Saturday, 10 May 2014

Astro Numerology and Andhra Elections

Numerology and Astrology are not two different branches of divination.They are one and the same.The Nine planets are represented by the Nine numbers.Even Aristotle,the Greek philosopher,used to believe that the Nine numbers control the entire world by their permutations and combinations. This belief in Planets and Numbers as controlling forces of the Universe is very ancient.I personally believe that there is a lot of truth in this belief.

Many people use Numerology as a stand alone branch of divination.I think this approach is erroneous.It should be used in unison with Astrology to get correct results.If we read Chiero,we see that he followed this method.He learned this comprehensive approach of divination in India.Numbers are planets and planets are numbers.We should not forget this fundamental truth in our analysis.

I came across some people,especially from religions other than Hinduism,who erroneously believe that Astrology and Numerology are works of Devil.Far from truth!!!They are Divine boons to mankind.They are the torches that show us the way in total pitch darkness.

Now let me focus on the results of Andhra Elections.

Venus is the ruling planet for this election.I will explain how.

The polling was concluded on 7-5-2014.The day number is 7.
Results will be out on 16-5-2014.The day number again is 7.
Root number in both cases is 10=1

Now,as per my own theory and experience,number 7 represents Venus.I will explain in a separate article how did I arrive at this conclusion.For the present,it would be enough to remember that 16-5-2014 is a Friday.

Root number 10 indicates that power(1) will become void(0).This means the ruling party will lose power.

Let me explain forthwith.

Venus is now exalted in Mina the natural 12th house and will remain so till election results are announced.Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th houses in Natural Zodiac.It represents matters concerning household and opponents.It also indicates movie stars.

This indicates the changed public opinion and the strength gained by the opposition party.This shows that people are disillusioned with the ruling party and are clearly in favor of the opposition.

Let us look at the Karakatva of Venus indicating movie stars.NTR was a famous movie star before he stepped into political arena.Pavan Kalyan,who now supports the 'BJP-TDP' alliance,is a movie star who enjoys considerable fan following in Andhra state.His support is a pivotal factor for 'BJP-TDP' alliance in the current election.All this is nothing but the play of Venus on the election scenario.

On 16-5-2014,the star would be Jyeshta.Moon as Natural 4th lord controlling public opinion,is in fall and trinally aspects exalted Venus.This shows that people are depressed and angry with the party in power.They want a change for the better.

Retro Mars opposes Venus from Kanya.Mars in the house of Mercury means hypocrisy and secret plots.So,the forces that try to stop the opposition from coming into power are strong too.But their designs will fail ultimately, as Venus is stronger than Mars in current transit.

So I feel that 'BJP-TDP' alliance will come to power in Andhra elections facing a strong fight from YSRCP.

One of the peculiar problems of our country is paucity of honest leaders.If some exist somewhere,they fail to win the confidence of people.And we give the country's reins to some party,on experimental basis,to test its ability.After some time,disillusioned with the inept handling of matters,we pass on the ruling rod to some other party,hoping that it would do better.Again after some time,we become disillusioned,and the power passes on to a third party.Meanwhile what is dangerously at stake is the country's progress.The corruption that takes place in the mean time is dealing a death blow to the country's economy and steady progress.And there is no accountability anywhere.This is the real problem of our country.

We are miserably lagging behind countries like China our neighbor,in using our human resources effectively with the result that we have been reduced to a marketing arena for all countries.We have become a bunch of foolish consumers dancing to the tunes of greedy MNCs.

Corrupt,selfish and visionless politicians are the bane of our country.And the people with myopic vision are equally responsible for the present state of affairs.

We should give up petty considerations like caste,region and religion and try to think in terms of country's welfare and progress.We should shun small mindedness and learn to think big.We should have young political blood with honesty and patriotism.After all,the Country is greater than states and people.

Let me pray the Lord to give us better wisdom in choosing our leaders.


  1. sir your prediction is true,today munci polls proved it

  2. Nice one !! we can change our life getting astrology prediction.


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