Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Jupiter transit into Scorpio - Results

Around 5.30 PM tomorrow, Jupiter is going to step into Scorpio. He has been in Libra from the last one year and now he is going to land into its next sign. This change of signs will create many corresponding changes in the lives of all human beings. If you have a keen eye, you must be witnessing many changes in your life since a month or so. These are the results of what is called twilight effect or orb. Ayanamsa also plays its role in this phenomenon.

Jupiter will stay in the new sign for one year. However, he will change signs in the Navamsa chart once every forty days. So there will be subtle changes once every forty days in the coming year. However, the overall trend will be as under for all the signs.

Digestion will slow down. Chronic diseases will surface. Liver gives trouble. Life will take a spiritual turn. Mental worry will increase. Some will get parental property.


Foreign journey is in the offing. Life will turn to a low key. Some will be married. There are profits in business. Quarrels with elders of the family.


Quarrels with teachers and those in authority. Digestion gives trouble. Work drives you mad. Health issues will surface.


Secret love affairs. Old love wakes up. Mind becomes cunning. Spiritual tendencies. Visits temples. Good times for children.


Good for students. Family matters sail smooth. Will buy lands, vehicles and house.


Courage wakes up. Short journeys. Good time for brothers. Old Karma fructifies very fast.


Reputation grows. Earns money. Peace at home. Education shines. 


Self confidence increases. Love life begins. Higher education. Good times for children. Earns in share market.


Sudden expenses. Visits hospital. Suffers silent agony. Life appears a jail. May face an accident. Health issues surface.


Gains in all fronts. Purchases lands and houses. New friends bring good tidings. Good for brothers. Luck smiles.


Shines in profession. Peace at home. Acquires property. Parents feel happy.


Visits temples. Spiritual events. Earns love of elders. Gains money. Luck smiles. Old problems start disappearing.

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