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Yoni Tantra-2

In December 1998 I was in Osho Ashram Pune for 3 days.One of my intentions in going there was to know about the methods of Tantra they practice over there.But I was grossly disappointed.

In those days,'Tantra groups' used to happen after 11 PM in the Ashram.By that time all the usual programs and sessions used to be over.All the visitors used to depart from the Ashram.Then,the Tantra sessions used to happen with chosen/registered participants.I never participated in them but had the opportunity to talk to some of the 'Tantriks' in close quarters.

I came to understand that it was all westernized tantra.Our real Tantra and the Tantra practiced over there are poles apart.When I understood this,I felt sorry for them for practicing those methods,all the while thinking it to be real tantra.After three days stay,I came back totally disappointed.I could not relish their methods,as I already knew much more than what they could teach.

Disturbing my thoughts,one of the visitors asked me-'Then what is the way out for me?'

I told him.

'You have only two ways before you now.'

One is searching for a Bhairavi for help in your sadhana.

The second is to learn the true internal Yoni Tantra which has got nothing to do with a female counterpart.

Between these two,the former is almost impossible because you wont be able to get a lady with good qualities like fearlessness,good understanding of tantrik concepts,compassion,open mind,unselfish nature,uncaring attitude and who is well qualified for this practice. Such a veritable goddess is impossible to find now-a-days.

So you have no option but to follow the second method.In that case you don't need a physical female counterpart at all.

'Can you teach me that method? -he requested.

'Dont be hasty.Let me tell you what is internal sadhana by a small example related to your practice of blood letting.You have offered your blood to Ma Kali.She likes blood no doubt.But you need not resort to the barbaric practice of cutting your own hand and offering blood to Her.

Ma Kali is present in everybody.She has been drinking our blood constantly,day in and day out.More than 2 million RBCs are produced per second in a human body.They live for a maximum period of 2 months approximately and die.Can you tell me what is eating them away? The force is Ma Kali.

You need not offer blood outwardly.It is happening in your body from the day of your birth.Ma Kali is present in each one of us and drinking our blood constantly.Otherwise we cannot survive.By drinking our blood she is giving us life in return.You understand?Moreover,how much blood you can offer to Her? A spoonful,or a glassful?What about the remaining blood in your body?So this is not the right method.

You have to offer all your blood to Ma,not outwardly but inwardly.There is a method for that.There is a process for that.If you do it,then you will see miracles happening in your life.Ma will not bless you abundantly by any method other than this.

Ma is called 'Rudhira Priya(the one who loves blood).You read my 'Sri Vidya' written in Telugu language.In that series, in a poem I clearly explained this secret.

So,internal sadhana happens like this.

Similarly,you have to internalize the Yoni Tantra also.This is the real and the best method.You dont need a woman to practice this method.You need neither search for a woman nor beg her to assist in your sadhana.Everything happens in your own body.

This is the first time that you are meeting me.Come here a few times more.Talk to me and let us understand each other well.Then I will see.Moreover,I need permission from Ma to initiate you into this mystery.

Without Mother's permission, I cannot initiate you or anybody at all.It is unthinkable.If I do it on my own,then it is my ego that is initiating you.If Ma gives Her order and permission,then it She who is doing the whole thing.Then Her power acts through me and you will progress by leaps and bounds in the path.If I do it on my own,you wont progress so fast.

For the present,read 'Sri Vidya' series again and again and try to understand it well.It will be released in a book form very soon,may be in the next two months.Meanwhile read the blog and discuss your doubts.

'Well.I will do it.' saying this,he wanted me to explain the meanings of two mystic dreams he had in the past.I explained their meanings to him.

'Now you can ask your doubts.' I said to the second person.

'Are Astrology and Palmistry one and the same?' he asked.

'They are one and the same.They are two languages with one meaning.Languages may be different,the message is not.You carry your birth chart in your hand always.An adept in this art can see planets in your hands.' I replied.

'What about face reading?Is it true?-he asked.

'It is true.We call this Samudrik Shastra,the science of signs.Face reading and hand reading are parts of this grand science.Like the hand,the face also reveals your birth chart and its planetary positions.

Your forehead ,nose, ears, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, teeth. mouth,tongue,hair,shape of head,neck every organ of your body reveals many things about you.You have to understand their language.The moderns call it 'body language'.The way you sit,stand,speak,react- speaks volumes about yourself.All these show your character and mentality.

The modern psychologists understood much about this language but our Yogis know much deeper things,which psychologists can never dream of.They could see the series of births,karma,planets and what not everything by observing these details.It is a very grand science.' I told him.

'I am reciting the 'Tara Stotra' written by you.I could build a house only after I started reciting it.All my pending issues started moving.I could build my house according to Vastu.' the second visitor said.

'The 4th house in your chart decides what type of house you will live in.If it is afflicted,your house cannot be without blemish.Without remedying the defects of your 4th house,you cannot build a good home.Defects are bound to be there in your house,if your 4th house is afflicted.You cannot avoid this.- I told him.

Meanwhile the 3rd person intervened-'I know a little bit of astrology.' he said.

'Who is your guru in astrology?' I asked him.

'None.I just learned basic things like Bhavas etc and analyse charts based on experience.' he said.

"Do you prescribe remedies?-I asked him.

'I prescribe only Pradakshinas to the bad grahas in the chart.Nothing more than that.Is it true that remedies make us suffer?' he asked.

'By all means.If you remedy somebody's karma,you have to suffer for it.It is an inviolable law.That is why Astrologers undertake Japa of Gayatri Mantra 1000 times everyday.' I told him.

'Mine is Leo Lagna and Jupiter is retro in 11th' he said.

'If you have retro Jupiter or Jupiter in fall in your chart,it shows a curse from Guru.By looking at the 5-types of blemishes in a chart,you can understand what type of curse it is.What are these 5 blemishes?Combustion,debilitation,retrogression,enemy house and planetary war are the 5 blemishes.

'Usually,those with Guru's curse in their charts must have cheated their guru or revolted against him or backstabbed him or insulted him or behaved in a manner unbecoming of a sishya or neglected the Upadesha given by him or changed gurus frequently.There are many similar angles in Guru's curse present in one's chart.' I said.

'I have been worshipping SaiBaba of Shirdi from many years.Sometimes when the priest doesnot turn up,I do the Puja in the temple.I frequently visit Kakani Siva Temple and do circumambulation there.Very shortly I am going to complete my 108 th giripradakshina of Arunachala Hill.I stayed at Arunachala for 40 days in a small rented room and did 2 pradakshinas per a day.' he replied.

'All this is due to the blemish of Jupiter in your chart.You are being led to do all this to wipe it out from your life.This shows you have the grace of your Guru.Otherwise more and more bad karma will accumulate in your life during these dasas.Which dasa you are running now?' I asked him.

'Now I am running Jupiter/Moon in my chart.Can you tell me when I would be free from this Guru's curse?' he asked.

I was amused.I noticed in the past,that many people visit me on spiritual matters when the main period of Jupiter was on,more so when the sub period of Moon was running. Reason for this peculiarity is -- conjunction of Jupiter and Moon in my chart in Mina,the last rasi indicating Moksha.This is how subtle connections bind people together with timely events.

'It wont leave you easily.Jupiter dasa would be over for you in 2018.Before that Jupiter/Rahu will run in your life from 2016 onwards and the 2 year period will give you sleepless nights.Only after that, it will leave you.Meanwhile continue to do what you have been doing.

Usually Guru dosham will continue to haunt generations down the line.If you check up your father's chart,you will find proof of what I am hinting at.' I suggested.

'I dont have my father's chart with me but I do have my son's.Yes.In it,Jupiter is with debilitated Sun.' he said.

'Now do you understand?That is the proof!! So this blemish has already been transferred to your son.If we check up charts of three successive generations,we can see linking of genetic traits in all of them through peculiar planetary combinations.Do you see how strange it is? This is,in fact, my specialization in the field of Astrology'- I said.

'I have Rahu in fall in 4th house.Yes.I do have some defects in my house.You are right.Now I understand them from your viewpoint.' he agreed.

'You will have some defect in your house on South-West corner.Similarly it will certainly have North-East defect too.I will hint at a few things in your house.Furniture would never be in its proper place.The surroundings of your house would not be calm and quiet.You can find pieces of paper,dust and hair coming into your house from everywhere.'-I said seriously.

'True.We have a school just in front of my house and there is noise always.There are problems in South West corner as the toilet pit is located there.I have been trying to shift it elsewhere but in vain.' he replied.

'That is precisely the beauty of Astrology.Now listen.You always face heavy loss from your friends.Dont you?' I questioned him.

'True.They use me always but never help me in times of need.' he agreed.

This is the power of Astrology.Even without looking at his chart I could guess so many things just by listening to a few combinations present in it.A full chart reading would be much more effective.

They took leave of me around 1 PM.

The weather was so pleasant since morning as it was drizzling continuously.I felt like meditating as I was all alone at home.

According to Tantric texts,lonely houses,among many others, are the best places for Tantric practice.So I closed all the doors,put off the lights and sat in meditation.

That was how this weekend was spent.

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