Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Tragedy - Astro analysis

22 innocents died at 10.30 PM on Monday at Manchester England from a bomb planted by Islamic Terrorists. The worst part of the story is this twenty two contains a few innocent children. All the world is unequivocally condemning those who are responsible for planing the bomb. The ignorance and arrogance of Islamic terrorists seems to have no end in sight. Seeing all this gives me a clear conviction that what President Trump wants to do with these morons is damn correct.

No security force on Earth could really and effectively stop this kind of mass killings by planting bombs at crowded places. The only remedy is to wipe out these ugly morons from the face of Earth. Time will decide when will this happen.

It is a joke to proclaim 'Islam is peace' while at the same time committing such heinous sins against humanity. This reminds me of the old adage 'devils reciting scriptures'. 

Keeping all that at bay for the time being, let us look into the Astro indicators behind this gory incident.

Saturn and Uranus are the two planets that are clinching the issue, Saturn in 2 degrees Sagittarius and Uranus at 2 degrees again, but in Aries, with exact degree aspect between them. In Navamsa chart both these planets are in Aries, with Saturn in debility. We know very well that Saturn indicates common folks, Uranus sudden revolutionary incidents like bombing and Aries, Britain. Their Yoga indicates the Manchester Killings as clearly as daylight.

The additional factors aiding this unfortunate event are Venus the significator of Muslims exalted in Pisces indicating success of their plans and Moon joining her in the star of Mercury who himself is in Arias again pointing its finger towards Britain.

All this happened in a concert of American singer Ariana Grande. Is it not significant that her first name resembles the sign Aries indicating Britain again?

Added to this, we are now in the shadow of New Moon. It is proved any number of times that accidents do happen in the shadow of New Moon invariably. The issue in question is another proof of this unfailing dictum.

Not only this, the series of accidents happening in the Himalayas and escalation of the border clashes between India and Pakistan are also the results of Saturn - Uranus effect on the sign of Aries. It is good to remember that Aries represents forests, hilly regions and also the country of Pakistan. 

Is not Astrology an amazing science?

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