Saturday, 24 May 2014

Narendra Modi's swearing in Muhurta-An analysis

The news is that Shri Narendra Modi is going to be sworn in as our new PM at 6.00 PM on 26-5-2014 at New Delhi.

There is an urgent need to look at this Muhurtha as the whole country is looking at him with a fond hope that his era will usher in golden age for India.

I dont know the Pandit who has set this Muhurta.Whoever he is, I have to say that he did gross injustice to the occasion. Let us see how my statement is valid.

Our Jyotish Scriptures dealing with Muhurta Bhaga urge us to avoid the 21 great evils that are likely to spoil a Muhurta.They are called Ekavimsati Maha Doshas.My intention is not to enumerate all of them here but only to say that no single Muhurta could be totally free from one or many of them.

So the rule is 'Alpa Dosham Gunadhikyam' which means 'less evil more good'.So we have to choose a Muhurta such that it has less evils and more good points.I will keep the 21 doshas aside for a while and consider the usual Panchangas i.e the 5 parts of a Muhurta.

Tithi= Krishna Trayodasi.This is not good as Amavasya is just two days ahead.We could have waited four or five days more to cross the New Moon to obtain a better Muhurta.

Vara=Day is Monday.This too is not good as its Lord Moon is approaching Sun and hence is devoid of strength.

Nakshatra=Star is Bharani ruled by the god of death.This star is usually avoided for all auspicious functions.However this being Kshema Tara for Shri Narendra Modi(Anuradha) can be considered in case of emergency.

Yoga=Sobhana yoga is good.

Karana=Vanija Karana is good.

Now I will look at the Muhurta chart and try to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

For works that are supposed to last longer fixed lagnas are to be selected.They are Vrisha,Simha,Vrischika and Kumbha.Strangely,a movable sign Tula is selected as Lagna for this function. It could have been a far better Muhurta if Simha is selected instead of Tula.

For a good Muhurta,the Lagna should be stronger always.The Lagna should support the particular activity undertaken at that moment.Vagottama Simha Lagna runs from 12.23 to 12.38 on that day.This time could have been the best swearing in Muhurta as this becomes the Abhijit Lagna too.

In the villages of South India,they call it 'crow bar muhurta'.The villagers fix a crow bar in the earth and wait till noon when its shadow disappears.It means the Sun is exactly overhead at that place.This is taken as a good Muhurta generally.The old Brahmin astrologers cultivated this good habit among the innocent villagers who by themselves could not understand the complicated calculations of the Panchangas.At that time Sun would be in 10th house and this position annuls a great many evils in the chart.

It is good to have Yogakaraka Saturn in Lagna,but he is retrograde.Rahu's presence adds fuel to fire.However he represents Venus the Lagna Lord.Restless planning and ruthless execution are indicated by this combination.

Modi said in the parliament on Tuesday-'The Government has to work for the poorest of the poor'.He further stated that he would work every minute for the welfare of our country.These utterances are in consonance with the Karakatwas of Saturn who is in Lagna.

Saturn and Rahu in Lagna are good one way.Narendra Modi will take many adventurous and revolutionary steps to revitalize our country.He will have to face many unwanted forces in this process.

There is heavy black money in our country.All the people are not good and disciplined citizens.Given an opportunity,everyone will want to violate law to his personal benefit.Over years the Indian citizen has become totally indisciplined.Constant violation of traffic rules on the road is a simple indication of bigger violations at every level.

Most of the people are just hypocrites and opportunists.In this scenario,if Narendra Modi tries to revamp the Financial front by trying to unearth blackmoney,the same people will psychologically revolt against him.This is the sad state of affairs.

One of the reasons for the defeat of Chandrababu Naidu 10 years back was his insistence on discipline and hard work.So,people will not easily mend their ways to be responsible citizens.

Making people disciplined and non-corrupt is the biggest task of Narendra Modi now.Fighting the same evils in his party is another.He will have to struggle really hard to keep his party and the country clean and progressive.All this, and much more is indicated by the presence of Saturn and Rahu in the Muhurta Lagna.

Lagna lord Venus with Ketu in 7th is not a good indication.Weak Moon as 10th lord in 7th is also bad.Continuous struggle and fight with enemies and problems in administration are indicated.

2nd and 7th lord Mars in 12th is a good combination.It gives victory over enemies.But it is not a favorable indication for the Finance front.

Perhaps the most worrying factor in this chart is the 11th lord Sun in 8th house.For such Muhurtas,4th and 8th houses should be without blemish.This condition is fulfilled only when Simha lagna is selected.

Jupiter and Mercury in 9th is good.There may be moves to curtail the role of MNCs.This may affect the foreign trade badly.

I dont know who decided this Muhurta.I cannot say this is the best Muhurta of the day.Simha Lagna as discussed above could have been a far better Muhurta.The astrologers who designed this Muhurta might know their reasons better.

People of India are generally an intelligent and hard working lot.But the corrupt politicians have spoiled them over years.Now that a clean and disciplined leader like Narendra Modi is at the helm of affairs, good hope is in the offing.

Let us hope for the best and wait to see what is going to happen.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Independence day

Someone reminded me that the calenders of 1947 and 2014 are similar.On verification,I found it to be true.I felt this to be nothing but new independence.

I believe that there is no coincidence in the world.Says Swami Vivekananda-'There is nothing called an accident in the universe'.Behind every incident in our lives,behind every incident that happens in the world,there are unseen reasons.There are Karmic combinations that lie beyond the vision of ordinary mortals.It is one of the fundamental concepts of Sanatana Dharma that nothing happens in the world without a valid reason.

I strongly opine that we have to celebrate 16-5-2014 as our new independence day along with the old one.I say so,because,the country is in the hands of selfish forces till now.The true patriots of this country are able to take hold of the reins only now.

We got political independence in 1947,but not the true independence.True independence happens when the country is ruled by real patriots.That had not happened till now,except in occasional spells now and then.Even during these interludes,the leaders could not really do anything substantial,owing to the lack of majority in the parliament.

Only now we have real independence as the BJP and Narendra Modi have won the elections with a sound majority.All the souls of true patriots of India are celebrating this victory in heaven.Those who have eyes to see,can see.

Let me analyze a few things with the help of numerology.





From the date of old independence,the new independence happened nearly after 68 years.The digits 6-8 could be seen in the second step.The root number is 8 which denotes Saturn.This number gives delays,disappointments,depression and grief.This number never supports material advancement but it is very good for spiritual elevation.

Let us consider the date on which the election results were announced.





The root number is 1 which denotes Sun who is the reservoir of light and heat.Number 8 and number 1 are antagonistic to each other.So,in contrast to the gloomy past,we are going to have a bright future.That is the indication.

Now let me have a look at Astrology.

At the time of midnight on 15-8-1947 we were running Sat/Sat/ketu/Moon.This could mean negative indications for Finance,Industry and general well being of the country.It also indicates grief and psychological depression for the people of the country.So we had our Independence at such a great time!!!

The great leaders of those days,with their vast wisdom,carefully selected a Muhurta with Kala Sarpa Yoga beset with the greatest possible bad combination of planets for our Independence.Everyone knows what the country had to face in the past 66 years as a result of this bad Muhurta.

Many believe that Jawaharlal Nehru was an atheist who never believed in Astrology and such stuff.But proof has it that he asked a famous astrologer of those days to cast a chart for his daughter Indira Gandhi.

Now let me see what dasa was running on 16-5-2014

It was Budha/Sukra/Guru/Budha.This indicates that great times are ahead in Finance,Transport,Communication,Industry and Foreign affairs.This and many more good things are sure to happen under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The old independence was a throw away independence.The new independence is a gift from God.

The independence granted by God will be many times greater in glory than the one we got by begging.

I am going to celebrate the new independence day hereafter along with the old one.

Jai Bharath.Jai Hind.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Narendra Modi-The true PM after 66 years

66 years passed since we got independence.But it is only now that we got a real solid Prime Minister in the form of Shri Narendra Modi that too with a thumping majority.

I consider only very few among our PMs as real PMs.They are Lal Bahadur Shastri,PV Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajapay.I dont consider even Jawaharlal Nehru as a good leader.India is paying heavy price even today for the blunders committed by him.

Lal Bahadur Shastri and Atal Birahi Vajapay are men of values.P.V.Narasimha Rao,by introducing New Economic Policy and modern reforms is wholly responsible for the economic turnaround of our country.However,the credit that should naturally go to P.V.Narasimha Rao has been wrongly attributed by many,to Rajiv Gandhi.

In my view,the above three are the real PMs of our country during the past 66 years.Now Narendra Modi will be our new PM in a few days.This turn of events makes me believe in the prophesy of Swami Vivekananda that great days are ahead for India.

One should have great qualities  and abilities to be able to sit on India's throne.A great Jnani like Janaka Maharaj is the right person to sit on this throne.A great Avatar of Dharma like Sri Rama can sit on its throne.This is a throne of fire.One who can withstand the fire test is the fittest person to sit on it.Those who are unqualified but yet try to sit on it are automatically reduced to ashes in course of time.

Persons who are inept,inefficient,corrupt,treacherous and devoid of patriotism should never venture to sit on this throne.There is a reason behind my saying so.Among the countries of the world,India has certain special characteristics.Spirituality is our lifeline.Dharma is our life breath.Justice is our lifeblood.These qualities are in its mud from times immemorial.This is the throne of Dharma.

All kinds of ugly creatures have sat on this throne till now and spoiled its sanctity.One way or the other,people's meekness, avarice, myopic vision and idiocy are the reasons for this phenomenon.Indian people have erred many a time.

India has paid heavy price for this blunder.In a country's history,66 years is not a negligible time.There are countries which rose to become world leaders in one third of this time period.We too can achieve this feat if we can put forth our efforts in the right direction.

We have plenty of natural resources.We have a large number of human resources.There is no dearth of intelligent and hard working people in our country either.What is lacking is good leadership committed to all round development of the country.

A true leader should be unselfish,guileless,open minded,long sighted and broad in views.His life should reflect high values in practice.The eternal values of India should run through his veins.He should be above petty considerations and work for the benefit of all.Only such a person is fit to sit on India's throne.If the people allow a politician who is devoid of these qualities,the country will be forced to pay a heavy price for such a blunder.We paid such prices many times in the past.We became laughing stocks many times.We were looted many times in the past.

Many have been analyzing in TV channels and print media the reasons for the landslide victory of Narendra Modi.Apart from all those reasons,there is an unseen but real reason,which I want to disclose now.The true people of this country,the patriots,are vexed to the core with the corruption,lethargy,inefficiency and drainage of our resources. Many sadhakas, siddhas, rishis and great saints of India have been praying God to remove this dark night and to usher an era of Dharma and Light.The advent of Narendra Modi is the result of this relentless prayer.

I laugh at those who believe that only physical forces are guiding this country's march.A great Divine power which is beyond human comprehension is guiding its footsteps.This power is the personification of patience.Like a loving mother,it gives us chance after chance,with a fond hope that we may reform ourselves for the better.But one day,it opens its eyes and takes the  chastising rod into its hands.Then all plays come to an end.This is what has happened now before our eyes.

Let me digress a little into history.

Madhava Sadasiva Golvalkar(Guruji) was totally influenced by Swami Vivekananda's ideology of Sadhana and Seva.He wanted to walk in the footsteps of the great Swami Vivekananda.Witha fond hope,he approached Swami Akhandananda who was the direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa,the great Avatar of modern India.Swami Akhandananda refused to grant sannyas to Golvalkarji.He said-'Sanyas is not your way.Be in the society and reform it from inside.Sacrifice your life for this noble cause.This is your sadhana'.Golvalkarji followed the command of his guru to the core.Through his relentless work,the RSS which was hitherto confined to a town,has spread all over the country creating in its march,millions of true patriots.

They say history repeats itself.It did.Narendra Modi,searching for the meaning of life as a young man,met Swami Atmasthananada of Ramakrishna Mission.He asked the same question which was asked by Golvalkarji a few decades back.The Swami gave the same answer.Such is the power of true saints that they could read the future of a person by a mere glance.The destiny of the seeker spreads out itself before their pure vision.

Narendra Modi could not become a traditional sanyasi as per his wish.Nevertheless,he is leading the life of a sanyasi for all practical purposes.He is living for the sake of the country,but not for himself.Sitting on the throne,he is living the life of a renunciate.

He has been the CM of Gujarat for three times successively,yet his relatives are living ordinary lives.Today,a chota local leader is earning millions as black money.On the other hand,a CM for three times is living a simple life.What more proof we need for his transparent and impeccable life?

Many political leaders hang a photo of Gandhiji on the wall but never care to follow his way of life.Gandhiji lived a simple life.But his socalled political followers are living luxorious lives with public money.If this is not looting of the country what else it is?Gandhism is a way of life which is seldom found in his political followers of the day.

Poeple like Narendra Modi are the fittest persons to sit on this country's throne.Only such people with simple living and unselfish thinking have the moral right to do so.A true Jnani and a true Yogi only can rule this land.A true patriot to the core only can sit on this country's throne.Only such persons are eligible to sit on this sacred seat.

Highway robbers should not rule this land.It becomes a revolt against God.It is a blasphemy in action.The karma they inherit from looting the country is highly explosive in nature.It may remain dormant for quite some time,but it will explode some day or the other.This is sure to happen.

Money is not permanent in this world.More so,the money which is gained through unscrupulous means.It gathers very bad karma.Power is transient.What to speak of money and power when life itself is not permanent in this world? A life which is simple,unselfish,full of highest Dharmic values is the only thing to be sought after.Only this lasts forever and nothing else.This is India's eternal message to the world.

Those who can digest this message and live this message in their daily life are the true leaders of this country.Narendra Modi is such a leader.He is a follower of Swami Vivekananda.By following Swami Vivekananda,we automatically follow Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,the great Avatar of modern India.Those who follow Ramakrishna and Vivekananda in true spirit are not human beings.They are gods walking on earth.There is no doubt in it.

For India,the path shown by the great Swami Vivekananda is the only way.He never preached his own ideas.He preached the age old values of Sanatana Dharma.He taught how to live those values in modern life.I am more than happy that after so much of waiting,today we got a true leader who understands Vivekananda,loves Vivekananda and practices Vivekananda's ideas in daily life.It is a great boon of God that Narendra Modi has become our PM.

Our country has not lost hope.I see light at the end of the tunnel.The prophesies of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo are coming true at last.

I sincerely hope and pray that the rule of Narendra Modi should be able to remove all the corruption,all the darkness and all the evils that are besetting our country, at the same time, not sacrificing our Sanatana Dharma and our spirituality.Let God give our new PM the strength needed to achieve this feat.This is my heartfelt prayer.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Astro Numerology and Andhra Elections

Numerology and Astrology are not two different branches of divination.They are one and the same.The Nine planets are represented by the Nine numbers.Even Aristotle,the Greek philosopher,used to believe that the Nine numbers control the entire world by their permutations and combinations. This belief in Planets and Numbers as controlling forces of the Universe is very ancient.I personally believe that there is a lot of truth in this belief.

Many people use Numerology as a stand alone branch of divination.I think this approach is erroneous.It should be used in unison with Astrology to get correct results.If we read Chiero,we see that he followed this method.He learned this comprehensive approach of divination in India.Numbers are planets and planets are numbers.We should not forget this fundamental truth in our analysis.

I came across some people,especially from religions other than Hinduism,who erroneously believe that Astrology and Numerology are works of Devil.Far from truth!!!They are Divine boons to mankind.They are the torches that show us the way in total pitch darkness.

Now let me focus on the results of Andhra Elections.

Venus is the ruling planet for this election.I will explain how.

The polling was concluded on 7-5-2014.The day number is 7.
Results will be out on 16-5-2014.The day number again is 7.
Root number in both cases is 10=1

Now,as per my own theory and experience,number 7 represents Venus.I will explain in a separate article how did I arrive at this conclusion.For the present,it would be enough to remember that 16-5-2014 is a Friday.

Root number 10 indicates that power(1) will become void(0).This means the ruling party will lose power.

Let me explain forthwith.

Venus is now exalted in Mina the natural 12th house and will remain so till election results are announced.Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th houses in Natural Zodiac.It represents matters concerning household and opponents.It also indicates movie stars.

This indicates the changed public opinion and the strength gained by the opposition party.This shows that people are disillusioned with the ruling party and are clearly in favor of the opposition.

Let us look at the Karakatva of Venus indicating movie stars.NTR was a famous movie star before he stepped into political arena.Pavan Kalyan,who now supports the 'BJP-TDP' alliance,is a movie star who enjoys considerable fan following in Andhra state.His support is a pivotal factor for 'BJP-TDP' alliance in the current election.All this is nothing but the play of Venus on the election scenario.

On 16-5-2014,the star would be Jyeshta.Moon as Natural 4th lord controlling public opinion,is in fall and trinally aspects exalted Venus.This shows that people are depressed and angry with the party in power.They want a change for the better.

Retro Mars opposes Venus from Kanya.Mars in the house of Mercury means hypocrisy and secret plots.So,the forces that try to stop the opposition from coming into power are strong too.But their designs will fail ultimately, as Venus is stronger than Mars in current transit.

So I feel that 'BJP-TDP' alliance will come to power in Andhra elections facing a strong fight from YSRCP.

One of the peculiar problems of our country is paucity of honest leaders.If some exist somewhere,they fail to win the confidence of people.And we give the country's reins to some party,on experimental basis,to test its ability.After some time,disillusioned with the inept handling of matters,we pass on the ruling rod to some other party,hoping that it would do better.Again after some time,we become disillusioned,and the power passes on to a third party.Meanwhile what is dangerously at stake is the country's progress.The corruption that takes place in the mean time is dealing a death blow to the country's economy and steady progress.And there is no accountability anywhere.This is the real problem of our country.

We are miserably lagging behind countries like China our neighbor,in using our human resources effectively with the result that we have been reduced to a marketing arena for all countries.We have become a bunch of foolish consumers dancing to the tunes of greedy MNCs.

Corrupt,selfish and visionless politicians are the bane of our country.And the people with myopic vision are equally responsible for the present state of affairs.

We should give up petty considerations like caste,region and religion and try to think in terms of country's welfare and progress.We should shun small mindedness and learn to think big.We should have young political blood with honesty and patriotism.After all,the Country is greater than states and people.

Let me pray the Lord to give us better wisdom in choosing our leaders.