Saturday, 20 June 2015

Do Yoga and live a happy life

There are many gifts that India gave to the world.Among them all, YOGA is undoubtedly the highest gift.

YOGA is one of the six systems of Indian Philosophy,the other five being - Nyaya,Vaiseshika,Saamkhya,Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa.

These six paths are the highways to God realization.

They contain discussions and the truths about the following four subtle subjects,namely--

1.Brahman or the Supreme Being.

In common parlance we call this Being as God.

2.Jiva or the individual soul that every living being contains.

3.Jagat or the world around us.

4.Liberation or Moksha or Mukti

The six systems of Indian Philosophy are abundant in truths about God,individual soul,the world around us and how liberation is achieved and the pathways to liberation.

Among the six systems, Yoga system gives immediate results as opposed to those gained by the other five which the soul achieves after leaving the body.Except Yoga system the other five contains rituals and knowledge portions whereas Yoga system teaches practical methods to liberate us from all kinds of bondages while living.

Among the many Yoga systems available in India,the Raja Yoga propounded by Sage Patanjali is considered as the most systematic one,though other systems also do exist,on equal footing.

Asanas that we practice nowadays are not the essence of real Yoga,but a very basic part of it.They exist at the 3rd step of Astanga Yoga.

Asanas,Pranayama,Mudras and Kriyas are parts of Hatha yoga. By practicing these methods,man can live a hundred years happily and healthily.

The whole world is doing Yoga now.But in India,a few sections are opposing Yoga on the ground that it is contrary to their religious beliefs.It is pure ignorance to oppose Yoga.Yoga is not inimical to any religion.In fact, it is the highest and most practical religion gifted to mankind by God.

Some people are reluctant to chant 'Aum' on the same religious reasons.Aum is found by the science to be the sound vibration of Sun.It is the eternal humming sound resonating through the Universe.

Sage Patanjali says in his Yoga Sutras(1:27) -- "Tasya Vaachaka Pranavaha"-- meaning thereby--God's name is Aum.

God is called by various names in various religions.All these names are man made names.The true name,the true sound that represents God is --Aum.It is not man made.It is the Universal sound vibration resonating throughout the creation eternally.The Vedas called this sound as Shabda Brahman (God in sound form).

This sound vibration is being released from Sun continuously.This energy of Sun is sustaining our Earth and its living beings.So,chanting Aum sound connects you to the Supreme God behind this creation.By chanting this sound,man can effortlessly connect himself to the Supreme Godhead.

Chanting of Aum sound repels bad spirits.They cannot tolerate this sound as it is the name of eternal God.So if a man hates the sound of Aum,it shows that he is under the control of evil spirits who hate the Lord's name.

Let us keep Aum aside for a while.

What is the fault of Asanas and Pranayama? They only improve your health and happy state of mind.Why should we not do them? They enrich your body,mind and spirit.Their health benefits are accepted by modern medical science.Yoga is being done in all the countries worldwide.Why cant certain sections in India accept them?

The science of Yoga is the greatest gift of God to mankind.If one can understand the whole science of Yoga,it could be excellent.But if one finds it too difficult,atleast a simple daily schedule of basic Asanas and Pranayama will keep him hale and healthy throughout his life.

The official recognition from UNO  is overdue.This should have been done 60 years ago when India got independence.The pseudo secular leaders could not project our treasure of Yoga properly on the international platform all these years.Thanks to our PM Sri Narendra Modi,atleast now, the much awaited thing has happened and Yoga got its rightful place in the international stage.

This is something which every Indian should feel proud of.

Tomorrow is the day of celebration for India and its citizens.Tomorrow is the 'International Day of Yoga.

Start the practice of Yoga tomorrow and continue to do it as long as you live.

Live happily,healthily and wisely.

Long live the movement of YOGA.

Let us celebrate tomorrow on a grand scale by practicing Yoga and continue to do it as long as we live.