Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tara Stotram Book release

'Tara Stotram' is the second book that is going to be released from our publications wing-'Panchawati Publications'.The release of this book is slated to be in June-2015.Soon after that,it will be available online at ''.

Mother Tara is one of the Dasa Mahavidyas (The Ten great goddesses).This book contains 27 Sanskrit Slokas and 260 Telugu poems that came out spontaneously from my mouth,as a result of Mother's grace.The Slokas have been explained in 260 poems followed by lucid narration in Telugu language.

All the slokas and poems are embedded with esoteric secret Tantra sadhanas.I hope that this book,like its forerunner 'Sri Vidya Rahasyam',will win the hearts of all sincere spiritual aspirants and will become a beam of light for those who are trying to walk on the path of inner Tantra.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Miracles of Homoeopathy-A case of haunting???

More than 250 years after the Homoeopathic medical system was discovered,most of the world today remains ignorant of its true power,its holistic approach and its wide range.This is nothing but the power of global karma.I strongly believe that whoever is destined to become free of his disease 'gently,totally and permanently' as Dr.Samuel Hahnnemann had put it,would turn to Homoeopathic system of medicine.Others,would laugh at this system terming it as nothing but 'placebo effect'.This peculiar phenomenon has been observed over many years in many cases.

There were about 300 proved medicines in Homoeopathic system in the times of Dr.Samuel Hannemann.Now that number crossed 3000 and the provings of newer medicines continue with unabated zeal worldwide,making this system one of the most formidable ones against humanity's fight against diseases.

A recent case from our case files proves the reliability and ability of Homoeopathic system of medicine even in cases which otherwise need Psychiatric treatment.

Details of the patient:--
Female aged 23 years.
Engineering graduate but jobless.
Not interested to do any job.
She is of normal height,somewhat stout and strong.
Fair in complexion.

Parental History
Father:-Business man.
Died of heart attack 2 years ago.
Over industrious and nervous.

Mother:--House wife
Sedentary habit.
No specific disease.
Generally healthy.

Patient's history:--
Very much attached to father
Sudden depression from father's death
Severe headache (always) in occiput and forehead.
Unable to bear light.
No appetite.
Irregular periods.

She gets up around 2.30 in the night,involuntarily,and hears the door bell ringing and rushes to open the door.Her father,when alive,used to come home very late everyday around 2.30 in the night after attending to his business deals and she used to open the door and attend on him,not to disturb her mother who used to be sleeping by then.Now,even after the death of her father,this girl hears the door bell everyday exactly at the same hour,opens the door and keeps talking to her invisible father for a few mintues and collapses on floor,to be carried by hand to the bed,unconscious.

Even during the day,she confines herself to a dark room,keeps talking to her father,weeps and stares into the sky.

Her family members became sure that she is going to land in a lunatic asylum very soon.

She developed a love affair with an known friend,shortly after her father's death(emotional instability and needs mental support) but broke it very soon.The boy,after a few months,tried to reconcile by approaching her again but she was stubborn and refused him outright(adamant thoughtless behavior).

Fortunately,her family members never took her either to a psychiatrist or to an exorcist and chose to consult my daughter over phone through one of their relatives who happened to be my daughter's senior in Homoeopathic medical college.This saved her from the torture either the psychiatrist or the exorcist would have imposed on her,in their ignorant treatment of this delicate case.

Their coarse methods that use tranquilizers and sedatives,electric shocks and confinement in chains would have turned her into a real wreck,mental as well as physical.Approaching a good Homoeopathic doctor at the right time,turned the tables in her favor.

Had she been taken to an exorcist,the result would have been more disastrous.Their cruel methods of torture in a scary environment would have forced the patient to believe that she is really possessed by a bad spirit and would have truly crippled her life forever.

As her good luck would have it,we took up the case,recorded her parental history,her mental and physical symptoms(both generals and particulars) with concomitants,desires and aversions etc as per Hannemanian Scheme of case taking.After carefully weighing her symptoms for a few hours,we selected the similimum remedy and advised her friend to administer it in three doses over a period of 2 days.

On the first night when she took the first dose of medicine,she had a sound sleep and did not wake up at 2.30 hours as usual.The calling bell did not ring and the father's spirit did not call her.On the second night too,nothing happened.Her appetite improved gradually,her headache almost vanished(only 5% or so remains now which is quite bearable),sleep returned,depression gone and she improved in all respects wonderfully.

Two weeks are over now, and her father's spirit did not turn up even once at 2.30 to ring the bell and call her.She never woke up at night again during this period to talk to her father's ghost.She is cured,almost miraculously.

Her relatives and the boy who referred this case,though himself being a Homoeopath,could not believe their eyes as the cost they incurred for this treatment is only Rs 100/- a negligible amount compared to Lakhs of rupees they would have spent otherwise, roaming around corporate hospitals in a most artificial and untrustworthy environment.

People who are ignorant of the true power of Homoeopathy would never believe that such miracles do happen in this system of medicine.When you take the case properly,weigh the symptoms carefully,select the indicated medicine and administer it as per the guidelines of Dr Hannemann,then it works wonders as proved in any number of cases.

None would believe this--as we never saw the patient,she never knew us,yet the cure happened-gently,simply,without side effects and with negligible expenses.

If this is not a miracle,what else it is?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Srisailam spiritual retreat-2015(Chinna Masta Mahavidya)

Chinna Mastika Mahavidya

Rudraksha Mutt-Srisailam

Chinnamasta Temple-Srisailam

Rudraksha Mutt-Long view

In front of Rudraksha Mutt

In front of Rudraksha Mutt

At the feet of Ma Kali

At the feet of Ma Kali

Rudraksha Mutt-Long view

Rudraksha Mutt-Another view

There was an old mutt called 'Rudraksha Mutt' beside the guest house where I stayed in Srisailam from 1st to 3rd May. Overall, there are five such ancient mutts over there.They are very old constructions and nobody resides in them now except a caretaker. In the past,many sadhakas of their respective paths used to reside there practicing sadhana of their tantra.

On Sunday the 3rd of May,as soon as the second initiation was over around 6 O clock in the morning,the wife of our caretaker Smt.Lakshmi advised us to visit Chinnamasta Temple in the Rudraksha Mutt.

We went there and worshipped Chinnamasta Devi with flowers and Bilva leaves.The idol of Chinnamasta was old but roughly sculpted without any finer artistic details.It appeared as if sculpted by some village artisan in a rough way.Usually,we find the cupid couple in the act of copulation under the feet of Chinnamasta Devi but here they are missing.

Another name of Chinnamasta Devi is Prachanda Chandika.She is the most fiercest form of Ma Kali.The terrible erotic form of this divine Devi hides behind her,a grand vidya(inner spiritual discipline and sadhana) which transforms the sexual energy of man/woman into spiritual power and arouses the sleeping Kundalini Shakti quickly.It is a very secret Tantra Vidya.

Ganapathi Muni the celebrated disciple of Ramana Maharshi and a great Sanskrit Poet prays to Chinnamasta Devi in his 'Prachanda Chandika Trishathi',thus--

'अमित विक्रमे जयजयाम्बिके 
परशु धारिणी जननि रेणुके
विनत पालिके धरणि कालिके 
जानपति द्विषो जननि पाहिमाम् '

He says that Mother Chinnamasta is none other than Renuka,the celebrated Mother of Lord Parashurama.

'चंड चण्डी तव पाणि पंकजे
यन्निजम लसति कृत मस्तकम्
देवि सूचयति चित्तनाशनम् 
तत्त्वेन्द्र हृदयाधि नायके'

In this Mantra he says-'by the symbol of you cutting your own head,you are indicating destruction of petty mind through Tantrik Samadhi'

'दीपति  विग्रह लताम् महाबलम् 
वह्निकील निभरक्ता कुंतलाम् 
संस्मरामि रतिमन्मधासनाम
देवताम् तरुण भास्करानानाम् 

He sees Her Divine form as seated on the power of lust symbolised by Rathi and Manmatha in copulation.

'पिण्डे कुण्डलिनी शक्ति: सैव ब्रह्मांड चालिका
 निद्राति जडदेहेषु योगि देहेषु खेलति

You are the Kundalini Shakti in human body.You are again the supreme power that runs the whole Universe.You are the inertia in the sleep of the slothful persons.Again you are the pure spiritual energy that permeates the bodies of accomplished Yogis.

'एषा वैरोचनी दुर्गा ज्वलंती तपसा परा '

'You are the fire of Yoga that rises in the yogis who do tapasya with steadfast devotion..'

On the way to this temple there is a Kali Vigraha under a tree.We came to know that it is a place they used to sacrifice animals in the past.Some body said,even now,they do animal sacrifice here once in a year or so.

The day we went there was the birthday of Chinnamasta Devi(Vaisakha Sukla Chaturdashi).Co-incidentally,we all met there on that day and prayed to Chinnamasta Mahavidya.As the tantra sadhana I do is directly linked to Chinnamasta Devi, I explained the inner meaning of her fierce form to my followers.

It all happened without any planning on our part,as if we were drawn to this temple by some unseen force.I always believe that there is no co-incidence in this world and everything happens for a purpose,though unseen, quite often.My belief is proved once again by this incident.

Mars in Vrishabha-More disasters in the offing??

Mars shifted houses on 3-5-2015 around midnight and entered into Vrishabha.

He will remain there till 15-6-2015 and aspects Saturn in Vrischika with his 7th aspect.Moreover he travels over star Rohini during this period.On 15-5-2015,there will be exact aspect between Mars and Saturn.It is to be noted that Amavasya falls on 17-5-2015.

During this period of Mars's sojourn in Vrishabha for about 40 days there would be many many disasters around the world.Benign Jupiter is going into debilitation in Navamsa from 10-5-2015 to 5-6-2015 and will be weak to offer protection.Traditional Rohini Sakata Bhedana will add fuel to fire.

Dispensation of justice will be done during this period.People will receive punishments for their past karma.No one can escape from this judgement.

We can expect the following effects in this period:--

1.Terrorist and Mafia attacks and counter attacks.
2.Many accidents involving different types of vehicles.
3.Fire accidents as Mars represents fire.
4.Earthquakes may occur again as Mars is Karaka for Earth and he is now in Vrishabha,an Earthy sign.
5.Wars between countries and races.
6.Revolutions may occur at some places with common citizens attacking those in authority.
7.In individual lives,different kinds of accidents will occur.

Probable time slots:--
May 17 New Moon,June 1 Full Moon,June 14 New Moon are the most ominous times.We can expect the above incidents to happen around these dates.

Some dangerous dates:--
May 15-17, May 22, May 25 -28,May 31- June 5,June 10,June 16.

Some one asked me a question--'Cant we escape from these disasters?'

Not possible.Karma will never leave a person,come what may.Even if one hides under the sea,Karma will not leave him.You have to repay its debt with interest.None is above Karma.By doing Pujas and remedies none can alter his strong karma.

What we are seeing now is called Global Karma.It is beyond the capacity of anyone to alter it.Babaji is still alive in Himalayas.There are great immortal beings in Himalayas even today.It is not fiction.They are real beings.Then,why did they not stop the recent Nepal Earthquake?Why did they not save thousands of lives?

Because,it is not easy to alter global karma.These great beings will never interfere in global karma.Humans do many useless and thoughtless things under the grip of ego and pride and suffer consequently.When their time comes, they will suffer.

During normal times,none would listen to your good words.But when they suffer, they rise a hue and cry.This is common man's mean behavior.So,great beings,though they could alter one's Karma,won't interfere easily in the global karmic affairs.

In this world,everyone must suffer for his actions.This is an inviolable universal law.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Sri Sailam Sadhana Sammelanam-2015

Group photo in front of Shivaji Sphurthi Kendram-Srisailam

The 7th Spiritual Sadhana Retreat happened at Sri Saila Maha Kshetram from 1-5-2015 to 3-5-2015.Among the 89 members of Panchawati group,only 21 were fortunate to attend this retreat.Remaining members missed this grand chance.

Group photo in front of Shivaji Sphurthi Kendram-Srisailam

In the light of Vaishakha Full Moon,all the members spent about 60 hours in sadhana without entertaining any thoughts of their mundane life.

Select few who had 2nd initiation on Chinna Masta Jayanthi

Among them,20 members were given first level of initiation into sadhana which is called 'Prana Adjustments Initiation'.

On the third day i.e the full Moon day,during the pleasant hours of the dawn,a select few of 5 members were given the Second Level Initiation called 'Kundalini Activation Initiation'.

On the terrace where the 2nd Diksha was given
During the three day camp,deeper things from some chapters of my book 'Sri Vidya Rahasyam' were explained to the members.

All the members had strange spiritual experiences during this three day camp.They were somewhat surprised to see the immediate results which some of them could not get even after years of sadhana in other methods.

Exactly on the Full Moon day which is most auspicious for Hindus and Buddhists alike,a discussion was held to explain how to translate their experiences into daily life and how to tackle the day to day situations with a yogic vision.

On the day we landed there (30-4-2015) there was a sudden downpour in hot summer for half an hour or so with heavy winds.After greeting us briefly,it suddenly ended.It arose from the direction of Kadali Vanam,a place about 16 Km away from Srisailam and returned again towards the same direction and vanished.

The great devotee of Lord Siva,Akka Mahadevi,the great virasaiva saint Sri Allama Prabhu,Adi Shankaracharya,Lord Dattatreya and many other great siddhas did penance in this place and sanctified it by their presence.Akka Mahadevi and Allama Prabhu entered into Mahasamadhi at this very place and merged in the great Lord Shiva.

We accepted this sign as a timely greeting from the great Siddha Gurus.

I hereby advise all the initiated members to do sadhana regularly and rise higher by the time next sadhana retreat is held in the coming months.

I hereby exhort all the members of Panchawati who could not make it this time,to acquire the necessary qualification to attend the future sadhana retreat.