Thursday, 28 February 2013

Past blasts of Hyderabad- A critical astro review

By doing a post-facto analysis of events that are similar in nature, it is possible to know the Astro trends common to all of them. Once we know the 'modus operandi' of planets, we can project them into future for arriving at successful forecasts.

Now let us look at past events of Bomb blasts that occurred at Hyderabad over the last few years.

Salient feature of recent blast on 21-2-2013 are:--
  • Degree conjunction of Sun and Neptune in Rahu star.
  • Association of Mars,Venus and Mercury with them.
  • Moon hora with aspect of Rahu-Saturn Sapitha yoga trigger.
  • 11th day of waxing moon under the full moon shadow.
At 13.15 hours on 18.5.2007 a powerful blast in Mecca Masjid killed 10 and injured about 50.Notable features are as under: 

  • Leo rising conjunct Ketu.
  • 2nd day of waxing moon under new moon shadow.
  • Jupiter went retro on that day and was in fall in D-9.
  • Lagna lord Sun in Vrisha in 6/8 degree aspect with Pluto in Dhanus.
  • Saturn in Kataka in trinal degree aspect with retro Jupiter.
  • Rahu in degree square aspect with Mercury.
  • Saturn in 6/8 degree aspect with Uranus.
  • Day is Friday.Venus in Rahu star and flanked by malefics.
  • Venus hora ran at the time of blast.
On 25-8-2007 bombs exploded at Lumbini park and Gokul chat at 19.45 & 19.50 respectively killing 44 and grievously injuring 70.Salients astro clues are:

  • Mina 0 degrees rising
  • 12th day of waxing moon under full moon shadow.
  • Neptune from Makara in exact opposition to retro Venus in Kataka.
  • Gulika in Mesha in exact square aspect to Neptune and Venus.
  • Day was Saturday and lord of the day was combust.
  • Moon hora ran. Moon was with Neptune. It was with Rahu in D-9.
  • Rahu opposed Saturn forming the infamous Sapitha Yoga.
On 7-5-2006 a bomb exploded in Odien Theater.Fortunately none was killed.Notable pointers are:

  • A creepy nexus among Uranus in Kumbha,Mars in Mithuna,Moon in Simha and retro Jupiter in Tula. The aspects were exact.
  • 10th day of waxing moon under the grip of full moon. 
  • Day was Sunday.|Lord of day was exalted in Rasi but fallen in D-9.
  • Rahu and Moon were together in D-9
  • Mercury hora ran. Lord of hora was in trine with Mandi.
  • Rahu aspected Saturn causing Sapitha Yoga.
On 12-10-2005 a bomb exploded in Special Task Force office killing two on the spot.It was the handiwork of a Bangladeshi suicide bomber.The planetary clues are:

  • Retro Mars in Mesha in exact 6/8 aspect with Pluto in Vrischika.
  • 10th day of waxing moon under full moon shadow.
  • It was a Wednesday.Mercury was in Rahu star and trinal to Uranus.
  • Lagna was 13 degrees Tula(in Rahu star) in exact trine with Uranus in 13 degrees Kumbha(rahu star again).
  • Sapitha Yoga continues.
  • Moon and Neptune are in same star.
  • Moon is with Rahu in D-9
On 21.11.2002 a blast shook Saibaba temple killing 10 people on the spot.Let us look at the planets at the time of blast.

  • Saturn is retro and conjoined with Rahu, hence Sapitha Yoga continues.
  • Moon in Mrigasira ruled by Mars is in exact sextile aspect with Jupiter in Aslesha ruled by Mercury.Moon-Jupiter yoga created a blast in a sadguru's temple.
  • Mars is with exalted Mercury in D-9 and aspected by Rahu.This combination could give rise to a perverted, adamant mindset very common to terrorists.
  • Lagna lord was in 6th house of enemies in sextile aspect with Mandi from 4th house.This could mean the terrorists are local people.
  • Day was Thursday. Hora was Guru hora.Jupiter was in Aslesha star ruled by Mercury and Rahu jointly.
  • 2nd day of waning moon was under full moon shadow.
Now let us summarize and see the common pointers:
  1. All the blasts occurred around full moon or new moon.Here again,full moon effect is more prominent.
  2. Effect of Rahu on Moon and Mercury is evident.It suggests cruel temperament.
  3. Sapitha yoga was very prominent.
  4. Roles of Saturn, Mars and Rahu are clearly visible.
  5. Uranus,Neptune and Pluto played their part very well in each case.Though some astrologers believe that these extra saturnine planets need not be considered, I take the liberty to disagree.Earlier I too used to entertain similar view, but experience taught me that by including them in the analysis, more precise predictions could be arrived at. Role of the 'outer' planets suggests the role of 'outsiders' i.e foreign terrorists in the above blasts.
Going by the above analysis, a clear-cut pattern emerges showing who among the planets are controlling the blasts. If we could project these patterns into future, there is more probability of forecasting future occurrences with greater accuracy.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hyderabad bomb blasts-Astro analysis

Yet another black day in the history of Hyderabad. Yesterday,around 19.00 hours,serial blasts shook the city of Hyderabad,Capital of Andhra Pradesh state in India.Many died,many were injured and many more were shocked.

Statements flew from political leaders.There was hectic activity in the media and TV studios.Security was tightened. Despite all this,Hyderabad continues to live in fear.In fact it has become a regular affair for a Hyderabadi to expect some kind of mishap every now and then.A fearful question stares in his face "Is Hyderabad becoming southern Kashmir?"

Let us look at the planets at the time of blast.The most notable clue is the degree conjunction of Sun and Neptune in Kumbha rasi.Of course, there are three more planets viz Mars,Venus and Mercury sitting in the same rasi and I will explain their significance in the following paras.

Neptune is in Satabhisha ruled by Rahu.So he is colored by Rahu's sinister influence and acquires negative traits. Neptune's negative traits are Illusion,deceit and trickery,dreaminess,irrational behaviour and idealism.

Sun represents Government. In Indian Independence chart he is the lord of 4th house and rules over citizens of India.That being the case, Sun conjunct negative Neptune indicates enmity with Government and people. The other planets can give rise to the following results.
  • Mars: Being the ruler of violence and war, this planet can trigger violent incidents being provoked by irrational,ideal and trickery behavior of Neptune.
  • Mercury:Association of Neptune with the lord of intellect results in loss of reasoning power.For the criminals this may provoke thoughtless action and for the police,dullness of intelligence.
  • Venus:The Lagna lord of India was in zero degree at the time of blast and hence was very weak. So India became an easy victim to the sinister plan of criminals.
  • At the time of blast,Moon Hora was running.It is aspected by Rahu and Saturn constituting Shapitha Yoga or Cursed Yoga.The results of this yoga can be very disastrous as in the present case.In D-9 Moon is with Rahu.
  • Sun and Neptune are in Dhanus in D-9. This bhava is 8th from Vrishabha, India's Lagna denoting destruction and loss.
So going by the above analysis, Sun conjunct Neptune in Rahu star and in the company of Mars triggered the sad incident. Shapitha Yoga in 6th house of enemies in India's chart added fuel to fire.But then,India in general and Hyderabad in particular must have an affinity with this planetary pattern to trigger this kind of violence.May be, further research with the help of astro-cartography may help in pinpointing this factor.

Keeping astro-analysis aside, will India ever learn the lesson to deal with the perpetrators of terrorism in a fitting manner?