Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Yoni Tantra-2

In December 1998 I was in Osho Ashram Pune for 3 days.One of my intentions in going there was to know about the methods of Tantra they practice over there.But I was grossly disappointed.

In those days,'Tantra groups' used to happen after 11 PM in the Ashram.By that time all the usual programs and sessions used to be over.All the visitors used to depart from the Ashram.Then,the Tantra sessions used to happen with chosen/registered participants.I never participated in them but had the opportunity to talk to some of the 'Tantriks' in close quarters.

I came to understand that it was all westernized tantra.Our real Tantra and the Tantra practiced over there are poles apart.When I understood this,I felt sorry for them for practicing those methods,all the while thinking it to be real tantra.After three days stay,I came back totally disappointed.I could not relish their methods,as I already knew much more than what they could teach.

Disturbing my thoughts,one of the visitors asked me-'Then what is the way out for me?'

I told him.

'You have only two ways before you now.'

One is searching for a Bhairavi for help in your sadhana.

The second is to learn the true internal Yoni Tantra which has got nothing to do with a female counterpart.

Between these two,the former is almost impossible because you wont be able to get a lady with good qualities like fearlessness,good understanding of tantrik concepts,compassion,open mind,unselfish nature,uncaring attitude and who is well qualified for this practice. Such a veritable goddess is impossible to find now-a-days.

So you have no option but to follow the second method.In that case you don't need a physical female counterpart at all.

'Can you teach me that method? -he requested.

'Dont be hasty.Let me tell you what is internal sadhana by a small example related to your practice of blood letting.You have offered your blood to Ma Kali.She likes blood no doubt.But you need not resort to the barbaric practice of cutting your own hand and offering blood to Her.

Ma Kali is present in everybody.She has been drinking our blood constantly,day in and day out.More than 2 million RBCs are produced per second in a human body.They live for a maximum period of 2 months approximately and die.Can you tell me what is eating them away? The force is Ma Kali.

You need not offer blood outwardly.It is happening in your body from the day of your birth.Ma Kali is present in each one of us and drinking our blood constantly.Otherwise we cannot survive.By drinking our blood she is giving us life in return.You understand?Moreover,how much blood you can offer to Her? A spoonful,or a glassful?What about the remaining blood in your body?So this is not the right method.

You have to offer all your blood to Ma,not outwardly but inwardly.There is a method for that.There is a process for that.If you do it,then you will see miracles happening in your life.Ma will not bless you abundantly by any method other than this.

Ma is called 'Rudhira Priya(the one who loves blood).You read my 'Sri Vidya' written in Telugu language.In that series, in a poem I clearly explained this secret.

So,internal sadhana happens like this.

Similarly,you have to internalize the Yoni Tantra also.This is the real and the best method.You dont need a woman to practice this method.You need neither search for a woman nor beg her to assist in your sadhana.Everything happens in your own body.

This is the first time that you are meeting me.Come here a few times more.Talk to me and let us understand each other well.Then I will see.Moreover,I need permission from Ma to initiate you into this mystery.

Without Mother's permission, I cannot initiate you or anybody at all.It is unthinkable.If I do it on my own,then it is my ego that is initiating you.If Ma gives Her order and permission,then it She who is doing the whole thing.Then Her power acts through me and you will progress by leaps and bounds in the path.If I do it on my own,you wont progress so fast.

For the present,read 'Sri Vidya' series again and again and try to understand it well.It will be released in a book form very soon,may be in the next two months.Meanwhile read the blog and discuss your doubts.

'Well.I will do it.' saying this,he wanted me to explain the meanings of two mystic dreams he had in the past.I explained their meanings to him.

'Now you can ask your doubts.' I said to the second person.

'Are Astrology and Palmistry one and the same?' he asked.

'They are one and the same.They are two languages with one meaning.Languages may be different,the message is not.You carry your birth chart in your hand always.An adept in this art can see planets in your hands.' I replied.

'What about face reading?Is it true?-he asked.

'It is true.We call this Samudrik Shastra,the science of signs.Face reading and hand reading are parts of this grand science.Like the hand,the face also reveals your birth chart and its planetary positions.

Your forehead ,nose, ears, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, teeth. mouth,tongue,hair,shape of head,neck every organ of your body reveals many things about you.You have to understand their language.The moderns call it 'body language'.The way you sit,stand,speak,react- speaks volumes about yourself.All these show your character and mentality.

The modern psychologists understood much about this language but our Yogis know much deeper things,which psychologists can never dream of.They could see the series of births,karma,planets and what not everything by observing these details.It is a very grand science.' I told him.

'I am reciting the 'Tara Stotra' written by you.I could build a house only after I started reciting it.All my pending issues started moving.I could build my house according to Vastu.' the second visitor said.

'The 4th house in your chart decides what type of house you will live in.If it is afflicted,your house cannot be without blemish.Without remedying the defects of your 4th house,you cannot build a good home.Defects are bound to be there in your house,if your 4th house is afflicted.You cannot avoid this.- I told him.

Meanwhile the 3rd person intervened-'I know a little bit of astrology.' he said.

'Who is your guru in astrology?' I asked him.

'None.I just learned basic things like Bhavas etc and analyse charts based on experience.' he said.

"Do you prescribe remedies?-I asked him.

'I prescribe only Pradakshinas to the bad grahas in the chart.Nothing more than that.Is it true that remedies make us suffer?' he asked.

'By all means.If you remedy somebody's karma,you have to suffer for it.It is an inviolable law.That is why Astrologers undertake Japa of Gayatri Mantra 1000 times everyday.' I told him.

'Mine is Leo Lagna and Jupiter is retro in 11th' he said.

'If you have retro Jupiter or Jupiter in fall in your chart,it shows a curse from Guru.By looking at the 5-types of blemishes in a chart,you can understand what type of curse it is.What are these 5 blemishes?Combustion,debilitation,retrogression,enemy house and planetary war are the 5 blemishes.

'Usually,those with Guru's curse in their charts must have cheated their guru or revolted against him or backstabbed him or insulted him or behaved in a manner unbecoming of a sishya or neglected the Upadesha given by him or changed gurus frequently.There are many similar angles in Guru's curse present in one's chart.' I said.

'I have been worshipping SaiBaba of Shirdi from many years.Sometimes when the priest doesnot turn up,I do the Puja in the temple.I frequently visit Kakani Siva Temple and do circumambulation there.Very shortly I am going to complete my 108 th giripradakshina of Arunachala Hill.I stayed at Arunachala for 40 days in a small rented room and did 2 pradakshinas per a day.' he replied.

'All this is due to the blemish of Jupiter in your chart.You are being led to do all this to wipe it out from your life.This shows you have the grace of your Guru.Otherwise more and more bad karma will accumulate in your life during these dasas.Which dasa you are running now?' I asked him.

'Now I am running Jupiter/Moon in my chart.Can you tell me when I would be free from this Guru's curse?' he asked.

I was amused.I noticed in the past,that many people visit me on spiritual matters when the main period of Jupiter was on,more so when the sub period of Moon was running. Reason for this peculiarity is -- conjunction of Jupiter and Moon in my chart in Mina,the last rasi indicating Moksha.This is how subtle connections bind people together with timely events.

'It wont leave you easily.Jupiter dasa would be over for you in 2018.Before that Jupiter/Rahu will run in your life from 2016 onwards and the 2 year period will give you sleepless nights.Only after that, it will leave you.Meanwhile continue to do what you have been doing.

Usually Guru dosham will continue to haunt generations down the line.If you check up your father's chart,you will find proof of what I am hinting at.' I suggested.

'I dont have my father's chart with me but I do have my son's.Yes.In it,Jupiter is with debilitated Sun.' he said.

'Now do you understand?That is the proof!! So this blemish has already been transferred to your son.If we check up charts of three successive generations,we can see linking of genetic traits in all of them through peculiar planetary combinations.Do you see how strange it is? This is,in fact, my specialization in the field of Astrology'- I said.

'I have Rahu in fall in 4th house.Yes.I do have some defects in my house.You are right.Now I understand them from your viewpoint.' he agreed.

'You will have some defect in your house on South-West corner.Similarly it will certainly have North-East defect too.I will hint at a few things in your house.Furniture would never be in its proper place.The surroundings of your house would not be calm and quiet.You can find pieces of paper,dust and hair coming into your house from everywhere.'-I said seriously.

'True.We have a school just in front of my house and there is noise always.There are problems in South West corner as the toilet pit is located there.I have been trying to shift it elsewhere but in vain.' he replied.

'That is precisely the beauty of Astrology.Now listen.You always face heavy loss from your friends.Dont you?' I questioned him.

'True.They use me always but never help me in times of need.' he agreed.

This is the power of Astrology.Even without looking at his chart I could guess so many things just by listening to a few combinations present in it.A full chart reading would be much more effective.

They took leave of me around 1 PM.

The weather was so pleasant since morning as it was drizzling continuously.I felt like meditating as I was all alone at home.

According to Tantric texts,lonely houses,among many others, are the best places for Tantric practice.So I closed all the doors,put off the lights and sat in meditation.

That was how this weekend was spent.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Yoni Tantra

Some of my admirers have been requesting me for quite some time for an appointment.But the time was not ripe.

'Why do you want to meet me?' I asked one of them when he contacted me on phone.

He expressed their keen desire to meet me to discuss some doubts related to spirituality and astrology.

Usually, I dont like people meeting me for astrological advice.It is my general impression that most of such people are neither sincere nor trustworthy.I never feel like wasting my time with people who are running after worldly desires and passions.However,if any sincere spiritual aspirant wants to meet me to solve his problems I usually feel more than happy.My true field of operation is spirituality and and I consider astrology as a part of it.

Most of the people who wanted to meet me in the past could not do so, even after an appointment.Various reasons forced them to stop and modify their plans.This had happened quite many times.

Whoever is really sincere in spiritual path and who has a burning thirst for spiritual fulfillment--only they will be able to meet me and derive lasting benefit out of such meeting.Unless they establish an astral connection with me,they cannot meet me for spiritual things.This I have observed umpteen number of times in my life and they too observed and testified it as a fact.

Why so? It is because,Mother never allows such people to come near me.They will face a hundred and one obstacles in their way.She tests their commitment to the core.Only when they pass Her tests,they would be allowed to meet me.I am not talking about those who want to meet me on mundane matters,but on spiritual matters.The former can do so anytime,because they cannot derive any inner benefit as they are hardly interested in such things.

Around 10 AM three people arrived at my home.During the exchange of pleasantries I silently scanned their 'Auras' to know their mettle but kept cool and waited for them to open up the conversation.

'I have gone through some of your writings and came to like them very much.Especially,your explanation of the methods of worship of Siva and Sakti are nice to read.I wanted to clarify some of my doubts that are haunting my mind from many years.'-one of them said.

'Thanks for liking them.What do you want to know?'  I replied.

'Since my childhood I like Ma Kali very much,I dont know why.I was unconsciously drawn towards Tantra Sadhana too.I have been searching for a true guru who can guide me in the path but in vain.' he said.

I nodded my head.

'I see a vision quite often.I see a high range of hills and a flowing river nearby.There I find myself worshipping a very tall statue of Mother Kali.This vision haunts me many times.

Not knowing how to approach Ma Kali,I used to cut my forearm and pour the blood in a plate before Her.I used to feel happy and She too used to feel happy,at least I thought so.

I approached the Kanchi seer Jayendra saraswathi swami for Sri Vidya initiation but was refused.He said I being a non-brahmin am not entitled to Sri vidya initiation.Even his associates heckled me for my request.They questioned-'Being a non-brahmin,how can you follow its rules and procedures strictly?'

I nodded and observed that Saturn Hora was running at that time

He continued-'I was dumbfounded at their refusal.I cursed myself for being born in a non-brahmin family.I returned home and prayed to Ma with tears in my eyes.A few days after,I had a dream in which I saw a Mantra in the open sky.I got up and noted it down.Since then,I have been doing japa of the same.'

I felt happy to hear this incident.

'Excellent.Ma Herself took pity on you and gave you her mantra.In Tantra this is called Swapna Diksha.Very good' I said heartily.

I bought a Meru Prastar form of Sri Chakra and started worshipping it in my home.But unable to bear the opposition of my family members to such practices,I had to throw it in a river.It is one of the gravest sins I committed' he said very sadly.

'Go ahead' I said.

'Especially, I like Yoni Tantra very much.I dont know the reason,but my mind always gravitates towards it.I have been searching for a person who could teach me its secrets.Meanwhile,I have done some of its practices,strangely,without knowing anything about them.'-Saying so, he explained those practices.

I wondered a little at this person but kept quiet.

'Why is all this happening?Why my mind drags me constantly towards Tantrik path and Yoni Tantra,even though I am totally ignorant about it?' he asked me.

I felt like helping him.So I prayed to my gurus and Ma Kali silently in my mind and concentrated.In a flash I could see his past.The planetary positions in his birth chart flashed before my mind.

'You were a Brahmin in one of your previous births in the border of Bengal and Assam.You were an adept in Kali Sadhana and Yoni Tantra.You were a guru at that time for a group of people.You misused your powers for solving the mundane problems of your followers.In that process their Karma came upon you causing your downfall.Though you are born now in a non-brahmin family,your latent samskaras are haunting you and forcing you to follow this path despite opposition from your family members.' I said.

'Where can I find a Guru who can show me the right path by teaching me the secrets of Yoni Tantra?-he asked.

'How could I know?You have to search for him yourself.Where do you think you can find him?Certainly not in a town or a city but in a remote place.If by chance some such one exists in a town,you cant find him as he likes to be incognito.'

'What is the way out then?' He questioned.

'Searching for a guru is not searching for a shop in the market.Its process is entirely different.If you go by advertisements,you will most probably land in the hands of a charlatan guru.The way is deep yearning from the bottom of your heart.Day and night you have to burn inside for spiritual guidance and pray God to send you a suitable guide.This need has to become your first priority in life.Before this urgent need,everything else in your life must fade away as insignificant.Only then God responds and sends a guru to you.' I said.

A true sadhaka will sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of God and Guru.For such a person,spiritual quest is the real thing in life.

You must be ready to brush aside anything that comes in the way of your quest.Only then your prayer will be answered,but not before.If you sacrifice your sadhana for all things in your life and gives it last priority,then you cannot be called a sincere sadhaka.

'Yes.I could understand this.I was in this kind of state for quite some time in the past.I left my job and remained confined to my home.I disliked working under somebody' He explained.

I was listening to him.

'Could do please clarify if what I am doing is right?The blood letting?Is Vamachara good?Is Yoni Tantra good?-he repeated.

'All the sadhanas are good.In fact there is neither good nor bad in them.All of them are steps of a ladder.How can the steps be good or bad?You should not judge the methods from the worldly point of view.The world is blind to such things.It tries to judge everything,even things beyond its grasp,by its known standards.True spiritual secrets are beyond the grasp of the worldly people.

If you read Bhagavad Gita you will find three different layers of everything explained by God Himself in the form of Sri Krishna.What you are doing is called Tamasik Upasana.It is the lowest variety.Next higher is Rajasik Upasana with pomp and pageantry.Next higher is Satvik Upasana,the silent method.The highest is Suddha Satvik Upasana,where you dont have to do anything at all.

First,you have to choose what is suited to your nature and then climb up from there.That is the right method.By the way,did you read my 'Sri Vidya' series?' I questioned.

'No.But I will' he replied.

'You read 'The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna' too.In that Lord Sri Ramakrishna says-The worship with animal sacrifice is Tamasik in nature.Worship with much pomp is Rajasik.That which is done silently without anyone noticing you is Satvik.A satvik sadhaka meditates inside his mosquito net.No body comes to know what he is doing.

'Nowadays,many are doing many things.They conduct Yagnas and Homas for the welfare of the world.Now,they should remember well that there is someone who created this world and He is not sleeping.He is very much awake and overseeing everything.They need not take care of the world.It is better for them to care of themselves first.'

'They cannot control their wives and children,but want to reform and save the world.How foolish?Most of the time,what they do is nothing but dollar spinning and turning black money white.'

No body knows what a real sadhaka does.It all happens between God and himself.It need not be known to any one else.It is too sacred to be revealed to others.

What you are doing is good but not enough.You have to grow upwards.

'I did such things in the past but not now.Nowadays I am following Ramana Maharshi.We three frequently visit Arunachalam,spend a few days there and do sadhana.Our friend is going to complete his 108 th Giripradakshina(circumambulation of Arunachala Hill) shortly' he said pointing out to one of them.

'I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and follow Sharath Babuji.' that person spoke.

'It is good.Saibaba of shirdi is a sadguru no doubt whereas Ramana Maharshi is a great Jnani.But never forget that all of them are just babies before Ma Kali who creates innumerable world systems each second,preserves them and ultimately destroys them too.

'You have outgrown Tamasik sadhana into Satvik Jnana marga.But remember also that everything is under the control of Ma.'

I continued.

'Haladhari a cousin of Sri Ramakrishna said that Kali is a tamasik deity and hence should not be worshipped.There upon Sri Ramakrishna wept before Ma and asked Her-'Ma.Is it true that you are a tamasik deity?Haladhari says that none should worship you.Is it true?'

Ma Kali could not bear to see the childlike simplicity and tears in the eyes of Sri Ramakrishna and appeared instantly before him in Her resplendent form lighting up the eight quarters.

She said-'Son.How can Haladhari know my true nature?He is a fool. I am the embodiment of all the three gunas.I created them and permeate them.I am,again,the Supreme Brahman beyond the three gunas.I am everything.Know this to be the ultimate truth.'

So,a tamasik worship is not wrong.It is a step in the ladder.You have to outgrow it.Because the Vamachara practices comprise of some 'nasty' things as considered by the world,the Dakshinacharis condemn it as a vile path.However in my view,true Vamachara is well above Dakshinachara.Why?Because,Lord Siva is easily pleased whereas Sakti is not.She tests you at each and every step of your journey.

People say that Sakti worship is very difficult.The difficulty is not in the method of worship or its conditions.It is in the tests that you would be subjected to in your life.She fries you in the pan of difficulties and sorrows.She tests you to your core.Many times you would feel like giving up.But once you step in,you cannot go out.If you can prove yourself by withstanding all the obstacles,then Mother blesses you.If you have a slightest trace of ego in you,she just throws you on the ground and tramples upon you.Why?She wants you to become pure gold.She wants a Spiritual Diamond out of you.So she tests you to your core.

'Yoni tantra is a highway.It takes you to the goal very quickly.' I said finally.

'Is it so?' he asked.

'Yes.But it is not easy to get a true guru who can teach you Yoni tantra.Even if you are fortunate to meet one,you wont be initiated by him so easily.Unless he finds in you the qualities of a disciple as described above,he wont initiate you into its mysteries.Moreover you need a yogini's help in this sadhana.

Such a lady who has good understanding of true Tantra and willing to cooperate with you in your sadhana is very hard to find.She is called a Bhairavi.Where do you hope to find such a Bhairavi in this modern times?Every where the womenfolk are driven by their desire to enjoy the world.All they want is dress,ornaments,money,bank balance,house,cars and a carefree happy life.Who needs spiritual enlightenment nowadays? In my life of 50 years,I never found a single female who is qualified for tantra sadhana.

I dont know.You may find one in remote hilly areas like Assam,Bengal,Himalayas or Tibet but never in plains like Andhra Pradesh.People are afraid of Tantra.At the very mention of this word, they run away thinking it to be some kind of black magic.

Indeed,there are a few women who are very much interested in Tantra sadhana even in modern times,but they are apprehensive lest the world should consider them as unchaste and wayward.As long as they harbor fear and apprehension,they cannot be fit to practice Tantra.So never expect to find a true yogini who is willing to assist you in this path.It is impossible.' I replied.

(To be continued)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A worst week for airlines-Astro reasons

Three spine chilling airplane disasters took place in a span of six days in July 2014.In last year,the count was less than one in two million flights.

It appears,atleast to an astrological mind,that there is something else behind these mishaps,other than reasons commonly attributed to them.

This assumption gains credence because the mishaps took place despite all the possible care taken in running the flights.When we see three similar accidents happening within a span of 6 days,it strikes to our mind that there must be something peculiar in that week.

Let us look at the opinion of international community before looking at the astro pointers of the week.

Less than one in 2 million flights last year ended in an accident in which the plane was damaged beyond repair, according to the International Air Transport Association. That includes accidents involving cargo and charter airlines as well as scheduled passenger flights.
"One of the things that makes me feel better when we look at these events is that if they all were the same type event or same root cause then you would say there's a systemic problem here, but each event is unique in its own way," said Jon Beatty, president and CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation, an airline industry-supported nonprofit in Alexandria, Virginia, that promotes global aviation safety.
(Courtesy: Yahoo News @ http://news.yahoo.com/very-bad-week-airline-disasters-come-cluster-203017512--finance.html)
Unaware of the astro reasons,they thought that as the number of services grow,the chances of disasters too grow in arithmetic proportion.It might be true as per the mathematical theory of probability,but mathematics alone cannot govern human life.There are many forces outside its ambit that govern our lives and decide our destinies.

Let us now look at the planets.

It all begun on July 18th when a Malaysian flight was shot down while flying over Ukrainian air space resulting in death of 298 passengers.
On July 23rd a Trans Asia Airways plane crashed in Taiwan killing 48 passengers and 20 others.
Next day,on 24th July an Algerian plane crashed sending 116 passengers to heaven.

So,between 18th and 24th of July three air disasters happened all of them being passenger carrying flights,killing 482 people.
Any unbiased mind will agree with me instantly and say-'Yes.There seems to be something strange about this week which killed so many innocent persons.'
Now,let us look at the Astro factors responsible for these mishaps,at least according to me.

We in India,especially those in the South who follow the luni-solar calender,call this month Ashadha Masam in tune with Purvashadha star obtaining on the Full Moon day of this month.It is also called a Shunya Masam,meaning a month of vaccume.

It has been observed my many that those who were born in this month tend more towards spiritual wisdom as opposed to material growth.They like to reach a state of Shunya or void.The Void is also called Fullness.What is Void is also Full.What is Shunya is also Purna.They are obverse and reverse of the same coin.The famous Guru Purnima(Full Moon day on which one's Guru is worshipped) comes in this month.
If the month is responsible for these mishaps,then they should have happened always in the past,every time when this month comes around in every year.But,it is not the case always.Then what is special about it now?What is the magic sauce?
The magic sauce is the Shapitha Yoga running now.This magic is all about Rahu,Saturn and Mars.These three planets will never be in these positions in every Ashadha Masam every year.That is the magic sauce.
Now let us look into what is so special about this week from 18-7-2014 to 24-7-2014.

The Planetary position for 18-7-2014 is given here.Look at the planets.Rahu,Mars and Saturn are located in one row in adjacent Rasis.Leaving the company of Rahu,Mars is travelling towards Saturn his dire enemy.He is sandwitched between Rahu and Saturn.This is called Papargala effect in Indian Astrology and gives rise to accidents and disasters.As Mars and Saturn are both in an Airy sign,disasters are more in air space.

In Navamsa,Saturn is in fall in the sign of Mars,hence very uncomfortable.As both are very badly placed,they give rise to disasters.Added to this,Rahu joined them,causing an explosive effect.

This is the planetary position on 23-7-2014.Here we are nearing Amavasya,the new Moon.Amavasya has always had a very depressing effect on world affairs.Mars is more closer to Saturn than before,but Saturn himself is devoid of his retrogression by now.So,the gravity of the accident and the death toll are less in this case.

This is the chart of 24-7-2014.Here we have exact degree aspect between Venus and Neptune resulting in adverse weather condition to the flight.
Moreover,since 28-6-2014 there was exact quincunx aspect between Uranus and Saturn.Hence sudden mishaps are likely to happen, killing common people at large.

Summing up,

>>Quincunx aspect between Uranus and Saturn,
>>Ashadha Masam,
>>Amavasya (New Moon) effect
>>Exact Trinal aspect between Venus and Neptune.
>>The cursed yoga formed by Rahu,Saturn and Mars.

are the key reasons behind the serial mishaps that occured in a week.

One of the many utilities of Astrology is to warn us about a Great Power which is overseeing all things and granting results according to our Karma.If our analysis drives us to this realization,the purpose is fulfilled in a way more than expected.

Now let me explain a few subtleties of Karma.

People think that by knowing our future beforehand,we could safely escape from its clutches.Need not necessarily so.Just by knowing ahead,you cannot escape your Karma.Why? Because,there are subtle differences in every Karma.Each and every action is not the same as the other.

For some people,I suggest-"No use of remedies in your chart.You have to experience and suffer.Your past karma is so strong that unless you experience the result,it will not leave you.But I can suggest one thing.While experiencing the results now,be calm and quiet,surrender to God and take life as it comes peacefully.At least you wont create new karma now,by doing so.'

For some charts,you cannot prescribe any remedy.When the past Karma is too strong to be remedied,you cannot escape from its results.You have to experience some Karmas.When you act in haste,you have to repent at leisure.Nature is not so naive to release you from the net of Karma without first nailing you down at its altar.

Strong Karma haunts you and hunts you unfailingly, where ever you might go to hide in the whole world.

So our elders advise us-

"Be very careful while doing an action.Never ever harm anybody.Never think that you can do any damn thing and go scot-free.Every act of yours has a boomerang effect on your life.Look before you leap.Think deeply before you do a Karma.Remember-there is a Supreme Power ruling over this Universe and it is observing you.You cannot escape its net.'

This is one of the greatest gifts of India to the world-the Karma theory.In fact it is not a mere theory but a fact of everyday life.It is the infallible and invisible principle that governs our day to day life,in every aspect of it.

The planetary Yogas explained above are the immediate causes of all the disasters that happened in this week.And our collective Karma is the remote cause.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mundane Astrology and its veracity

In my post 'Rahu in Kanya-what would be its effect on India' dated 17-7-2014, I wrote:

"Kanya is the natural 6th house representing disease.So,epidemic diseases may endanger the lives of people.Especially diseases we thought were wiped out may raise their heads again.Some of them may be Malaria,Dengue,Japanese Encephalitis etc.Viral fevers and diseases caused or spread by flying insects like flies and mosquitoes may cause trouble."

Now let us have a look at 'The Hindu' daily of today.

KOLKATA, July 20, 2014

Encephalitis red alert in Bengal, toll 45

With 45 deaths due to encephalitis reported in the districts of north Bengal, the West Bengal government on Saturday issued a red alert in seven districts of the region.

State Minister for North Bengal Development Gautam Deb told journalist at Siliguri that a fever clinic would be set up in the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital and experts will collect samples from patients there. A high-level meeting will be held at Uttar Kanya, the extension of the Secretariat in north Bengal, on July 21 to assess the situation.

“With the death of one more person due to Japanese Encephalitis in the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) on Saturday, the death toll has reached 45 in north Bengal,” NBMCH superintendent Amarendranath Sarkar told The Hindu.

The deaths have occurred over the past three weeks.

Dr. Sarkar also said that of the 200 patients who underwent tests so far 49 were diagnosed with Japanese Encephalitis and the rest showed acute encephalitis syndrome.

According to doctors, Japanese Encephalitis claimed thirteen deaths, acute encephalitis syndrome the rest. At present, 36 patients are undergoing treatment in NBMCH.

Encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral disease, birds living near water bodies and pigs are its vectors. A person is diagnosed with encephalitis when the encephalitis virus is detected in the body; if the virus is not detected, it is termed as acute encephalitis syndrome.

With the State government issuing alert, health officials are going door to door collecting samples. Jaganath Sarkar the Chief Medical officer of Health (CMOH) told The Hindu that health workers were also visiting remote areas to collect blood samples.

Most of the patients admitted to NBMCH are from Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Cooch Behar districts. Some are also from Malda, Uttar Dinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur districts.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

MH 17 disaster-Karma and its subtleties

Not a single day passes without delivering to me mails loaded with questions from the curious readers of my Telugu blog.More often than not,these readers are at sixes and sevens on the bewildering and perplexing subtleties of Karma that I talk about day in and day out.

I received many mails of similar kind after I wrote on the latest MH 17 disaster.

Many of these mails end up saying -'You write a post-facto analysis always.Why cant you predict before it happens?Why cant you avert the mishap by sounding an early alarm?Why cant you save lives thereby?'

Some of my close friends sing the same song.I am amused to look at their naive innocence.I pity them always because they are not aware of the subtle workings of karma.

It is very easy to foresee events in individual astro charts but not so in mundane matters, at least always.We can modify our life events by observing proper remedies in our day to day lives.I did see many miracles in my life and in those of my close associates after we preformed remedies to counter bad events that threaten to happen. Performing remedies is not so easy as many suppose it to be.One should be destined to be able do remedies and alter his Karma.

Many times,when I advise people what to do,they come back and report to me that they could not do them as advised.They are obstructed many times, by very queer and peculiar turn of events.All this sounds like a fairy tale,but it is nothing but truth.

A family escaped the MH-17 disaster.They had a close shave with death.They could not board the flight because they could not get seats in it.So they got their tickets in another flight for which they felt sorry initially.But later,when the news of the mishap arrived,they were thunderstruck and started thanking the unknown power that altered their destiny and saved their lives.Such is the work of Karma.

Many times mass destruction can be foreseen well ahead of its actual happening.But to avert it is not in the hands of human beings.It is called 'Samuhik Dridh Karma' or 'very strong mass karma'.It can be altered provided an equal sacrifice is done by somebody to satisfy the Karmic Law in operation at the site.But where do we find people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of others?Who is ready to pay the fee for the folly of an unknown person?

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the law of Nature.We find this mentioned in the scriptures of many religions including the Bible.We find its reference in Exodus 21.24 and Mathew 5.38.There is nothing called 'Mercy' in Nature,but only 'Law'.To save a life,somebody has to sacrifice his life.This is the eternal law of Nature.In India,we call this the inexorable law of Karma.

A real incident from my life that happened a few years back will illustrate the matter more clearly.

I had a friend who used to argue with me on this point long and short.I used to explain him with lot of patience,only to find him unconvinced in the end.It is not the logic that used to fail him,but his ego never allowed him to accept my explanation.

He used to argue vehemently that the ultimate utility of Astrology is to avert the bad events that are going to happen in our lives.I used to agree with him on this point but with a slight modification.I used to say that every Tom,Dick and Harry cannot be able to do this.

Finally,unable to convince him with my logic,I used to keep silent thinking that only experience would teach him a lesson in Karma.

One day,he brought to me his son-in-law's birth chart.When I looked into it,I had an instant feeling that time has come to teach him what he has been searching for,through a practical example.

I found in the chart that the native is going to face an accident in the near future.So I told my friend that his son-in-law will get into an accident very soon.

His reply was on expected lines.

'I will believe in your Astrology,if you could avert this mishap' he blurted out.

I had a hearty laugh.

'How would you believe if it is averted?If it never happens,you would argue that my prediction had failed.Daily we miss many an accident without our knowledge,but we never thank God for His grace.So if it never happens,how would you know that it missed you?'- I asked.

He thought over it for a while.

'Not exactly.If I have to believe in what you say,the conditions for the accident must materialize but it should be averted.Only then I will believe in you.'- he thought he was very wise in saying so.

This time I had a belly laugh.

People think they are very intelligent and outwit even Jackals in their cunningness,but they cannot escape their final destination.

'So you are so arrogant to dictate terms to God and Nature on how they should behave,eh?' I asked him.

'You say whatever you like.I wont believe you till I get what I want" he said.

'I care a foot if you believe me or not.Neither do I have any urgent need to make you believe in what I say' I retorted.

'You cannot escape me by saying so' he answered cleverly.Or so he thought.

'Ok.I agree to your proposal.If you want me to save your son-in-law you will have to do a remedy' I suggested him.

He was elated with joy.

'Sure.Why not?How much does it cost?' he answered quickly.

'Dont be hasty.This has got nothing to do with money.You have to do a remedy here and now.' I said.

He looked at me with suspicion.

'Tell me what it is' he quipped.

'Once I reveal what it is,you should not go back.Promise me' I demanded.

'Yes I do' he said.

'You should not go back on your word' I said again.

'Our family is known for keeping our word.'- he said haughtily.

'Great to hear that.Ok.Take this knife and bottle'-saying so I handed over them to him.

He was confused.

So I said 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is Nature's law.In tune with this law,you have to sacrifice for your son-in-law.Your act of sacrifice will save him.Are you ready?'

'What do you want me to do with these?' he asked looking at the knife and bottle.

'First,stab in the hollow of your right elbow with the knife and pour the blood into the bottle' I said.

He was dumbstruck.

'What?Do you call this remedy?I thought you would suggest some worship or Mantra or some similar thing.What is this?This is totally inhuman.' he blurted out.

'Yes.To counter a gory incident we have to resort to a gory remedy. Who said this is not worship? Come on do it' I demanded him.

He remained staring into my face.

'I cant do it.' he said finally.

'Why?' I demanded.

'Suppose I do it.Can you guarantee me that the supposed accident would be averted? He asked.

'Take my word.It would be averted' I assured him.

'How do I know that it is averted? What is the proof? he demanded.

'Can you not sacrifice a few milliliters of your blood for the sake of your son-in-law?' I questioned him.

'Sorry,I cant do this.' He said throwing away the knife.

'So you dont care whatever happens to your son-in-law,eh?' I asked him teasingly.

He became violent.

'You think you are the only one who knows Astrology? There are any number of people like you in the streets.I will take their advice.I cant do this inhuman remedy' He shouted and got up to leave.

'Yes.You cant do this inhuman remedy.But you can't remain without undertaking an inhuman profession either.Can you?' I teased him again.

He was involved in Finance business(money lending) and real estate business.Both these fields are known to be inhuman and ruthless.

He got up and disappeared.

After some months,a very queer thing happened.

His son-in-law,while driving a car keeping his elbow protruding out into the door window,met with an accident.A lorry brushed past his car,hit his elbow and smashed it.His elbow was fractured and he was admitted in a hospital.Complications developed speedily and the hand had to be amputated upto elbow.

Later,I used to see my friend many times in the market,but he was so angry with me that he never talked to me.I used to smile to myself and keep quiet.

He thought that though I could foresee the event and could know the remedy well,I did not tell him and teased him unnecessarily.He thought I played a cruel practical joke on him.

I came to know through some of my friends that he died recently.

We should not decide on the remedies.We should have the courage to perform them whatever their demand might be.Only then,Karma can be countered.Only then,we can alter our destiny.

In the recent MH-17 plane crash,298 passengers died.There are many innocent children in them.So we think this is unfortunate and all these people could have been saved.

Nature's laws are different.The march of Karma is inscrutable.

In a drama,we just look at a scene and think that it is everything.We dont look at the past and future and how all the three are linked.

The spectator knows only one scene.But the director knows all the scenes and all the script.So he is never perturbed.He never weeps,never laughs,but remains silent always.The poor spectator,sometime laughs,sometime weeps,unable to know the full script.

I will relate an incident that happened a few years back in India.

A mother was preparing her son to school.In the hurry she did not notice a scorpion in the shoe of the kid.The scorpion on its part bit the kid promptly and kept biting him while he was on his  way.The boy collapsed in the school and died.

The mother was a follower of Swami Chinmayananda.So she met the Swami in a weeping mood and questioned him why this sad thing happened.

He questioned her.

'You are worried over the loss of your child.But what about the life of the scorpion?You never seem to care about its life.A life is a life, be it that of a child or a scorpion.How could there be differences in life force?'

You feel that the child is 'yours'.This sense of 'mine' gives you agony.On the other hand,the life of a scorpion carries no value to you.You consider it as a worthless creature.But Nature is not obliged to think so.It does not owe you any obligation.

Suppose the scorpion's mother is here.It too can argue that its child is dead.It may hold you responsible for this sin.In Nature's sight your son's life is as good as a scorpion's life.

When our vision is limited by our thoughts we cant look far.The same vision when becomes wide and deep can see the past and future.Nature's laws appear as immature and childish to our myopic vision.But when you understand its deeper workings then your realize that there is nothing called injustice in Nature.What you sow,so you reap.

Accidents can be averted and lives can be saved.But someone must sacrifice for the loss of a life with his life.Who will come forward to do this?

The world has seen only one Jesus till now.Another is yet to be born.

Friday, 18 July 2014

MH 17 Malaysia plane crash -Astro indicators

MH 17 airplane carrying 298 passengers crashed in Ukraine on Thursday 17-7-2014.Ukraine Government and the pro-Russian rebels are blaming each other for this mishap.It is impossible for any passenger on board a flight,flying at a height of more than 30,000 feet to survive when the plane crashes.Most of them must have died in the air from the impact of shock.

Many of us tend to take planets in a lighter vein and pass sarcastic comments on Astrology.It is a great mistake.We come to know the power of planets only when we experience them in our lives.But by then,it would be too late to realize our folly.

I dont want to believe that terrorists will shoot mindlessly at a passenger plane.They too know pretty well that innocent passengers have no role to play in international war games.I strongly suppose that,those who wanted to shoot the plane must be aiming at something else.May be it was a flight carrying some dignitary returning from BRICS(Brazil,Russia,India,China,SouthAfrica) summit.Somehow they missed their target and finished the MH-17 carrying 298 innocent passengers.

Though the cruel roles of Rahu,Mars and Saturn are visible in this mishap,it is the benevolent Jupiter who saved the heads of states from getting shot.But for the saving grace of Jupiter,we would now be looking at a news laden with greater and deeper shock waves.

Now let me look at this from the Astro angle to understand a few deeper issues lurking behind the scene.

Rahu is now in Kanya.We have been discussing his role from the past few weeks.He represents exalted Mercury who in turn indicates hyperactive terrorists all around the globe.Wars and war like situations everywhere are the results of Rahu,Mars and Saturn.

Look at Israel and Palestine.The conflict is deepening day by day and reaching a point of no return,both sides losing many men heavily.This again is the effect of Rahu.

Terrorist activity gaining force everywhere,again,is the handiwork of the great Rahu.

Now Mars has left the company of Rahu and heading fast towards Saturn.The signs involved are Kanya the Earthy sign and Tula the Airy sign.

In the current mishap,the airplane was grounded by a 'surface to air missile'.The role of two signs representing Earth and Air is clearly visible in this tragedy.This again is the handiwork of Rahu.

Now look at the astrological and numerological significance of MH 17.

M is the 13th letter in English alphabet.The root number 4 indicates Ketu who is the counterpart of Rahu.

H is the 8th letter indicating Saturn.

Now from 17 we get Saturn again.

If we convert MH 17 into numbers it becomes 13-8-17.

The numbers when rooted become 4-8-8 indicating Ketu-Saturn-Saturn.Further reduction of this number results in 2 which is Rahu again.So the effect of Rahu is clearly visible in this number.

Now let me look at the issue from another angle.

They say that according to latest reports there are 298 passengers on board the plane.

Now, 2 means Rahu again,9 means Mars(according to one school of thought) and 8 is Saturn.Now the pattern is complete.It is Rahu-Mars and Saturn.

Numbers clearly correlate with astrological significations.

What I have been saying from the past few weeks is coming true.Transit of Rahu into Kanya will strengthen terrorists all around the globe.Mars caught between Rahu and Saturn will pave the way for destruction everywhere.

Many more incidents are in the offing.Let us wait and see how the drama will unfold day by day.