Monday, 2 December 2013

Louis Braille-Astro analysis

The other day I was at an orphanage for the blind to offer some financial help to the inmates.There are 71 inmates studying various classes and some of them are graduates and post-graduates.There are a few mentally retarded children too.

After finishing my work over there,I had a thought to check up the chart of Louis Braille who invented the Braille language.I wanted to see which planetary yoga caused his blindness and also his struggle to create a language for the blind.

Louis Braille was born on 4-1-1809 at 4.00 AM at Coupvre,France.The resultant birth chart can be seen above.

As per established astrological principles,second and twelfth houses denote right and left eyes respectively.Sun and Moon are natural signifiers of eye sight.Venus and Jupiter being second and twelfth lords of Natural Rasi Chakra are signifiers too.With this basic data,we will start analyzing Braille's birth chart.

At the outset,the highly blemished Lagna is what struck me hard.There is Rahu in degree conjunction with Uranus in Lagna sandwiched by Mars and Saturn.This is called 'Netraheena Yoga' or 'Drishti Nasha Yoga'.

Papargala (flanked by evil planets) is not a strange thing in birth charts.Many charts do suffer from this affliction.However, Papargala to Tula is something strange as Mesha,the natural Lagna too,gets blemished due to the 7th aspect of planets.So the evil gets reinforced as the Lagna and natural lagna both become Papargalas.

As per Indian philosophical thought,purva karma or past action is the cause of good and evil effects we encounter in this birth.What could be his past karma to suffer blindness in early childhood?Rahu and Uranus are in Mina in Navamsa.Mina is the sign of emancipation and denotes spiritual luminaries.So he might have harmed men of God in his earlier birth which showed itself as bad fate in the current birth.

Indian villages do abound in many proverbs in local languages.In earlier days,someone doing a misdeed used to be warned by elders with these words-'Be careful.Never do unrighteous things lest you should lose your eyesight'.The old villagers knew many such proverbs.We cannot vouchsafe for their beliefs but I strongly believe that these proverbs are the products of meticulous observation spanning over many generations.

Sun is a Badhaka (tormentor) for this lagna.So the native had a natural affliction to eyes.Mercury the 12th lord is with Sun and also in Ketu's star who is a maraka(death inflictor) to this chart.

Mars is a strong malefic for Tula lagna.Being fallen in Navamsa,his maleficence gains immense strength.He is in Moon's star in 12th house and indicates danger to left eye.

When Braille was 2 or 3 years old,he was playing with his father's tools and tried to press a nail through something like a cardboard placed near his eye.In that effort,the nail pierced through and struck into his left eye.This incident happened in Mercury/Ketu or Mercury/Venus dasa.Ketu is a maraka for this chart.Venus suffers from compounded affliction to Lagna.Role of Mercury is already explained above.

Sun signifies father.The badhaka lordship of Sun caused damage to his eyes through father's tools.Strong affliction to Lagna prompted him to pierce his own eye.Slowly the infection spread to the other eye and he lost his both eyes eventually.

Saturn is a benefic for this lagna,but his location in the house of Mars made him quite uncomfortable.Proximity of Neptune added fuel to fire.

Let me elaborate on the Natural Zodiac for a while.

First house is afflicted by Ketu who is in the star of Venus.Star Bharani is ruled by the God of death.Jupiter who is 12th lord is in the star of Saturn and aspected by Rahu.This indicates strong bad karma from previous birth as Jupiter happens to be the 9th lord too.2nd and 12th houses receive the malefic aspects of Saturn who is a badhaka to Mesha and Mars who is in 6th house.So the indications for eye loss gain reinforced strength.

At the time of the incident,transit Mars was in Lagna,Rahu was in 12th house and Saturn in 2nd.So the transit effects coincided with those of Dasa Bhukti and precipitated the gory incident.

Venus is the Atmakaraka in this chart.Karakamsa is Kanya.3rd and 8th houses being the houses of longevity are spoiled due to presence of Saturn and Ketu.So he lived for 43 years and died on 6-1-1852 in Sun/Moon/Saturn/Ketu.All these planets are afflicted badly as explained above.

At this stage,remedial measures flash across our mind.Had his parents performed appropriate remedies at proper time,could this mishap have been avoided? No one could say at this point of time.It is futile to speculate now on what could have happened a hundred years ago.The chances are very remote for his parents to know about the secrets of Indian astrology and its remedies.The chances of performing Vedic remedies in a European country at that time are almost bleak.So the past Karma struck the boy very hard.

When the past Karma is very strong,Nature puts forth a hundred obstacles in the way of remedial measures.It is simply impossible to overcome strong past karma.If,by dint of strong will and some good fortune left in the chart,the native could meet a genuine and selfless Indian astrologer and the remedies performed in time,then the past Karma could have been overcome.This is assured by great Indian sages like Bhrigu,Garga,Parashara and many others.

Some astrologers opine that a birth chart should not be analyzed before the child attains the age of 12.I see no reason in this argument.If the mishap occurs before 12th year,what is the use of seeing the chart thereafter,except to offer a post-facto analysis?So I am of the opinion that the chart should be cast as soon as the child is born,the good and bad effects of planets analysed in detail and proper remedies performed in time.

Ancient people,even Kings and Emperors,used to follow this method.It is better to emulate the good example set by the learned. After all,they were more honest,more experienced and more knowledgeable than us who are afflicted with skepticism and disbelief in the name of scientific education.