Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sex crimes and planetary influence

There has been a spate of rapes and other sexual crimes in India during this fortnight culminating in the New Moon on 11.11.2015.Interestingly,this nasty phenomenon occurs exactly when there is a curious planetary configuration in the skies.

The conglomeration of 4 planets viz. Rahu,Venus,Mars and Moon in the sign of Kanya seemed to trigger this trend from 3.11.2015. Of course Moon joined this group much later. However,conjunction of Rahu,Mars and Venus is called "Ati Kama Yoga" which arouses very strong baser passions in human psyche.Kanya is the place of debilitation for Venus, the significator for sexual activity in general and for females in particular,indicating sexual crimes against womenfolk.

Let us have a look at the incidents that have been happening.

A 15 year old girl was raped by a 16 year old boy.The height of this unfortunate incident is that he was helped in this act by his friend who is of the same age.

In Jodhpur, a housewife was raped under intoxication by her Facebook friend.

Surprisingly,old cases of alleged rape are in the news now, examples being the controversial guru Asha Ram Bapu and the Delhi UBER Cab rape case.

In Bengaluru, a lone lady passenger in a bus was raped by the driver of the bus,while on run.Dont get surprised how this could be possible.It happens only in India !! The tailpiece is - during interrogation by the police,the criminal throws a generous offer to marry her if she accepts which was curtly rejected by the victim.

It is high time Law and order should wake up in India and political interference in police duty should come to an end.Fast courts to hear such crimes should come up and punishments prescribed in Sharia should be imposed on the guilty without any time loss.Only then,we can expect peace to prevail in our society.

Six quakes hit Andaman and Nicobar Islands in a span of Four hours.It is noteworthy to see that the above mentioned planetary conglomeration occurs in Kanya,an Earthy Sign indicating Earthquakes.

Exactly on the New Moon day, a 15 year old girl was raped by three men in Muzaffar Nagar.

All these incidents seemed to happen only after 3.11.2015.So let us look at the sky on that date to identify the planetary configuration that possibly has triggered this phenomenon.

Exactly on this date,Venus and Mars crossed Simha and entered into Kanya.Venus goes into debilitation here and Kanya represents virgin girls as every student of Astrology knows.Exactly from this day,sexual crimes on girls have been on the rise.One may ask -why only India? Why are the planets hitting only India? What about other countries? Well,I have not searched for what is happening in other countries.May be,similar incidents are happening everywhere, some of them projected and discussed in Media whereas others never see the limelight.I dont know, but if you look all around the globe you may find enough evidence to prove the disastrous effects of this planetary combination everywhere.

Such strange coincidences between planets in the sky and incidents on the Earth remind me of the old Hermetic saying - 'As above,so below'.