Friday, 11 May 2012

Role of Kuja and Ketu in the charts of Martial Arts experts

We know that Karaka for Martial Arts is Kuja or Mars.One should have the blessings of Mars to be able to learn and excel in Martial Arts. The presiding deity for Mars is Lord Subramanya whose another name is Devasena Pathi. Lord Subramanya is the commander -in-chief of the army of gods. So his blessings are essential for a person to learn Martial Arts. The state of Tamil Nadu in India worships Lord Subramanya prominently. We have to remember that Bodhidharma, the famous monk who travelled to China to spread Zen Buddhism was a prince of Tamil Nadu.So the connection between Lord Subramanya and Martial Arts is a most important one to be remembered.

If a person has Mars as Atmakaraka in his chart, along with necessary other combinations, we can understand that he is sure to learn Martial Arts at some point of time in his life. We can also know the manner of his learning and the utility it offers in his life.

According to the dictum, Kujavat Ketu, Ketu resembles Kuja in many respects. If they are together in a chart, then they give an inclination for that native to learn Martial Arts. Such persons are seen to possess great amounts of energy in their bodies. Let us now understand the role of Kuja and Ketu in the charts of some of well knows Martial Arts experts.

First we examine the chart of 'Wong Fei Hung' the legendary Hung Gar Kung Fu expert.He was born on 9-7-1847 at Foshan in China. He was an expert Kung Fu master, acupuncturist, reputed doctor and a revolutionary. He started learning Kung Fu at the tender age of 5 years. By the time he was 13, he was already a master in his own right. He invented a beautiful technique called 'shadowless kick'.He was also an expert in the use of weapons. Once he drove away a group of 30 bandits just with the help of a stick. The series of Jet Li movies under the title 'Once upon a time in China' and the classical Jackie Chan movie of olden days 'The young Master' were inspired by the life of Wong Fei Hung.

In the chart of Wong Fei Hung, Mars and Ketu are in exact degree conjunction at 22 degrees Mina in Revathi star ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Moon's sign in own star and Moon is exalted. All these influences made him not only a great martial arts master but also a well known figure and a famous doctor. He led a successful life of more than 70 years and married 4 times.

For the second chart, we take case of golden girl 'Xu Huihui' who is the olympic champion in Wushu.Since childhood, she lived away from her parents and struggled hard to learn the martial arts. She eventually became an expert in Wushu and acted in many movies.One is simply wonderstruck at her speed and skill in the use of weapons as well as in forms.In her chart though Mars and Ketu are in 10 degrees, they are in different rasis. Mars is with Saturn in own rasi showing the amount of hard work she had to put in to excel in martial arts. Ketu is in Tula Rasi, indicating movies and performing arts. So she is more a performing artist and a movie star.

In contrast to this combination, Mars and Ketu are in exact degree conjunction in the chart of Wong Fei Hung, making him a real life fighter. Unlike Wong Fei Hung, Xu Huihui might not have got a chance to use her skills in real life. Ketu represents Guru in the chart of Wong Fei Hung, so he became a traditional guru of martial arts. In the chart of Xu Huihui, Ketu represents Venus, karaka for glamour world and performing arts, thus tilting her destiny towards those areas.

In this way, we can see the various shades, under which Kuja and Ketu offer their boon of bestowing martial arts skills on a person in various ways.