Saturday, 5 November 2011

About Prajna Surabhi

Hello World,

I have been writing a blog named " Alochana Tarangalu" ( Waves of Thought ) in Telugu Language of South India since two years. This Telugu Blog deals with Indian Astrology, Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra, Occult, Martial Arts and Alternative Medicine and enjoys a good readership. 

You can view my TeluguBlog at this address --

I must admit that I have been exposed to these varied subjects since my childhood.

Of late, I had a haunting thought that drove me to share my knowledge, in a humble way, with the English readers who cannot read Telugu Language of South India.

That is how this English blog called "Prajna Surabhi" is coming into being today. "Prajna" means Intelligent Wisdom and "Surabhi" means the wish-fulfilling celestial cow. Wisdom can grant everything that a man aspires for. So I believe the name fits in very aptly.

I hope to reach, through this humble effort of mine, many sincere souls who are scattered everywhere, who are really interested in the ancient wisdom of India in the above mentioned areas.


  1. This is a good move Peddamma. Now people all around the world can see your content and will be aware of ancient wisdom of India and so many other things.My best wishes to you for starting this english blog and my best wishes to the readers all around the world..KaliNareN

  2. Thanks a lot annagaaru for this initiative. Many times, I had difficulty in explaining your articles to some of my colleagues of other states. Now, they will have first hand experience on their own.
    W/Regards - Saikiran

  3. Thank you Kalinaren and Saikiran,
    We have to reach sincere and thirsty souls scattered everywhere. To do this, switching to an international language is a prerequisite. I hope our friends circle will increase tremendously by this move.

  4. Welcome aboard on English landscape Shri Sharma. Hope you are linking up your blog to various aggregators. I wish you all the best. This is a good move and I trust you have enough time to cater to telugu as well with this go-across globe move.

    with best wishes

  5. Thanks Zilebi,
    Nice to see you here after a long time with your encouraging comment. I know you are following my Telugu blog regularly and hope to see you here too with your lively comments.

  6. Thank you for devoting your time to enlighten us. Hope you keep blogging.

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