Sunday, 10 April 2016

Effect of New Moon proved again

Full Moon and New Moon days happening during the time when bad planetary yogas ensue in the sky trigger worldwide accidents leading to injuries and deaths.This I have been highlighting for the past many years with statistical figures.This Sutra is proved again yesterday.
Writing on mundane Astrology one and half year back, I hinted at the destruction going to be created by Saturn and Mars when they meet in Scorpio.Now exactly they are in scorpio and every Full Moon and New Moon is triggering many accidents everywhere.

This Saturday and Sunday were exactly under the shadow of Amavasya.Let us have a look at what happened during this shadow.

Worst fire accident in Kerala
There is a Goddess temple in Kollam district of Kerala in a village called Parampur.Yesterday a fire accident at this temple killed atleast 150 and injured nearly 400 people.

Earthquake shakes four countries
The same yesterday, an earthquake occured in Afghanistan which shook another three countries viz. Pakistan,China and India.In North India,which is close to the quake site,thousands of people were frightened and ran onto roads,leaving their homes behind.

Road accidents galore
This Saturday and Sunday witnessed many worst road accidents in India and elsewhere.

All these incidents exactly coincided with the New Moon shadow.

Apart from this, while writing on the Rahu transit into Leo, I hinted at the Islamic Terrorist surge and war against it by a group of countries.It is exactly happening.

It is global karma and none can resist or stop it.

Astrology proves again and again provided we have the vision to understand it correctly.

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