Sunday, 19 July 2020

U.G (Uppaluri Gopalakrishna Murti) - Astro analysis

As far as I could see, there are only two persons from the land of Telugu people of India, who could stand tall facing the whole world and say 'Go to hell !'. One is Gudipati Venkata Chalam or simply Chalam and the other is Uppaluri Gopalakrishnamurti or simply UG. I wrote about Chalam a few years back. He was a poet, a novelist, a dreamer, a lover, and a seeker of ultimate meaning of life. He never cared for money, fake human relations, social restrictions, intellectual limitations and the like. UG was a person who denied the very existence of mind itself and said 'Unless you disappear, you cannot be'. Nobody knows Chalam, except the Telugu people and especially the literary circles of the old generation. The whole world knows about UG. Of course, the lost youth of today, is happily unaware of these two great personalities. People like Chalam are rarely born, and people like UG are born very very rarely.
Curiously, both were from Andhra Pradesh, from the same Krishna District and both were Brahmins. Chalam was born at Valluripalem and UG at Machilipatnam. Both were connected to Ramana Maharshi and both walked the path of Jnana. Chalam could not reach the goal but UG did.
Chalam was born in 1894 and died at Arunachalam in 1979. UG was born in 1918 and died at Vallecrosia, Italy in 2007, Both were connected to the Movie field. Chalam did the screenplay work to the yesteryears Telugu movie 'Malapilla'. Bollywood film personalities Mahesh Bhatt, Parvin Babi and others were staunch followers of UG. Both Chalam and UG died almost incognito in very ordinary circumstances. Both shared close spiritual ideas. However, Chalam died as a seeker and UG as a realized being. We can see these traits in their birth charts clearly.

Since yesterday I was reading UG on the Internt. Today I wanted to look into his birth chart and to my surprise found that today the 9th of July, is his birthday. I was not surprised in a big way, as I had seen these kind of strange happenings in my life many many times. But I was a little bit curious why I got tuned to UG who was supposed to be an eccentric mystic and anti guru. I consoled myself saying that though I did not have as much of extreme lunacy (or naturalness?) as UG had, I too was waking in a more or less similar path sine my childhood.

Ramana Maharshi, Rajaneesh, Jiddu, UG - their paths were more or less the same. For the time being, let us keep Ramana Maharshi aside. He was almost above controversy. Among the remaining three, I give the highest place only to UG. There are some valid reasons for my conclusion.

UG never duped the world nor manipulated people like Osho did. UG never taught something he did not experience. Osho talked on many things, almost all things under the Sun, which he did not personally experience. In a talk with his admirers, which is available on you tube, UG says about Osho 'He was a pimp. He used to encourage men and women to enjoy freely, and called it Tantric sex, but took money from both. What else can we call him other than that?'

In another you tube interview, some one asked UG about Satya Sai Baba and he replied. 'He was a criminal'. Now, the whole world knows what happened at Satya Sai Ashram during his last days.

UG was exposed to Theosophy from his tender age as his grandfather was a staunch follower of that cult. He knew Jiddu personally and worked in Theosophical Society as a speaker and in a secretarial position for some years. Then he left them due to many reasons. He used to criticize Jiddu for his secret relation with Rosalind Rajagopal. He knew many inside stories because he worked and lived in that organization for years. UG cited the huge properties of the organisation as real reasons for Rajagopal, husband of Rosalid, to keep quiet, even though he was fully aware of the clandestine relation his wife had with Jiddu. Now the whole world knows how Jiddu and Rosalind fell out and got separated in the last phase of Jiddu's life, reasons being money, property and power.

Jiddu used to talk against sex on many occasions, all the while having an active sex life. At one time, while talking to the youth of USA, Jiddu said 'Why do you crave sex? Can't you remain silently and peacefully, just holding the hand of your girl friend?'. This is nothing but hypocrisy. UG used to call 'bullshit' the state of 'choiceless awareness' advocated by Jiddu.

Preaching to the world not to do anything to get enlightened, Jiddu used to practice Yoga Asanas, of course, not the way the world is practicing them now in a big way. UG said that Jiddu used to get his body massaged with a herbal oil that came from Kerala every month afresh, just to have a smooth skin. UG termed all these as hypocrisies. That was how UG started distancing himself from Jiddu and Theosophy.

Later, when he went through what he called 'Calamity', I think he had attained what is termed in the Yoga scriptures as the state of 'Amanaska' or mindless state. He called it the natural state, because in that state, the body starts functioning on its own, without being interfered by the mind and its thoughts. Since then, he lived in the natural state, having casual talks with people.

Our scriptures call this the state of a Jnani. Though he detested the terms enlightenment or Jivanmukti etc., many of his admirers including myself believe that he attained the state of a Jivanmukta (one who is liberated while yet living) and an Avadhuta ( a free soul).

It is a common sight to see disciples showering high praises on their gurus. But, there should be proofs in the lives of the gurus to corroborate the claims of their disciples. If not, the so called teachings of the gurus become false and fake. Looking from this angle, UG lived a very pure and simple life compared to the controversial and dubious lives of Osho and Jiddu.

In the words of Parvin Babi, who at one time, moved very closely with UG for some years - 'As far as I could see, UG was the only person who never used others for his personal gain'.

Valentine who lived with UG for 21 long years and seen many people around the world, once said, 'UG is the nicest and kindest man I have ever seen'.

There is no compromise in UG. He tells you the harshest truth by punching  straight in your face. There were no secret shades in his life either. Many people who knew him intimately, said that they never saw in their life another man who lived so openly like UG.

Some one asked UG 'what is your message to the world'.

He replied - 'Nothing. I don't want to be remembered'.

Mahesh Bhatt says  that he went to Osho in a very helpless state of mind. It seems he asked Osho ' I want support. I am helpless and afraid. I dont know if God exists or not'.

It seems Osho replied in these lines - 'Jesus while on the cross, doubted the existence of God and shouted 'O Lord why did you forsake me?'. Then and there he saw God on his side. Now you are in the same state, but I am here to save you'.

Osho used to give whatever you wanted to have. If you wanted a biscuit he gave a biscuit, if a cake, a cake. In this process, you fall into his trap. Osho played with the weaknesses of people. But UG was different. He never minced his words and always said the truth.

UG said to Mahesh Bhatt ' A real guru, if he ever exists, will free you from himself also'. 

In my view, UG is a realized soul, a Jivanmukta and a Jnani. The Yoga Upanishads call this state in which we see UG as 'Amanaska sthithi', the state of a Jnani. I strongly feel that the world never knew how to treat him in the manner he deserved. Nevertheless, such souls neither care not expect fame or recognition from the world.

Though he said, things happen by bits and pieces and have no inherenat cause and effect relation between them, let me look into his Astro chart and at his life events in a retrospective vision. I strongly feel that the chart of a Jnani will clearly show the necessary planetary yogas suggesting the birth of a great soul. After all, UG knew Astrology and Palmistry very well. Astrology was in his blood, as his grandfathers were experts in Indian Astrology, like all the elders of older Brahmin generations were.

(originally published in my Telugu blog on 9-7-2020, the birth date of UG.)

(To be continued)

Monday, 6 July 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput - Death mystery - Astro analysis

A mystery is raging around the death of Sushanth Singh Rajput, an upcoming actor in Bollywood. He died on 14th June 2020 under mysterious circumstances and found hanging in his house in Mumbai. Many believe that it is not a suicide as it was initially believed to be, but a murder. Let us look into his Astro chart to see through the mist.

He was born on 21-1-1986 in Patna. According to sources, his birth time was 2.15 AM which makes him a Scorpio ascendant. You can see his birth chart here, cast in South Indian model using Lahiri Ayanamsa which I always follow and trust as the most reliable among all Ayanamsas.

At the outset, we can see debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn the 3rd house, along with Sun and deeply combust Venus. Now, according to the the dictum of sage Jaimini, malefic influences on the 3rd house result either in suicide or in unnatural death. Third house is the house of longevity and malefic influence on it drains its power to confer long life.

Moon as 9th lord in his chart is exalted and going towards the full Moon day. So I suppose that Sushant is a very good and kind hearted man. However, the same Moon may make him hasty and prone to thoughtless actions in a fit of emotion.

Malefic Saturn in Lagna is not a welcome sign in this chart. Saturn aspects Moon with a very powerful direct aspect, making Sushant prone to easy depression. This yoga gives bad luck which haunts the native throughout his life.

As I said above, his 3rd house is badly damaged, owing to the presence of three planets viz., debilitated Jupiter, malefic Sun and deeply combust Venus. These three malefics are aspected by the bad aspects of Saturn from Scorpio and Mars from Libra. This damages his house of longevity badly. No wonder he is dead at the age of 34.

'Manda maandibhyam jalodbandhanaadibhi' - 'Either from Karakamsa or from Lagna, if Saturn or Mandi are in the 3rd house, the native dies from drowning or by hanging' is the celebrated dictum given by Sage Jaimini in his Jaimini Sutras. This principle has been proved again. Nevertheless, we have neither Saturn nor Mandi in 3rd house in this chart, but there are multiple bad influences on it. You will be surprised to know that the same principle was verified in the charts of Jia Khan, Ranganadh and Uday Kiran, all movie artistes who committed suicide in the past. You can read my old posts for the analysis of their charts.

Jupiter, as 5th lord, is the karaka for love affairs. His debility in the house of courage is not a good sign at all as far as love life is concerned. Combustion of Venus by 10th Lord Sun who rules over profession, indicates affairs with beautiful girls/actresses that may backfire.

Placement of Lagna lord Mars in 12th house ruled by Venus along with Ketu who signifies Venus again, supports the above deduction, that romance with co-actresses may cause mishaps in his life.

Unsteady mind

Aspects of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mars and Ketu on Moon makes him very unstable in his thoughts. He is prone to easy depression and uncertainty.


He died on 14th June 2020. At that time, he was running Rahu-Moon-Venus dasa as per Vimsottari system. Rahu indicates Lagna lord Mars in 6th house of enemies showing that he has very powerful enemies with nefarious plans to harm him. Combination of Rahu and Mars gives rise to demoniac qualities, in this case, in his enemies. Moon, karaka for mind, is no doubt powerful but very unstable as explained above. Moreover, he is in a death inflicting house. As the 9th lord he indicates powerful persons in authority who are not happy with Sushant.

Combination of Rahu and Moon either in the chart or in the dasa indicates an eclipse. Technically, this is called 'pisacha grasta yoga' or a planetary combination which suggests possession by an evil spirit. This yoga makes the native almost insane. He becomes very unstable in his mind and lands himself in troubles.

Sun as 10th lord indicates the Bollywood bigheads. 3rd house indicates communication and contracts. So, this could indicate differences with those in authoritative positions in the film industry. Combustion of Venus indicates involvement of girls.

Movie industry is known for its dirty traps and repulsive culture. There were any number of good actors/actresses who ended their lives in the past, unable to cope up with the fake culture of film industry. Moreover, it is a known fact that Bollywood is closely connected to Mafia. Any differences in financial deals with them may result in mysterious deaths.

There is news that Sushant Singh suffered from Schizophrenia and used to hear voices shortly before his death. It seems Ria chakravarty heard this from Mahesh Bhatt who, after observing Sushant Singh, remembered Parvin Babi who took to drugs and died in suspicious circumstances in 2005. It is said that Mahesh Bhatt, at one time, was warned by UG to get rid of Parvin as soon as possible to save his skin. There seems to be a resemblance between Parvin Babi of olden days and Sushant Singh of today.

In Astrology circles, we consider 33rd year in one's life as a dangerous zone. If the person is sensitive in nature and has bad yogas in his chart, he may die around 33 years of age. This had happened to many in the past including Bruce Lee. Very surprising that Sushant Singh also died around the same age. Sushant, going by his chart, looks like a very sensitive personality with a good heart. So, Astrology came true again and Karma took its toll.

All this goes to say that Sushant did not commit suicide and there is something very foul in this whole story. Hope one day the real story will see the light.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Our E Book 'Medical Astrology - Part I' is released today

Today we have released a wonderful research book 'Medical Astrology Part - 1' as E edition. After lockdown, this will be released again as a print book. This is our 2nd book in 2020. I am planning to write twenty books in 2020, all on spirituality, Yoga and Astrology.

For the pleasure of Telugu readers, the translated version of this book will be released very soon as 'Vaidya Jyotishyam - I' before seeing light as a print book.

There are many books on Medical Astrology, both in India and the west. However, this book is special because it contains a hundred astro charts, explaining in my style of analysis, about one hundred diseases from the astrological and Homoeopathic perspective. I humbly submit that I have been able to unearth many new and workable techniques from my research in the field of Astrology spanning over two and half decades. I have explained in this book how to predict the diseases that are going to arise in future and how to deal with them Homoeopathically. Though all the charts are real, the details of natives are purposefully withheld to maintain confidentiality.

The one thing man needs to know in his life is his susceptibility to diseases and when they would attack him. He can take precautions to avert the future accidents and if he wills sincerely, he can prevent them altogether from arising.

I announce, with a just pride that a book of this kind has never been available in the history of astrological world till now.

This book opens new vistas to the students and stalwarts of Astrology alike. We are planning to release before the end of 2020, the second part of this book with another one hundred Astro charts and their analysis. I am sure you will find my analysis refreshing and breathtaking.

I thank one and all who helped me in writing this book. May the humanity benefit itself by this ancient Indian wisdom. As usual this wonderful work is available from

and also from amazon at

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Our latest E book on Vipassana Meditation released today

I am delighted to announce the release of our new E Book, - 'Journey to Infinite Mindfulness'. This has been translated from our Telugu book 'Maha Smriti Prasthana Sutram' which was released recently.

My thanks go to my disciples Akhila and Sri Lalita for helping me in the translation work. I also thank my another disciple Mr. Praveen for designing the cover pages of this book so beautifully.

This is an authoritative work on Lord Buddha's 'Vipassana Meditation' commented upon according to my path and understanding.

As usual, similar to my other books, this book also is available on for the interested readers.

Friday, 28 February 2020

Curse of India

In the previous post, I mentioned how the six planet combination in Sagittarius and the Solar eclipse triggered Corona Virus which is now officially called as Covid-19. In that post, I explained the Astro connection between Covid -19 and the planets. It was not a final analysis. Planets and Astrology are the agents that distribute our Karma to us, but not its creators. It is our Karma alone that decides the course of our lives. None can escape the results of his Karma for sure.

The reason for the intense fear that now gripped China, which is considered as one of the super powers, is not Covid-19 alone, because no virus or disease will attack anybody or any nation without a strong Karmic reason. The underlying factors for the tragic situation China is facing now can be understood only when you look at the whole matter with a spiritual mind.

Can you guess the reason for the terror faced by China now? It is China's support to Pakistan and its work at international forums against India. Do you feel like laughing? Have a belly laugh. This is the truth.

If we torture an innocent man, a good man, we have to face the Karmic reaction for sure. Be it a man or a nation, this rules applies at every level equally well. I said many times in my previous posts that if man violates Nature, then he must be ready to face Nature's music, today or tomorrow. My prediction has come true in China now.

Is it all over? Not at all. This is just the beginning. Now China sends a lakh of ducks to Pakistan to fight its locust menace. It is yet to be seen what these ducks will do in Pakistan.

The entire world knows that Pakistan is a terrorist state with a single agenda viz., hatred for India. The world countries also are aware that Pakistan has no concrete program for development except harboring and exporting terrorism. This country was born from India but tries to disrupt India at any cost. Is this not what is called ingratitude? We do not yet know what is in store for this country, but Nature has already started dealing in its own way with China for its support to this terrorist state.

Let me digress a little towards Britain.

Britain ruled and looted India left right and center for almost two centuries. Now look what is happening to Britain. It is being isolated in Europe itself with the Brexit slogan. On the other hand, the age old separatist movements of Scotland and Ireland are gaining momentum. The issue of a multi racial society is threatening its social structure. Can you imagine why this is happening to Britain? It is because of the sin of abusing India for two centuries. More is in store for Britain in the coming future. This is Karmic law and no force on Earth can stop its result. 

In life, what goes around comes around. Same is the case with countries too. Man acts in haste, commits crimes, violates Nature's laws and weeps in leisure. Same is the case with countries. Now what we see in China is nothing but Karmic retribution.

As a result of this Karmic effect, all the industries in USA are adversely effected more so the automobile and mobile industries. Even India is facing the negative influence of Covid-19. Don't laugh, the barber shops of Hyderabad also received a severe blow from Covid-19.

These days, we see the young men of India going for stylish beards, imitating the west. I remember seeing these styles of hair and beard in old Telugu mythological movies in which the demons and devils used to wear them. All right ! We can accept this new trend as one of the curses of Kali age. But a recent news taking rounds on the social media warns that Covid-19 is likely to hit more those who vote for the modern hair and beard styles. Now the youth of India are removing their demon beards like mad men. As a result, all the salons of Hyderabad,to take an single example, are waiting a lonely look. Covid -19 of China and the salons of India, what a connection ! Mind blowing ! Is it not?

The other day, I went to a dinner to find no chicken items served. My friends who are staunch non-vegetarians felt very sorry for having to feel satisfied with rice and vegetables. When I inquired for the reason, I was told that people are not eating chicken for fear of Covid-19. Hyderabadians are known for eating chicken seven days a week and now nobody is thinking of taking that risk. Good news for all the birds of Hyderabad and may be for entire India !

This is what I call Karmic effect. If you look deeper you can understand its subtle working. If you brush it aside as mere superstition, you will pay the price when your time comes. What is true for a man is true for a country. Wait a little and you will see what happens to all those countries which are sabotaging the interests of India. India never invaded any country, even when it was militarily very powerful. At all times, we sent only blessings and good will in all directions. We gave the highest spirituality to the world. We lived our lives peacefully, but were invaded and looted by many countries of the world. Each of those countries will have to pay the price in one way or the other, in course of time. Just wait and see how the effect of Karma unfolds with time !

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Corona Virus - Astro connection !

Corona of the Sun
As you all know, we had the six planet conglomeration in Sagittarius from 25th to 27th of December-2019. Exactly after three days, a new virus called Corona virus had seen the limelight in China. Now the entire world is scary of this virus, spreading in many countries with lightening speed. It starts with simple cold, develops into fever and pneumonia, may end up in kidney failure and ultimately may lead to death. Many people returning from China, especially from the city of Wuhan, are being isolated into special wards of hospitals. In China, with a view to containing the spread of this deadly virus, restrictions were imposed on the travel plans of millions of people. Cases have been reported from Texas, Washington and Chicago. In India, first case of Corona virus has been reported from Kerala, from a man who returned from Wuhan city in China.

This virus may cause two diseases, SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). These infections start with symptoms resembling a common cold and quickly develops into further complications. As of now we don't have a sure shot medicine for this syndrome. Many have died worldwide, affected by this virus.

Corona Virus

We are aware of this virus from 1960s. We also knew that it existed on Earth from 6000 BC. However, the current strain is a new development of this virus. It is interesting to note that all this has started within three days of the six planet conglomeration in Sagittarius.

There was a Solar eclipse during this six planet Yoga. The subtle connection between Solar eclipse and this virus may surprise you ! During the eclipse, we see a ring like formation around the Sun, the corona, when the Sun is totally blocked by the Moon. The shape of this virus resembles a solar eclipse, resembling a corona. May be, that was the reason why it was named as Corona Virus.

The Nodal connection

Many times in the past, I hinted at the subtle but powerful control the Lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, had over all chronic diseases and micro organisms. Now listen to my enumeration of the nodal connection.

According to medical science, this virus is transmitted to humans from camels, owls and snakes, after which, it spreads through sneezing and physical contact. According to Astrology, all the three - the camel, the owl and the snake - fall under the jurisdiction of Rahu. Rahu is the significator of all Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia where we find the camels in abundance.

The owl is a mammal which wanders during nights. It rests in lonely abandoned houses and forest trees. All these places are controlled by Rahu again.  The nodes travel backwards in the Zodiac and the owl also hangs upside down to the trees. Rahu and Ketu are the significators of evil spirits and demons. In the western countries, the owl is considered as a messenger of Dracula and the devil.

Now comes the snake. More than anything else, Rahu and Ketu represent the serpents. We find the Sarpa Dosha or the curse of serpents in a chart on account of Rahu and Ketu. So, snakes are controlled by the Lunar nodes, for sure.

The Chinese are known to eat snakes. So, they are acting as carriers of the Nodal influence. That is the reason why, Corona virus is spreading from China to all countries of the world.

The Homoeopathic connection

As of now, the world knows neither a medicine nor a vaccine, except in Homoeopathic system of medicine, to counter this virus. In India, only Homoeopathy could save thousands of lives when deadly disease like Zika fever, Dengue fever and Chikan gunya raised their ugly heads. You will be surprised to know that Homoeopathy is ruled by Rahu again. Long ago, I found that successful doctors of Homoeopathy have exalted or debilitated Nodes in their charts !!

You will appreciate my logic if you look at the Solar eclipse and the six planet configuration that happened just 2 days before the outbreak of this deadly virus.

This is how we find the subtle connections that exist between human affairs and the movement of heavenly bodies !

Saturday, 7 September 2019

'Why Chandrayaan - 2 failed?' - Astro analysis

I heard the impish laugh of Karna Pisachi in my left ear, as soon as I sat down to write this post.

'How come you are not seen nowadays, like before? - I demanded somewhat angrily.

'You have suddenly become a very good boy nowadays and not trying your hand at controversial topics like before' - She countered with the tenacity of a true devil.

'You know, I was busy in shifting to Hyderabad and could not find time to write the posts. Leave it. May I ask you the reason for your devilish laugh?' I asked her.

'I laughed thinking about the possible reaction of your loving critics when they read this post' - It said with its characteristic mischievous smile.

'What do you think my critics will say about this post? I asked her.

'Your critics? They will shout that you will always analyse everything post-facto, but never before an incident happens.'

'Let them think as they like. Who am I to regulate their thoughts? Moreover, when our country embarks upon something big like landing on the Moon, why should I say that it would fail in the end? And who will care, even if I say so? That is the reason why I kept quiet'. I replied her.

'So, you know this beforehand?' - She glanced at me curiously.

'Yes I know. You know what, last night the whole of India was awake glued to the TV sets, except me. I slept happily and got up leisurely and never bothered to know, because I already knew. It is so simple. Let me explain it to you.' I said. 

'Ok Go ahead. I am listening' - It said, sitting beside me on the bed and peeping into my laptop.

I started to explain.

Chandrayaan - 2 was launched on 22-7-2019 at 14.43 hours from Srihatikota in South India. You can see the chart cast for that time and the position of planets therein.

Scorpio was rising at that time with retro Jupiter indicating that the event has no blessings from Jupiter. Now, we all know that Jupiter being the preceptor of gods must bless any important event for its smooth finish. However, Jupiter is a benefic for this Lagna and hence the launch happened without facing any hurdle. It is better to remember that the first launch was aborted due to a technical snag and it became a success on second attempt. That is what retro Jupiter indicates sitting in the Lagna.

It is desirable to have a movable Ascendant when we start on a long journey. However, Scorpio being a static Ascendant is not at all good, and I don't know who selected this time for the launch. Most of the mediocre astrologers and priests commit such mistakes which cost the mission very dearly. People say that Sun in 11th and Jupiter in Ascendant nullifies all the blemishes of a chart, which is far from truth. It never happens in reality !

We all know that the Ninth house rules over long journeys. Now, we have three planets in the 9th viz., Sun, Mercury and debilitated Mars. Among them, Mercury, being the lord of communications, is deeply combust indicating communication failure in the last minute. Mars is Ascendant Lord in debility in 9th house showing that the work undertaken will fail in last minute. And Sun is 10th Lord with 8th Lord Mercury showing failure of the mission.

At the time of launch, it was Saturn- Saturn- Rahu- Sun-Mercury Dasa which was running. We all know that Saturn Rahu combination is not at all good as it is called a cursed Yoga. Sun and Mercury who are the Lords of 4th and 5th levels of the Dasa, were in 8th house, showing that the mission will fail.

Yesterday night, at the time when they tried to land on the Moon, it was Saturn- Saturn- Jupiter- Jupiter - Rahu. No time could be worse than this, because Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu combination joins in it,  two most dreaded Yogas viz., the Shapitha Yoga and Guru Chandala Yoga, indicating sure failure.

One need not be a great expert in Astrology to understand all this. What I am explaining is basic Astrology. Anyone with a moderate knowledge in Astrology can understand this logic easily. I don't understand which Pundit had set this Muhurta for the rocket launch.

Never have any doubt that 'Do they fix a Muhurta for Space missions also?' Such things are not rare in our country, though we will never know who did all that. Somebody even told me that they bring some parts of the rocket secretly to Tirumala and touch them to the feet of Lord Balaji's idol to receive divine blessings for the mission. I don't know how far this information is true, but I cannot doubt it either, going by the strange things that happen in our country unnoticed.

Sometime after the launch on 22nd of July, there was a rumor in the Internet circles that ISRO took the help of Shankaracharya of Dwaraka in their mission. It said that the Shankaracharya, being an expert in Vedic mathematics, helped ISRO in deducing the correct distance between the Earth and the Moon. I could not help laughing when I first heard this news. With the help of science we know the exact distance between the Earth and Moon. There is no need at all to consult Shankaracharya to know this data from the scriptures.

Last but not the least, we should have done the job silently, without attracting international attention. Our achievement should speak about our ability, not our web sites and channels, that too, before we reach the destination ! It is better to do the work silently and achieve silently, rather than bragging about what we are going to do and fail ultimately.

Prime Minister Modi Ji, with a big heart, consoled the crying ISRO Chairman. This scene made the whole nation to cry, in support of them. Our PM, who is the best of all PMs India ever had till now, stood behind the scientists of ISRO and boosted their sinking morale. He urged them to do better next time.

In space missions, failures are the stepping stones to success. Let us hope ISRO will surely fare better next time. Let me say, along with our PM, - 'This is no mean achievement. Have courage and try again. Don't get disheartened. We are all behind you'.

Let us all unite and pray and work hard to make India rise again and attain its rightful place among world's great nations!