Monday, 19 May 2014

Narendra Modi-The true PM after 66 years

66 years passed since we got independence.But it is only now that we got a real solid Prime Minister in the form of Shri Narendra Modi that too with a thumping majority.

I consider only very few among our PMs as real PMs.They are Lal Bahadur Shastri,PV Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajapay.I dont consider even Jawaharlal Nehru as a good leader.India is paying heavy price even today for the blunders committed by him.

Lal Bahadur Shastri and Atal Birahi Vajapay are men of values.P.V.Narasimha Rao,by introducing New Economic Policy and modern reforms is wholly responsible for the economic turnaround of our country.However,the credit that should naturally go to P.V.Narasimha Rao has been wrongly attributed by many,to Rajiv Gandhi.

In my view,the above three are the real PMs of our country during the past 66 years.Now Narendra Modi will be our new PM in a few days.This turn of events makes me believe in the prophesy of Swami Vivekananda that great days are ahead for India.

One should have great qualities  and abilities to be able to sit on India's throne.A great Jnani like Janaka Maharaj is the right person to sit on this throne.A great Avatar of Dharma like Sri Rama can sit on its throne.This is a throne of fire.One who can withstand the fire test is the fittest person to sit on it.Those who are unqualified but yet try to sit on it are automatically reduced to ashes in course of time.

Persons who are inept,inefficient,corrupt,treacherous and devoid of patriotism should never venture to sit on this throne.There is a reason behind my saying so.Among the countries of the world,India has certain special characteristics.Spirituality is our lifeline.Dharma is our life breath.Justice is our lifeblood.These qualities are in its mud from times immemorial.This is the throne of Dharma.

All kinds of ugly creatures have sat on this throne till now and spoiled its sanctity.One way or the other,people's meekness, avarice, myopic vision and idiocy are the reasons for this phenomenon.Indian people have erred many a time.

India has paid heavy price for this blunder.In a country's history,66 years is not a negligible time.There are countries which rose to become world leaders in one third of this time period.We too can achieve this feat if we can put forth our efforts in the right direction.

We have plenty of natural resources.We have a large number of human resources.There is no dearth of intelligent and hard working people in our country either.What is lacking is good leadership committed to all round development of the country.

A true leader should be unselfish,guileless,open minded,long sighted and broad in views.His life should reflect high values in practice.The eternal values of India should run through his veins.He should be above petty considerations and work for the benefit of all.Only such a person is fit to sit on India's throne.If the people allow a politician who is devoid of these qualities,the country will be forced to pay a heavy price for such a blunder.We paid such prices many times in the past.We became laughing stocks many times.We were looted many times in the past.

Many have been analyzing in TV channels and print media the reasons for the landslide victory of Narendra Modi.Apart from all those reasons,there is an unseen but real reason,which I want to disclose now.The true people of this country,the patriots,are vexed to the core with the corruption,lethargy,inefficiency and drainage of our resources. Many sadhakas, siddhas, rishis and great saints of India have been praying God to remove this dark night and to usher an era of Dharma and Light.The advent of Narendra Modi is the result of this relentless prayer.

I laugh at those who believe that only physical forces are guiding this country's march.A great Divine power which is beyond human comprehension is guiding its footsteps.This power is the personification of patience.Like a loving mother,it gives us chance after chance,with a fond hope that we may reform ourselves for the better.But one day,it opens its eyes and takes the  chastising rod into its hands.Then all plays come to an end.This is what has happened now before our eyes.

Let me digress a little into history.

Madhava Sadasiva Golvalkar(Guruji) was totally influenced by Swami Vivekananda's ideology of Sadhana and Seva.He wanted to walk in the footsteps of the great Swami Vivekananda.Witha fond hope,he approached Swami Akhandananda who was the direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa,the great Avatar of modern India.Swami Akhandananda refused to grant sannyas to Golvalkarji.He said-'Sanyas is not your way.Be in the society and reform it from inside.Sacrifice your life for this noble cause.This is your sadhana'.Golvalkarji followed the command of his guru to the core.Through his relentless work,the RSS which was hitherto confined to a town,has spread all over the country creating in its march,millions of true patriots.

They say history repeats itself.It did.Narendra Modi,searching for the meaning of life as a young man,met Swami Atmasthananada of Ramakrishna Mission.He asked the same question which was asked by Golvalkarji a few decades back.The Swami gave the same answer.Such is the power of true saints that they could read the future of a person by a mere glance.The destiny of the seeker spreads out itself before their pure vision.

Narendra Modi could not become a traditional sanyasi as per his wish.Nevertheless,he is leading the life of a sanyasi for all practical purposes.He is living for the sake of the country,but not for himself.Sitting on the throne,he is living the life of a renunciate.

He has been the CM of Gujarat for three times successively,yet his relatives are living ordinary lives.Today,a chota local leader is earning millions as black money.On the other hand,a CM for three times is living a simple life.What more proof we need for his transparent and impeccable life?

Many political leaders hang a photo of Gandhiji on the wall but never care to follow his way of life.Gandhiji lived a simple life.But his socalled political followers are living luxorious lives with public money.If this is not looting of the country what else it is?Gandhism is a way of life which is seldom found in his political followers of the day.

Poeple like Narendra Modi are the fittest persons to sit on this country's throne.Only such people with simple living and unselfish thinking have the moral right to do so.A true Jnani and a true Yogi only can rule this land.A true patriot to the core only can sit on this country's throne.Only such persons are eligible to sit on this sacred seat.

Highway robbers should not rule this land.It becomes a revolt against God.It is a blasphemy in action.The karma they inherit from looting the country is highly explosive in nature.It may remain dormant for quite some time,but it will explode some day or the other.This is sure to happen.

Money is not permanent in this world.More so,the money which is gained through unscrupulous means.It gathers very bad karma.Power is transient.What to speak of money and power when life itself is not permanent in this world? A life which is simple,unselfish,full of highest Dharmic values is the only thing to be sought after.Only this lasts forever and nothing else.This is India's eternal message to the world.

Those who can digest this message and live this message in their daily life are the true leaders of this country.Narendra Modi is such a leader.He is a follower of Swami Vivekananda.By following Swami Vivekananda,we automatically follow Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,the great Avatar of modern India.Those who follow Ramakrishna and Vivekananda in true spirit are not human beings.They are gods walking on earth.There is no doubt in it.

For India,the path shown by the great Swami Vivekananda is the only way.He never preached his own ideas.He preached the age old values of Sanatana Dharma.He taught how to live those values in modern life.I am more than happy that after so much of waiting,today we got a true leader who understands Vivekananda,loves Vivekananda and practices Vivekananda's ideas in daily life.It is a great boon of God that Narendra Modi has become our PM.

Our country has not lost hope.I see light at the end of the tunnel.The prophesies of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo are coming true at last.

I sincerely hope and pray that the rule of Narendra Modi should be able to remove all the corruption,all the darkness and all the evils that are besetting our country, at the same time, not sacrificing our Sanatana Dharma and our spirituality.Let God give our new PM the strength needed to achieve this feat.This is my heartfelt prayer.

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