Monday, 20 March 2017

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis

Yogi Aditya Nath has been elected as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a most important state of North India.As per a confidential source, his birth details are found to be as under:--

5-6-1972; 11-50 am; Panchur; Pauri Garhwal (UP)

There are some very peculiar yogas in his birth chart, the most important one being the Raja Yoga formed by the 9th and 10th lords i.e Mars and Venus in laabha sthana. Again, the yoga formed by grouping of Sun,Saturn and Mercury in 10th house is also a kind of Raja Yoga.The placement of Nodes in sixth and twelfth is the best placement according to traditional texts on Astrology.

The presence of weak Moon as 12th Lord in 7th house is a yoga that nullifies marriage. Moon in the star of Jupiter indicates that cancellation of marriage is because of his interest in spiritual matters.Jupiter in 5th from lagna is a good yoga for spiritual life. Mars and Venus together in 5th from Moon lagna also is a very good spiritual yoga. However, the retrogressions of Venus and Jupiter in 5th from Moon and the Lagna respectively show that his spirituality is not confined to caves and solitary tapasya, but has got a tinge of worldly life. This is proved by his tireless involvement in public religious matters and politics. He comes to the rescue of Hindus in Uttar Pradesh in times of need and supports them with his active presence. He conducts Praja Darbar in his monastery at Gorakhpur regularly and tries to solve the problems of the people. No wonder he came to be recognised as a very good leader by the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Exaltation of Jupiter and Moon in Navamsa is as good as Gajakesari Yoga. Saturn being hemmed by these two spiritual planets indicates that his heart always falls in line with the people's problems.This yoga indicates a peculiar trait in him that combines traditional spirituality with active public life in equal proportion.

Vrishabha is Karakamsa and indicates, by the presence of exalted Moon, that he is a strong leader whose life is intertwined with that of the people.

He was born in the star of Jupiter in Kumbha Rasi. He came into this world with an unfinished karma to help people by solving their problems.

He was a mathematics graduate before resigning family life at the age of 21 to become a disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath. Around 1992 when this incident happened, he was running the dasa of Saturn-Sun who are very strongly placed in the tenth kendra in his chart.That is the reason why he left his father in that dasa and settled with his spiritual father. It is notewothty to remember that Saturn is the son of Sun and lives away from his father.

From 1998 onwards, he was elected four times to the Lok Sabha from Gorakhpur constituency. The last of part of Saturn dasa and the subsequent Mercury dasa did him lots of good because both are strongly placed in the 10th house from Lagna. Moreover, they are in 4th house from Moon Lagna and are aspecting the 10th house with a strong look.Now it is Mercury-Saturn in his chart which is the last part of Mercury Maha dasa. Mercury, Saturn and Sun are in 10th house and made him the leader of one of the most important states of India.

Among the three planets, Sun indicates himself as Lagna Lord, Mercury indicates Amit Shah the master planner, and Saturn indicates Prime Minister Modi who is a tireless worker. So, in a sense, it can be said that Saturn and Mercury helped the Sun to become the king of Uttar Pradesh.    

In his chart, Ketu Dasa of 7 years is going to commence very shortly. To be frank, this 7 years dasa is not going to be a cake walk for him. There are some unlawful elements who are waiting to create turmoil in the state in the form of religious strife and he has to be doubly careful with them. These religious troubles are indicated by Jupiter who is sitting in 6th house from the dasa lord Ketu. However, he overcomes them with the help of same Ketu who is well placed in 12th house from Lagna and in 6th house from the Moon.

He took oath as Chief Minister of U.P. at 14.15 hours at Lucknow on 19-3-2017. Let me look at the oath taking chart generated for that time.

Lagna is Karkataka, a soft and yielding sign of the Zodiac. The debility of Moon as Lagna lord in 5th house is cancelled by the presence of Mars in 10th. This Muhurta seems to be the best among the available ones and appears as the handiwork of an able astrologer.

This muhurta says that his governance would be to the benefit of all the sections of the society. Exaltation of Venus in the 9th house is good for religious order and peacefulness. However, some problems will certainly crop up after some time due to the retrogression of Venus.Debilitated Mercury indicates ideological differences with the so called intellectuals. On the whole his governance would be good owing to the placement of Mars in 10th house. Only Moon and Mercury are indicating problems.He may try to reconcile with the Muslim sections before endeavoring to build the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

Let us pray that the administration of this Raja Yogi will usher a new era of peace and prosperity in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the coming days.

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