Monday, 10 September 2012

Astrology in daily life -- When will I get back my notebook computer ?

Prasna (Horary astrology) is an integral part of Astrology.If we know how to use Prasna, we can be tension-free in our daily life. Here is an incident that happened on 28-8-2012 at 9.40 hours, that proves the usefulness of Prasna branch of Astrology.

At 9.40 hours, I got a phone call from one of my group members. 

'I had entrusted the job of repairing a notebook computer to one of my acquaintances who is good at Electronics. He promised me that he would return it at 9.30 today. I am waiting but he is not anywhere around here and not responding to phone calls either. I am confused. Please tell me when will I get back my notebook computer. Will he come as promised?' She sounded a bit anxious.

I looked at the planets. The Prasna chart for that time at Guntur A.P is shown above. Budha hora was running at that time. Budha is in Chandra's sign and showing the anxiety of the querist. Sukra is behind Budha and supporting him. Both Budha and Sukra are fast moving planets. So the expected result will happen very soon.

Lagna is Tula 5 th degree. Exalted Yogakaraka Saturn is behind this and supporting it strongly. Lagna lord Sukra is in 9th house and aspecting Lagna with Kona Drishti. Ascending Moon is in 3rd Upachaya showing success in the result. 11th lord Sun is in 11th house. So the expected result will happen positively.

We have to observe 'Omens' too, while dealing with Prasna. While I was busy looking at the planets, my assistant had brought the material that I was waiting for and placed it before me. So the 'Nimitta' also indicates 'success' in the result. 

Now, we have to calculate when will it happen. Computers are indicated by Kuja and Rahu. Kuja is very near to the lagna degree within 5 degrees. Lagna crosses Kuja in another 20 minutes. Almost 10 minutes passed in my conversation with the querist. So I said 'Wait. He is on the way. He will come and handover the computer to you in another 10 minutes.' and disconnected her call.

At 10.10 she called me back on her mobile. This time she was excited. 'Success Sir. Just now he came and returned the computer. Thank you so much' She shouted from the other side.

This is an example that shows how 'Prasna' works in day-to-day life. It lessens our tension and serves as a guide in times of need, if only we know how to make use of it in right sense.

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