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Horoscope of Dynamo (magician impossible)

In this post, let me look into the birth chart of Dynamo who is nicknamed as 'Magician Impossible'.

Dynamo is an established name in magic circles. He is very young when compared with the older magicians who are ruling the stage. He gained world popularity by the success of his magic shows aired on the Television, especially the one titled 'Dynamo - Magician Impossible'. In this show, he travels around the world and demonstrates his tricks in common public places.

Some of his tricks seem to be bordering on real black magic. In fact, there are many people in the world who consider him to be a worshipper of Satan and Iblis. Moslems suspect that he has some 'jins' under his possession to be able to do his tricks which seem real black magic. Some Christians think that he worships Satan and performs his tricks with the power bestowed by the Devil. There are others who deride the above two opinions by saying that his magic is nothing but run of the mill tricks performed by any magician who is an expert of his trade.

Anyway, his magic tricks performed in the streets look like real black magic and baffle the onlookers. He might be using invisible black strings or wires to do his tricks. May be there are his stooges in the audience, yet some of his tricks really seem superhuman. 

Let me look into his birth chart.

His original name is Steven Frayne. According to his autobiography, he was born at 23-10 hours on 17-12-1982 in Bradford, Englnad.

According to Indian Astrology the year of his birth is called 'Dundubhi' which means a kind of drum that gives out a heavy sound when played upon. It is an occult indication that people born in that year, usually become famous in the world in one way or the other and their names are heard across the world. In each chart, this indication translates into reality in a different way according to the yogas present in the chart.

Though  he was born in bright half of the Moon, it was very near to the New Moon. Hence the influence of dark forces on his life is clearly evident. That is one reason why he became an expert in the dark art called magic.

He was born on Friday night at 23-10 hours. According to Indian mythology Venus who rules Friday is the guru of demons. He knows the art of giving life to the dead which even Jupiter who is the guru of gods is not aware of. So, in a way, magic is ruled by Venus. It is well known fact that the entire world is bewitched by the beauty of Venus. Hence it is quite befitting to the art of magic that he was born at midnight of a Friday. Many people around the world do believe that he is helped in his magic by demons.

He was asked by the anchor of a show if there really exists a supernatural power that helps him in his magic as believed by many of his fans. And he replied with his characteristic smile - 'may be there is'.

Let me revert to his chart.

His Lagna is Leo and there are 5 planets in his 5th house which rules intelligence and occult. They are Sun, Moon, Mercury,Venus and Ketu. For Ketu, this is the house of exaltation and it is the natural 9th house indicating religious occult arts. Of course, 8th house is the seat of occult and magic. 8th Lord Jupiter is in 4th house of education which is again the natural 8th house. This yoga confers magic. The extra saturnine planets viz, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto who are the rulers of the dark worlds are in secret Scorpio, religious Sagittarius and the judgmental Libra, aiding in the performance of his craft. It is to be noted that they are 4th house of education, 5th house of occult arts and intelligence and 3rd house of sleight of hand.

9th Lord Mars exalted in 6th house of black arts, having exact sextile aspect of Uranus from Scorpio gave him expertise in the craft of magic.

In the Navamsa Chart, we have Mercury who is the Lord of occult 8th house exalted in 11th house of gains and profits, indicating that he is destined to gain a lot from the art of magic.

His day lord Venus is with Ketu who is the significator of dark arts in the natural 4th house of Crab indicating his education into the secret techniques of magic.

Ghati lagna is to be seen to know the name and fame one is destined to get. This is in Sagittarius in the star of Purvashadha ruled by Venus again showing the art of magic. Incidentally Mercury who is the ruler of intellect and deceit is also in the same star indicating the craft involved in his business. We have to remember all through that Mercury is the lord of gains represented by exalted Rahu in the Navamsa Chart.

He is presently running Rahu period upto 2022. In this Rahu major period, it is Rahu - Venus upto 2019 indicating a very good favorable time. Rahu is a demon and a great conjurer whereas Ve is the guru of demons. So this period helps him a lot in his trade. In fact, his name and fame grew by leaps and bounds only after the onset of Rahu dasa in his chart.

All the fame he got was during the dasa of Rahu - Saturn between 2010-12. It can be clearly seen that both Rahu and Saturn are exalted in his chart in a trinal aspect to each other which is a very good yoga. Rahu indicates Mercury in this chart and Mercury and Saturn are close friends to one another.

Hence, during this good period of time, he was promoted to the rank of A.I.M.C 'Associate of Inner Magic Circle' by the famous "Magic Circle" headquartered at London.

As fate would have it, the same five planet yoga in 5th house gave him a chronic disease called 'Crohn's disease'. We know in Astrology that 5th house rules the stomach and the gut which is badly affected by the presence of 5 planets in Sagittarius. May be this is the price he had to pay to get quick name and fame through the art of magic.

Some of his tricks like the 'bucket trick' performed in some African country where he produces fish in a heap from an empty bucket and doing an effortless bench press with a weight which even the trainer was gasping to lift up, indicate that there is some otherworldly force behind his tricks. Of course, there are many people who came up with possible explanations that the bucket has secret compartment in it hiding the fish and the gym weights are shallow plastic weights and his audience and participants are paid stooges, but there are many who believe to the contrary.

Look at this video.


Does his magic really contain some supernatural element or is it a mere trick produced by sleight of hand aided by hidden magic apparatus? I think it is a mix of both.

What is your idea?

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