Friday, 22 February 2013

Hyderabad bomb blasts-Astro analysis

Yet another black day in the history of Hyderabad. Yesterday,around 19.00 hours,serial blasts shook the city of Hyderabad,Capital of Andhra Pradesh state in India.Many died,many were injured and many more were shocked.

Statements flew from political leaders.There was hectic activity in the media and TV studios.Security was tightened. Despite all this,Hyderabad continues to live in fear.In fact it has become a regular affair for a Hyderabadi to expect some kind of mishap every now and then.A fearful question stares in his face "Is Hyderabad becoming southern Kashmir?"

Let us look at the planets at the time of blast.The most notable clue is the degree conjunction of Sun and Neptune in Kumbha rasi.Of course, there are three more planets viz Mars,Venus and Mercury sitting in the same rasi and I will explain their significance in the following paras.

Neptune is in Satabhisha ruled by Rahu.So he is colored by Rahu's sinister influence and acquires negative traits. Neptune's negative traits are Illusion,deceit and trickery,dreaminess,irrational behaviour and idealism.

Sun represents Government. In Indian Independence chart he is the lord of 4th house and rules over citizens of India.That being the case, Sun conjunct negative Neptune indicates enmity with Government and people. The other planets can give rise to the following results.
  • Mars: Being the ruler of violence and war, this planet can trigger violent incidents being provoked by irrational,ideal and trickery behavior of Neptune.
  • Mercury:Association of Neptune with the lord of intellect results in loss of reasoning power.For the criminals this may provoke thoughtless action and for the police,dullness of intelligence.
  • Venus:The Lagna lord of India was in zero degree at the time of blast and hence was very weak. So India became an easy victim to the sinister plan of criminals.
  • At the time of blast,Moon Hora was running.It is aspected by Rahu and Saturn constituting Shapitha Yoga or Cursed Yoga.The results of this yoga can be very disastrous as in the present case.In D-9 Moon is with Rahu.
  • Sun and Neptune are in Dhanus in D-9. This bhava is 8th from Vrishabha, India's Lagna denoting destruction and loss.
So going by the above analysis, Sun conjunct Neptune in Rahu star and in the company of Mars triggered the sad incident. Shapitha Yoga in 6th house of enemies in India's chart added fuel to fire.But then,India in general and Hyderabad in particular must have an affinity with this planetary pattern to trigger this kind of violence.May be, further research with the help of astro-cartography may help in pinpointing this factor.

Keeping astro-analysis aside, will India ever learn the lesson to deal with the perpetrators of terrorism in a fitting manner?

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