First Decanate of Leo is Sun) denotes the death of some famous prince, kingly person and scarcity of corn.
Events pertaining to Royalty or government heads, leaders may occur around or after this eclipse ( generally solar eclipse infers diverse events like deaths, crises, suppression, uprisings, attacks on the government's),Increased government or executive intervention.

Countries come under the influence of Leo sign are France, Italy, Romania, Sicily.
Cities come under the influence of Leo sign are Chicago, Philadelphia, los angeles, Bristol, Mumbai, Prague, Rome, Ravenna, Bath.

The effect is more powerful in those countries where the eclipse is actually visible, and also in those countries and cities ruled over by the sign in which the eclipse falls.

Eclipse Chart Aug 21 2017 ( with True Node)
Leo Sign has Rahu, Moon Sun Mercury saturn aspects this with his 10th aspect.
Cancer sign has Venus and Mars; Virgo has Jupiter & Scorpio has Saturn.  Ketu in Aquarius.

In the eclipse chart if more malefic aspects among the planets stronger the impact of malefic on the areas of solar eclipse path travelled and impact on the areas represented by sign leo.

Events that triggers the energy is the square of the transiting Sun to the transiting Node..
Leo sign has Scorpio, Aquarius, taurus in square to it so when Transit sun transits these .. they give scope to triggering of events.

This chart has major aspects as below :
Saturn square to Sun, Mercury, Moon Rahu.
Saturn (in watery sign)  quincunx to Uranus (in fiery sign)
As Saturn (airy) a malect casting his 10th aspect on four planets(Sun, Moon, Mercury(R), Rahu)  in Leo sign Sun (Fire) in leo sign(fiery)  may induce major fires, National pride events (since sun is Pride) like wars and space activities....Mountain eruptions, Fiery events...earthquakes(as Saturn in Scorpio)..
Rahu in the sign of leo with sun its lord; ruler's become so  aggressive
Moon represents powerful response by people (Masses) in contrast to the solar themes of strong government presence. Natural disasters(Rahu in fiery sign), political, people events, Transportation (Mercury).

Saturn <> Earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, coal mine disasters, bombs, collisions & diverse explosions, uprisings, suppression, shooting massacres
Uranus <> in Fiery sign Aries and in angle to the Sun, moon, Rahu, mercury....explosions most characterize Uranus angular presence...sudden rupture or eruption, shock, surprise and explosiveness are its contributions. Uranus in the first decanate of Aries is related with  movement of Armies ...                                   
Pluto is in angle to Sun Moon Mercury Rahu, this indicates a turning point on the lives of mass people and the impact will last for a long period of time.

Mars Transits Solar Eclipse degree around 1st week of September which will trigger many events

Strangely same planetary conjunctions in the Sign Leo  happened in the year 1793around September when solar eclipse occurred on Sep 5, 1793.

Sun, Mercury,Moon, Rahu in Leo


Solar Eclipse path of Sep 5 1793

Eclipse traveled through Europe and the impact of it revolt of people against the king/kingdom...aristocrats...of France (French Revolution days)

Mundane astrology ...countries signified by Sign Leo are France….

States in USA
New York----Leo
Colarado ----Leo

There is every chance that change in government rulings or  some attacks on governments or against government to Total Solar eclipse in occurring in Leo (RIGHT NOW ELECTIONS ARE HAPPENING IN FRANCE)

Astro-Carto-Graphy & Solar Eclipse Path
Solar eclips2.jpg

Eclipse paths can be superimposed on A*C*G maps.  The effect is similar to that of an eclipse  contacting a planet-the eclipse energizes it. The eclipse path energizes the planetary A*C*G  lines at the point of intersection.

A planetary MC line through a country can also indicate issues of national prestige or how a nation is seen by its neighbours or would like to be seen.

Mars on MC.. political fight,Wide range of general martial events including fires, violent explosions, earthquakes, violent accidents, high profile deaths by inflammatory illness or by violence(shootings), volcanic eruptions.

North Node on MC - Rulers going aggressive
Sun on MC - Involving for increased( may be excessive) government or executive intervention. Diverse events (deaths, crises) centered on Presidents, royalities, any heads of state, major fires.
Moon on MC - Powerful response by the people, moved emotionally.
Mercury on MC - Vehicular events, wind disasters and travel tragedies.
Saturn Square MC - Saturn stands out for all categories of events that involve significant loss of human life and costly property damage.
Neptune/IC Line and the Pacific Ring of Fire - their conjoined place is prone to Earthquakes.
The great eclipse path on the pacific ring of fire which is a zone for tectonic changes and a  cause for earthquakes.
Crossing Saturn/ Neptune:
Donald Bradley, in Solar & Lunar Returns, correctly articulated an important Saturn-Neptune theme, that it is “a real throne-toppler,” indicating various forms of removal, and “surely takes first prize for forcing resignations, abdications, exiles, deportations, and firings from jobs.”
Crossing Uranus/Pluto:                               
Uranus-Pluto signifies the sort of event that the news media calls a “major shakeup.” It is revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, and generally overthrowing.
Yellow stone caldera super VALCANO is near the yellow stone park which is Wyoming is in the total solar eclipse path which is about to erupt may get triggered by this celestial event…

Below are the places and countries natal chart 10th (karma) house degrees in Leo sign which may get some impact as Solar eclipse happening in Leo.

Paris, France

MC 25 Cancer
(+- 5 degrees near the eclipse degree)
Asc 20 Libra
Stuttgart, Germany
MC 04 Leo
Asc 26 Libra
Munich, Germany
MC 08 Leo
Asc 29 Libra
Prague, Czech Rep.
MC 11 Leo
Asc 01 Scorpio
Vienna, Austria
MC 14 Leo
Asc 04 Scorpio
Budapest, Hungary
MC 19 Leo
Asc 07 Scorpio
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
MC 21 Leo
Asc 10 Scorpio
Sofia, Bulgaria
MC 26 Leo
Asc 15 Scorpio
GE, Romania
MC 27 Leo
Asc 14 Scorpio
Athens, Greece
MC 28 Leo
Asc 18 Scorpio

Positive impact of few solar eclipses:

Total Transformation may happen after the solar eclipse in the path where it travelled

The solar eclipse path travelled in the  countries india china in 1999 July and we can see significant development in the economies of both countries after 1999.

The total solar eclipse path travelled in Gujarat state (India) and there was enormous growth in next 10-15 years in gujarat.

Next Solar Eclipse is in August 12 2045 lasting for 6 minutes.

The longer the duration of Eclipse and the impact of the events that are going to happen will be for long lasting years.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

GST Bill and 60 year time cycle of Hindu Astrology

(Research article by D.Vamsi Krishna and Satya Narayana Sarma)

In Indian Astrology we have a concept of 60 years cycle repeating eternally in the wheel of Time.Though we have been following the western system of counting the years as per Christian Era, traditionally we do follow our Indian System for day to day purposes.

One important feature of the 60 year cycle is that similar trends recur exactly in the same years again and again. It is a real wonder to observe how the actual events change over a period of time but the trends remain the same.

The 60 year time cycle is based on the heavenly movement of Jupiter and Saturn known in Jyotish as Jiva Karaka and Karma Karaka respectively. In 60 years Jupiter completes 5 cycles of the zodiac and Saturn 2 cycles. This is a very important yardstick to measure human life in terms of the great circles completed in the heavens by the two major planets.

Now look at what happened 60 years agao.

Hemalamba nama Samvastara (1957-58) Ugadi New Year

31 March 1957  4:33 PM

Below are the major acts passed in Parliament of India which influenced the revenue of government in a notable way. Since the year Hemalamba comes under Vishnu vishanti its lord is the Sun.

Wealth Tax Act 1957  was enacted on 01 April 1957 and is in force till 2016. Wealth tax was subsequently abolished in the Union Budget ( 2016 - 2017 ) presented by Union Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jately on 28-Feb-2015).

Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act 1957 was enacted on 28 Dec 1957 (2 major amendments took place in 2015 & 16)

1957 Ramnad riots  July - Sep 1957

Parliament passed the Copyright Act of 1957

Indian Parliament passed a bill bringing Kashmir under its control as part of the Union of India.

Planetary positions at the time of Tithi pravesha chart of 1957

Jupiter (R) in  Kanya
Saturn (R) in Vrischika
Sun Moon Venus in  Meena
Mars in Vrishaba
Ketu in mesha 
rahu in tula 

Now let me look into the current year 2017 Hemalamba Nama Samvastara

Planetary positions at the time of Tithi pravesha chart of 2017

Jupiter(R) in Kanya
Saturn in Dhanus (due to Athichara this time he moved fast to dhanus)
Sun,Moon Venus(R) in Meena,
Mars & Mercury in Mesha
Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Kumbha

Surprisingly, proving the veracity of Indian Astrology, GST bill is passed today by Indian Parliament.

This is another clear proof which shows that there are cycles in the time frame giving rise to similar trends in human affairs.

Can we remain without feeling a sense of awe and respect for the wisdom of our ancestors in making out such a wonderful science for our use?

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Trouble in Uttar Pradesh in 2018-20?- A research

(Astro research by D.Vamsi Krishna & R.S.Sarma)

It is a settled law in Astrology that when ever there is any association by way of Conjunction or Trine or Opposition or same direction rasis as per Nadi method between Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter there were always communal riots or political turmoil or mass killings at many places on the globe.

This was proved during Godhra riots and Ayodhya riots.

Between 2018-2020 the same Ketu+Saturn+Jupiter association happening raising our eyebrows. Already Ramajanma bhoomi is boiling again with the Supreme court directing both the parties to the dispute to sort out the issue out of court. Now Yogi Adityanath has become CM of U.P and in his personal chart also Ketu dasa will operate at that time. This is a clear pointer to the future.

Before attempting to delve into the karmic depths of this Astrlogical Yoga, let us look back into history to see what happened during past incidents.

Ayodhya communal riots


06 Dec 1992

At that time Ketu and Saturn both were in South Direction and Bhu tattwa rasis. This Ketu-Saturn association always ignites communal riots.Because of this ominous yoga, mass death of people happened. Because Jupiter being in Virgo (south direction) was also associated with this yoga the issue had religious overtones.

Godhra Riots 

27 Feb 2002


At that time Saturn was in Bhu tatwa rasi, retro Jupiter in Gemini aspecting Ketu in Dhanus but Jupiter comes back to Taurus to join Saturn resulted in mass killings. It is noteworthy that Ketu was in Jupiter house, showing religious violence.

It all started on 27 Feb 2002 and ended in May 2002 till Jupiter got direct in his journey in the skies.

Based on the graha yogas that existed during the above worst times, it can be foretold that similar incidents may happen in near future.

The difficult times in the near future could be the following:--

March-2018, March-2019, November 2019-April 2020.

CM Adityanath Yogi needs to be very careful and tactful during the above periods to resolve the strife with minimum loss to one and all. A lot of advance planning is needed by the Administration to face the above indicated times.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope - Nadi Astrology perspective

[This post is written by Shri. Vamsi Krishna ( who is a software engineer at Hyderabad and a tireless researcher of Astrology from the age of 17 years. He has got excellent predictive abilities. I can say he mastered many branches of Astrology on his own before becoming my disciple.In fact, there is no branch of Astrology that he had not touched and researched into. Read his analysis of Yogi Adityanath Chart from Nadi perspective....]

Yogi Adityanath - Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Bhrigu-Nandi Naadi Analysis

Birth Data:  05 June 1972, 11:50 AM  Pauri Garhwal

Sun being a ruling class planet must be strong and if it is weak must be supported by another exalted planet or Jupiter for Politicians.

Saturn being the planet of karma should link to Sun.

Jupiter representing Jeevakaraka and also a planet of nobility must support the combination.

Mercury represetns intelligence and Rahu the hard work and secrecy.

The link of Ketu indicates fame.

Mars the planet of power is optional for a politician to exercise power.

In his Natal Chart

Mercury Sun Saturn Rahu are in South direction
Retro Jupiter in East Direction
Retro Venus Mars Moon in West Direction
Ketu in North Direction

Mercury and Venus (R) are in exchange

Mars in Gemini aspecting Retro Jupiter, Jupiter(R) taking this back to rear sign Scorpio gets an aspect from Ketu in cancer

Mercury Sun Saturn in bhoo-tatwa rasi and bhoga sign Taurus where they are joined by Venus (R) and aspected by Jupiter(R) blessed him the head of a big mutt.

Jupiter(R) in Sagittarius (a sign of political/elite posts) going to back to rear sign aspecting Saturn (karma, mass people) sun (fame name recognition high posts) mercury (speech) blessed him political career ...
Sun got connected to Saturn,  Mercury,  Rahu (being in the same direction South) this all is getting aspected by Jupiter after retrograde coming back to Scorpio (rear sign). Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu all participating in this and Jupiter aspecting them after retrograde blessed him political career.
Ketu in his motion comes across Mars as its 2nd to him and this is aspected by Jupiter (R). Also Jupiter comes to rear as he is retrograde gets connected to Ketu in north direction sign cancer, this gave him Peethadhishwar of Gorakhnath Temple 

Saturn (Karma) & Jupiter ( Jeeva) in their transits based on the natal planets configuration to the planets & their karakatwas based on the rasi gunas they bless the native results of his karma (both positive and negative).
As we have analysed that in this native chart political yoga and posts are promised, Transit Jupiter and Saturn will activate them. 

March 1998 First time elected as MP

Transit Planetary positions on March 10, 1998
Transits Sun Mars Mercury Saturn are in North sign Pisces, its in association with Natal Jupiter (after retrograde comes to rear sign scorpio) have ignited the natal political post that is there in the natal chart.
Transit Saturn in 3/11 position to Natal Saturn.

Oct 1999 : Re elected to 13th Lokshabha (2nd term)

Transit Planetary positions on October 1999

In transit in Oct 1999  Jup(R) Sat(R) in Aries, Venus in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius which are signs related to political posts. Jupiter & Saturn by retro in rear sign Pisces is activating natal connection through the Natal  planet Jupiter in Scorpio (north direction sign). Both Saturn and Jupiter in transit have activated the natal connection through Jupiter

May 2004:

Transit Planetary positions on May 2004

In transit, Natal Jupiter has Transit Jupiter in same direction sign along with Mercury and Rahu.
Natal Jupiter also aspected by Transit Saturn along with Mars Venus and this is 2nd to the natal Sun, Saturn, Mercury by this the natal configuration got activated by transit planets.

May 2009

Transit Planetary positions on May 2009
Transit Jupiter in 3rd to Natal Jupiter and in same direction that of Natal Mars.
Transit Saturn in Leo in same direction of Natal Jupiter, in 3rd to Natal Mars and Venus
Transit Sun, Mercury, Rahu, Moon in the same direction of Natal Sun Mercury Rahu.
Transit Ketu on the natal Ketu  all this blessed him the post of parliamentary member again.

May 2014

Transit Planetary positions on May 2014

Transit Jupiter is on the Natal Mars and Venus aspecting Natal Jupiter and in 2nd to Natal Saturn, Mercury, Sun.

Transit Saturn(R) in same direction (west) of Natal Mars and Venus. Saturn is retro goes to rear sign Virgo there by gets association with Natal Saturn, Sun, Mercury.
Transit Mars(R) in Virgo gets association of Nata Saturn, Sun, Mercury and after he goes to  rear sign by retro gets association of Natal Jupiter, all these activated natal combination which is conducive to Politician MP Post. 
Sun (21), Saturn (17) association in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus and its a Moola trikona sign of Moon. He was member of various committees and standing committees of Parliament which dealt with Transport, Tourism and Culture. And Rahu & Mercury in same direction to this, he was member of a standing committee on External affairs.