Tuesday, 16 April 2013

43 ominous days

The world has now entered into a bad phase again, beginning from April 11th 2013.This bad phase will run for 43 days upto 23rd May.Let us look at the subtle nuances of this period a little closely.

Rahu-Saturn combination is a very bad indicator as has been proved in many charts,both human and mundane.It triggers many violent incidents at mundane level too.Added to this,Mars and Ketu are now in Mesha exactly opposite to Tula. Mars-Ketu combination triggers excessive and uncontrollable energy.

Rahu-Saturn yoga stirs up violent incidents backed by cruel plans. Mars-Ketu yoga piles up tons of raw energy.When these two forces align with each other,we can easily imagine what is going to happen,more so,when Mars and Ketu meet in a fiery sign like Mesha owned by Mars himself.

On 11th April Venus moved to Mesha followed by Mars on 13th and Sun on 14th. Ketu has already been there since long.Now we will look at the trouble created by these planets at global level.
  • On 14th, P.B.Srinivas a veteran south Indian playback singer and poet passed away suddenly at a ripe old age.He was not very ill,but died suddenly.He enchanted millions of South Indians with his melodious voice for decades.
  • Yesterday, earthquakes rocked Iran,Pakistan and India. Mesha indicates Pakistan.It is 4th from Makara the ancient sign of India and 12th from Vrisha,the sign of Indian Independence.This happened on a Tuesday ruled by Mars.
  • Boston is rocked by bomb blasts.Mars is ruler of sports and this incident happened during a marathon event.
  • Fire broke out in Tirumala temple in India and could not be put off for about an hour.Exalted Sun indicates,inter alia,kitchens of holy temples.
  • Untimely deaths are happening in many families from last week.
  • Famous persons like Margaret Thacher and R.P.Goenka known for their iron will passed away.
  • Gold and Silver prices plummeted,thanks to Venus the planet of precious metals, entering into the shadow of Ketu,scanned under Sapita Yoga from Tula.

Now,these planetary influences will continue to haunt us till 23rd May.Let us try to pinpoint the probable dates which may trigger many more events of similar nature.
  • 21st and 22nd of April. Venus-Saturn opposition.Mars combust.
  • 25th April, Full moon.
  • 22nd Sun Ketu conjunction.
  • 28th and 29th of April.Sun Saturn opposition.
  • 9th May New moon.
  • 12th May.Mars Rahu opposition.

Periods full of such ominous aspects are sure to trigger violent and chaotic events affecting nations in general and individual lives in particular.If you observe closely.you will see changes taking place in your life from April 13th.

There are some cycles in Astrology which trigger 'draining' of global karma.During such periods,the planets especially Mars,Saturn and Rahu play active role and affect millions of lives in a drastic way paving the way for drainage of their long accumulated Karma.The phase we are passing through at present is one such.

Let us observe suitable remedies,occult as well as behavioral,and sail safe through these turbulent times.