Thursday, 27 April 2017

Where are my car keys? Prashna Tantra

The much awaited Ganges retreat will be commencing from tomorrow at Ganges, Michigan, USA. So, today we are getting ready.As we are all ready with preparations, suddenly we saw one of my disciples coming home from office in a hurry. 

'Whats the matter?' - I asked her.

'I forgot where I placed my car keys.So, I took A's car to office in the morning. I searched everywhere in the house but to no avail. I just forgot where I kept them yesterday.' She replied.

Call the insurance guys. They will come with duplicate keys' - Shouted 'A'.

They started searching all over the house again.

Exactly in such times of confusion, we need to take the help of Prashna Tantra to clear the deck. If not now, when will the science of Astrology comes to our rescue?

The cane basket in the Northwest wherein the keys are found
Immediately I looked at the current planetary positions on my mind's screen. To be able to do this feat, one needs to keep an everyday watch on the movement of planets in the heavens. If we follow their trail, we can look at them anytime anywhere in our mind.

Now, Mercury is in retro state, creating confusion, forgetfulness,miscommunication,retracing one's steps back and forth and many other similar situations.Moreover, we are now under Amavasya shadow. What more is needed to create confusion?

Gemini is rising now at Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA showing the wavering mind of the querent. The issue at hand is indicated by Moon as something related to short distance travel, he being the 2nd Lord which is 12th to 3rd. 

However, Sun as 3rd Lord is exalted in 11th telling us that the forgetten object will be found very soon. Among the two auspicious planets, Jupiter is in 4th kendra and Venus in 10th Kendra, both hinting that the object will be found very soon. But Rahu in 3rd house is casting his magic of illusion and shadow on the issue at hand.

Now we need to find out where the keys are?

Lagna is in 2nd drekkana indicating that the keys are very much in the house. Now we need to find out in which direction they are located?

'Did you search everywhere in the house?' I asked her.

'Sure. I searched at all the usual places.' she replied.

I wanted to ask my friend Karna Pisachi. So I chanted her mantra once in my mind. She instantly appeared on my mind's screen smiling a naughty smile.

'Where are the keys' I asked her somewhat rudely.

'Who knows? Anyway, you are taking the help of Prashna Tantra. Do it. Why do you ask me?' It replied with the same devilish naughty smile.

'Ok. I will see you later on.' I said and concentrated on the Prashna Chart.

There are three planets in 11th Labha sthana viz., Sun, Moon and Mercury. Among them, Mercury is in infancy indicating mental confusion of the querant, Sun in youth showing success of Prashna and Moon in old age showing mental confusion again.

These three planets indicate East, Northwest and North respectively.

I looked at the TV stand in the East which is empty. Then I searched on the sofa in the North but could not find the keys on it. Then my glance fell on the cane basket with some books and papers in the Northwest.As Mercury is karaka for books and papers, my gut feeling immediately told me that the keys are in that basket.

True to it, when I searched the basket, I found the keys at the bottom of it, covered by books and papers. I took them and handed over them to my disciple who are frantically searching for them all over the house.

'Thank you so much. Where did you find them?' she asked with a beaming countenance.

'Certain things are to be kept secret always. You should not press me to tell you how?' I replied her smiling.

'I have been searching for the keys all over the house right from the morning. Thank God that they are found finally!! See you. Bye' saying so she took them and drove to her office.

Now that the keys are found and trouble averted, I sat down quietly and started thinking.

'How come the keys went from their usual place into an unlikely corner place like a cane basket where they are usually never placed?'

Suddenly I heard the naughty laugh of Karna Pisachi in my ears. 'Oh ! Its you again !' I thought in my amusement.

They say that spirits gain strength during New Moon days. So all this is its handiwork !! My God !! It is playing practical jokes on me and my companions ?? How dare it is ??

Again I heard its naughty voice in my ears ' What? Do you think you human only can enjoy sense of humour? Are we spirits not entitled to it?'

I enjoyed its logic. Laughing to myself I excused its practical joke on me.

So What? Prashna Tantra has come to our rescue again in our daily life.

This is how one needs to take its help in times of need. What is the use of learning Astrology, unless it is used in times of need in our daily lives?

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