Monday, 5 December 2011

Dev Anand and Astama Sani

Veteran romantic hero of Indian Cinema, Dev Anand, passed away at London yesterday. According to available information, Dev Anand was born on 26-9-1923 at Gurdaspur. His time of birth is not known. So his chart is analysed from Moon lagna. His star is Revati. From his Moon lagna, Saturn is in 8th house giving him Astama Sani. As he is in his 88th year, the Astama sani has dealt the death blow. The figure 88 denotes double Saturn effect as the number 8 is governed by Saturn.

One of the notable features of his birth chart is “Mercury-Venus” conjunction in Kanya. Kanya gives exaltation for Mercury and debilitation for Venus. Venus is karaka for love matters among other things. So he could not marry Suraiya whom he loved deeply. Though Venus is debilitated, there is cancellation of debilitation due to Mercury, lord and exalted planet of Kanya, sitting in Kendra from Moon. However, Mercury is retrograde which indicates that it is somewhat weak and therefore cancellation of Venus debilitation  is only partial. True to this peculiar combination, Dev Anand had been a romantic hero in Indian Cinema. On the other hand, this combination gave him a permanent heartache in the form of love failure. Venus-Mercury combination has been his Karmic Signature and could be seen in all his activities. Even his autobiography is titled as “Romancing with life” showing the imprint of Venus (romance) and Mercury (childish innocence) on his book. Venus and Mercury made him a candid confessor and he openly stated that he fell in love with many women, many times in his life.

Transit Venus has moved ahead of Rahu. I am afraid that either the actor or his wife must be ailing since 14-11-2011 when transit Venus was in conjunction with Rahu. However, he luckily survived till transit Sun moved into Vrischika where Rahu is waiting to swallow him. It is noteworthy that he passed away in Sun hora on Sunday. As we know, Sun is karaka for heart and the veteran actor died from a heart attack (Sun) in his sleep (Rahu).

In addition to transit Saturn in 8th house from natal Moon which is called Astama Sani, Transit Sun and Mercury are in degree conjunction on 4-12-2011, and very near to debilitated Rahu. Rahu  signifies foreign lands and strangely the neecha position of Rahu gave him death in a foreign land i.e London. Mercury and Venus are significators for fine arts. They are the key planets to be analysed in a movie star’s chart. Incidentally, they are very close to a debilitated and angry Rahu. Sun and Mercury are conjunct on 17th degree of Vrischika at the time of Dev Anand’s death.

17th degree of Vrischika means Dhanus in Navamsa. So in Navamsa, transit Sun and Mercury are in Dhanus, a rasi of sudden developments and fall from a position, according to Sage Jaimini.

Revati born natives have been suffering from the effects of Astama Sani, since Saturn moved into Tula, on 15th November. The suffering would be according to the running dasa/bhukti and the age of the native. Dev Anand was in his  88th year and Saturn transits are always times of danger in ripe old age. No wonder the romantic hero of yesteryears was snatched away from the worldly stage into an unknown green room, only to get ready to appear in another role in another drama, may be in better attire.

Transit of KarmaKaraka Saturn on Natal Jupiter who is JivaKaraka can bring death, if appropriate dasa/bhukti runs at that time. This is one of the secrets of Nadi Astrology. May be this is the case with Dev Anand.

Let his soul travel to a right place in his evolutionary journey in the cosmic plan.

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