Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Sri Vidya Rahasyam" book release function 28-12-2014

My long awaited book 'Sri Vidya Rahasyam' is going to be released at last on 28-12-2014 at Vijayawada.

This book explains,in more than 1200 Telugu poems,the essence of real 'Sri Vidya Upasana' as endorsed by the Upanishads and the Tantras.

This book is going to be a landmark in Telugu Poetry as well as in Telugu Spiritual literature.

I am certain,the present readers as well as the generations to come will be immensely benefited by the spiritual treasures available in this book.

This book will be available in the 'Book festival' organised in P.W.D grounds,Vijayawada from 1-1-2015 to 10-1-2015 in the stall of 'Sri Mahalaxmi Book Corporation'.

Efforts are being made to tie up with online book providers like 'KINIGE' and '' to make this book available on line for the sake of those who are staying in distant places in India as well as in other countries.

There will be talks on spiritual sadhana in general and 'Sri Vidya Upasana' in particular - by me and other learned speakers during this eventful day.

The Video of this event will be uploaded in my blogs in due course.

The date,time and venue of the event are as under.

Date and Time:--28-12-2014 Sunday.

Vijayawada Book Festival Society Association Hall
Anjanam Building
Opposite Civil courts

I hereby invite all my readers to attend this function and make it a grand success.