Thursday, 5 April 2012

Babu Jagjivan Ram's Astro analysis

Babu Jagjivan Ram was born on 5-4-1908 in a small village in Bihar. If a person's birth chart is good, then he is sure to rise up and reach high positions in life, despite being born in a poor family in a remote place and in an oppressed class.Jagjivan Ram's astro chart is a proof of this statement. He has very good yogas in his birth chart. It is impossible to have such yogas unless one had acquired very good merit in previous births by performing  many meritorious deeds. His exact birth time is not available. So let us analyse his chart superficially.

He was born on Chaitra Sukla Panchami, Saturday, in Rohini star. Moon and Jupiter are exalted in his chart. Week day lord Saturn is in his own star in exalted Jupiter's Rasi. Rahu & Ketu signifying Time are very well placed. All these combinations promote excellent growth in life. 

Sukla Panchami is a very auspicious tithi. By looking at Tithi in a chart, we can assess the strength of Sun and Moon immediately. This is an important Sutra in Indian Astrology. Mercury, Karaka for education, being in the star of exalted Jupiter, blessed him with good education. So he was able to study in Benares Hindu University and Calcutta University in those days. Exalted Jupiter's aspect is on Sun Saturn combination showing his relentless struggle for the upliftment of the weaker sections in the society. During the 3rd round of Jupiter, when he touched the exalted Moon,Mars,Venus combination in 11th to Jupiter, Jagjivan Ram, at the age of 36, became the youngest minister in the cabinet of Jawahar Lal Nehru. This is the blessing of exalted Jupiter and Moon. Added to this, Rahu & Ketu also blessed him abundantly.So he could serve as cabinet minister for 30 years continuously. This is a major yoga in his chart. When Raju&Ketu bless a person, they take him to such heights.

Due to the Sun Saturn combination, all the porfolios he held as Cabinet Minister fit well into the karakatvas of Saturn, viz. Food and Agriculture, Labour, Railways, Transport etc. The profession of a person is a pre-determined factor that is reflected in the birth chart. One may long for a particular profession, but it is not granted to him unless ordained in the birth chart. This is a proven fact.

He died in his 78th year when transit Jupiter touched Ketu in his 7th round. Education, profession, affluence, important events and finally death -- all these are pre-determined by past karma and reflected in birth chart. To understand all these, one should have the necessary skill to decode the birth chart correctly.

If a person's birth chart is full of good yogas, then we can definitely say that he would rise high in life despite hardships caused by birth in a poor family and other adverse factors. A doubt may arise here. Is it enough to have a good astro chart? Is not self effort necessary on the part of the individual? Such doubts arise due to improper understanding of the science of Jyotish. Self effort is certainly needed. In fact, a person with a good astro chart will have all the zeal,enthusiasm and determination needed to rise high in life. Time too favors him by providing opportunities at the appropriate hour.Such people cannot sit idle and while away time. It is impossible. On the other hand, if the birth chart is full of adverse factors, even the best efforts put forth by the native would fail to yield expected results. Many times, such natives are found to be lacking the grit and determination needed to come up in life.

All the successful persons invariably possess good yogas in their birth charts. Babu Jagjivan Ram's chart is another proof in support of the grand science of Astrology.