Saturday, 12 November 2011

A curious Prasna--"Where is my pendrive?"

It is common experience for many of us to forget things in our daily life. We search for the forgotten/lost articles here and there. Sometimes we do find them, sometimes not. During such moments, Prasna System (Horary branch) of Astrology could come to our rescue in a grand way. Prasna, just like Jatakam (Natal Horoscopy) works on the principle of synchronicity. The law of synchronicity states that everything in Nature is interconnected. Nature knows everything. When we are in doubt or confusion, we can approach Mother Nature in a reverential mood and She never fails us. It is a wonder how we get answers from Mother Nature in times of need, through the help of Astrology. When it happens again and again, we are led to trust this amazing art.

Today I was searching for my pendrive in my office. I could not remember where I kept it. I was not using it for a week or so, and could not remember where I lost it. I searched for it here and there but could not locate it.

So I drew a Prasna Chart. The time was 13.05 hours and the co-ordinates are 80E26 and 16N18. The Lagna was Kumbha, a Sirshodaya sign. So there is hope. Mars is in 7th house, closely aspecting the Lagna. Accordingly to principles of classical horary astrology, when Mars is in 7th house, it is difficult to get back the lost article. However, as Mars is noway connected, either to Lagna or to  6th house, I ignored this point. Venus and Mercury are in exact degree conjunction, in 10th house, aspecting Moon in 4th house. So the lost article is likely to be found very soon. 

Lagna lord Saturn is in 8th, in a friend's house and a sirshodaya sign again, instilling hope. I checked the position of Moon. It is exalted in 4th house in his own star along with Ketu. Ketu signifies confusion and forgetfulness. Obviously, Moon is the most powerful planet in the Prasna chart. 4th house signifies home. So the pendrive should be at home. Where is it? The Lagna degree is in first drekkana. So the pendrive should be in the front room of the house. Moon is also 6th lord, signifying the thief. 6th lord in 4th house could mean the thief is in the house. But it is an impossibility that the thief could be sitting in the front room of my home at the time of Prasna. So the pendrive was neither stolen nor lost. It was just forgotten.

When I went home for lunch, I casually searched for it in my book shelf in the front room. I found it in the bookshelf, validating the Prasna result. The forgotten article was found within half an hour as indicated by the degree conjunction of Venus and Mercury.

This is how Prasna could be used in our day to day life, in times of need.


  1. Dear Sarma gaaru

    Why does the fact that Venus and Mercury are in degree conjunction signify that the lost object will be found very soon? Is it a general point to remember or something specific to this chart because of ownership of houses?


  2. Dear Sandeep,
    Any planets in degree conjunction signify the event has happened already or close at hand.10th Kendra is powerful of all the Kendras, they are looking at a powerful Moon in 4th house.That should explain everything. The house ownerships also count.

  3. ya it is nice example.but even i lost my pendrive in my office,i need it,can u help me plz
    Regards Murli.,my id is

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