Monday, 10 September 2012

Astrology in daily life -- When will I get back my notebook computer ?

Prasna (Horary astrology) is an integral part of Astrology.If we know how to use Prasna, we can be tension-free in our daily life. Here is an incident that happened on 28-8-2012 at 9.40 hours, that proves the usefulness of Prasna branch of Astrology.

At 9.40 hours, I got a phone call from one of my group members. 

'I had entrusted the job of repairing a notebook computer to one of my acquaintances who is good at Electronics. He promised me that he would return it at 9.30 today. I am waiting but he is not anywhere around here and not responding to phone calls either. I am confused. Please tell me when will I get back my notebook computer. Will he come as promised?' She sounded a bit anxious.

I looked at the planets. The Prasna chart for that time at Guntur A.P is shown above. Budha hora was running at that time. Budha is in Chandra's sign and showing the anxiety of the querist. Sukra is behind Budha and supporting him. Both Budha and Sukra are fast moving planets. So the expected result will happen very soon.

Lagna is Tula 5 th degree. Exalted Yogakaraka Saturn is behind this and supporting it strongly. Lagna lord Sukra is in 9th house and aspecting Lagna with Kona Drishti. Ascending Moon is in 3rd Upachaya showing success in the result. 11th lord Sun is in 11th house. So the expected result will happen positively.

We have to observe 'Omens' too, while dealing with Prasna. While I was busy looking at the planets, my assistant had brought the material that I was waiting for and placed it before me. So the 'Nimitta' also indicates 'success' in the result. 

Now, we have to calculate when will it happen. Computers are indicated by Kuja and Rahu. Kuja is very near to the lagna degree within 5 degrees. Lagna crosses Kuja in another 20 minutes. Almost 10 minutes passed in my conversation with the querist. So I said 'Wait. He is on the way. He will come and handover the computer to you in another 10 minutes.' and disconnected her call.

At 10.10 she called me back on her mobile. This time she was excited. 'Success Sir. Just now he came and returned the computer. Thank you so much' She shouted from the other side.

This is an example that shows how 'Prasna' works in day-to-day life. It lessens our tension and serves as a guide in times of need, if only we know how to make use of it in right sense.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Simha Rasi (LEO) -- The Lion connection

Sometime back, there was a rumor that a Lion was roaming the streets of London. Recently a tiger,injured while trying to jump over an iron gate and could not move, was caught by forest department officials in Karnataka State. While reading this news an idea struck me. Are these incidents, results of Sun's transit in Simha Rasi (Leo Sign) in opposition to Neptune? Neptune stays in a sign for 14 years approximately. So if this assumption is true, every year when Sun crosses Simha Rasi in August in opposition to Neptune, Lions and Tigers must appear in news.

I just checked up a few past years. The results are stunning.

In 2011, Sun opposed Neptune on 22-8-2011. Now see the news item that appeared on that day.

BHUBANESWAR, August 22, 2011
A tiger had died due to old age in Nandankanan Zoological Park on Sunday. The tiger christened as ‘Ashok' was 18 year old. The zoo has now 23 tigers.

On August 23rd there was a news that 32 pairs of eyes were donated by Lions club. There was also a news that the Lions of Punjab have visited Bangaluru. Though this news item does not speak of Lions proper, the word 'lion' appeared in the news somehow.

On August 25th, the following news item was published.

INDORE, August 25, 2011 
A royal Bengal tiger died of ailments in the zoo here, an official said. The 11-year-old tiger was brought to the Kamala Nehru Zoo about a fortnight ago from the Aurangabad zoo in Maharashtra for breeding. The big cat died due to gangrene and septicaemia, zoo in-chagre Uttam Yadav said.

See this news item published on August 27th 2011.

KOLHAPUR, August 27, 2011
Illegal land deal in tiger reserve:About 2,000 acres of land in 14 villages under the tiger reserve zone in Satara district is allegedly taken over by windmill companies without any legal procedure and permission of the departments concerned. In response to the complaint by rural activist Nana Khamkar, the Forest Department has started enquiry into the land deals carried out by the windmill companies. According to Mr. Khamkar's complaint, the windmill companies had not taken permission of the National Tiger Reserve Authority, Maharashtra Energy Development Authority (MEDA) and other departments.

In the year 2010, on August 20th, Sun opposed Neptune again. See the news item published on that day. 

KOLKATA, August 20, 2010
Sunderbans tigers' prey ‘die of shock'Six spotted deer from a herd of 25 that was being moved from the Bibhuti Bhushan Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district to supplement the prey base of the Sunderbans tiger died early on Thursday morning.

Though this is not directly connected to the tigers, however, it is about tigers' prey.

See this news item dated 21-8-2010.

JAIPUR, August 21, 2010

Gehlot helps out forest officer mauled by tiger:Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot spared his State plane on Friday afternoon to save a forest official who was mauled badly by a tiger in Ranthambhore National Park. Mr. Gehlot was getting ready to leave for New Delhi by the plane when information on the critical condition of Daulat Singh, a Range Officer in Ranthambhore, reached him. He acted fast and despatched the aircraft to Sawai Madhopur town to fetch the officer who got mauled while trying to save a tiger from the wrath of villagers.

Though this may look strange, it is obvious that there is some unseen connection between Sun's sojourn in Simha Rasi and incidents/news related to lions and tigers. It is definitely not a coincidence because every year when there is exact opposition between Sun and Neptune in Simha/Kumbha, lions & tigers appear in the news columns. The news continues to appear for a few days from the day of exact opposition and slowly disappears thereafter.

Is this not something mind-boggling?

(Courtesy for the news items: 'The Hindu' archives)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Role of Kuja and Ketu in the charts of Martial Arts experts

We know that Karaka for Martial Arts is Kuja or Mars.One should have the blessings of Mars to be able to learn and excel in Martial Arts. The presiding deity for Mars is Lord Subramanya whose another name is Devasena Pathi. Lord Subramanya is the commander -in-chief of the army of gods. So his blessings are essential for a person to learn Martial Arts. The state of Tamil Nadu in India worships Lord Subramanya prominently. We have to remember that Bodhidharma, the famous monk who travelled to China to spread Zen Buddhism was a prince of Tamil Nadu.So the connection between Lord Subramanya and Martial Arts is a most important one to be remembered.

If a person has Mars as Atmakaraka in his chart, along with necessary other combinations, we can understand that he is sure to learn Martial Arts at some point of time in his life. We can also know the manner of his learning and the utility it offers in his life.

According to the dictum, Kujavat Ketu, Ketu resembles Kuja in many respects. If they are together in a chart, then they give an inclination for that native to learn Martial Arts. Such persons are seen to possess great amounts of energy in their bodies. Let us now understand the role of Kuja and Ketu in the charts of some of well knows Martial Arts experts.

First we examine the chart of 'Wong Fei Hung' the legendary Hung Gar Kung Fu expert.He was born on 9-7-1847 at Foshan in China. He was an expert Kung Fu master, acupuncturist, reputed doctor and a revolutionary. He started learning Kung Fu at the tender age of 5 years. By the time he was 13, he was already a master in his own right. He invented a beautiful technique called 'shadowless kick'.He was also an expert in the use of weapons. Once he drove away a group of 30 bandits just with the help of a stick. The series of Jet Li movies under the title 'Once upon a time in China' and the classical Jackie Chan movie of olden days 'The young Master' were inspired by the life of Wong Fei Hung.

In the chart of Wong Fei Hung, Mars and Ketu are in exact degree conjunction at 22 degrees Mina in Revathi star ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Moon's sign in own star and Moon is exalted. All these influences made him not only a great martial arts master but also a well known figure and a famous doctor. He led a successful life of more than 70 years and married 4 times.

For the second chart, we take case of golden girl 'Xu Huihui' who is the olympic champion in Wushu.Since childhood, she lived away from her parents and struggled hard to learn the martial arts. She eventually became an expert in Wushu and acted in many movies.One is simply wonderstruck at her speed and skill in the use of weapons as well as in forms.In her chart though Mars and Ketu are in 10 degrees, they are in different rasis. Mars is with Saturn in own rasi showing the amount of hard work she had to put in to excel in martial arts. Ketu is in Tula Rasi, indicating movies and performing arts. So she is more a performing artist and a movie star.

In contrast to this combination, Mars and Ketu are in exact degree conjunction in the chart of Wong Fei Hung, making him a real life fighter. Unlike Wong Fei Hung, Xu Huihui might not have got a chance to use her skills in real life. Ketu represents Guru in the chart of Wong Fei Hung, so he became a traditional guru of martial arts. In the chart of Xu Huihui, Ketu represents Venus, karaka for glamour world and performing arts, thus tilting her destiny towards those areas.

In this way, we can see the various shades, under which Kuja and Ketu offer their boon of bestowing martial arts skills on a person in various ways.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Babu Jagjivan Ram's Astro analysis

Babu Jagjivan Ram was born on 5-4-1908 in a small village in Bihar. If a person's birth chart is good, then he is sure to rise up and reach high positions in life, despite being born in a poor family in a remote place and in an oppressed class.Jagjivan Ram's astro chart is a proof of this statement. He has very good yogas in his birth chart. It is impossible to have such yogas unless one had acquired very good merit in previous births by performing  many meritorious deeds. His exact birth time is not available. So let us analyse his chart superficially.

He was born on Chaitra Sukla Panchami, Saturday, in Rohini star. Moon and Jupiter are exalted in his chart. Week day lord Saturn is in his own star in exalted Jupiter's Rasi. Rahu & Ketu signifying Time are very well placed. All these combinations promote excellent growth in life. 

Sukla Panchami is a very auspicious tithi. By looking at Tithi in a chart, we can assess the strength of Sun and Moon immediately. This is an important Sutra in Indian Astrology. Mercury, Karaka for education, being in the star of exalted Jupiter, blessed him with good education. So he was able to study in Benares Hindu University and Calcutta University in those days. Exalted Jupiter's aspect is on Sun Saturn combination showing his relentless struggle for the upliftment of the weaker sections in the society. During the 3rd round of Jupiter, when he touched the exalted Moon,Mars,Venus combination in 11th to Jupiter, Jagjivan Ram, at the age of 36, became the youngest minister in the cabinet of Jawahar Lal Nehru. This is the blessing of exalted Jupiter and Moon. Added to this, Rahu & Ketu also blessed him abundantly.So he could serve as cabinet minister for 30 years continuously. This is a major yoga in his chart. When Raju&Ketu bless a person, they take him to such heights.

Due to the Sun Saturn combination, all the porfolios he held as Cabinet Minister fit well into the karakatvas of Saturn, viz. Food and Agriculture, Labour, Railways, Transport etc. The profession of a person is a pre-determined factor that is reflected in the birth chart. One may long for a particular profession, but it is not granted to him unless ordained in the birth chart. This is a proven fact.

He died in his 78th year when transit Jupiter touched Ketu in his 7th round. Education, profession, affluence, important events and finally death -- all these are pre-determined by past karma and reflected in birth chart. To understand all these, one should have the necessary skill to decode the birth chart correctly.

If a person's birth chart is full of good yogas, then we can definitely say that he would rise high in life despite hardships caused by birth in a poor family and other adverse factors. A doubt may arise here. Is it enough to have a good astro chart? Is not self effort necessary on the part of the individual? Such doubts arise due to improper understanding of the science of Jyotish. Self effort is certainly needed. In fact, a person with a good astro chart will have all the zeal,enthusiasm and determination needed to rise high in life. Time too favors him by providing opportunities at the appropriate hour.Such people cannot sit idle and while away time. It is impossible. On the other hand, if the birth chart is full of adverse factors, even the best efforts put forth by the native would fail to yield expected results. Many times, such natives are found to be lacking the grit and determination needed to come up in life.

All the successful persons invariably possess good yogas in their birth charts. Babu Jagjivan Ram's chart is another proof in support of the grand science of Astrology.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

One man army - Dr Subramanya Swamy

I hate politics and political leaders right from my childhood, rather unconsciously. There are many reasons behind my feeling. The leaders are notorious for their lack of integrity and non-adherence to dharma in their personal as well as official lives. Truthfulness, moral values, upright behavior are alien words to them. It is my strong feeling that political leaders never tread the path of morality,truthfulness and selflessness. Almost all the leaders I had observed were obsessed with caste, corruption and selfishness. So I used to think that there is no hope for our country any more in the near future. I used to ponder, somewhat pessimistically, that it might not be possible to find sincere and upright political leaders anymore. However, I found my views to be unfounded, after knowing about a tireless fighter who is waging his war against corruption and political evils besieging our country. He is none other than Dr Subramanya Swamy, a political leader with a difference.

He is the national president of Janata Party founded in 1977 by Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan. He is representing Madurai constituency now. Let us examine his astro chart.He was born  at 4.30 on 16-9-1939 at Chennai. Now he is 72 years old and still fighting against the evils faced by our country. It is our country's fortune that such upright and truth loving leaders do exist in the political arena even today.

Budhaditya Yoga in his lagna gave him good education, deep knowledge in his subject, world wide fame and academic recognition. He got his Ph D in Economics from Harvard University and worked there as professor for sometime. Later he worked as professor in IIT Delhi. All his academic excellence is due to the Budhaditya yoga (Sun-Mercury conjunction) happening in his lagna.

Debilitated Venus as 10th lord in 2nd house denied him power and authority except for short spells of time. However, the cancellation of debility of Venus by Mercury's placement in Lagna had helped him to become the Minister of Law and Commerce between 1990-91. At that time he ran Saturn/Rahu and Jupiter dasas. Saturn's debility is cancelled due to exaltation of Mars in 4th Kendra from Moon. Rahu is signifying Venus by his placement in Tula. So in Saturn/Rahu dasa he became a Central Minister.

In Dasamsa chart, Sun the 11th lord is in 8th house, thus denying power and authority despite his scholarship. Mars in Lagna and 6th lord in 6th house with debilitated Mercury indicates constant quarrels with powerful enemies in authority.

Shashtihayini dasa applies in his chart owing to Sun's location in lagna. According to this system, Rahu dasa which commenced in 1958 took him abroad at once. It is Rahu that gave him Ph D from Harvard University in 1964-65. Afterwards, he came to India to join IIT Delhi as Economics professor when he was running Jupiter Dasa. Jupiter in 8th house from Lagna and 6th house from Moon, gave him constant opposition from authorities as he took active interest in student affairs. Jupiter/Venus in 1971 saw him walking out from IIT due to his differences with Indira Gandhi. It can be seen that Venus is debilitated in his chart in 12th house from Moon.

His relation with Jansangh and Jayaprakash Narayan led him into politics.Sun dasa from 1974-84, exalted Mars dasa upto 1994 and Moon dasa upto 2000 gave him Rajayoga and made him Member of Parliament for 5 terms consecutively. However during 1976 he ran Sun/Mars dasa which caused enmity with government due to Mars sitting in 6th house.

He was instrumental in improving our country's relations with China and Israel. The most sought after 'Kailash & Manasa Sarovar' Yatra has become a reality for Indians owing to his closeness with Deng Xiao Ping. Indians should be indebted to Dr Subramanya Swamy for this achievement which is fulfilling the religious sentiment of millions of Indians. As a member of planning commission in 1991, he envisaged the 'New Economic Policy' which is the driving force behind the flourishing Indian Economy now.

Debilitated and retro Saturn, Exalted Mars, their exchange of signs and mutual aspect between them gave rise to a peculiar yoga in his chart. By the effect of this yoga, he always  stands for the common man and fights  for justice.He never cares the result but continues to fight till his goal is reached.This is a peculiar trait of his Astro chart. Powerful Mars in 6th house gives him powerful enemies always. However, owing to presence of equally powerful Sun in Lagna, he too never bows before his enemies, but offers a tough fight taking the help of law. He could have enjoyed high positions quite easily, if only he sacrificed his self respect and his concern for moral values. But due to the strength of his lagna lord Sun, he would never stoop low to gain selfish ends.

Saturn and Ketu in 9th house show that he has a deep spiritual nature. However owing to debilitation of Saturn and his enmity with lagna lord Sun, he might not achieve spiritual liberation in this life. However, this combination gave him blessings of a great spiritual  master Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, Paramacharya of Kanchi Mutt.

In his next birth, he will be born as a yogi and reach spiritual fulfillment. Then, he will  be worshipped by the people owing to his lifelong efforts to serve the humanity in this life. He led a yogic way of life in his last birth. But due to left over karma that bound him to the society, he is now leading a political life. But his spiritual samskaras will haunt him in his next life and make him embrace the religious path. He has blessings of Guru abundantly. His Vimsamsa (D-20) lagna is Mesha having 9th lord Jupiter and Saturn sitting in 5th house shows his spiritual capabilities. However due to retrogression of  Jupiter in his chart, spiritual fulfillment evades him in this life. 

1n 1969 during Jupiter/Moon dasa he saw the photo of Paramacharya of Kanchi in the hostel room of Harward University. He forgot the photo but could meet the Acharya in 1977. Since then, till the mahasamadhi of Paramacharya in 1994, there was frequent interaction between them .Paramacharya advised him how to mix politics with high ideals.

Jaimini Maharshi's sutra (1-2-48) fits into this chart very well. It says 'समे शुभ दृग्योगाद्धर्म  नित्यः सत्यवादी गुरुभक्तश्च', meaning thereby, 'One who is having aspect of good planets to the 9th from Karakamsha would be righteous in nature, always speaks the truth and devoted to his Guru.' In this chart, Atmakaraka is Sun, Karakamsha is Dhanus and 9th house from thence is having Budhaditya Yoga. So it is clear that Dr Subramanya Swamy is endowed with all the above qualities narrated by Jaimini Maharshi.

Presently he is running Saturn Maha dasa from January 2012. During this dasa he will become more and more spiritual due to the presence of Saturn and Ketu in his 9th house. Considered from the Moon, this combination can increase the number of his enemies. Presence of debilitated Venus in 12th house can be a secret threat from womenfolk, especially in the light of '7.5 years Shani' middle period. So he has to be extra careful during this period.

I have changed my long held opinion now. Now I believe that there is righteousness even in politics. But what can a drop of milk do in a pot of poison? More and more Dr.Subramanya swamys is the need of the day to revive values in politics. Going by the current trends, can we ever expect such a welcome change in our society?