Thursday, 30 January 2020

Corona Virus - Astro connection !

Corona of the Sun
As you all know, we had the six planet conglomeration in Sagittarius from 25th to 27th of December-2019. Exactly after three days, a new virus called Corona virus had seen the limelight in China. Now the entire world is scary of this virus, spreading in many countries with lightening speed. It starts with simple cold, develops into fever and pneumonia, may end up in kidney failure and ultimately may lead to death. Many people returning from China, especially from the city of Wuhan, are being isolated into special wards of hospitals. In China, with a view to containing the spread of this deadly virus, restrictions were imposed on the travel plans of millions of people. Cases have been reported from Texas, Washington and Chicago. In India, first case of Corona virus has been reported from Kerala, from a man who returned from Wuhan city in China.

This virus may cause two diseases, SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). These infections start with symptoms resembling a common cold and quickly develops into further complications. As of now we don't have a sure shot medicine for this syndrome. Many have died worldwide, affected by this virus.

Corona Virus

We are aware of this virus from 1960s. We also knew that it existed on Earth from 6000 BC. However, the current strain is a new development of this virus. It is interesting to note that all this has started within three days of the six planet conglomeration in Sagittarius.

There was a Solar eclipse during this six planet Yoga. The subtle connection between Solar eclipse and this virus may surprise you ! During the eclipse, we see a ring like formation around the Sun, the corona, when the Sun is totally blocked by the Moon. The shape of this virus resembles a solar eclipse, resembling a corona. May be, that was the reason why it was named as Corona Virus.

The Nodal connection

Many times in the past, I hinted at the subtle but powerful control the Lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, had over all chronic diseases and micro organisms. Now listen to my enumeration of the nodal connection.

According to medical science, this virus is transmitted to humans from camels, owls and snakes, after which, it spreads through sneezing and physical contact. According to Astrology, all the three - the camel, the owl and the snake - fall under the jurisdiction of Rahu. Rahu is the significator of all Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia where we find the camels in abundance.

The owl is a mammal which wanders during nights. It rests in lonely abandoned houses and forest trees. All these places are controlled by Rahu again.  The nodes travel backwards in the Zodiac and the owl also hangs upside down to the trees. Rahu and Ketu are the significators of evil spirits and demons. In the western countries, the owl is considered as a messenger of Dracula and the devil.

Now comes the snake. More than anything else, Rahu and Ketu represent the serpents. We find the Sarpa Dosha or the curse of serpents in a chart on account of Rahu and Ketu. So, snakes are controlled by the Lunar nodes, for sure.

The Chinese are known to eat snakes. So, they are acting as carriers of the Nodal influence. That is the reason why, Corona virus is spreading from China to all countries of the world.

The Homoeopathic connection

As of now, the world knows neither a medicine nor a vaccine, except in Homoeopathic system of medicine, to counter this virus. In India, only Homoeopathy could save thousands of lives when deadly disease like Zika fever, Dengue fever and Chikan gunya raised their ugly heads. You will be surprised to know that Homoeopathy is ruled by Rahu again. Long ago, I found that successful doctors of Homoeopathy have exalted or debilitated Nodes in their charts !!

You will appreciate my logic if you look at the Solar eclipse and the six planet configuration that happened just 2 days before the outbreak of this deadly virus.

This is how we find the subtle connections that exist between human affairs and the movement of heavenly bodies !

Saturday, 7 September 2019

'Why Chandrayaan - 2 failed?' - Astro analysis

I heard the impish laugh of Karna Pisachi in my left ear, as soon as I sat down to write this post.

'How come you are not seen nowadays, like before? - I demanded somewhat angrily.

'You have suddenly become a very good boy nowadays and not trying your hand at controversial topics like before' - She countered with the tenacity of a true devil.

'You know, I was busy in shifting to Hyderabad and could not find time to write the posts. Leave it. May I ask you the reason for your devilish laugh?' I asked her.

'I laughed thinking about the possible reaction of your loving critics when they read this post' - It said with its characteristic mischievous smile.

'What do you think my critics will say about this post? I asked her.

'Your critics? They will shout that you will always analyse everything post-facto, but never before an incident happens.'

'Let them think as they like. Who am I to regulate their thoughts? Moreover, when our country embarks upon something big like landing on the Moon, why should I say that it would fail in the end? And who will care, even if I say so? That is the reason why I kept quiet'. I replied her.

'So, you know this beforehand?' - She glanced at me curiously.

'Yes I know. You know what, last night the whole of India was awake glued to the TV sets, except me. I slept happily and got up leisurely and never bothered to know, because I already knew. It is so simple. Let me explain it to you.' I said. 

'Ok Go ahead. I am listening' - It said, sitting beside me on the bed and peeping into my laptop.

I started to explain.

Chandrayaan - 2 was launched on 22-7-2019 at 14.43 hours from Srihatikota in South India. You can see the chart cast for that time and the position of planets therein.

Scorpio was rising at that time with retro Jupiter indicating that the event has no blessings from Jupiter. Now, we all know that Jupiter being the preceptor of gods must bless any important event for its smooth finish. However, Jupiter is a benefic for this Lagna and hence the launch happened without facing any hurdle. It is better to remember that the first launch was aborted due to a technical snag and it became a success on second attempt. That is what retro Jupiter indicates sitting in the Lagna.

It is desirable to have a movable Ascendant when we start on a long journey. However, Scorpio being a static Ascendant is not at all good, and I don't know who selected this time for the launch. Most of the mediocre astrologers and priests commit such mistakes which cost the mission very dearly. People say that Sun in 11th and Jupiter in Ascendant nullifies all the blemishes of a chart, which is far from truth. It never happens in reality !

We all know that the Ninth house rules over long journeys. Now, we have three planets in the 9th viz., Sun, Mercury and debilitated Mars. Among them, Mercury, being the lord of communications, is deeply combust indicating communication failure in the last minute. Mars is Ascendant Lord in debility in 9th house showing that the work undertaken will fail in last minute. And Sun is 10th Lord with 8th Lord Mercury showing failure of the mission.

At the time of launch, it was Saturn- Saturn- Rahu- Sun-Mercury Dasa which was running. We all know that Saturn Rahu combination is not at all good as it is called a cursed Yoga. Sun and Mercury who are the Lords of 4th and 5th levels of the Dasa, were in 8th house, showing that the mission will fail.

Yesterday night, at the time when they tried to land on the Moon, it was Saturn- Saturn- Jupiter- Jupiter - Rahu. No time could be worse than this, because Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu combination joins in it,  two most dreaded Yogas viz., the Shapitha Yoga and Guru Chandala Yoga, indicating sure failure.

One need not be a great expert in Astrology to understand all this. What I am explaining is basic Astrology. Anyone with a moderate knowledge in Astrology can understand this logic easily. I don't understand which Pundit had set this Muhurta for the rocket launch.

Never have any doubt that 'Do they fix a Muhurta for Space missions also?' Such things are not rare in our country, though we will never know who did all that. Somebody even told me that they bring some parts of the rocket secretly to Tirumala and touch them to the feet of Lord Balaji's idol to receive divine blessings for the mission. I don't know how far this information is true, but I cannot doubt it either, going by the strange things that happen in our country unnoticed.

Sometime after the launch on 22nd of July, there was a rumor in the Internet circles that ISRO took the help of Shankaracharya of Dwaraka in their mission. It said that the Shankaracharya, being an expert in Vedic mathematics, helped ISRO in deducing the correct distance between the Earth and the Moon. I could not help laughing when I first heard this news. With the help of science we know the exact distance between the Earth and Moon. There is no need at all to consult Shankaracharya to know this data from the scriptures.

Last but not the least, we should have done the job silently, without attracting international attention. Our achievement should speak about our ability, not our web sites and channels, that too, before we reach the destination ! It is better to do the work silently and achieve silently, rather than bragging about what we are going to do and fail ultimately.

Prime Minister Modi Ji, with a big heart, consoled the crying ISRO Chairman. This scene made the whole nation to cry, in support of them. Our PM, who is the best of all PMs India ever had till now, stood behind the scientists of ISRO and boosted their sinking morale. He urged them to do better next time.

In space missions, failures are the stepping stones to success. Let us hope ISRO will surely fare better next time. Let me say, along with our PM, - 'This is no mean achievement. Have courage and try again. Don't get disheartened. We are all behind you'.

Let us all unite and pray and work hard to make India rise again and attain its rightful place among world's great nations!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

'Maha Souram' English E Book released today

According to Indian calendar, today is pushya krishna saptami, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. So, I am releasing 'Maha Souram' English E book today.

Swami Vivekananda, on his last day, said to his disciples 'You need to write commentaries on the wonderful mantras hidden in the Vedas and let the world know their real meanings'.

He said these immortal words, citing the following mantra from the Taittiriya Upanishad 

'antarena taluke| sa esa stana ivavalambate| sendra yoni:| yatrasou kesantou vivartate| vyapohya sirsakapale| 

I described in my first book sri vidya rahasyam (The secret of Sri Vidya, in Enlgish) how this wonderful mantra was suggesting khecari yoga. Maha Souram too is a wonderful compendium of powerful Sun mantras which have deep esoteric meanings. So, I am releasing this book today, on the auspicious birthday of Swami Vivekananda.

I believe that this English book will be much appreciated by the international readers who cannot understand the original Telugu book. Like my other books, this book also is available from Very soon it will be available from amazon also.

2019 will see many more invaluable books from my pen and I promise they will become treats to the spiritually hungry souls worldwide.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What happened in Panchawati in 2018?

The following things happened in Panchawati in 2018.

1. Second edition of my Telugu book 'Sri Vidya Rahasyam' with a new chapter named 'The four traditions' was released. The new chapter contains about fifty Telugu poems that explain the four traditions of Sri Vidya in lucid style. Some of the printer's devils have been corrected.

2. A new book named 'Hidden meanings of Lalita Sahasra Nama' has been released. It is the English translation of my Telugu book called 'Lalita Sahasra Nama Rahasyardha Pradipika'.

3. Second edition of my Enlgish book 'Secret of Sri Vidya' has been released.

4. 'Vijnana Bhairava Tantra' Telugu E- book and print books have been released. This book contains many of my sadhana experiences and insights.

5. 'Vijnana Bhairava Tantra' English E book and Print book have been released.

6. Telugu E books and print books of 'Dattatreya Yoga Shastram' and 'Jabala Darsana Upanishad' were released.

7. 'The science of Yoga according to Lord Dattatreya', and 'Jabala Darshana Upanishad' have been released.

8. A spiritual retreat involving members of Panchawati group has been conducted at Guntur.

9. We purchased a house at Jillellamudi, the place of Mother of Jillellamudi. On that occasion, we conducted a spiritual retreat over there.

9. 'Maha Souram' my latest Telugu E book has been released.

10. We conducted a spiritual retreat at Warangal with members of our group. 

11. We visited Jayarambati, Kamarpukur, Dakshineswar and Belur Math along with about forty members of Panchawati. 'Maha Souram' Telugu print book has been released at Jayarambati.

There developed a family bonding among Panchawati members. They understood themselves well. In this process they evolved further in their inner life and came closer to me.

2018 offered many valuable insights to our members and opened up new direction in their lives. On the whole, 2018 has been a very satisfying year to all of us.

Our spiritual journey continues !!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Happy Diwali ! Don't buy crackers !!

When I was 15 years old, I stopped buying crackers for Diwali. This happened 40 years ago, in 1978. I was just 15 then, but had the realization that celebrating Diwali with crackers is nothing but adding to environmental pollution. I also observed that many people suffered regularly from breath related problems just around Diwali time. So, I used to reject the offer of my parents asking me to buy crackers. Since then, I have been constantly trying to enhance the awareness among all around me not to buy crackers and increase the air pollution. Very few understood me, others teased me and some others considered me to be a miser. Nevertheless, I firmly remained with my understanding. 

I do celebrate Diwali, but in a different way. I just light lamps in my house and sit in silent meditation as long as I could. This is how I celebrate my Diwali. I have been doing this for the past 40 years.

Recently, Supreme Court has ruled prohibiting the manufacture of crackers that emit heavy smoke, terrible sound and chemicals into the air. It also laid down that bursting of crackers should be resorted to from 8 PM to 10 PM. Immediately the Crackers Manufacturing Association of Sivakasi in Tamilnadu has rejected this ruling as untenable. I had a belly laugh after reading this news.

Who cares for law in this country? The honorable judges of Supreme Court may be right in thinking that their ruling will be automatically followed by everybody in the country. Sadly, it is not the fact. In India, everybody has his own set of rules. Nobody cares the courts and no institution can enforce the ruling of the court on people who are unwilling to follow them, all the while heading towards destruction. Not even he who is suffering from Ashtma and gasping for a breath of fresh air will stop celebrating Diwali with crackers. He is blissfully unaware of the fact that his Ashtma has its roots in the air pollution caused by bursting of crackers. Neither will he understand on his own, nor will he listen to sane advice. People of India are such !

The pollution generated by our country by bursting of crackers during Diwali time is badly affecting the environment of other countries too. This has been confirmed by satellites. The chemical smoke released into air, mixed with dust, plays havoc with the health of citizens by creating many respiratory problems. Environmentalists have been rising a hue and cry over this issue sing long, but who cares in this country? It is certain that we are heading towards some kind of mass destruction.

In my childhood, I felt somewhat skeptical after reading the Kala Jnanam (Predictions) of Saint Veera Brahmendra Swamy. He gave a gory picture of mass destruction that will happen in India by disease and war. Seeing the advancements in science and technology, I could not believe that his predictions will ever come true. However, after growing up a little and looking around the people of our society, I was convinced with the predictions of the saint. I understood that even intellectuals with Ph.Ds were grossly ignorant on many issues other than their fields of research. They are not open in their thinking. When this is the condition of the so-called intellectuals, what to speak of common men of our society who are no better than animals? Ignorance and adamant nature - these two demons are killing our society. When I observed their presence everywhere around me, I thought the saint was right in picturing Apocalypse-like events in his Predictions. He was true, we are certainly heading towards mass destruction !

There is a family in our vicinity. Their children reside in USA but visit India every year during Diwali. To exhibit the power of Dollar, they burst heavy crackers laying them on the road across two full lanes. These crackers keep on bursting for 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch with heavy sounds. Idiotic fools gather in large numbers to see this spectacle. I feel ashamed of myself to be a part of this idiotic society. But what can we do? The entire Indian society is such. For people like me who tend to think a little, the only choice available now is to leave this country to settle in a country which has a better society.

All said and done, we need to do something to better our society. So I am requesting all the members of Panchawati group to desist from buying crackers to celebrate Diwali this year. I also request my disciples who are in USA not to burst crackers during Diwali festival. Please keep that country clean, atleast. 

Please celebrate Diwali as I do. Light the lamps of awareness and meditation in you. Live totally fulfilled lives. Don't just live like animals.

Those who say they are following me should follow my way of life. Let us put forth a small effort to lessen the air pollution that is going to devour India during Diwali time. Are you aware that every year thousands of people including small children were dying with breathing problems in India, just after Diwali time? And the crackers you buy and burst are the culprits ! Don't become killers ! Become human beings !! Stop crackers during Diwali !!

I think this is a small gift that we can give to the idiotic society that we are living in !!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

'Sri Jabala Darsana Upanishad' English E book released

We have released another E- Book named Sri Jabala Darsana Upanishad from our publications. Telugu E Book was released some time back and received good reviews from thoughtful readers. Now, English E book is released for the international readers.

As usual, my sincere thanks to my USA disciples for making this book a reality in a very short time.

Print versions of both Telugu and English books will be released in a few days.

Interested readers can have this book from site.

Jupiter transit into Scorpio - Results

Around 5.30 PM tomorrow, Jupiter is going to step into Scorpio. He has been in Libra from the last one year and now he is going to land into its next sign. This change of signs will create many corresponding changes in the lives of all human beings. If you have a keen eye, you must be witnessing many changes in your life since a month or so. These are the results of what is called twilight effect or orb. Ayanamsa also plays its role in this phenomenon.

Jupiter will stay in the new sign for one year. However, he will change signs in the Navamsa chart once every forty days. So there will be subtle changes once every forty days in the coming year. However, the overall trend will be as under for all the signs.

Digestion will slow down. Chronic diseases will surface. Liver gives trouble. Life will take a spiritual turn. Mental worry will increase. Some will get parental property.


Foreign journey is in the offing. Life will turn to a low key. Some will be married. There are profits in business. Quarrels with elders of the family.


Quarrels with teachers and those in authority. Digestion gives trouble. Work drives you mad. Health issues will surface.


Secret love affairs. Old love wakes up. Mind becomes cunning. Spiritual tendencies. Visits temples. Good times for children.


Good for students. Family matters sail smooth. Will buy lands, vehicles and house.


Courage wakes up. Short journeys. Good time for brothers. Old Karma fructifies very fast.


Reputation grows. Earns money. Peace at home. Education shines. 


Self confidence increases. Love life begins. Higher education. Good times for children. Earns in share market.


Sudden expenses. Visits hospital. Suffers silent agony. Life appears a jail. May face an accident. Health issues surface.


Gains in all fronts. Purchases lands and houses. New friends bring good tidings. Good for brothers. Luck smiles.


Shines in profession. Peace at home. Acquires property. Parents feel happy.


Visits temples. Spiritual events. Earns love of elders. Gains money. Luck smiles. Old problems start disappearing.