Sunday, 10 April 2016

Effect of New Moon proved again

Full Moon and New Moon days happening during the time when bad planetary yogas ensue in the sky trigger worldwide accidents leading to injuries and deaths.This I have been highlighting for the past many years with statistical figures.This Sutra is proved again yesterday.
Writing on mundane Astrology one and half year back, I hinted at the destruction going to be created by Saturn and Mars when they meet in Scorpio.Now exactly they are in scorpio and every Full Moon and New Moon is triggering many accidents everywhere.

This Saturday and Sunday were exactly under the shadow of Amavasya.Let us have a look at what happened during this shadow.

Worst fire accident in Kerala
There is a Goddess temple in Kollam district of Kerala in a village called Parampur.Yesterday a fire accident at this temple killed atleast 150 and injured nearly 400 people.

Earthquake shakes four countries
The same yesterday, an earthquake occured in Afghanistan which shook another three countries viz. Pakistan,China and India.In North India,which is close to the quake site,thousands of people were frightened and ran onto roads,leaving their homes behind.

Road accidents galore
This Saturday and Sunday witnessed many worst road accidents in India and elsewhere.

All these incidents exactly coincided with the New Moon shadow.

Apart from this, while writing on the Rahu transit into Leo, I hinted at the Islamic Terrorist surge and war against it by a group of countries.It is exactly happening.

It is global karma and none can resist or stop it.

Astrology proves again and again provided we have the vision to understand it correctly.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Facebook Whatsapp and Saturn-Rahu connection

The influence of planets on humans is really peculiar and hilarious.Many times it becomes too difficult to bear.One is simply wonder struck to observe how planets influence people in their day to day lives.

Every one of us,without any exception, is influenced by the planets day and night.But we are quite unaware of this subtle influence.People dislike to think that some unseen force is controlling their life,mostly against their fond plans - but it is a fact.

Among the planets, it is again Saturn and Rahu, the most powerful of them all,who control the destinies of millions of people with their clever plans.They have innumerable weapons in their array.Some of them are Facebook and Whatsapp.

Let us look at them one by one.

There are 8 letters in the word 'Facebook'.Now we know very well that the number 8 represents Saturn.The letter 8 contains a loop which once entered into,cannot be got rid of easily.Only when you have enough divine protection you can come out of its clutches.

Indicating the loop of Saturn, there are many rings around this planet.Once you are caught in the rings of Saturn,it is almost impossible to get out of them.Many times,lives and lives are simply wasted roaming in these rings.

When Saturn wants to curse a man/woman,initially he gifts some qualities to that person like - lethargy,delay,sitting at one place for hours together without doing any physical work,staring,day dreaming etc.Over a period of time,man is simply ruined by these bad influences of Saturn.

The word INTERNET too consistes of 8 letters.So it too,indicates the power of Saturn.Nevertheless it is more under the control of Rahu than Saturn.Many times,these two planets work together in shaping human destiny.The sutra -'Shanivat Rahu (Rahu is like Saturn) is well known to the Indian Astrologers.

We can use FACEBOOK or INTERNET either for good or for bad purposes.Of course the definitions of good and bad differ from person to person.I am not interested to go into that dispute now.For that matter,any new discovery can be put to one of these two kinds of uses.Strangely,they are being put to bad use nowadays than otherwise.

If you observe FACEBOOK addicts closely,the following symptoms can be found.

Sitting glued to the computer or mobile always,spending time in useless chatting, valuing Facebook friends more than family members,wandering in imaginary world leaving behind real world behind,falling in love with strangers and repenting later,getting depressed and irritated easily,sometimes attempting suicide.getting involved in police and court cases,trying to capture every incident in photos,unable to respond realistically to actual life situations etc.

As bonus to the above things,they get burning and redness of eyes,headaches and diminution of sight.

All these are, undoubtedly, curses of Saturn and Rahu.

Recently we heard an incident in India, where a couple assumed false names and became Facebook friends.They fell in love with each other and decided to meet in a restaurant.When they finally met,they were shocked to see each other and quickly decided to end their marriage by resorting to divorce.Such hitherto unheard of things are being seen nowadays.

The underlying influence is that of Saturn and Rahu.The combined power of Saturn and Rahu becomes what we call Shapitha Yoga (the Yoga of curse).The bad influences of Internet and Facebook are nothing but the curses of Saturn and Rahu. 

In olden days,remedies to ward off the bad effects of Saturn used to be traditional in nature.But now,we may have to advice as remedy - not to get addicted to Internet and Facebook.This seems to be the real remedy in modern times.

Rahu represents Internet.One who is caught in the hands of Rahu can never come out of its grip unless he has Divine grace to the maximum.

If Rahu and Ketu are bad in a chart,the trials and tribulations the native would be subjected to appear innumerable and awesome.They chase the native in diverse ways and trouble him with innovating methods by and by.

Rahu is the controller of Maya.He is the master conjurer.'Mayavi' is his synonym.Internet being the world of virtual reality is fully under the control of Rahu.

I explained in detail the Sutra 'Shanivat Rahu' in my earlier posts.Rahu and Saturn are good friends.They plot together and exchange information and methods to trouble people according to their karma.If they are strong in a chart,such natives use the power of Saturn and Rahu to lure and control millions of people as the planets themselves do.

First,let us look at the chart of Mark Jukerberg the famous creator of Facebook.He was born on 14-5-1984 at white plains New York.Time is unknown.

If you look at his chart,you can see immediately that Rahu and Saturn are very strong in it.Rahu is exalted in Bhava Madhya with cuspal strength.He is endowed with Vargottama strength too,hence very powerful in this chart.Saturn is again exalted and retro and in debilitation in D-10 chart showing very strong karmic relation with people at large.So both Saturn and Rahu are very strong in his chart.

That is why he could create Facebook which now controls the destiny of millions of human beings.According to a survey,the most prevalent addiction today is the Facebook.

Now let us examine another addiction,if I may call it such - WHATSAPP - which also contains the same 8 letters.This is again a powerful weapon of Saturn.Today,the whole world is mostly bound to these two powerful weapons of Rahu and Saturn.

Let us now look at the chart of Bryon Acton the creator of WHATSAPP.He was born on 24-2-1972 at Michigan.Saturn is very strong in his chart in Taurus.Saturn is Yogakaraka for this Rasi being the 9th Lord.Rahu is located in 9th from Saturn adding strength to Saturn by aspect as well as location.In D-10 Rahu and Ketu are in fall showing very strong karmic bond with people at large.

Now let me look at another chart.This chart belongs to John Koum the co-founder of WHATSAPP.He was born on 24-2-1976 at Kyiv in Ukrein.In this chart too,Saturn and Rahu are very strongly located.However his D-10 is more stronger than his Rasi chart adding unusual strength to his profession over his personal life.In it Rahu and Ketu are in exalted state,hence gave him direct link to people at large.

We find very strange similarities between his D-10 and that of Mark Jukerberg.For both,Saturn is in fall,retro and the nodes are exalted.That is why they could create two separate things that are influencing and leading the lives of millions of people today.

So now it is very clear that Saturn and Rahu are the real controllers of social media,Saturn with his Karakatwa for common people and Rahu with his control of multitasking and restless communication.

Now let me elaborate on the bad effects of these two planets on those who are addicted to social media.

Saturn and Rahu if strong in your chart will not make you an addict to Facebook or Whatsapp or Internet.They save you from these bad effects.Such natives,nevertheless,use these things,but will never become their addicts.

Conversely,Saturn and Rahu if weak in your chart (this weakness could be of many types),you will become quick addict to the social media.You cannot come out of them at all.

Now there are many,who just reach out for their mobiles or laptops as soon as they get up in the morning.They dont enjoy the morning sun or the cool breeze.They dont exercise,they dont remember the Lord.They never do these things.Their hands invariably reach out to their mobiles to look at message box.

Youngsters,if addicted to Facebook and other social media,quickly become irritated over unnecessary things and even shout at their family members for disturbing them.

If you have more stronger influence of Saturn and Rahu on you,the following symptoms will start appearing.

Wearing ear plugs round the clock,becoming dead anxious if your mobile shuts down for want of charge,searching madly for electrical plug points for recharging your mobile,leaving your near and dear ones sitting in front of you and chatting with unknown strangers,talking to themselves while walking on roads,gesticulating in air and behaving as if mad.Finally you land as a mad man in a world of false images and virtual realities.

In the good olden days, people used to be 'possessed' by spirits.Now the spirits simply disappeared but strangely replaced by the modern spirits i.e Facebook,Whatsapp and other social media apps.This is nothing but the influence of planets specially Saturn and Rahu.

The planetary influences on human being are diverse and unimaginable.Social media is a very lively example of such influence mostly in an unwanted form.