Tuesday, 26 November 2013

World chess champion Magnus Carlson-Astro analysis

Magnus Carlson is the current world chess champion.He defeated Vishwanadhan Anand and grabbed the title.Though his exact birthtime is not available,I will try to analyse his birth chart according to Nadi Jyotish principles.

He was born at Tonsberg in Norway on 30-11-1990 in Bharani star ruled by Venus.It was a Friday.So Venus will have a strong influence on his life.Among the chara karakatwas,Venus became the Amatyakaraka denoting profession.It is sandwiched between Sun on the back and Mercury and Saturn on the front and located in Vrishchika the rasi known for mystery and secret plotting.This combination could denote a porofession involving help from father,intelligent thinking and hard work.

His Atmakaraka Saturn and Sun are vargottama indicating success in profession,good luck and name and fame.These two planets made him a child prodigy in chess.

Saturn with Mercury gives deep thinking and meticulous intelligent planning.Mars and Moon in Mesha could give tenacity of purpose.Exalted Jupiter with Ketu denoting Moon could mean Gajakesari Yoga that boosts up good luck.

Uranus and Sun in exact 2/12 position shows sudden flashes of intuition in times of need.Jupiter and Neptune in exact 6/8 position shows deep religious bent of mind and lots of fortune from the nether world.

Natural Karma Karaka, the indicator of profession,is Saturn. He is with Mercury who is also the 3rd lord from Moon lagna.So a profession involving intelligent thinking and planning is indicated.

Saturn gets 2nd and 3rd Lordship from himself.So the profession could be something connected to sports,writing and communication.Venus being Amatyakaraka could give modelling and income from advertising.

Chess is a game that needs a lot of thinking,silent planning and intuitive ability.The role of Uranus and Neptune in this angle cannot be overlooked in Carlson's chart.

By and large,a birth chart can be read by using Nadi principles even in the absence of correct birth time.Though minute details of life are not traceable by this method,the broad directions life could take in future could be easily gleaned through Nadi analysis.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sachin Tendulkar-Astro analysis

Sachin Tendulkar,the greatest batsman of modern Indian cricket has retired recently and has been given Bharath Ratna award.I will just have a look into his birth chart.

Before proceeding ahead,I have to admit that I don't know the ABCD of cricket at all.I was interested in martial arts from my childhood and spent my hobby time in learning various fighting styles.I never played cricket or any other game seriously as martial arts consumed my whole attention for quite a long time.So my knowledge of cricket is almost zero.Therefore,I will just touch upon Sachin's major life events to the exclusion of the subtle nuances of his batting style or his career ups and downs.

His date of birth is 24-4-1973 at Mumbai.Quite a number of times are available on the net each of them claiming to be his correct birth time.Some of them are 1.00 PM,2.47 PM and 4.20 PM.They give Kataka,Simha and Kanya lagnas respectively.

Sun and Mars are exalted in his chart.Mars is karaka for aggressiveness.True to this trait,he used to bully his schoolmates.To curb this attitude and to channelize his excessive energy,his brother introduced him to cricket.Mars gave him an aggressive batting style.Some people say that he is a Kanya lagna native,as Mars could become 3rd lord only when the Lagna is Kanya.If this is true his time of birth could be around 4.30 PM.I dont know if this true.

Exalted Sun bestowed upon him success in career,name and fame and great fan following throughout the world.Jupiter in fall made him a devotee of Satya Sai Baba.It is noteworthy that Jupiter is in Makara in Satya Sai Baba's birth chart also.Planetary synchronicity happens in various weird ways.

Love marriage is possible for Karkataka and Kanya lagnas with this combination of planets.7th house becomes blemished for these two lagnas,Mercury in fall in 7th house for Kanya Lagna and Jupiter and Mars in 7th house for Kataka Lagna.Out of these two,Saturn being 7th lord in Labha stana gives a wife older in age.It could also give a doctor wife serving the sick.So I favour Kataka Lagna for him.

Kanya lagna cannot give a good career as Ketu is in 10th house.Kataka Lagna on the other hand could give a very bright career as Sun is exalted in 10th house.So,Kataka Lagna gains strength.So his birth time should be around 1.00 PM.If that is true,at the time of his marriage on 24-5-1995,he was running Mars/Jup/Merc dasa(Vimsottari).Mars and Jupiter in 7th house and Mercury in Sukha stana from Moon could easily give marriage.So the dasa pattern too tallies for Kataka Lagna.

Currently,he is running Rahu/Ven/Jup/Ket dasa.Venus with exalted Sun gave him the highest award of the country.However,Venus is a badhaka for this lagna and Jupiter in fall transfers this blemish to Mars who is the Karaka planet for sports and games.Ketu gives separation.So his retirement from Cricket tallies with the dasa bhukti pattern.

Reverse Kalasarpa yoga as some would attribute to his chart,is a misnomer.There is no such thing called reverse KSY.It is a creation of modern false astrologers.His chart doesn't suffer from KSY at all.

Let us consider the extra Saturnine planets.In my earlier days,I never used to consider them,as they were not mentioned in Indian astrology.But experience taught me otherwise.It is a fact that consideration of Uranus,Neptune and Pluto in astro analysis gives better insights than otherwise.

Uranus in 3rd house sitting in Mars Star in exact trinal aspect to exalted Mars is the main reason behind his aggressive and unpredictable playing style mixed with good technique,which was complimented even by veterans like Donald Bradman.Pluto in 3rd house too supported him in his career.

Neptune in 5th house could give love marriage among other things.Especially its position in Saturn's star could give a life partner older to him.This is proved to be true in Sachin's case.

Ghatika Lagna in 3rd house shows name and fame in the field of sports.So I think his Lagna is Kataka which fixes his time of birth around 1.00 PM as per my perception.

Planets rule over the mighty and the meek alike.None can escape their net.One cannot escape from one's own Karma either.This is as certain as tomorrow's sunrise.