Monday, 6 February 2012

Cancer and Yuvraj Singh

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, according to news, is suffering from a cancerous tumor near the lungs and heart. He is currently taking treatment in USA and recovering. Let us examine his birth chart. His date of birth is 12-12-1981 at Chandigarh. Birthtime is not available. So we will analyze his chart superficially.

Normally, people born on December 12th seem to have very adamant nature. A star cricketer should have this trait in the course of his game. I never watch cricket as I dont love that game. Going by the news reports and friends, I understand that Yuvraj Singh is a very tough and adamant player. So it is quite likely that he was born on December 12th. So taking this date as correct, let us proceed.

1. Rahu and Ketu are in 0 degrees, showing at some point of time he will face serious set back in his life.
2. Saturn is aspecting Sun with exact degree aspect.
3. Mercury is combust. Some people opine that Mercury never suffers the blemish of combustion,but i don't subscribe to this view.
4. Jupiter in enemy rashi and Rahu's star.

Now, there are many planetary combinations that suggest cancer. Among them Jupter+Saturn, Jupiter+Mars, Jupiter+Rahu/Ketu play the key role. Above all, the role of Jupiter is seen invariably. Transit Jupiter is now in Mesha 9 degrees and opposing Natal Jupiter exactly. Transit Saturn is in Tula 5 degrees and over Natal Jupiter. So the effect of Jupiter and Saturn is clearly visible behind his disease.

Mercury as the lord of natural 3rd house Mithuna, signifying lungs, is combust. He is also aspected by Saturn Mars combination from Kanya. The aspect of Saturn+Mars on Mercury and Sun is causing the trouble near lungs and heart.

For any chart, Sun and Moon are the life givers. They illumine the world, and they illumine the lives of individuals too. In this chart, they are under the grip of Saturn through his 3rd and 10th aspects. So the life force comes under malefic influence.

From Moon lagna, Mars and Saturn being 6th & 8th lords, are sitting in 4th house. Saturn and Mars together is not a good combination, more so in 4th house indicating chest area. So the trouble is centered around lungs and heart.

Jaimini Maharshi in his upadesha sutras said ( vide 1-89), 'कुज दृष्टे महारोगः'. According to him, if 4th from karakamsha has Moon and aspected by Mars it forebodes a great disease. This sutra fits in to Yuvraj's chart. His Atmakaraka is Mercury. Karakamsha is Mina. Moon is in Mithuna and aspected by Mars from kanya ( Rasi Drishti). So he is now down with an unwanted disease.

Now, Saturn is going retrograde from February 8th till June 24th. During this retro motion he goes away from natal Jupiter situated in Thula. So the disease will get cured during this period. After that, Saturn resumes his direct motion and transits over Natal Jupiter again around October 31st. So, there may be a relapse at that time or he may require another round of treatment. Transit Jupiter enters Vrishabha in June -2012 which is his 12th house from Moon. So he will have sudden heavy expenditure at that time, may be in the form of medical bills.

It is very unfortunate that at the tender age of 29, he is down with this disease. Let us pray for his quick recovery.

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