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Yoni Tantra

Some of my admirers have been requesting me for quite some time for an appointment.But the time was not ripe.

'Why do you want to meet me?' I asked one of them when he contacted me on phone.

He expressed their keen desire to meet me to discuss some doubts related to spirituality and astrology.

Usually, I dont like people meeting me for astrological advice.It is my general impression that most of such people are neither sincere nor trustworthy.I never feel like wasting my time with people who are running after worldly desires and passions.However,if any sincere spiritual aspirant wants to meet me to solve his problems I usually feel more than happy.My true field of operation is spirituality and and I consider astrology as a part of it.

Most of the people who wanted to meet me in the past could not do so, even after an appointment.Various reasons forced them to stop and modify their plans.This had happened quite many times.

Whoever is really sincere in spiritual path and who has a burning thirst for spiritual fulfillment--only they will be able to meet me and derive lasting benefit out of such meeting.Unless they establish an astral connection with me,they cannot meet me for spiritual things.This I have observed umpteen number of times in my life and they too observed and testified it as a fact.

Why so? It is because,Mother never allows such people to come near me.They will face a hundred and one obstacles in their way.She tests their commitment to the core.Only when they pass Her tests,they would be allowed to meet me.I am not talking about those who want to meet me on mundane matters,but on spiritual matters.The former can do so anytime,because they cannot derive any inner benefit as they are hardly interested in such things.

Around 10 AM three people arrived at my home.During the exchange of pleasantries I silently scanned their 'Auras' to know their mettle but kept cool and waited for them to open up the conversation.

'I have gone through some of your writings and came to like them very much.Especially,your explanation of the methods of worship of Siva and Sakti are nice to read.I wanted to clarify some of my doubts that are haunting my mind from many years.'-one of them said.

'Thanks for liking them.What do you want to know?'  I replied.

'Since my childhood I like Ma Kali very much,I dont know why.I was unconsciously drawn towards Tantra Sadhana too.I have been searching for a true guru who can guide me in the path but in vain.' he said.

I nodded my head.

'I see a vision quite often.I see a high range of hills and a flowing river nearby.There I find myself worshipping a very tall statue of Mother Kali.This vision haunts me many times.

Not knowing how to approach Ma Kali,I used to cut my forearm and pour the blood in a plate before Her.I used to feel happy and She too used to feel happy,at least I thought so.

I approached the Kanchi seer Jayendra saraswathi swami for Sri Vidya initiation but was refused.He said I being a non-brahmin am not entitled to Sri vidya initiation.Even his associates heckled me for my request.They questioned-'Being a non-brahmin,how can you follow its rules and procedures strictly?'

I nodded and observed that Saturn Hora was running at that time

He continued-'I was dumbfounded at their refusal.I cursed myself for being born in a non-brahmin family.I returned home and prayed to Ma with tears in my eyes.A few days after,I had a dream in which I saw a Mantra in the open sky.I got up and noted it down.Since then,I have been doing japa of the same.'

I felt happy to hear this incident.

'Excellent.Ma Herself took pity on you and gave you her mantra.In Tantra this is called Swapna Diksha.Very good' I said heartily.

I bought a Meru Prastar form of Sri Chakra and started worshipping it in my home.But unable to bear the opposition of my family members to such practices,I had to throw it in a river.It is one of the gravest sins I committed' he said very sadly.

'Go ahead' I said.

'Especially, I like Yoni Tantra very much.I dont know the reason,but my mind always gravitates towards it.I have been searching for a person who could teach me its secrets.Meanwhile,I have done some of its practices,strangely,without knowing anything about them.'-Saying so, he explained those practices.

I wondered a little at this person but kept quiet.

'Why is all this happening?Why my mind drags me constantly towards Tantrik path and Yoni Tantra,even though I am totally ignorant about it?' he asked me.

I felt like helping him.So I prayed to my gurus and Ma Kali silently in my mind and concentrated.In a flash I could see his past.The planetary positions in his birth chart flashed before my mind.

'You were a Brahmin in one of your previous births in the border of Bengal and Assam.You were an adept in Kali Sadhana and Yoni Tantra.You were a guru at that time for a group of people.You misused your powers for solving the mundane problems of your followers.In that process their Karma came upon you causing your downfall.Though you are born now in a non-brahmin family,your latent samskaras are haunting you and forcing you to follow this path despite opposition from your family members.' I said.

'Where can I find a Guru who can show me the right path by teaching me the secrets of Yoni Tantra?-he asked.

'How could I know?You have to search for him yourself.Where do you think you can find him?Certainly not in a town or a city but in a remote place.If by chance some such one exists in a town,you cant find him as he likes to be incognito.'

'What is the way out then?' He questioned.

'Searching for a guru is not searching for a shop in the market.Its process is entirely different.If you go by advertisements,you will most probably land in the hands of a charlatan guru.The way is deep yearning from the bottom of your heart.Day and night you have to burn inside for spiritual guidance and pray God to send you a suitable guide.This need has to become your first priority in life.Before this urgent need,everything else in your life must fade away as insignificant.Only then God responds and sends a guru to you.' I said.

A true sadhaka will sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of God and Guru.For such a person,spiritual quest is the real thing in life.

You must be ready to brush aside anything that comes in the way of your quest.Only then your prayer will be answered,but not before.If you sacrifice your sadhana for all things in your life and gives it last priority,then you cannot be called a sincere sadhaka.

'Yes.I could understand this.I was in this kind of state for quite some time in the past.I left my job and remained confined to my home.I disliked working under somebody' He explained.

I was listening to him.

'Could do please clarify if what I am doing is right?The blood letting?Is Vamachara good?Is Yoni Tantra good?-he repeated.

'All the sadhanas are good.In fact there is neither good nor bad in them.All of them are steps of a ladder.How can the steps be good or bad?You should not judge the methods from the worldly point of view.The world is blind to such things.It tries to judge everything,even things beyond its grasp,by its known standards.True spiritual secrets are beyond the grasp of the worldly people.

If you read Bhagavad Gita you will find three different layers of everything explained by God Himself in the form of Sri Krishna.What you are doing is called Tamasik Upasana.It is the lowest variety.Next higher is Rajasik Upasana with pomp and pageantry.Next higher is Satvik Upasana,the silent method.The highest is Suddha Satvik Upasana,where you dont have to do anything at all.

First,you have to choose what is suited to your nature and then climb up from there.That is the right method.By the way,did you read my 'Sri Vidya' series?' I questioned.

'No.But I will' he replied.

'You read 'The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna' too.In that Lord Sri Ramakrishna says-The worship with animal sacrifice is Tamasik in nature.Worship with much pomp is Rajasik.That which is done silently without anyone noticing you is Satvik.A satvik sadhaka meditates inside his mosquito net.No body comes to know what he is doing.

'Nowadays,many are doing many things.They conduct Yagnas and Homas for the welfare of the world.Now,they should remember well that there is someone who created this world and He is not sleeping.He is very much awake and overseeing everything.They need not take care of the world.It is better for them to care of themselves first.'

'They cannot control their wives and children,but want to reform and save the world.How foolish?Most of the time,what they do is nothing but dollar spinning and turning black money white.'

No body knows what a real sadhaka does.It all happens between God and himself.It need not be known to any one else.It is too sacred to be revealed to others.

What you are doing is good but not enough.You have to grow upwards.

'I did such things in the past but not now.Nowadays I am following Ramana Maharshi.We three frequently visit Arunachalam,spend a few days there and do sadhana.Our friend is going to complete his 108 th Giripradakshina(circumambulation of Arunachala Hill) shortly' he said pointing out to one of them.

'I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and follow Sharath Babuji.' that person spoke.

'It is good.Saibaba of shirdi is a sadguru no doubt whereas Ramana Maharshi is a great Jnani.But never forget that all of them are just babies before Ma Kali who creates innumerable world systems each second,preserves them and ultimately destroys them too.

'You have outgrown Tamasik sadhana into Satvik Jnana marga.But remember also that everything is under the control of Ma.'

I continued.

'Haladhari a cousin of Sri Ramakrishna said that Kali is a tamasik deity and hence should not be worshipped.There upon Sri Ramakrishna wept before Ma and asked Her-'Ma.Is it true that you are a tamasik deity?Haladhari says that none should worship you.Is it true?'

Ma Kali could not bear to see the childlike simplicity and tears in the eyes of Sri Ramakrishna and appeared instantly before him in Her resplendent form lighting up the eight quarters.

She said-'Son.How can Haladhari know my true nature?He is a fool. I am the embodiment of all the three gunas.I created them and permeate them.I am,again,the Supreme Brahman beyond the three gunas.I am everything.Know this to be the ultimate truth.'

So,a tamasik worship is not wrong.It is a step in the ladder.You have to outgrow it.Because the Vamachara practices comprise of some 'nasty' things as considered by the world,the Dakshinacharis condemn it as a vile path.However in my view,true Vamachara is well above Dakshinachara.Why?Because,Lord Siva is easily pleased whereas Sakti is not.She tests you at each and every step of your journey.

People say that Sakti worship is very difficult.The difficulty is not in the method of worship or its conditions.It is in the tests that you would be subjected to in your life.She fries you in the pan of difficulties and sorrows.She tests you to your core.Many times you would feel like giving up.But once you step in,you cannot go out.If you can prove yourself by withstanding all the obstacles,then Mother blesses you.If you have a slightest trace of ego in you,she just throws you on the ground and tramples upon you.Why?She wants you to become pure gold.She wants a Spiritual Diamond out of you.So she tests you to your core.

'Yoni tantra is a highway.It takes you to the goal very quickly.' I said finally.

'Is it so?' he asked.

'Yes.But it is not easy to get a true guru who can teach you Yoni tantra.Even if you are fortunate to meet one,you wont be initiated by him so easily.Unless he finds in you the qualities of a disciple as described above,he wont initiate you into its mysteries.Moreover you need a yogini's help in this sadhana.

Such a lady who has good understanding of true Tantra and willing to cooperate with you in your sadhana is very hard to find.She is called a Bhairavi.Where do you hope to find such a Bhairavi in this modern times?Every where the womenfolk are driven by their desire to enjoy the world.All they want is dress,ornaments,money,bank balance,house,cars and a carefree happy life.Who needs spiritual enlightenment nowadays? In my life of 50 years,I never found a single female who is qualified for tantra sadhana.

I dont know.You may find one in remote hilly areas like Assam,Bengal,Himalayas or Tibet but never in plains like Andhra Pradesh.People are afraid of Tantra.At the very mention of this word, they run away thinking it to be some kind of black magic.

Indeed,there are a few women who are very much interested in Tantra sadhana even in modern times,but they are apprehensive lest the world should consider them as unchaste and wayward.As long as they harbor fear and apprehension,they cannot be fit to practice Tantra.So never expect to find a true yogini who is willing to assist you in this path.It is impossible.' I replied.

(To be continued)

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