Friday, 12 August 2016

Chart of Kaliko Phul, Ex Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh - Astro analysis

Kaliko Phul, ex Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling of his official residence on August 9th.

The yoga for unnatural death by hanging is very much visible in his chart.

Let me elaborate.

He was born on 20-7-1969 at Walla,Hawai,Arunachal Pradesh with 96E48; 27N53 as co ordinates and with time Zone 5.30 East of GMT.Though the exact birth time is unknown,let me analyze his chart with other handy principles of astrology.As I am not going deep into his chart covering all the 12 bhavas,but looking only at the yoga for suicide,exact birth time is not necessary.

From Moon Lagna,which proves many times more accurate than the Lagna,we can observe the presence of a well known astro principle from Jaimini Sutras that suggest suicidal tendencies and un natural death viz. presence of a malefic planet in 3rd house.

In his chart, Mars with Gulika and Mandi and Neptune in third house clearly indicates unnatural death.

According to the famous dictum from 'Jathaka Chandrika' which says - "Ashtamam aayusha sthanam ashtamaad ashtamam tadhaa" - Eigth house and eigth from it again i.e third house indicate longevity of the native.Combining the Jaimini Sutra - "Manda Maandibhyam Jalodbandhanaadibhi" - with this principle,we see that Mandi is in third house indicating death, either by drowning or by hanging.

It is stunning to see how the age old Astro Sutras come alive again and again in any number of charts.Seeing this miracle we cannot but bow down to the great vision of our Rishis who framed these sutras through years and years of painstaking research.

This same 'suicide yoga' is available in the charts of hero Uday Kiran, heroine Zia Khan and hero Ranganath who all died violent deaths,allegedly suicides.

The role of Moon is clearly visible in charts of such emotionally unstable persons, because Moon,in Astrology is the indicator for mind and its tendencies.

Coming to the present chart,the most striking yoga in this chart is the degree conjunction of Moon,Uranus and Jupiter at 7 degrees in Kanya.This trio is joined by an equally unhappy Ketu who is in zero degrees.All these four planets are in Uttara star ruled by Sun who is the lord of 12 th house showing loss and death(destruction of first bhava i.e body).

Uranus is karaka for sudden revolutionary ideas and violent decisions.When he afflicts Moon powerfully, the native of such a chart exhibits very unstable and unpredictable behaviour.They behave as if possessed by some unseen ghost and take very voilent and sudden decisions,to the surprise of their companions.Such people would be talking to their kith and kin and suddenly they go to the other room and commit suicide within minutes.

In this chart,added to the influence of Uranus on Moon, there is the additional influence of Ketu and Jupiter who is a badhaka.When Moon the karaka for mind is afflicted so badly,what could such a poor native do in times of stress other than committing suicide?

Ghati Lagna falls in third from Moon,with Mars,Mandi and Neptune, showing power issues are the cause of his violent death. Debilitated Saturn in 8th shows the curse of people which brought this sad end to his life.

To add the last straw on the back of camel, transit Jupiter is ready to cross Simha into Kanya, his Moon lagna with the ominous combination of Uranus Jupiter and Ketu. All this coupled together precipitated the sad incident.

How strange it is that an ex Chief Minister of a state commits suicide in his official quarters owing to reasons unknown to us.The article in Wikipedia says he tried to commit suicide in the past,by jumping into a river, unable to bear the gastric pain which he  had been suffering from for long.So, he had this suicidal tendency in his chart as indicated by Moon and his colleagues.

How strange it is that more often than not, a man's destiny is so clearly indicated in his birth chart?