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Rohini Sakata Bhedanam-World wide disaster trigger-Wonder of Indian Astrology

We hear this word 'Rohini Sakata Bhedanam' very often in our Puranas.This phenomenon was observed during the times of Ramayana and Mahabharatha in India.Great wars and destruction happened everytime this peculiar phenomenon appeared in the sky.

Emperor Dasaradha,the celebrated father of Sri Rama observed this event in the skies and becomes apprehensive of some great mass destruction or danger to the country.

It forebodes evil and destruction
When Saturn leaves Krittika and nears Rohini
Sages call this "Breaking of Rohini's wain"
It brings great sorrow and misery

The gods and demons are terrified
and a famine of twelve years ensues
The villages and towns are ruined
The whole world says-"Here comes Fear"

Emperor Dasaradha authored a grand hymn to appease Lord Saturn and it is known as "King Dasaradha's Hymn to God Saturn".It is available in Brahmanda Purana and is chanted by millions of Indians even today to ward off the bad effects of Saturn.It really works wonders.

Let us look into Mahabharatha where we find a couple of verses describing this event.

Saturn tortures the star of Prajapathi
And the world will soon be under torture

O King! The star Rohini is tortured by Saturn
Moon is devoid of lustre; Great fear lurks everywhere

We see the above verses in the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. But we never care to understand them in clear terms.We brush them aside as fiction.How did we degenerate into such a pitiable state?

The reasons are not far to seek.English education is one,forgetting Sanskrit is another and there are a plethora of other reasons like-alienation of our scriptures from us,parental ignorance, and disinterestedness on our part in exploring our scriptures.

Our Puranas are not fictitious stories invented and woven by lunatic brains.They are faithful records of our sages intended to pass on their ancient knowledge down to posterity.

Now,let us look into the definition of 'Rohini Sakata Bhedanam' as described in the famous astronomical work -'Surya Siddhantha'

"When an object with a south declination of slightly more than 2 degrees passes through Vrishabha Rasi at 17 degrees,then it breaks the wain of Rohini".

The celebrated ancient astrologer VarahaMihira described Rohini Sakata Bhedanam' in his magnum opus 'The Brihat Samhitha',two thousand years ago,thus:

"When the wain of Rohini is broken by Saturn or Mars or Sikhi,then alas,the world is drowned in a sea of sorrows".

Now,the star cluster 'Rohini' has 5 stars forming a triangle shaped thing in the centre.When Saturn or Mars or Sikhi(a mateor or Ketu) passes through this triangle near Alpha,Epsilon and Gama Tauri,then it is called 'Breaking of Rohini's wain'.

It might not be possible for Saturn,due to its distance from this area,to pass exactly at 17 degrees Vrisha with 2 degrees south declination.However,he touches the star Rohini once in every 30 years approximately.

Let us look into the world disasters that occured whenever Saturn touched this point in the skies.

1) Saturn was in Rohini star from May 2001 to June 2002 recently.
  • On 11-9-2001 the twin towers were destroyed in USA killing about 5000 people.
  • We can understand its impact better,if we understand the sense of scare it created in America's mindset.It started doubting every Asian after that day.
  • 'A famine of twelve years ensues' are the words we can see in Dasaradha's observation.Even today,twelve years after WTC incident,the war against terror in Pakistan and Afganistan is still alive.Is not the prediction proved literally?
  • The Gujarath earth quake occured in India killing about 30,000 and rendering many more homeless.
  • Crown prince Dipendra,like a mad man,shot his father King Birendra and mother Aishwarya Devi and other 6 members of Royal Family of Nepal in a bloody shoot out on 1-6-2001 exactly when Saturn was transiting star Rohini.
  • USA attacked Afganistan in retaliation to WTC incident and to wipe out terrorist outfits over there.
  • A jet plane crashed in New York killing about 260 people.
  • In an unprecedented attempt,Indian Parliament was attacked by terrorists on 13-12-2001.
2) Saturn sojourned over Star Rohini from 1972 to 1973.
A little earlier,i.e in 1971 Bangladesh emerged out as a separate country from the civil war with Pakistan.
  • In the Earthquake of Nicaragua which occured in 1972,about 10,000 were killed,another 20,000 injured and about 30,000 became homeless.
  • In 1973 there was a war between Egypt,Cyria and Israel.
  • The second building of world trade center was completed in this year.Exactly after 30 years,when Saturn touched this point of Zodiac again,it was destroyed.
3) Saturn again travelled over Rohini between 1942 and 1943.
  • 'Holocaust' occured and about 17 lakhs of Jews were killed.
  • Nuclear chain reaction was invented by Science during this period.
  • This was the time when World War II happened.Nearly 80 million people were killed in this war.
  • This was the time of 'Quit India' movement in India.
4) Saturn travelled again on Rohini between 1912 and 1913.
  • 1912 can be called 'year of disasters'.The Titanic ship sank in April 1912 killing about 1500 people.It would do well to remember that there were two persons from Guntur AP,India in that ship.
  • Balkan wars took place killing or injuring about 5 lakhs people.
  • In the Chinese revolution,about 2.5 lakh people were killed.
  • The Meiji era ended in Japan.
  • The 'Delhi conspiracy' designed by Bengal revolutionaries to kill Viceroy Lord Hardinge happened.
5) Earlier to that Saturn travelled on Rohini between 1883 and 1884.
  • Krakato volcanic explosion occured on 26-8-1883.The fact that the sound of explosion was heard upto a distance of 4,800 Km explains its intensity.It killed about 36,000 and destroyed most of that island.
  • The Great English earthquake or Colchester Earthquake occured which was never seen by the United Kingdom in the past 400 years.It leveled down about 1300 houses.
  • Enigma Tornado hit the USA.
  • Howard South Dakota tornado occured at the same time.
6) Before that,Saturn travelled on Rohini from 1854 to 1855.
  • Due to fog,two ships collided in the bay of Newfoundland sinking SS Arctic.About 400 died.
  • Great fire of New castle and Gateshead occured.
  • Baptiste Creek Train accident,which was one of the gravest rail accidents in those days of North America,occured.
  • Gasconade bridge train disaster happened wherein a whole train fell down into the river flowing below the bridge.
  • In the Crimea war which led to the defeat of Russia about 8 lakh people were killed and another 1 lakh wounded.
  • San Salvador Earthquake ruined the whole city killing 1000 people and damaging 25 million dollars property.
  • A ship by name 'Powchattan" sank in Long Beach New York and 500 were dead.
  • Red turban revolution started in Guangdong province of China.
  • San Juan del Norte town in Nicaragua was bombed and destroyed by US navy.
  • The Santhal revolution in India was brutally suppressed by the British killing about 15,000.
7) Again,Saturn visited Rohini between 1824 and 1825.
  • In the biggest flood ever seen,Saint Petersburg was drowned.
  • Three big ships sank in the seas.
  • The whole world was in a mad frenzy of wars.
  • About 50,000 died in Anglo-Burmese war.
  • Greek civil war took place.
  • Arkansas war took place.
  • Britain Ashante war happened.
  • Franko Trarjan war took place.
  • Netherlands Java war occured.
  • Portugal Brazil wars happened.
8) Again,Saturn travelled over Rohini between 1795 and 1796.
  • In the Quiberon war about 20,000 were killed.
  • Copenhagen fire happened.The fire was burning for two days continuously.
  • Many ships sank during this period in the seas.
  • Northumberland and Cumbarland coal mine disasters took place.
  • In India,Queen Ahalya Bai Holkar died.
  • Anglo Mysore wars took place.
9) Saturn travelled on Rohini again from 1765 to 1766.
  • Buxar war took place between the English and the Mughals killing about 12,000(conservative estimate)
  • In the Sino Burmese war,about 1 Lakh people died.
  • Thousands perished in Burma -Siam war.
  • That was the time of American Political revolution.
10) From 1736 to 1737 Saturn sojourned over Rohini.
  • About 50,000 perished in First Delhi-Marata war in India.
  • Portugese Marata war took place.
  • Austria Turkey war happened.
  • Kolkata witnessed the worst of its times in history where it had to face an Earthquake and a cyclone at the same time.
  • East Russia witnessed Kamchatka Earthquake.
1) Saturn visited Rohini between 1706 and 1707.
  • There were floods and cyclones in Nebraska.
  • Poland witnessed its civil war.
  • There took place wars between the English and the French for American colonies.
  • Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb died in India.
12) Again from 1677 to 1678 Saturn travelled on Rohini.
  • There was war between Russia and Turkey.
  • James town Virginia witnessed Bacon revolution.
  • A spanish vessel drowned in the coast of America.
  • Shivaji fought with Mughal forces in India.
13) Between 1647-1648 Saturn travelled over Rohini.
  • Second English civil war took place.
  • After a year,Charles I was beheaded.
  • Thousands perished in the Beewar wars of North America.
  • Wapinger war occured in what is now called New York area.
  • Intense battles were fought by Shivaji in India with the Mughal forces.

The above facts are enough to prove that 'Rohini Sakata Bhedana' described in Indian Scriptures is nothing but truth.

Effects of Saturn on human beings are real as could be seen from the above narration.Every time he touched star Rohini,it induced worldwide destruction.

How could Indian sages foresee all these events? How could they,in the remote past of 7000 BC could note down the ominous stellar events that triggered mass destruction and natural disasters?

Leaving the past behind,let us look ahead to find out when is Saturn going to touch Rohini again in the near future.

It is in 2031-2032.

What could it foretell?

Would the wars between the Jews and Arabs or between the two major religions of the world,escalate into a third world war by then?Or would there be world wide destruction again in some form or the other when Saturn transits the star Rohini in 2031-32?

Let us wait and watch.


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