Thursday, 26 June 2014

GAIL pipeline blast-A solid proof of Rahu's effect+Amavasya.

Today is the New Moon day(Amavasya).There is a tragic news awaiting our attention.

GAIL company pipeline has blasted resulting in a worst kind of fire accident in the early hours of today at 'Nagaram' village (81E54;16N29) in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. According to reports,11 persons were burnt alive and 15 others received serious burn injuries.The count may increase.

I have been continuously warning that things like gas,petrol,chemicals,explosives and other dangerous goods come under the Karakatva of Rahu.Added to this, I have been warning about the violent effects of Shapitha Yoga from the past few months.Many times in the past, I have proved the compounding effect of New Moon or Amavasya in triggering such accidents.Again I wrote that Rahu and Ketu are about to change their signs and are very unstable now.

Now this sad incident happened in front of our own eyes exactly on an Amavasya day.This proves the truth in what I have been writing.

Apart from the macro factors I have mentioned in my past posts,let us look at the Astro parameters that are available today and are responsible for the sad incident.

Today's star is Ardra whose ruling deity is Rahu as per Vimsottari dasa system.This star commenced from 3.45 hours at the ill fated place.As soon as Rahu's time commenced,the blast took place.This is an irrefutable proof of Rahu's influence on the blast.

Mars is in Hasta.So Rahu's dreaded influence reached Mars via Moon and activated the blast.Mercury is retrograde in Mrigasira controlled by Mars.So Mercury is under the rule of Mars.All these factors unmistakably point out towards a worst kind of accident.

Mars Hora ran from 3.42 to 4.42 at the ill fated place.This added fuel to fire.What could we expect when Rahu's star and Mars hora run in tandem?A worst blast is the result.

The tragic car accident that happened near Idukki in Kerala the other day happened in early hours.In that accident the car fell down to the depth of 1000 meters into the adjoining valley.In a family of four,two died on the spot and two were joined in the hospital. Reports say that fog is the culprit.

Now,according to me,fog is a form of maya.Maya is that which covers the truth from our vision and makes us believe in something else.Any type of Maya is nothing but the influence of Rahu the master conjurer.

Rajadhani express incident too happened in the early hours.So it is evident that during the hours before sunrise,Rahu becomes very strong.Our scriptures describe Rahu swallowing Sun causing solar eclipse.The darkness before sunrise is a form of eclipse and it is certainly Rahu's hour.That is why all the accidents are happening in that hour.

All the mystical sadhanas are usually done before sunrise time.Why?Because,if you want to conquer Maya,you have to face it when it is very strong.That is the reason why all the shastras ask us to do our sadhana before sunrise.This is the occult secret behind the time of Brahmi Muhurta which usually runs from 3 AM to 6 AM everyday.

Some people criticize me for writing post-facto analysis.Their curiosity demands me to reveal everything in advance.I cannot predict the millions of incidents that happen everyday in everybody's life.

I have been broadly indicating the Karakatwas that are going to suffer during troubled times.Currently,I have clearly indicated in my earlier posts what are the Karkatwas of Rahu and what things are ruled by him.While dealing with those materials,one has to take more care to escape from their bad effects.It is impossible to pinpoint the innumerable effects of planets on the daily lives of people all around.But if the individual charts are available one can reasonably foretell the good and bad periods.

Some of my friends demand the forecast with pinpointed accuracy with regard to time and place.

I will disclose a secret now.Planets are not inert objects as we suppose them to be.They are conscious entities.We the Indians consider them as godly forces.Sceintists may consider planets as lumps of dead clay.They are unaware of a secret.The planets are not dead matter.They appear as living entities to the yogic astral vision.In fact,there is nothing called dead matter in this universe.What you call a 'stone' is nothing but a consolidated mass of energy.There is so much of atomic energy locked up even in a dead stone.

Suppose we come to know in advance that a tragic accident is going to happen at a certain place.If we detect it well in advance and try to stop it,the events will change themselves.They will take a different route than originally planned and finish the task.Why so?Because,there is a conscious force behind the scheme of things. It is an intelligent force.It detects our plan and cleverly changes its course.This we call 'Dridha Karma' or strong karma.Strong karma is that which cannot be avoided by any means.

Many of you might have seen the movie 'Final destination' and its sequels.It is based exactly on this theme.But they have not included the concept of remedial measures in that movie.

Indian Astrology is rich in remedial measures.We believe that,to counter strong past karma,we have to employ equally strong remedial action.Then it is possible to counter the past karma and its effects.But who gets this chance?It is not in the fate of everybody to get this chance.Only very few will be able to follow this route to wipe out their past karma.

Planetary influence on humans is a truth.Karma and its effects are facts.This is the great wisdom of India.The whole world is recognizing this wisdom slowly.But we,in the name of modern culture,are criticizing our own wisdom and losing its great boons. 

Water quenches our thirst but we have to drink it.If we procrastinate indefinitely,Time will pass on.It will not wait for us.As they say-'Time and tide wait for none'.

The whole world is bound by karma and its effects.Who is ready to conquer karma?Who has got the inclination to try it in the daily rat race?

Rajadhani Express derails at Chapra Bihar-Saving grace of Guru

One more incident depicting the wrath of Rahu and the saving grace of Guru happened before our eyes yesterday.

Rajadhani Express derailed near Chapra in Bihar at 2.15 hours throwing 12 bogies away from the track.

Let me analyze this incident.

Lagna is Mesha 26 in star Bharani ruled by Lord Yama.I am not inclined to accept this as a simple co-incidence.

Lagna is with Ketu who is very much disturbed due to his Rasi Sandhi state.He is about to change Rasi shortly and hence is very uncomfortable.As expected,the Lagna is in close proximity to Ketu.This too is not a co-incidence.Of course,there is a distance of 25 degrees between Lagna and Ketu.If the distance were much less,then the impact of accident would have been much more.

Lagna Lord Mars is in 6th in his enemy's place.The role of Mars in accidents is unquestionably proved many times in the past.The present incident is nothing but an echo of this principle.

Uranus the lord of sudden sad incidents is in the last Rasi Mina in 22 degree in exact 7th aspect with Mars,the karaka for accidents.A sudden accident is the result.This is the most important yoga to be noted in this chart.

Let me have a look at Navamsa chart.

Karaka for luxury vehicles Venus is exalted with Uranus aspected by Mars in Rasi chakra.This is a clear indication for a gory accident.

Saturn is in fall with Moon and Ketu.No elaboration is needed on this point.

Mars is in fall with exalted Guru.Gurus exaltation saved the loss of life to a great extant.Looking at the pictures of derailed bogies thrown away to a great distance,one wonders how could the number of casualties be so low?This is nothing but Guru's saving grace.

At the ill fated hour,Mars hora was running.No more proof is needed other than this for the veracity of planetary horas.

The Tithi was Krishna Trayodashi which is just a day behind Amavasya.I have been warning about the dark effects of Amavasya in my Telugu blog from the past four years time and again. Amavasya effect is an undeniable fact.Interested readers can see my previous posts at

Exalted Guru in 4th and Venus in own house in 4th from Arudha acted as brakes on this mishap.Otherwise the impact of the accident would have been much more.

Guru's grace acted as a boon and saved many lives in this bad accident.

But who will understand this?Who will be grateful to God for saving their lives from the claws of untimely death?Who will mend their ways and start living righteous lives?who will lessen their egoism and start following Dharma in their day to day lives?Who will understand the ground reality, forsaking their egos?

All these questions usually go unanswered.The mystery continues.Rahu's relentless cleansing of global karma continues. After all,the play of Karma must continue and the wheel of time must rotate.Let us be vigilant and watch the play as it advances.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Effects of Rahu the Master Conjurer

The loss of Jupiter's control on Rahu+Saturn from 19-6-2014 resulted in Rahu gaining more and more strength day by day.The unhindered Rahu is showing his powers in diverse queer ways.His ways are beyond the grasp of a casual glance.One needs a deep occult vision to understand the subtle nuances of planets like Rahu who is known as 'Mayavi' the great conjurer of illusions.

Let me illustrate a few instances from practical life to throw light on the work of the great Rahu.

Vijayawada Road Accident

Let us look at the recent road accident that happened near Vijayawaada,A.P.

It is a very weird accident.

A marriage party was returning to Vijayawada after attending a marriage and got into a car.As ill luck would have it,Rahu started showing its magic on the car driver.He started to drive the car at uncontrollable speed unmindful of the repeated requests of the unfortunate marriage party.

He drove the car into an acid tanker which was going ahead of them.The car was rammed into and struck into the acid tanker from behind.Incidentally,the lid of the tanker got opened on its own and the acid started spilling on the car and its passengers.The tanker dragged on for 3 kilometers spilling acid on the road,on the car and on the people in the car.One died in the car,the others got severe acid burns and finally lay on the road crying for help in the dead of night.

What a pitiable and heart rending scene it was!!

Astrology says--Rahu is the karaka for acid,petrol and road accidents,among other things.He is also the karaka for reptiles,insects and such things.

If we look at the Earth from above,the cars down below will appear as crawling insects and the trains as snakes.This is the reason why they fall under Rahu's influence.This is the 'law of signature'.This is the rule under which the planetary karakatvas are classified and fixed by the traditional texts of Indian Astrology.

Opposite polls attract each other.Birds of same feather flock together.These two rules apply very well in occult matters.One has to apply his discerning mind to demarcate one from the other in diverse conditions and situations.

Kolkata Metro rail incident

Now let us look at the Metro Rail incident that happened the other day in Kolkata.

A metro rail was stranded in the subway of Kolkata metro causing much distress to the passengers fearing asphyxia.Finally,after some time,the stranded passengers were dragged out with the help of ladders.

Snakes move under the earth in crevices and hollow spaces.Now,a metro rail is a thing very similar to a snake.So it has close affinity with Rahu.

Hence I assume that this incident is certainly the handiwork of Rahu.

Receding Monsoon in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh,the Monsoon is greatly disappointing us by its hide and seek game.The Sun God is showing his wrath on all and sundry alike.Daily we hear that many people are dying,hit by sunstroke.

I say, this too is nothing but Rahu's effect.

It is not my intention to explain what is 'El Nino' effect.To put it briefly,it is the effect of hot air from the oceans on the Earth.Due to its effect the much awaited monsoon is being neutralized in A.P. now.

Now let me explain a similar incident from the great scripture Ramayana.

When Lord Hanuman was crossing the ocean heading towards Lanka,an evil force tries to drag him down with the intention of eating him away.Its name is Simhika and Ramayana says it is the mother of Rahu.Simhika has the power of stalling the movement of those who are flying over the ocean.So it tries to catch hold of flying Hanuman.But Lord Hanuman is uncontrollable and could easily break the devil's charm.So it is said that those who want to neutralize the bad effects of Rahu in their lives should worship Lord Hanuman with real devotion.

What we call 'El Nino' was called 'Simhika' by Valmiki the celebrated Rishi-poet of Ramayana.The names might differ,but the force is the same.

Simhika tried to pull down Lord Hanuman and now 'El Nino' is pulling back the advancing monsoon.Both are aspects of the same force.So I am justified in assuming that 'El Nino' is nothing but Simhika or the effect of Rahu.

The Malaysian airplane that disappeared suddenly and could not be traced till now suffered the curse of Shapitha Yoga and the wrath of Rahu.This is to be remembered well.

Look at the picture.The Wet and warm packet in the adjacent picture appears like a snake swallowing the Dry warm packet.This is clearly the form of Rahu swallowing its prey.

I explain all this,because,such things being occult in nature,cannot be grasped by a casual look. Rahu's effects on persons could be very tricky and very queer,outwitting the best of our imagination.

In this post,I have tried to describe the effects of Rahu in a small way.There could be many more examples from daily life.They could be very different from one another and unique in each case.Rahu is a master conjurer of illusions and he knows how to bypass our intellect which does the karma but wants to escape the result without any sense of shame.

Let us wait and see how many more queer incidents/accidents are going to happen in the coming few days befitting the transit of Rahu from Tula into Kanya.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The last kiss of Rahu

The much dreaded Shapitha Yoga is running the last leg of its journey for the present.Very soon,Rahu the master conjurer of illusions is going to leave his best friend Saturn to move to Kanya Rashi.The torturous Shapitha Yoga gripping the Earth under its octopus grip for the past one and half years will end very soon.

There is a force that has been protecting the people from Shapitha Yoga from the past one year.It is the benign influence of Jupiter from Mithuna.Through this trinal aspect of Jupiter many beings have been saved from many kinds of danger even without their knowledge.

But then,if Jupiter is protecting us from Shapitha Yoga,why so many mishaps are happening everyday everywhere?--one may ask.

There is a secret here.Whoever is taking shelter with Jupiter,they are saved from dangers.On the other hand,whoever is recklessly moving away from it fell under Shapitha Yoga's influence and suffered.

Now,in the coming one and half month time,many changes are going to take place in the lives of people owing to the removal of Jupiter's trinal aspect from Tula where Saturn and Rahu are located.

Now the time is up for awarding sentences to people according to their past deeds.If you observe closely,you can see many things like sudden spurt in problems,lack of mental peace,accidents,blows,resurgence of  chronic diseases,increased boredom in life,sudden bad time etc.

Coming one month or so is a very critical time.The divine grace has withdrawn now and the humanity is exposed to the perils of Shapitha Yoga.The only protection that we can believe in is Dharma.So let us be in the boundaries of Dharma and escape the wrath of Shapitha Yoga.

The unfinished karma will be dealt by Rahu in the coming days employing very clever ways.No one is above this influence.

Practice Dharma and be safe.It is the only panacea that can save us from the ill effects of Shapitha Yoga in the coming days.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Telangana Birth chart-What does it forecast??

On 2-6-2014 at 00.00 hours Telangana state came into being with Hyderabad as its capital.

These charts show the planetary positions at the birth time of Talangana State.As such they can be taken as the birth charts of Telangana.

The following astro parameters are to be considered to evaluate the future of Talangana state.

Tithi: Jyeshta Sukla Chaturthi.
Navamsa Lagna:Dhanush

Result of the Month:
Forgiving nature, fickle mindedness, rashness,passion for distant travel and uncanny intellect.

Result of the Tithi:
Indulgence in debts,argementative nature,courage,skill in warfare and speculation.

Victory in war,liberal nature,zeal and enthusiasm.

Punarvasu star
Many friends,affluence and land.

Vriddhi Yoga
Flourishing business and good money inflow.

Vishti Karana
Unstable and cunning mind,strength,victory over enemies,prolonged sleep,cruel 

3rd Navamsa
Liking for the opposite sex.

Now let me analyse the results of the chart.

It is good that a fixed lagna like Kumbha is rising.More so,because the Lagna Lord Saturn is exalted(though retro at present) in 9th house.The Lagna is 7* Kumbha and exactly aspected by Mercury with trinal aspect indicating,inter alia,the aspiration of many people for the emergence of Telangana state.Mercury is clearly indicating that the formation of Telangana state is the result of strong aspiration of millions of people from the past 60 years.

The presence of Rahu near Lagna Lord is quite disturbing.This hints at the need to be extra careful with a foreign force.Pakistan may try to make this land a hideout.The new Government should never underestimate this possibility.We should never forget that the roots of many past terrorist activities lie in Hyderabad.

The aspect of Saturn and Rahu on 11th strengthens this assumption indicating the presence of allies who are not trustworthy.Atmakaraka Jupiter with JnathiKaraka in 5th indicates that they have to be careful with so-called friends.

Moon in 2* with exact angular aspect with Rahu too indicates the interest of a foreign power in this newly formed state.

Weak Moon as 6th lord in 6th supports this idea.Weak Moon indicates,among many other things,our neighbor country which always tries to de-stabilize us.

Saturn's aspect on Moon from 9th house shows gradual strenghening of non-secular forces creating problems to the Government in course of time.Saturn and Rahu in 9th is an alarming indication in this direction.

Venus and Moon in 8th in Navamsa coupled with Moon in 6th house indicates the perennial issue of Naxals.This could also mean,gradual erosion of image for the party among the people of the state due to their inefficient handling of affairs.

The state came into being in Jupiter/Rahu/Rahu/Mercury.Jupiter's relation with Rahu is not a good indication,even from the most liberal angle.This is the legendary Guru-Chandala Yoga.This could indicate good men degrading themselves by association with bad people.Mercury indicates the intellect that is polluted.The hint is-the leaders should be very broadminded and work for the welfare of the people and the state.If not,the results would be disastrous.

7th lord Sun in 4th also supports this idea indicating the presence of enemy packets  or sleeper cells in the population.It is to be remembered that Sun is a worst enemy to Saturn the Lagna Lord.

Now let us look at the good points.

Jupiter and Mercury in 5th is a very good indication as far as planning is considered.This indicated good luck and divine grace to the state.This could also mean that the state overcomes all the problems in due course with the grace of God and holy saints.

11th house enjoys Jupiter's aspect along with those of Saturn and Mars.This combination also supports the above idea.Lagna is fortified by Jupiter's 9th aspect indicating the good planning of intellectuals,bureaucrats and leaders as an asset to the state.

Rahu indicating Venus promises another good yoga.Lords of Lagna,4th and 9th could mean a very good Raja Yoga showing bright future for the state.

The bindus in 11th are more than those in Lagna in SAV indicating the financial resourcefulness of the state.One more indication is the 11th house of Rasi chart becoming the Lagna of Navamsa chart. 

3/10 th lord Mars sitting in 8th is not a good indication.It would be difficult for the Government to face the people's demands.Mars getting 22 bindus in SAV shows violence,riots,bandhs and dharnas.

4th Lord Venus in 12th to 4th with Ketu supports this idea.This could mean -- peoples' aspirations would face many hurdles before they are realized in toto.

Mars aspect on 2/3rd houses shows the problems that would arise from talking without prior thinking.There is a need for the people in authority to weigh and measure their words.If not,it may create unwanted enmity.

Rahu/Ketu and Moon in Vargottamamsa will neutralize the above blemishes to a large extent.

We can fortell safely that Telangana state would prosper gradually as all the forthcoming dasas are good.

However,no dasa is fully good and none fully bad.They intermingle with each other like light and shade.I will warn about them at the appropriate time if time permits me to do so.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Gopinath Munde's accidental death-Guru's curse???

In my last post I did mention clearly that the Muhurta ceremony of Narendra Modi was beset with many adverse factors.Now,within a week of oath taking,Gopinath Munde died in a car crash.In view of this tragic development,let me just look at the birth chart of Gopinath Munde.

Even before going deep into the charts of unfortunate persons who die accidentally,we can understand many things fairly well.We keep seeing innumerable incidents of such kind all around us in our daily lives.Let me cite a few examples from daily life.

1.A happy marriage concludes.The marriage party is returning to their town by road.A gory accident happens and either the groom or the bride or both are killed in the accident.

2.Grown up children on whom the parents pin their fondest hopes die suddenly in an accident.

3.An aspirant clears a much awaited interview and travels to the place where he is supposed to join the job.However,he dies enroute in an accident.

3.In a happy family,suddenly some mishap takes place and everything goes topsy turvy.

There are any number of such incidents that could be enumerated from daily life.

Even without seeing such Jatakas,we could understand many things per se.Such charts suffer from some grave curse or some strong dosha.Most of the times,this could be a curse of the Guru(guru shaap) or Naga Dosha(curse of snakes) or Pitru Shaap(curse of ancestors) or Preta Shaap(curse of dead spirits).

Identifying the bad curses or doshas in a birth chart(Kundli) is a peculiar art.Countering such doshas in a chart needs Tapas Shakti(Power of Penance).I will  explain in a separate post how to identify such curses and how to remedy them.

For the present,Gopinath Munde's chart presents a bad combination even to a casual examination.What is that? It is Jupiter in Makara in debilitated condition.Jupiter is a very strong malefic planet to Tula Lagna natives.In this chart he is in 0 degrees i.e Rasi Sandhi and debilitated in Drekkana,Chaturdhamsa and Dvadasamsa charts.This clearly shows that he suffers from stong curse of Guru.

The natives with strong Guru dosha or Guru shaapa face very bad incidents as soon as Guru dasa commences in their lives.This has been observed in many charts.All planets start giving their results in their dasas and antaras.This is an established principle in Astrology.The karma of that particular phase of life comes to fruition at that time very precisely.

Now,in this chart Guru dasa commenced on 23-4-2013 and within an year he died in a tragic road accident.Currently he is running Jupiter/Jupiter/Venus/Venus at the time of his death.

Guru is a strong malefic in this chart.Coming to Venus,he is Lagna/8th lord cum Amatyakaraka and sitting in 2nd(death inflicting)house in 4th lord Saturn's star.Guru too is in 4th house.Venus represents luxury vehicles and located in 4th lord's star.So the karakatva of Vehicles gets strengthened and resulted in a car crash.

Sun is a badhaka to this lagna and sitting in Chitta star (pratyaktara to the native).

Now let me show you a queer astro signature.

The badhaka lord Sun is neecha in Lagna.If we just look at the Muhurtha of Oath taking chart on 26-5-2014 he was in 8th house(death).Moreover the natal lagna was the Muhurta lagna during oath taking ceremony.

In Navamsa,Guru is with Rahu showing Guru Chandala Yoga.This is a very bad yoga called Dasa Chidra(crushing of dasa).As per Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique( a nadi principle),this yoga ensues in 4th house,in a chara rasi,indicating danger from a moving vehicle.

Argala to Guru by Rahu from 3rd house and Venus from 11th house strengthens this bad yoga.Rahu denotes petrol and Venus luxury vehicles.So danger from a moving vehicle through Guru's curse is clearly indicated in this chart.

Let me disclose a subtle karmic point here.Guru is the lord of liver.In the accident,it is understood that the liver of Gopinth Munde was badly damaged.This is clear indication of Guru's curse on the native.

Let me look at Ashtamsa which clearly indicates death and its cause in a person's life.

Ashtamsa lagna is Kanya which is 12th to the lagna of native.From there,Guru and Sukra are in 8th house with exalted sun.What does this indicate?

It indicates that during Guru/Sukra dasa enjoying an exalted official position,he meets with an accident and dies.He died exactly in Guru/guru/Sukra dasa.Chara rashi indicated death while moving from one place to another.

Transit Mars was in Ashtamsa Lagna on the day of accident.

Mars is a worst malefic to Ashtamsa chart,and he is sitting in 4th house showing danger from vehicles.He is also indicating that in his dispositor's(Guru) dasa a speedily moving vehicle could become the cause of his death.

Many times in the past I quoted the Jaimini rule that shows accidental/unnatural deaths.Readers of my Telugu blog are quite familiar with those posts.

Saturn is the Atmakaraka for this chart.Karakamsha is Tula.It is also the Rasi Lagna.Gulika sitting in 3rd from there indicated accidental death.From Simha which is Atmakaraka Rasi,Neecha Sun in 3rd also indicates accidental death to this native.See how wonderfully the Jaimini principle tallies!!!

On the day of accident,transit Mars was on natal Mercury in 12th house.

Most significantly,transit Rahu was exactly on natal Sun who was neecha in chitta star.This is a clear Karmic signature which denotes accidental death.Chitta is ruled by Mars as per Vimsottari system and it is Pratyak Tara to the native.All this clearly shows what is in store for the native on the fateful day.Moreover,the accident happened on a Tuesday in Mars hora.Was it not astonishing?

The curses are real.That is why we should live very carefully without harming anybody by thought word or deed.The effects of bad karma are inescapable.

In the good olden days,our elders used to warn us about the inexorable nature of Karma and its effects.Now,in the modern times,none pays any heed to such sane advice.Everywhere we find nothing but rashness,bad temper and selfishness.No body knows how much bad karma we are accumulating by such actions.God only knows what is in store for the present generation which is helplessly treading a careless life unmindful of the karmic results.

This unfortunate incident proves one thing.None can escape from the effects of karma.Whatever one sows one should reap.Only time decides everything.So we should try to live without harming anyone.Especially we should be more careful while dealing with saintly persons lest we should incur their curse.

Astrology is an exact science.Its principles keep proving again and again in our lives.The wise take its help and live carefully.It is upto us to use this grand science for our future guidance and reap good results thereby.