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Narendra Modi's swearing in Muhurta-An analysis

The news is that Shri Narendra Modi is going to be sworn in as our new PM at 6.00 PM on 26-5-2014 at New Delhi.

There is an urgent need to look at this Muhurtha as the whole country is looking at him with a fond hope that his era will usher in golden age for India.

I dont know the Pandit who has set this Muhurta.Whoever he is, I have to say that he did gross injustice to the occasion. Let us see how my statement is valid.

Our Jyotish Scriptures dealing with Muhurta Bhaga urge us to avoid the 21 great evils that are likely to spoil a Muhurta.They are called Ekavimsati Maha Doshas.My intention is not to enumerate all of them here but only to say that no single Muhurta could be totally free from one or many of them.

So the rule is 'Alpa Dosham Gunadhikyam' which means 'less evil more good'.So we have to choose a Muhurta such that it has less evils and more good points.I will keep the 21 doshas aside for a while and consider the usual Panchangas i.e the 5 parts of a Muhurta.

Tithi= Krishna Trayodasi.This is not good as Amavasya is just two days ahead.We could have waited four or five days more to cross the New Moon to obtain a better Muhurta.

Vara=Day is Monday.This too is not good as its Lord Moon is approaching Sun and hence is devoid of strength.

Nakshatra=Star is Bharani ruled by the god of death.This star is usually avoided for all auspicious functions.However this being Kshema Tara for Shri Narendra Modi(Anuradha) can be considered in case of emergency.

Yoga=Sobhana yoga is good.

Karana=Vanija Karana is good.

Now I will look at the Muhurta chart and try to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

For works that are supposed to last longer fixed lagnas are to be selected.They are Vrisha,Simha,Vrischika and Kumbha.Strangely,a movable sign Tula is selected as Lagna for this function. It could have been a far better Muhurta if Simha is selected instead of Tula.

For a good Muhurta,the Lagna should be stronger always.The Lagna should support the particular activity undertaken at that moment.Vagottama Simha Lagna runs from 12.23 to 12.38 on that day.This time could have been the best swearing in Muhurta as this becomes the Abhijit Lagna too.

In the villages of South India,they call it 'crow bar muhurta'.The villagers fix a crow bar in the earth and wait till noon when its shadow disappears.It means the Sun is exactly overhead at that place.This is taken as a good Muhurta generally.The old Brahmin astrologers cultivated this good habit among the innocent villagers who by themselves could not understand the complicated calculations of the Panchangas.At that time Sun would be in 10th house and this position annuls a great many evils in the chart.

It is good to have Yogakaraka Saturn in Lagna,but he is retrograde.Rahu's presence adds fuel to fire.However he represents Venus the Lagna Lord.Restless planning and ruthless execution are indicated by this combination.

Modi said in the parliament on Tuesday-'The Government has to work for the poorest of the poor'.He further stated that he would work every minute for the welfare of our country.These utterances are in consonance with the Karakatwas of Saturn who is in Lagna.

Saturn and Rahu in Lagna are good one way.Narendra Modi will take many adventurous and revolutionary steps to revitalize our country.He will have to face many unwanted forces in this process.

There is heavy black money in our country.All the people are not good and disciplined citizens.Given an opportunity,everyone will want to violate law to his personal benefit.Over years the Indian citizen has become totally indisciplined.Constant violation of traffic rules on the road is a simple indication of bigger violations at every level.

Most of the people are just hypocrites and opportunists.In this scenario,if Narendra Modi tries to revamp the Financial front by trying to unearth blackmoney,the same people will psychologically revolt against him.This is the sad state of affairs.

One of the reasons for the defeat of Chandrababu Naidu 10 years back was his insistence on discipline and hard work.So,people will not easily mend their ways to be responsible citizens.

Making people disciplined and non-corrupt is the biggest task of Narendra Modi now.Fighting the same evils in his party is another.He will have to struggle really hard to keep his party and the country clean and progressive.All this, and much more is indicated by the presence of Saturn and Rahu in the Muhurta Lagna.

Lagna lord Venus with Ketu in 7th is not a good indication.Weak Moon as 10th lord in 7th is also bad.Continuous struggle and fight with enemies and problems in administration are indicated.

2nd and 7th lord Mars in 12th is a good combination.It gives victory over enemies.But it is not a favorable indication for the Finance front.

Perhaps the most worrying factor in this chart is the 11th lord Sun in 8th house.For such Muhurtas,4th and 8th houses should be without blemish.This condition is fulfilled only when Simha lagna is selected.

Jupiter and Mercury in 9th is good.There may be moves to curtail the role of MNCs.This may affect the foreign trade badly.

I dont know who decided this Muhurta.I cannot say this is the best Muhurta of the day.Simha Lagna as discussed above could have been a far better Muhurta.The astrologers who designed this Muhurta might know their reasons better.

People of India are generally an intelligent and hard working lot.But the corrupt politicians have spoiled them over years.Now that a clean and disciplined leader like Narendra Modi is at the helm of affairs, good hope is in the offing.

Let us hope for the best and wait to see what is going to happen.


  1. The valued and valid observations of the learned author Shri Satya Narayana Sarma are entirely well founded

    His comments are tenable, because the Muhurtha chosen for Swearing in is grossly against the principles of fixing a good Muhurtha, which is so important for all auspicious undertakings, much more so for an event that is expected to guide and shape the destiny of our great country.

    With 35 years of Astrological experience, I can safely state that this Muhurtha is extremely ill advised, if at all an Astrologer was consulted for the purpose. I think it is more likely none was consulted, because in their euphoria, the BJP leaders decided to discard traditional Indian procedures which has priceless value, and fixed the time on their own.

    Here are my reasons why this Muhurtha is extremely bad, and is bound to bring about serious problems to the Govt as well as the nation and its people:

    1. Bharani Nakshatra must NEVER be chosen for any auspicious work, it is an evil star. Only auspicious, sthira Nakshatras
    must be chosen, example Rohini, Pushya, Hasta etc. Likewise lagna selected must be auspicious, devoid of malefic

    2. Numerologically , the date of 26 adds up to 8 and is bad

    3. 11th Lord Sun is 8th is extremely bad // for enduring success, 6th and 8th houses must be free from occupation

    4. 9th house is also weak, because the 6th lord Jupiter and 12th lord Mercury are posited in it

    5. Pre Amavasya days are always to be discarded for starting any good undertaking

    6. 8th and 10th lords in 7th house are also very inauspicious, with Ketu adding to the misery

    7. 2nd and 7th lords Mars in 12th house of loss is extremely bad for the Nation's finances, as it represents loss of both Dhana
    and support of public. What is worse, Sun from adverse 8th position directly aspects second house, further destroying the
    Nation's financial prospects.

    8. Two first rate malefics: Retro Saturn and Rahu in Lagna aspected by 8th lord Venus make the foundation of the new Govt
    extremely weak and vulnerable. Minor saving grace is aspect of Jupiter.

    9. Going deeper, the Navamsa and Dasamsa Charts confirm the bad planetary combinations seen in the Rasi Chart.

    10. One must wonder what is in store for our great nation, and whether, if so to what extent, the high expectations of the
    people will be fulfilled. Only time will tell.

    For the moment, I am still recovering from the deep shock of studying the highly malefic influences of yesterday's Swearing in

    Rao, Mumbai

  2. It appeared that Astrolger of BJP wanted Vrishchik Lagna. But as the ayanamsha values are different in different Panchangs, the astrologer might have given a time which is in Tula Lagna (29 Li 43') as per J-Hora. With Vrishchik Lagna, the outlook might be different.

  3. Destiny doesnot know which Ayanamsa you are using.

  4. My Friend Mr Unknown

    Apropos your comment dated 6th June stating that the BJP Astrologer wanted Vrishchika Lagna. Granting this Lagna was followed, my carefully considered opinion on the Muhurtha of this Lagna are enumerated below. I am assuming you have fairly basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology:

    1. Jupiter occupied the malefic 8th house with the 8th Lord Mercury, which is sufficiently adverse to bring in early onset of serious

    2. Bhagya Lord Moon and Vyaya Lord Venus are in adverse 6th house with malefic Ketu are sufficient to destroy good develop-
    ments, a situation worsened manifold by the direct malefic aspect of 3rd and 4th Lord Saturn placed in Vyaya sthana accom-
    panied by malefic Rahu.

    3. Said Saturn and Rahu in 12th are very detrimental in themselves, apart from their malefic dhristhi.

    Do you still believe the Vrischika Lagna Muhurtha can augur well for our country, its leaders and its people ??

    The fact remains. however, that the Lagna was Tula, NOT Vrischika.

    Haven't we witnessed one serious calamity within five days of the swearing in ?


    1. And the List can go on.......
      All MOUs can only progress to the next level ONLY if all these factors are first satisfactorily resolved.
      If these problems had indeed been first addressed and solutions commenced, FDI would come in search of India – without our having to go abroad to showcase our potential, which the world anyway knows very well. Every country wants to invest in India and Brazil, because these are the emerging mega markets of the world. And there is a long line of corporates and banks willing to put their money here, BUT will NOT do so, until all the above issues are resolved to their satisfaction.
      Thus, whatever grand vision the PM has for bringing Bullet trains to India (read Gujarat) with investments exceeding Rs 65,000 crores and six years timeline, the ground realities do not favour such ventures. If a serious CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) is done for this proposed Bullet Train, I can assure you that the basic viability itself will never get established, resulting in a huge Viability Gap. The long gestation, the land acquisition process, the utility of the train as compared to existing trains are all bound to raise big question marks.
      The same money if deployed to improve (i) living conditions of the poor, (ii) education and skill levels in the youth and make them more employable, (iii) medical and sanitary conditions, (iv) transport services in various modes, etc by initiating a wide range of valuable Projects, these are bound to generate employment as well as being visible benefit to the country with no time delay.
      To sum up, we have enough reason to believe that if the performance and results of the first 100 days are any yardstick to go by, the future of our country is far from promising, and millions of Indians who had pinned their hopes on the PM for a better tomorrow may well be left hugely disappointed. However, Vedic Astrology would gain renewed credibility.

    2. Namaskaram Sri Satya Narayana Sarma Garu
      The events of the last three months since the swearing in on 26th May 2014 all seem to unfortunately corroborate the Analysis presented above. The apex level process of macro planning and decision making are incoherent, and without purpose or direction.
      The resolution of very important national problems have not even been addressed : poverty, employment, black money, corruption, crime, power shortage, social strife, illiteracy, inefficient working systems in government sector, the huge fiscal deficit, etc
      Visits to neighbouring and distant countries are mere diversions from the above real issues, which must be addressed and resolved with extreme seriousness and urgency.
      It is clearly visible to all that not a single improvement has taken place in India since 1st June, even by way of announcement of actionable policies and programmes which are aimed at bringing benefit to the common man, who continues to be troubled by a large variety of problems: rising prices of essential commodities, unbounded corruption, severe power shortages, rampant poverty, unchecked growth of black money, etc. As a result, the overall feeling of dissatisfaction and despondency remain very high in the minds of most people, who are left wondering whether the promises made during the election campaigns will remain unfulfilled promises.
      The upcoming visit of the Hon'ble PM accompanied by a large entourage to Japan on 30th inst is yet another diversion from reality. The stated purpose of this visit is to attract foreign investment, and sign MOUs with Japanese Companies to build Projects in India. Of course, the media will be the biggest beneficiary of this trip.
      This visit will BRING NO IMMEDIATE OR SHORT TERM BENEFIT TO INDIA, and is likely to be generally purposeless, as the months ahead will prove, because the fundamentals have been overlooked:
      • Are India's Investment Policies conducive for mega FDI?
      • Is adequate land available sans acquisition problems for new Projects?
      • Are labour laws supportive of foreign employers?
      • Are adequate and reliable energy and water available?
      • Does the Tax System look attractive to foreign investors?
      • Is the Bureaucracy willing to change itself and become clean and efficient?
      • Are adequate skilled workers available to meet the needs of new projects?
      And the List can go on.......

    3. Hi ,

      I do not agree with your statement

      Leo lagna would be bad for country.

      Leo lagna favours politicians

      In addition to that rahu would be in 3 house if leo lagna selected.

      That would make bjp egoistic and arrogant like congress (sun and rahu).
      and will not work for country

  5. Hi

    Kindly understand party and company are different

    You have to look at 6 , 7 and 4 house for country

    6 house is what work they do

    7 house is wealth from work

    and 4 house is gains from work.

    so country should be seen from this house


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